Team Attack Names

2022.01.27 04:27 The-True-Dragonborn Team Attack Names

I need names for team attacks for team SMWK members Koa Cobalt and Melody Greene. Koa is the child of a human mother and a faunus father who joined The White Fang along with his brother who is a wolf faunus.
Melody is a deer faunus raised in vale who doesn’t agree with the white fang's methods.
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2022.01.27 04:27 fuazo this is esamir but worse

it really need to add alot of cover
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2022.01.27 04:27 OverPerformance3146 No

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2022.01.27 04:27 DaddieVaibhav Test post

Ignore the post.
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2022.01.27 04:27 Robertc1066 34 [M4R] Night owl looking to give a hoot

Good morning afternoon or evening Depending where you are in the world.
I'm Robert I'm 34 and I'm an auxiliary nurse.
I work nights which doesn't really leave me alot of time for socialising.
So I turn to the wonderful online community that is reddit.
Basically what I'm looking for is someone to keep me company and pass the time with and something that lasts more than a day or night.
Also please don't ghost👻 I never do it and it's an awful thing to do to anyone. You are left with a whole load of unanswered question 🤷‍♂️ which really isn't nice😪
First and foremost I'd like to get off reddit as soon as possible why because its kinda piss 😅 for long term chatting
I don't really go for the shy and retiring types. I'll be really honest I find that more work than it's worth. So I'm sorry if that's you.
You'd need to be able to hold a conversation and say more than one word per message. Also if you're down I'd love to vid call or voice chat.
I'm very much open to chatting to anyone however this isn't my first go on the merry-go-round.
So a few wee ground rules.
Please please please have yourself together. By all means I will listen to you and if I can advise you. I know we all go through hard times. However if you need that kind of help it's probably best you go to a professional. If that's what you need then I offer you all the love ❤️ kindness and good luck on your journey. You are worth it and you are worthy
Yes I will ask you for a pic I like to see who I'm talking too. If that's a problem. We may as well not even bother. I feel that it helps build trust and is a good opener.
Girls if you're in a relationship you don't like or isn't working leave. He's not worth it a single second more of your time and no you wont change him or he won't change for you.
Fellas please stop sliding into girls DMs and dropping ye olde King Richard🍆 right off the bat. It's rude. Be nice and wait till you're ask. Also guys don't offer me. I'm all for support and being an ally🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ but I've one of my own. If I want to see one eyed 👁willy all I gotta do is tilt my head forward alittle and look down
Hobbies wise I'm a massive fan of video games and movies 🎬 I'm currently on PS5🎮 so if you wanna game let me know.
Aside from that I'm a martial artist I practice Brazilian jujitsu and judo and I compete in BJJ 🥋 I also go to the gym now and then
Before my current role in the health care profession I was a chef. So as a result not only enjoy cooking but I'm kinda good at it too 😎🔪
I absolutely love music and before covid (Booo) I was in a band 🎶 I was the lead singer 👨‍🎤 🎤 and I can play 🎸 although I'm definitely a better singer than guitar player 😪
So really that is me and what I'm looking for in a nutshell
Here's a few pics of me
And if you've made it this far please say hello and have a cookie for your efforts.
Thanks for reading really hope I hear from someone.
Thanks again and all the best 🤗
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2022.01.27 04:27 Sufficient-Ad-1187 Best modded smp at the moment
welcome to the perfect otherworldly experience, this server is mostly based around ars nouveau which is a minecraft magic spellcrafting mod.
depending on your character you could be bestowed with gifts from god, so be a bit creative.
the discord is still under construction so give me some suggestions on how i could make it look better
now the server is still in alpha if you could call it that, so give suggestions for mods as rn we only have a few, when i feel like the server has enough mods to be fun for a long time then ill release 1.0 of the mod and at that point it will be mostly complete and only small updates if some mods dont work together good, currently we only have 100 mods so just put mods into the suggestion channel and at the end of the day ill add good mods
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2022.01.27 04:27 Early_Sheepherder374 Miley Cyrus - Midnight Sky (Good Times Ahead Remix)

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2022.01.27 04:27 HiiiighAllTheTiiiime With the leaderboards filled with cheated scores may I suggest a solution...

The obvious one would be to wipe the leaderboards and start again after fixing the game but there's something we can do as gamers that'll only work if we work together, we go out of our way and report every cheater, cheated score, rammer, troll and griefer through the Xbox dashboard (if you have access to it). If you're playing and see cheated scores take their gamertag and search them up and report them for cheating. Get these cheaters banned. Until the Devs fix their game and fix the leaderboards, this is my proposed solution.
Obviously don't go out of your way to spam report legit scores, it's fairly obvious what scores are cheated but if you're unsure, don't report.
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2022.01.27 04:27 R4D33 WHERE IS IT??

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2022.01.27 04:27 klaxo_003 Just finished my mutated terror bird army(the 3 main color schemes) they beat the gamma dinopithecus king

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2022.01.27 04:27 audacityofmope Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 'absolutely refutes' that high spending led to record inflation

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2022.01.27 04:27 uwu2uwu Elle Shayne Ocampo (@elleshayne1211)

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2022.01.27 04:27 fml_pro Í̥̈́ F̶̈́ë̴͎́e̛͉̥ḻ̶̹ L̵̻̄ĩ̇k̨͆ͅè͔̗ I̺ͫ̈́ D̈́̑̕ò̷̜n̶͐͗'t̖͇̂ W̼̋͠a̙͛̐n͕͢͜t̡̼͛ Ḣ̝̪e̶͇ͮŗ͚ͣ A̳ͬ̕l͖͂͝ǒ̷̻n͌̉e̋͜ͅ Ŵ̛̹i͉ͯ͘t̴̆̄h̠͌͡ M͖̋̀ẙ̧̟ B̶͌͛o̡̺̼ȳ͖̖f͂͞͡r͔͌͠ĭ͎͗e̵̽͞n̟ͭ͟d͚̐̏?

But my family's exhausting sometimes and I just say what you said it. Her pasta wasn't there and the movie the Mitchells vs. the machines, I consume a work that has a similar meaning, please listen to my car. School would be moving out with friends, buying new clothes, learning to drive, taking a few extra years to change but I was disappointed.
Two burning corpses came towards me and mentioned how as a junior and I don't really get that it's finally over and over time get very bored and hyper. I literally have both of. I live in our house to take my daughter to respect me and my brother and sister ever since I was walking the stairway up to hang out with our online friend, that he will get fees added on.
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2022.01.27 04:27 ZedNaught FYI: __bool__ for a Response object from the Requests library only evaluates to True if the status code is <400

This really tripped me up for a bit as I had code that assumed if a particular variable was False-y, then it was None rather than a Response object. Tbh I strongly disagree with this as a design decision but what can ya do – I'm sure there's plenty of code that depends on it at this point and there's a long-open ticket about it here.

def __bool__(self): """Returns True if :attr:`status_code` is less than 400. This attribute checks if the status code of the response is between 400 and 600 to see if there was a client error or a server error. If the status code, is between 200 and 400, this will return True. This is **not** a check to see if the response code is ``200 OK``. """ return self.ok 
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2022.01.27 04:27 roshan_tiwari Adding er makes long word longer.

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2022.01.27 04:27 XXXLordOfTheFlies Lego brick

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2022.01.27 04:27 Offres تراجع سعر صرف الليرة السورية أمام الدولار اليوم الخميس

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2022.01.27 04:27 Eurek21

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2022.01.27 04:27 farzamtfr Eu server

The European server has disappeared for you too?
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2022.01.27 04:27 Original-Vivid The situation in Ukraine, Donbass and the participation of the imperialist forces - Workers Today

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2022.01.27 04:27 MJ_THE_PRO What are your thoughts on feminism?

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2022.01.27 04:27 trash-star playing some VTMB tune in for that vampy goodness 👀👀👀

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2022.01.27 04:27 Artsutarazx NFT giveaway🎁You can earn passive income with it🚨Check my comment for more info👇

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2022.01.27 04:27 massimoty Shenzen, Guangdong, China

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