Gcam photos preview v0.3

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2022.01.25 08:40 wakao129231 Gcam photos preview v0.3

Hi all the often used link for gcam photos preview on the [calyxos website](https://calyxos.org/news/2021/09/30/gcam-photos-preview/) I believe links to v 0.1
On their gitlab there is a version v0.3 that seemingly has video support [link here](https://gitlab.com/CalyxOS/platform_external_calyx_GCamPhotosPreview/). However I cannot seem to find an apk... Does anyone know how to compile one or if there is an apk hidden around here?
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2022.01.25 08:40 shrey_walia What's your favourite location in the game?

Mine would have to be the distillery in Skellige, sliding is very fun
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2022.01.25 08:40 Chargedunicorn I don’t drive her as much as I use to but man I love this truck.

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2022.01.25 08:40 Pissed_Misanthopist i made myself a new picrew:)

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2022.01.25 08:40 liverpool1007 26 [M4A] from the U.K. anyone fancy chatting? Bored 😑 on my week off Hmu

Just looking for friends :) Hmu
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2022.01.25 08:40 Dank_Scroller Avg haryanavi status

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2022.01.25 08:40 Dark-X What are the 2022 releases you are most excited to try?

There are already over 100 over 100 new releases announced.
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2022.01.25 08:40 kruxish Estimate ~ 14" Plain Chicken Pizza

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2022.01.25 08:40 Xenos-Chemist Characters Ranked + Overpowered Thrall Tactic

As I rank and outline each character, I want to make clear that I'm advocating for the developers to buff certain characters (ones below C tier) to become more interesting and viable.
For the sake of consistency, these Rankings will only apply to 'Summit' as I have played that the most. Anyway, let us get into it...
Rankings S Tier
A Tier
Royal Marine, Chaplain
B Tier
C Tier
D Tier
E Tier
F Tier

From Top to Bottom:
Navigator (S)
Navigator (aka Nav) is god-tier. I've had so many games where I have spotted (using the Spyglass) the Thrall(s) early game using their bone knife and being able to warn other crewmates; additionally, the spyglass is good for navigating the ship.
The speed buff for Nav is insane as you can gather coal at a faster pace, or, be the best person to carry Nitro.
The lantern is also OP as it lets you jump off the ship early game into cold water, then warm up and loot items before anyone has the chance to.
Royal Marine (A)
The Royal Marine is a very combat-orientated character and is able to kill crewmates and/or Thralls easily from Day 1. His disadvantage however is that the gun makes noise, alerting everyone in the local vicinity.
Because of his rapid reload ability, the Royal Marine will (if he can be trusted) be offered a Musket from the Armoury.
Engineer (B)
The Engineer has high utility as he's excellent for repairing the ship and for gathering coal. For Thrall play, he's also great for crafting Gunpowder from Coal; his barrel also allows for an early Powder Keg.
To buff the engineer, I'd have it so his Axe can generate more Sticks from breakable items (e.g. Wood Sleds).
Doctor (C)
I'd classify Doctor as a 'Paladin' since he's able to get HP quick (if he has Syringes) and is able to increase the survivability of those around him. Generally, he's a very well-rounded character. The only thing I'd change is to remove the Laudanum he starts with and give him an antidote instead.
Alternatively, give the Doctor a starting melee weapon and satchel; this buff would allow the Doctor to carry more syringes and ingredients in general.
Aesthetic changes: Swap the melee weapon he starts with to a Bone Saw.
Hunter (D)
Starting off with three items can be burdensome as it clutters your inventory, however, having early access to a bow and traps makes for effective hunting (whether that be for animals or crew).
The reason I've rated Hunter low is that for Thrall play, getting bones can be difficult as you cannot use the excuse that you're hoarding them to craft a Bow.
The Hunter's ability to butcher animals faster is a useful ability and can aid in making stews.
To buff the Hunter, I'd remove the Traps, give her more arrows (6 total) and give her a unique item like Inuit Sunglasses. These glasses could allow Hunter to track Animals (or Crew members) footprints and have limited durability (?).
Captain (E)
The captain is a very vanilla role. Increased survivability on the ship is a good ability to have, especially during the blizzard when being at the Helm gets cold quickly. However, the sword is of limited durability and the tea offers limited benefits. To buff Captain, I would give him a 'The Captain's Map'. Whilst I'm unsure what this item would do, it could reveal the up-to-date positions of every Crewmate (including Thralls) within a limited range.
This would mean Captain can, true or false, accuse others of being a thrall for venturing off into ominous places where they might be building totems.
Chef (F)
I have ranked chef as the worst character to play since his buff of being able to cook items faster is of limited usefulness. His gear is also pretty 'meh'.
Huge Disadvantages as Thrall: I've had characters in-game tell me that they kill chef on-sight if he starts looting doctors bags as there's a high likelihood that he'll poison the stew. To fix this, I believe chef should be buffed to be able to incorporate herbs into his stew (or perhaps a new cooked item) to discourage this 'killing on sight' mentality.
To make the chef more interesting (and better!), I'd swap out the stew he spawns with throwable kitchen knives*; this way, he can gather food easier during the early game. In addition, I'd get rid of the cooking speed ability and swap that out with being able to make stews using less meat (e.g. 5 or 6 meat instead of 10).
* although throwing sticks and stones currently fills this role ...

I also wanted to mention a Thrall strategy that can be used to easily beat the crew:
Overpowered Thrall Tatic
As Thrall, I've found that taking coal from the boiler* at the beginning of the game and disposing of it is, of course, a great start. However, you can push the advantage further by burning/disposing of all the coal on the map. If both thralls do this, it's very difficult for crewmates to come back on.
Whilst this type of play is effective, it is boring and something I feel should be nerfed. For instance, make it so characters cannot throw coal or burn it (unless its in the boiler of the ship).
* Its High Risk - High Reward, but 100 % worth it.
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2022.01.25 08:40 Somedvde First we saw ET in the Senate and now this, funny it is

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2022.01.25 08:40 m-1975 Britain’s battered railway bridges: "Between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 there were 1,624 bridge strikes reported across the network"

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2022.01.25 08:40 Manga_Trend manga one piece 1038 spoiler

spoiler from here>>>

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2022.01.25 08:40 JarJarBinks1337 Reminds me of the goat mountains

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2022.01.25 08:40 kid_of_hades HELP WHAT KIND OF FURRY AM I?

okay so i have a demon persona (horns, big black lether like wings, red eyes/skin details, tall af, elf ears) and my twitch chat and ppl in general keep calling me a furry. i say im not bc i litterally have no fur, i love furries lol my boyfriend and half of my community r furries and i love them but im not a furry. ik there is terms like scalies and protogens, is there a similar term for demon personas? pls help <3
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2022.01.25 08:40 Satninc_Koala Fueling while cars on

If we can fuel while an aircraft is on and flying why can we not fuel while car is on at gas station?
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2022.01.25 08:40 OkNet7644 mos

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2022.01.25 08:40 woods1994 Brake squeal after changing

So I recently changed the front pads and rotors on my 2007 Chevy 1500 but noticed they’re still squealing. Should I take them back off and clean again or should I be looking at something else?
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2022.01.25 08:40 BookCompetitive6807 "Bren is still unstoppable, (still broken) in Warzone. 22 kill Trios Win" feels like months.

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2022.01.25 08:40 Kungpost Mest visade sidorna på svenskspråkiga Wikipedia 2021 - Wikimedia Sverige

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2022.01.25 08:40 Even_Bird_4946 Very low sex drive and no morning bones anymore! I went from sex 3-4x a day for about 2 months then to every other day 2 weeks ago and now I have no drive at all since Sunday Morning and feel in the dumps. I was taking .25mg e3d of Caber last dose about a month and a half ago so maybe that's it?

Very low sex drive and no morning bones anymore! I went from sex 3-4x a day for about 2 months then to every other day 2 weeks ago and now I have no drive at all since Sunday Morning and feel in the dumps. I was taking .25mg e3d of Caber last dose about a month and a half ago so maybe that's it? submitted by Even_Bird_4946 to Testosterone [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 08:40 3seng3 Lords Mobile | K:864 | 200m+ Might, T4 | 125$

Top 150 in kingdom, Guild is top 2. Collesseum rank top 50. No mh gear.
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2022.01.25 08:40 perrang 99 Pay (Be Pay Investimentos) retém meu dinheiro sem prazo para resolver o problema

Empresa alega que eu excedi o limite de R$ 5 mil na minha conta e por esse motivo bloquearam minha movimentação, retendo lá o valor de R$ 2.686,12 desde 04/12/21.
No aplicativo existe um processo de desbloqueio automático. Em teoria você deve enviar uma imagem da CNH e cadastro atualizado. Porém, esse processo não gera protocolo, não informa se o envio foi bem sucedido ou se houve falha. Enfim, não dá retorno. Daí a partir do auxílio do Procon, fui instruído pela funcionária Luiza para reenviar foto da minha CNH, comprovante de endereço atualizado em meu nome e uma selfie minha segurando meu documento (!). Tudo isso com o prazo de 6 dias úteis para análise e possível liberação da conta.
Passaram-se os 6 dias e abri uma reclamação no site consumidor.gov.br. O prazo de retorno é de 10 dias. No último dia enviaram uma resposta genérica dizendo que a demora do meu caso era devido problemas técnicos.
O próximo passo foi abrir uma reclamação no Banco Central. Mais 10 dias até o retorno. No último dia enviaram um e-mail dizendo que "como foi solicitado anteriormente", eu deveria enviar com a maior presteza possível meu comprovante de IR, contracheque e comprovante de endereço atualizado.
Nem preciso dizer que NENHUMA MENÇÃO a comprovante de IR e contracheque foi feita até este momento, né? Essa solicitação é de agora, portanto é uma inverdade afirmar que isso foi pedido anteriormente. Estão fazendo de tudo para não liberar o dinheiro. Já faz mais de um mês que eu não posso movimentar a conta, não recebo dividendos e nenhum dos e-mails ou conversas de chat que tive com os atendentes da empresa parece ser efetivo.
Estou pensando em entrar no Juizado Especial e pedir algum tipo de ressarcimento. O que me indicam para embasar, sei lá, um dano moral? Sei que até 15 salários mínimos daria para pleitear, mas não sei qual o caminho seguir.
Obrigado por ler até aqui.
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2022.01.25 08:40 gotta_do_it_big Binance dual investment.

I am used to stock puts and so and i see binance is doing something similar. My first thought was "what can u loose here ?" Seems like a win win either way. Outcome is never in zero or under input capital.
They say this is how it works :
Bob invested 1 BTC on Binance Dual Investment with an “Up-and-Exercised” position. The BTC price was $30,000, and she subscribed to a 30-day product with a 40% annual yield. The strike price was set to $40,000.
When the product expires 30 days later, Bob will get one of the two outcomes:
Scenario 1: BTC is above $40,000
Bob gets the value of his 1 BTC back in BUSD, plus the 40% annual yield.
Total received: 140,000[1+(40%*30/365)] = 41,315 BUSD
Scenario 2: BTC is below $40,000
The product is “not exercised”, Bob gets his 1 BTC back, plus the 40% annual yield.
Total received: 1 BTC[1+(40%30/365)] = 1.03288 BTC
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2022.01.25 08:40 thoxo Look at this huge peace lily I bought. Cat and chair for scale. Best part of it all, my cat never eats any of my plants. I have 50+ indoors.

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2022.01.25 08:40 carelessmover [QC] Louis Vuitton Varsity Jacket from ApathyK (Size 48)

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