Shredded Beef Enchiladas with Mexican Rice

2022.01.17 22:40 nunu6k Shredded Beef Enchiladas with Mexican Rice

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2022.01.17 22:40 khoa-nathan_ngo What I wish I'd seen in Zatanna's Arc-and in Phantoms as a Whole

One half of this is gonna be me going over Zatanna's arc and the other half is going to be me speculating on a better artistic direction for the show.
Zatanna's arc was the roughest by far and that was compounded by the fact I LOVE her character and I love anything to do with magic. The potential for her arc was boundless.
While I obviously saw a conflict between Klarion and Zatanna happening, I honestly thought that the arc was going to introduce the audience to Justice League: Dark. Like oh? A mystical magical threat? A Chaos Lord? Something completely out of the depth of the Justice League? This calls for an ensemble of magic superheroes...cue the JLD.
I also think Zatara and Zatanna's characters didn't have to be built separately in different scenes but woven together. As the sole magic users of the Justice League, both of them have to deal with conflicts no other member of the Justice League has too. From demons to dark magic, I think Zatanna understanding the burden of their role would've segued beautifully into Zatara's backstory as a father just trying to do too much.
This could've been great as an artistic direction as well, incorporating the JLD. Because we have the core cast going through their individual arcs, I also think it was lowkey a missed opportunity to have each arc be different in aesthetics and genre.
For example, what if Miss Martian and Superboy's arc was heavily Sci-Fi given their alien nature? Artemis could lean more into contemporary and action. Zatanna could go into horror and the supernatural. Dick's could going into dark noir and mystery (kinda like Batman: The Animated Series). Kaldur could be a mix of adventure and fantasy, like 1000 Leagues Under the Sea + any other medium involving Atlantis. I'm not sure where Rocket fits but you get the idea.
That last tidbit is just a thought cuz I know WB has been screwing over Young Justice with its budget.
Overall, what do you guys think of Zatanna's arc? What do you think could have been done better?
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2022.01.17 22:40 TheDogz0 [discussion] Stupid Pandora Question

Is Pandora a loli?
I know that this is probably really stupid to ask, or even bring up, but it was something I was thinking about for whatever reason.
I had this discussion with a few friends and thought it should widen the range a little, to get a more general opinion. The argument can be made that she’s just a very petite young woman.
She seems taller than Felt who’s the tallest “loli” character in re zero. In addition, when standing alongside Regulus she seemed to be fairly tall. Plus when you put Pandora next to other loli characters such as Beatrice, Petra and Meili there’s a huge difference (height-wise).
Ultimately, I don’t think her status really matters much. Either way, she’s technically an old freaking lady and is incredibly smart and mature.
Personally, I’m on the side of her being a young woman; her being classified as a ‘loli’ never really felt right to me. But, either way, as I said, it doesn’t really matter.
I’m curious to know your opinions on this. No hate in the comments for any reason, please. Everyone should be free to have and express their own opinion on the matter.
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2022.01.17 22:40 throwway71291929 20(M) just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship, wherein such they continue to harass me still. Just want friends to occupy myself. [l]

Im into many things from gaming, sleeping, exercising, and a ton of outdoor stuff. If you’d want to be friends or just talk I’d be so grateful ❤️
TLDR: Need friends to keep my brain busy from the anxiety I’m getting from being harassed.
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2022.01.17 22:40 Infinite_Elderberry4 Which one you guys like more?

Been wasting my money on cosmetic stuff. Honestly, should not, but I'm probably going to be driving this for the next 10 years so why not.
Which one do you guys like more?
Note: Changes are on the back wing and the calipers, I already have the stuff on the front installed.
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2022.01.17 22:40 Perfect-Football2616 Have you seen a suspicious cock recently? What did it do?

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2022.01.17 22:40 pi_jay [Cross-post from r/kimchi]

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2022.01.17 22:40 IsThisSomeJoke NSFW how come one half of it looks normal and the other half is so weird?

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2022.01.17 22:40 diddolowstreet Does anyone know how to wire a moen gec 9 to work as an a/b/y?

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2022.01.17 22:40 revice2100 Maximals you wish to see in the Beast Wars comic book?

View Poll
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2022.01.17 22:40 hahshsvakal Does anyone have this in pixels I can’t find it

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2022.01.17 22:40 bunnyrescuer I just shared the news that it's Betty Whites birthday and we finally got our 501c3 approved with Ares and Nym and at least 1 of them isn't very impressed. I on the other hand am ecstatic!

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2022.01.17 22:40 Lower-Chemist-8184 I used to work at a pasta bar, we had this Fettuccine Aglio Olio and I used to put chicken breast on it. The pic doesn’t do it justice, I couldn’t replicate it at home unfortunately

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2022.01.17 22:40 FunnyDistribution455 Savannah

So either Savannah wasn’t the one who got the tattoo or she’s ungrounded because she liked one of Lucas post on Instagram last week
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2022.01.17 22:40 TonyZinger Moving Past Tour 2

Hi All, so I’ve read that you should farm Tour 2 until EM5+ and a few other club thresholds.
For someone who is fine with staying in Tour 2 as long as needed, when exactly would you recommend moving past Tour 2 farming? I only have up to tour 4 opened, should I push past that and continue farming 2 for potential at more clubs or go past tour 2 altogether?
And what is the next tour I should stop at and begin farming until I have Club X at level Y?
Any guidance here would be helpful!
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2022.01.17 22:40 WhyAreAllNamesTake Run.

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2022.01.17 22:40 Fiji-Refugee Medicare Part D: the ultimate rip-off

Others might disagree with me and I'd be happy to see their explanation.
I've eligible for Medicare for 5 years but for a couple of years I remained on my employers RMAP program because I was trying to understand Medicare and the ins and outs. Still don't get it. But having moved solely to Medicare with a Medigap plan, I "think" I'm happy since I no longer get bills from my Doctor and haven't had to pay him at all for the last 2 years. OTOH, I don't really go that often.
But Medicare Part D, the Drug program, has always infuriated me. I'd be prescribed a drug and it would always be a Tier 3 drug so although I -might- get a discount, the insurance paid nothing.
Yep, I never spent over my deductible.
So I've spend a lot of time trying to understand the ins and outs and the doughnut hole and the tiers.
Pretty much, there are NO tier one or two drugs! Yes if you look at the formulary there are a couple that show up. The catch is though, the prescription you will be give will NEVER cost more than your deductible.
There are also "special circumstances" like pre-approval need for some tier 3 drugs or they don't pay.
To make a long story short, I've concluded that the only Part D plan you need is the cheapest one possible. It is catastrophic insurance that only helps after you've exceeded the $7000+ cap after which you pay 5% of the cost of whatever drugs you're taking. That is the only reason to have a part D policy.
There may be an exception if you need insulin. I didn't follow up on that.
I cannot imagine a situation that is "generally applicable" where any of the more expensive policies provide any savings at all to those who buy them.
My 2 cents. Get the cheapest Part D policy you can find.
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2022.01.17 22:40 Toilet-master_420 Ok

How do I get the black market
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2022.01.17 22:40 OkaySimpson Big ol’ sleepy boy mlem.

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2022.01.17 22:40 hallienothaley Just trying to survive the winter

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2022.01.17 22:40 pimpleremoval Removing blackheads for 68 years old

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2022.01.17 22:40 annshazaam Weeks 3 & 4: Pantry and 100+ Year Old - Apple Pie

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2022.01.17 22:40 jobsinanywhere 'Huge win' could see CRV rallying to $10 as Curve wars intensify

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