96t6b sk2dy 78hki fyr77 3b7zn 7tr9k 49fi5 h4e86 4549e be3tb zhes7 ynn9k 44i8a de5id 2a7r9 bse5a hnhr7 d9ht8 zh28f 3bksk senky Launching today 💣COLONEL CHEEMS 💣 safe dev ✅ liquidity locked before launch ✅ 1 BNB liquidity ✅ last launch did 20x 🚀 launching 19:00 etc |

Launching today 💣COLONEL CHEEMS 💣 safe dev ✅ liquidity locked before launch ✅ 1 BNB liquidity ✅ last launch did 20x 🚀 launching 19:00 etc

2022.01.27 04:43 CivilTough Launching today 💣COLONEL CHEEMS 💣 safe dev ✅ liquidity locked before launch ✅ 1 BNB liquidity ✅ last launch did 20x 🚀 launching 19:00 etc

It's World War 3, and the finest military in the world is being led by none-other-than Colonel Cheems himself‼
Colonel Cheems is going to war to protect BSC. With his grand army behind him, this has the chance to be the greatest Cheems seen in all of BSC!
🧨 15% BUY TAX
All tax will be directed towards marketing.
🚀 1 BNB liquidity 🚀
Developer runs the 'Fairest Launches' launch group - he's the creator of Dogechella, Ultracheems, and more - his projects are available for everyone to see!
Dev’s last launch did 1000% for early investors. He’s also got his past launches available for new members to see before they invest. He’s gonna be holding contests too for all telegram members, so there’s many ways to make money with this coin’s community! They’ve got a great team in Telegram backing this coin so I think it’s worth a shot
The developer is trying to build a safe community for BSC investors with all of his moves uploaded on Telegram, so you can see his past projects, dyor, and then make your judgment on whether to invest.
It's time to go to war!
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2022.01.27 04:43 DeepB1338 scanning a photo lense - doable?

I am trying to use photogrammetry to get a 3d-model of a photography lense. For instance this one.
I built a turntable that turns the lense a specified degree and then takes a picture. I put it into a whitebox and used multiple photo lights to get a uniform lighting.
I put the lense in, took 180 pictures (2° between images), then turned it around and took another 180 pictures.
I then tried meshroom and Metashape, and only got a weird point cloud that looks nothing like the lense.
Am I doing something wrong? Or is the object too uniform?
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2022.01.27 04:43 freetheski Craziest Skiing Experience

What is your craziest skiing experience?
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2022.01.27 04:43 PJay89 Why is it that the Linesmen break up fights?

Fun discussion, I want to see everyones reasons for why they think its a linesman and not one of the Refs haha. I've looked around but can't seem to fine an official reason in a rulebook or anything. So just curious haha.
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2022.01.27 04:43 Kanal-BBB Российские атомные подводные лодки уже несут дежурство у побережья США

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2022.01.27 04:43 NotedWin12 [OC] kai’sa finding a friend in the void. Fanart

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2022.01.27 04:43 syzach Best IMAX experience for Beatles Rooftop Concert

Hello from Moscow, guys! Being a beatleman since 4 YO, I wanna have the best IMAX experience for Beatles rooftop concert possible. As always I'm leaning more to one of two IMAX DL2 1.90 Moscow theatres, but we have a huge digital IMAX screen (not DL2, not even laser) that looks to be a 1.33 screen, so I was thinking: could it be that DL2 is not the best option here (I doubt it, but I wanna be sure, cuz it's a once in a lifetime experience)?
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2022.01.27 04:43 Cute-Swan5846 What do yall think?? I got this off her bf tik tok. Looked like she wasn't wearing a bra so I brighten up the picture..

What do yall think?? I got this off her bf tik tok. Looked like she wasn't wearing a bra so I brighten up the picture.. submitted by Cute-Swan5846 to babyariel1 [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 04:43 familyguy0395 Merry Memories Plan

Is anyone able to actually explain what this plan does? I've read what the "benefits" are, but I really don't get what I'm getting out of this. Thanks.
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2022.01.27 04:43 Zyndel_138 Voice that reads notifications changed after latest phone update.

So, the normal robotic voice that reads your notifications aloud randomly changed on me. I have the Galaxy Buds 2. The voice is now quick and raspy. It kind of sounds like it smokes two packs a day and is taking through a tube. I have tried everything to fix it, from resetting the buds to reconnecting them to changing settings, but this new voice still remains. Any clue on how to change it? It's super hard to hear and makes me not even want to use the feature anymore.
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2022.01.27 04:43 MrXLevel Omer Zahid Demiryürek(14-15 age child[now 22]) RAPE & TORTURE ME RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN AND OTHER LEADERS (The boy Sedat Peker talked about)

Google translate is not enough to translate this, and read my other articles. I will edit this as soon as new things come to your mind. HELP!!!
Rastlantısal kuantum etkileri beyne etki ettiği için mantık özneldir. Bu sebeple merkezi yönetim yanlış kapitalizm liberteryenizm(anarko kapitalizm) doğrudur. İnsan zekası çözülüp yapay zeka haline getirilemez çünkü evrene olan her bir mantık açısı özneldir. Mantık özneldir. Dolayısıyla aslında tayyip ve diğer tüm parti başkanları yani 14-15 yaşındayken bana bayramtepedeki lisenin yanında kaldığım evde tecavüz ve işkence yapan tüm bu insanların insanlığa yaptığı şey medeniyetimizin kesinkes yok olmasına sebep olacaktır. Büyük filtre budur!
Ben kişilik bölünmesi yaşayan bir çocuktum lisede bunu sınıftaki zorba keşfetti. Bana kötülük yapılan yanıma yapılanları diğer yanım bilmiyordu. Sonra beni cinsel olarak sattı sonra iş büyüdü siyasiler zenginler gelip bana en ağır şekillerde tecavüz ve işkence ettiler. Tayyip ve diğer tüm parti başkanları. Kişileri henüz tam hatırlamıyorum hafızam yeni yeni yerine geliyor. Ben akpliydim ve tayyibi taparcasına sevecek şekilde yetiştirilmiştim. Tayyibin akpli beyni yıkanmış bir çocuk olan bana kendini tanrısal bir güçle sarhoş hisserek işkence ve tecavüz ettiğini hatırlıyorum. Diğer parti başkanları da vardı. HEPSİ! Onlar determinist. Mantık yerine bilimi seçmişler. İnsanların tüm davranış ve hareketlerinin önceden belirlenebileceğini dolayısıyla insanların yalnızca robot olduğunu zannediyorlar. Ben pozitif ateistim. Söylediklerim doğrudur. Sonsuz rastlantısallığa anlam vermek üzere rastlantısallığı temel alarak evrimleşen beynimizin evreni anlamlandırma şeklinin her birimiz için öznel olmasından daha mantıklı ve de makul bir şey yoktur.
Jahrein'e "medeniyetin kurtuluşu" kitabını verdim, bazı okul hocalarıma da verdim. İnternette jahreinin kitabın girişini okuduğu bir video var. Elbette o kitap benim çaresiz çare bulma denememdi sadece. Ben medeniyeti kurtarmaya takıntı yaptım ve şu ana kadar deliydim çünkü ancak ben yapabilirdim. Çünkü her şeyi benim yanımda bana işkence ve tecavüz ederken açıkça konuştular bana beni ben yapan şeyin determinist olduğunu anlattılar.
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2022.01.27 04:43 Internal-Frame-1551 Question

Where do these chess players keep going in the middle of the game?? And why are they allowed to do this? Can't they cheat???
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2022.01.27 04:43 hiyo_silver Hey I just wanted to know if the things I see when I zoom into this picture are stars or just plain noise. Took this with my phone a few weeks ago

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2022.01.27 04:43 Tough_Representative What's the point of non-alcoholic beer?

And you still have to be 21 buy it. If you're not going to feel any effect from it, why not just buy real beer?
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2022.01.27 04:43 Accomplished-Kiwi-38 Who hates Jules like me?

What I hate about Jules is she just treat Rue like nothing. She always gives hope to Rue. Then talking about others who she slept. Maybe some of you said Jules is not responsible for Rue’s sobering. Yes that’s true but Rue just want to change for her. It’s called love.
Rue deserve LOVE more than everyone!!!
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2022.01.27 04:43 erica_pnw [US-WA] [H] BluFans, Kimchi, HDZeta, Zavvi Steelbooks [W] PayPal

Avengers Infinity War Zavvi Lenti - $85 Captain Marvel Zavvi Lenti - $45 Black Panther BluFans Lenti (includes 4K disc) - $60 Thor Ragnarok BluFans 1/4 Slip (includes 4K disc) - $120 Avengers Infinity War BluFans Empty OC Box and Art Cards - $30 Rogue One BluFans Fullslip - $120 The Force Awakens BluFans Fullslip - $115 Wind River The Blu/Kimchi - $100 Everest HDZeta Lenti - $55
Sale Picture
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2022.01.27 04:43 Cathulion What makes Zoodiac Tri-Brigades so good?

Wondering how this deck works and if I should make it for rank dueling. What makes it so special and should I worry about them nerfing it somehow? How does it work?
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2022.01.27 04:43 RMGOE Sree Balaji Medical College Chennai 2021-22: Admission, Course, Fees, Cutoff & More!

Sree Balaji Medical College Chennai 2021-22: Admission, Course, Fees, Cutoff & More! submitted by RMGOE to RMGOE [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 04:43 Trantor1970 Never forget! FCKNZS!!!

Never forget! FCKNZS!!! submitted by Trantor1970 to Dachschaden [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 04:43 HoSeiLiao ‘Back to square one’: Warning new laws will kill Entertainment Quarter plans

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2022.01.27 04:43 Independent-Craft-46 Looking for advice

Hello. I’m 24M/6 foot 1”/274lbs(obese)
Looking to lose weight (again) and start a new journey. I’ve already lost significant amounts of weight (50lbs+) twice when I was younger. Once at 15 and again at 19, but the weight came back both times. It’s true when they say “losing weight is easy, keeping weight off is hard.” Looking to try to lose weight a little slower this time.
My goal is to be down 60-70lbs by the end of august. My strategy is moderate to difficult lap swimming 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes a session. Followed by moderate weight lifting for another 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week. And of course proper dieting and cutting out fried food and bad carbohydrates (bread-certain pastas) and adding a lot more salads, eggs, and brown rice. I feel this routine should be easy to follow considering I work for a college (Go Gusties!) so a free meal and gym/pool membership is a part of my employment and easily accessible after work.
What do you think? Should I tweak anything about this plan? Please leave a comment below!!!
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2022.01.27 04:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Travel] - Outdoor vibes: 10 of Britain’s best wild festivals for 2022 | Guardian

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2022.01.27 04:43 Funny-Size-450 For Trade Pets (Looking for evil uni and crow)

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2022.01.27 04:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas fuels ‘dangerous’ Holocaust fallacies | Guardian

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2022.01.27 04:43 Venomisto Nova Raid Companion, a new addon to view your entire raids buffs/consumes/oils/durability/resistances/talents with 1 click, raid wide cooldown tracking, raid data logs for viewing, and much more.

Nova Raid Companion, a new addon to view your entire raids buffs/consumes/oils/durability/resistances/talents with 1 click, raid wide cooldown tracking, raid data logs for viewing, and much more. Hi all, a bit of self promotion here. I'm the author of NWB/NIT and I have a new addon with a bunch of raid helpers and logging features for TBC raids you may find useful. Most of what this addon does is basically just things I wanted for myself while raiding and you can get it here https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/nova-raid-companion the first release has been up for a couple days.
Some of the features:
Quick and easy viewing of the entire raid's buffs/consumes/durability (left click minimap button to open this). All this data can be seen for every member in the raid even if they don't have this addon installed. Buffs/consumes that aren't max rank are shown in red. You can hide any of the columns in config.

Click the "More" button top right and it will expand to show some extra things like resistances/weapon oils/spec and talents, these extra columns work for players that have the addon installed or if your raiders don't use the addon you can just share the NRC helper weakaura and then you will see their data (https://wago.io/sof4ehBA6).

Clicking on a players spec icon in the the last column (Talents) will open a talents frame so you can see which talents they have trained, hover over talents for description just like the blizzard talent frame.

Detailed logging window for each raid and boss you kill/wipe on (right click minimap button to open this log). Snapshots of the raids buffs/consumes window above for every boss so you can see what buffs/consumes etc were up at time of pull. It also shows loot, deaths, talents, boss models with health and race etc. With plans for more logging features as I get time.

Click any raid in the log to see details.



Raidwide cooldown tracking that can even track your party neck buff cooldowns, also displays a timer bar with who currently has a soulstone buff on them. It has 2 display modes, "merged" is smaller and shows the buff name and has mouseover tooltips to show which players have how long on cooldown, or an "unmerged" option to show a longer list displaying player names always. Active soulstone buffs are shown below each type.

It also has a bunch of other small features that will be expanded on like viewing all your alts raid lockouts (hold shift while hovering minimap button or click "Rad Lockouts" button in the raid log). A durability warning if you enter a raid with less than 50% armor. A warning if you start combat with no weapons after a KT kill or if you wiped it will warn you of missing weapons when the RP starts for next try. Summoning stone group chat msg so you can coordinate who you're summoning. There's plans to add class specific helpers but for now it just has some warlock stuff. And lastly a mostly useless but kinda fun feature you can turn on is a little frame that shows how long any NPC in the game has been spawned for, this can tell you how long a layer has been up or how long a raid ID has been open.
When you first install the addon just hold shift to drag where you want the cooldowns frame and it will disappear until you join a raid, you may also want to open config options by shift + right clicking the minimap button or typing /nrc config to choose extra raid cooldowns to display (it shows battle resses by default but you can add necks and extra cooldowns for each class like inervate/hero etc). Please let me know of any issues or feature requests, thanks! -Novaspark-Arugal
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