I Don't Want to DM This Game Anymore

2022.01.25 08:06 PyroSorcererBlaster I Don't Want to DM This Game Anymore

I just need to vent for a hot minute.
I've been running this game for ... I don't know anymore. 4 years? That sounds close enough. It's had good players, terrible players, enthusiastic players, quiet players, players who quit midsession, and players who have stuck it out with me this far.
But I've grown tired. The DM Brain is willing, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. I'm winding the game down, and ending the story in roughly 6 months.
I thought I faced the worse of it when: a Power-gamey Wizard player tried to convince me that he can wear shields with no issues, just because he had the War Caster feat. Fun fact, if you lack proficiency with a piece of armor, your spellcasting gets turned off. Among other debuffs.
He fought me on every ruling, or tried to convince me his view was more correct then the PLAYER'S HANDBOOK.
Him: Familiars are Constructs.
No. No they are not. They are EXPLICITLY Fey, Celestials, or Fiends, in the guise of a beast creation (with a lot of restrictions)
He didn't give a damn about anyone or anything but himself.
Example: the party travels to the home village of one of the PCs. The area is heavily warded by Fey magic, to protect their Centaur brethren that live on the material plane.
The mist is magical, and tricks unwanted travellers, luring them away from, or around the village. Unless they are specifically invited/welcomed by the community.
The Wizard didn't care. He openly said it was a nuisance, and that he could dispel the mist with a simple Dispel Magic casting.
Thankfully, the party talked him down.
He also outright lied to me. At character creation, he promised me his character was not a typical, murder hobo wizard. That he wanted to make a utility character, who had learned magic, but practiced very little offensive magic.
He would then proceed to take a lot of combat spells, and would open every combat with Fireball.
Eventually, I began to dread running the game, because it meant having to put up with a manipulative, lying, PoS.
And then I recieved a nugget of wisdom: D&D is a cooperative, multiplayer game. I may be running the system, but my enjoyment of the game is just as valid as each of the players.
I kicked him from the game, and we went back to having legitimate fun.
And yet, 2(?) Years later, I find myself once again feeling dread when it comes time to run the game.
Part of it is my own fault. I've made decisions that have either turned into a nightmare scenario (a dungeon that we all agree was the worst 6 sessions of D&D), or I failed to explain clearly, and caused players to misinterpret my intention (a plot critical piece of info was kept secret by one of the PCs, which wouldn't have been too bad, but I needed the party to actually act on it so I could expand the plot).
All this brings us to last year: We've always been a group of 6 players. One player, the one who had been with the game since its inception, had to drop out due to family, job, and life reasons.
We bid him farewell, had a great final session with him, and moved on.
Shortly after, the Centaur Player wanted to change characters. He wasn't enjoying his Archer build anymore, and felt it was time for a change. He built a Kobold Wizard, which filled a niche the party critically lacked.
This decision would make up 25% of my current stress.
We added a new player to fill the empty spot in the party. He was excited to continue the story of a previous PC he played, who was banished from his home universe due to plot. I worked with him to ensure the character wasn't busted to hell. And, even now, his PC isn't the issue.
Rather, the player's personality is. He's very verbal, and critical after sessions. Always tossing out suggestions after the game on how things can flow more smoothly.
When you have 6 guys at the table, all very excited to RP and give their opinions, it creates a lot of cross talk.
I should mention, I recruited these people over Roll20, and we talk over Discord. Voice only. I don't like showing my face.
The last thorn in my side is the group cohesion. More specifically, the LACK of it.
Most of the party understands how D&D works, you adventure with strangers so you can survive the monsters, tell a story, and collect phat loot.
The issue is, despite having a common goal, the party is more like a collection of individuals, rather than a team that communicates & cooperates.
We've talked about it before, twice. I can't force them to have the coordination of the Power Rangers, but at the very least I hoped they'd find common ground, share information during long Rests, and what not.
Instead, the second we hit a dungeon, 4 of them want to separate and go in different directions.
I should have let them. Picked them off one at a time, maybe then...
The dungeon was slow going. Agonizingly slow. 1.5 rooms per session. 6 sessions of: start in a room, explore for a second, RP at each other for and hour, have 2 PCs enter a room, combat begins, and then only 2 of the other four would go help their fellow PCs
The last 2 guys? Off in a previous room, "those guys can handle it, I'm gonna sit this one out".
This happened every session for that dungeon. They made so little progress, and we all felt so sick of the place that I tossed out all the ideas I had for it, and instead had the Boss monster throw the party into a Nightmare version of the material plane.
The dungeon then imploded and disappearred to the void between planes.
So: we're all burned out from that. Take our holiday break, and reconvene after new years.
Game has been continuing, and I'm just... Not in love with it anymore.
Here's why: - The Kobold Wizard? He found a way to have permanent temp party members via Elementals (Magic Circle, Planar Binding, Conjure Elemental) and by extension: generate infinite money. Summon a Xorn, bind it for x days, dig out a mountain. He also has Simulacrum, so now he can create copies of himself, and by extension summon more elementals. It got so busted I had to tell him to knock it off. His new PC is just as power hungry as the last wizard, and playing with him is beginning to feel the same as that time. With the difference being, he's abusing completely legal combos, rather than trying to gaslight me. - New Guy does not leave me alone. Between sessions, he's bombarding me with messages about how to run a smoother game, or telling me how little fun he had because he had very little to do (in the session that was focused on another PC's backstory), or being passive aggressive because he got hit with paralysis from the Silver Dragon, and he didn't have the mods to beat the DC. It is demoralizing and exhausting to hear my phone ping, and see that he's sent me another message - Every session, the cross talk becomes outright combative, because everyone believes they are the main character, and their need to RP matters more than anyone else's. I'm being hyperbolic, but not by much. I've had to talk to them before and after sessions about being respectful of others when they're talking. To give a moment of pause before speaking, and in general to avoid interrupting others.
I'll probably have another chat with the boys, give them my side of things, and let them know in advanced that we won't be starting a new campaign after this. I'm too tired. And sick of feeling like I'm walking into a minefield when we play D&D.
Maybe I'll return and start a new game with some of them down the line. I know a few who I don't want to play with again, but there are a few excellent players in the mix.
The Death Cleric, the Original Redemption Arc PC, and the now longest player of the game. He's a bit scatterbrained, but I can tell he really gets into his character, especially when the plot starts happening. He's the voice of reason in the party.
The Paladin and the Multiclass Goblin are IRL friends of the Kobold Wizard, they're a great couple of role players, and pick up on clues and cues very quickly. I can trust the goblin player to Push the Red Button if I put it in the scene, and the Paladin consistently makes big waves when he gets the spotlight.
If the Kobold Wizard never plays a Wizard again, I wouldn't mind playing with him again. His original Centaur Archer was the original voice of reason, and kept the party on task.
New Guy I can live without.
And last is the Barbarian player. He's pretty good actually, quiet though. My real issue is he kind of... Doesn't care about the NPCs or roleplay. He's rather be killing things and being, well, a Barbarian. I like him, but his playstyle is difficult to swallow sometimes.
Thank you for letting me vent. I just needed to unload all this somewhere.
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Hi! I'm glad to say last time I made a post looking for ppl to vc but instead of the usual creeps I received messages from some rlly amazing ppl :) so I'd like to try my luck once again. I'm interested in a bunch of stuff like art, manga, psychology, kinda new to crypto stuff but want to learn more and discuss :) and also just random deep convos are my jam! If interested please shoot a chat :) preferably looking for something long term
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I am training for a half marathon at the end of May, and have a my first half Ironman the 3rd of July. How would you guys recommend I train during that month in between? My priority is the half Ironman.
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I came across what I consider to be my dream gargoyle morph and am planning to pull the trigger hopefully this week. However, she's a female and I'm a novice gecko owner. I've had a male beardie and a male water dragon in the past when I was a kid. Can any of you geckos experts out there outline what I'll be dealing with and how I can best provide her with an awesome life? She is not sexually mature and I only want one so I don't plan on breeding at all. I have a fully bioactive and thriving 18x18x24 enclosure.
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2022.01.25 08:06 Voodoo2-SLi AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Meta Review: 14 reviews & 1070 benchmarks compiled

Models Clock Rates ASIC Power Card Length
AMD Reference 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps 80W (TDP: 107W) -
ASRock RX 6500 XT Challenger ITX 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 17.9cm
ASRock RX 6500 XT Phantom Gaming D OC 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps ? 24.0cm
Asus Dual RX 6500 XT OC 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps ? 20.1cm
Asus TUF RX 6500 XT Gaming OC 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 90W 25.0cm (TripleSlot)
Gigabyte RX 6500 XT Eagle 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 19.2cm
Gigabyte RX 6500 XT Gaming OC 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 90W 28.2cm
MSI RX 6500 XT Mech 2X 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 17.2cm
MSI RX 6500 XT Mech 2X OC 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps ? 17.2cm
PowerColor RX 6500 XT ITX 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 16.5cm
PowerColor Fighter RX 6500 XT OC 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps 85W 19.1cm
Sapphire Pulse RX 6500 XT 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 19.4cm
XFX Speedster Qick 210 RX 6500 XT 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps 90W 23.3cm
1080p Tests 570 580 1060 1650S 55XT-4 55XT-8 6500XT @PCIe3 6600 3060
Gen & Mem Polaris 4GB Polaris 8GB Pascal 6GB Turing 4GB RDNA1 4GB RDNA1 8GB RDNA2 4GB RDNA2 8GB Ampere 12GB
eTeknix (7) 86.1% - - - 99.5% - 100% - 180.8% 186.1%
Golem (6) - - 90.5% - 102.6% - 100% 97.1% - -
Guru3D (5) 88.3% 97.9% ~87% ~93% - 112.1% 100% - 166.1% 169.4%
HWCan (7) - 105.2% - - 100.4% - 100% 89.2% 174.9% -
HWUpgr (9) 84.6% 102.4% 93.5% 106.1% 104.8% - 100% - 183.4% 191.9%
KitGuru (12) 82.8% 96.2% 87.1% 102.0% 97.8% 107.5% 100% 83.5% - -
LeComp (15) - - 81.7% - - 104.4% 100% 94.8% 167.5% 172.4%
PCGH (20) 89.9% 110.6% 102.8% - - - 100% 88.0% 203.2% 212.9%
PCWorld (11) - 92.1% 84.6% 100.8% 97.2% - 100% 92.9% - -
SweCl (11) 95.5% - 102.3% - - - 100% - 184.1% -
TPU (25) 85% 97% 90% 99% 104% - 100% 87% 171% 178%
TechSpot (12) 82.3% - - 105.1% 102.5% 111.4% 100% 78.5% 178.5% 178.5%
Tom's (7) 89.0% - 97.0% 100.5% 104.3% 125.0% 100% 77.4%
Tweakers (10) 83.6% - 97.0% 111.7% - 122.9% 100% 79.6% 193.5% -
1080p perf. average 86.8% 100.2% 94.1% 103.4% 103.6% 112.7% 100% 86.9% 183.8% 188.2%
TDP 150W 185W 120W 100W 130W 130W 107W 132W 170W
MSRP $169 $229 $249 $159 $169 $199 $199 $329 $329
Power Model Clock Rates ASIC Power Power Draw at Gaming
Golem PowerColor Fighter 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps 85W 103.2W @ Gears 5
Guru3D PowerColor Fighter 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps 85W 100W typical gaming
HWluxx Gigabyte Eagle 2310/2610/2815 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 111.5W
HWluxx Gigabyte Gaming OC 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 90W 123.8W
Le Comptoir PowerColor Fighter 2365/2650/2820 MHz & 18 Gbps 85W 103W @ Control, 96W @ Cyberpunk 2077
PCGH XFX Qick 210 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps 90W 109W maximum gaming, 102W @ Anno 1800
TechPowerUp Sapphire Pulse 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 80W 89W @ Cyberpunk 2077
TechPowerUp Asus TUF 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 90W 101W @ Cyberpunk 2077
Tweakers Gigabyte Gaming OC 2420/2685/2825 MHz & 18 Gbps probably 90W 120.74W @ Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Overall, the Radeon RX 6500 XT comes out slightly below the GeForce GTX 1650 Super and Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB. The performance level achieved by the Radeon RX 6500 XT matches the Radeon RX 580 8GB pretty closely with PCI Express 4.0. But with PCI Express 3.0, the Radeon RX 6500 XT loses -13% on average and only ends up on the performance level of a Radeon RX 570.
PS: More than four years after launch, the Radeon RX 580 8GB is now clearly ahead of the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.
PS2: Many hardware testers now have switched to rBASAM. In this launch analysis, it was 9 out of 14 sources. However, what many hardware testers still forget (for AMD graphics cards) is an indication of the ASIC power. This is especially important when using factory overclocked cards - to better assess their higher performance potential.
Source: 3DCenter.org
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I hate it when I'm dead asleep and my migraines wake me. And now I'm fully awake and unable to fall back asleep. Fml.
I will say, the best thing I received for Christmas is the migraine cap. I wish I had actually gotten one sooner when I learned about it on tiktok.
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Any good Australian websites to buy pokemon booster boxes from?
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2022.01.25 08:06 SmallestBeanBoi Need some info on shiny hunting!

I'm going to be shiny hunting soon as I just got my shiny charm. I was wondering which has better odds. 1:eggs. 2:killing that pokemon u are shiny hunting. 3:catching the pokemon u are shiny hunting. I wasn't really sure and id rather have an "easier" time with it lol. And yes I do have a ditto from a different place as well, pretty sure it's from Japan. But ya was just wondering which has higher odds on finding the shiny, thanks!!
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