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ねじれたスーパーグラフィックス - マッチ

2022.01.25 07:52 vacuumnoise ねじれたスーパーグラフィックス - マッチ

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2022.01.25 07:52 Capital_Afternoon_43 Why my cleaning lady is being rude?

Hi all,
We moved into a new flat (in Germany) last year and the previous landlord told us that he had a cleaning lady who could continue to work for us.
We never had a cleaning lady before, so we were very excited.
She comes to us every two weeks, she cleans fantastically and super fast. There have been a few accidents, for example she flooded my plants and cut new stems on my orchids. I just told her not to do anything about them, so it's all good.
She prefers to clean the flat when no one is home and she has a key. So on the day she comes, we try to go to the office (which is possible 80% of the time). We always leave her some snacks or something sweet. If we are at home, we make her coffee. We buy all the cleaning supplies she asks for. I understand that this is her job, so she knows better.
Last few month she got super cranky and rude. For e.g:
My wife couldn't go to the office because it was closed. So we told that our cleaning lady, and when she came she said to my wife, "Oh, I wasn't going to come, but here I am. I almost cancelled on you today. I don't like you being here". Well... ok... Later that day she slapped my wife with a towel (as a joke)when she came into the kitchen to drink some water! WTF? But on last Saturday... She usually comes to our place on Mondays and Tuesdays. But this week it didn't suit us (I was getting a booster and had a fever) so we asked her if she could come on Wednesday or Thursday.
She replied - don't lie to me that you have a fever, I told you that I can only come to you on Mondays to Tuesdays. I'm beginning to get the feeling that I don't want to work for you anymore!
Should I just fire her? What could possibly go wrong?
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2022.01.25 07:52 NpcNur FanArt :)

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2022.01.25 07:52 Soggy_Clothes_7293 So continue to cut to 160? 5'8 170lbs bf%? i know not the best genetics and work ethic but consistent. Also any tips would be appreciated

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2022.01.25 07:52 Long_Antelope_1400 Superbowl looking for professional dancers to volunteer to do the half time show. 9 days of practices and make your own way there.

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2022.01.25 07:52 LeastSun4272 Need help waypoints keep spawning

Need help waypoints keep spawning Hello i keep getting those waypoints to spawn on top of me but its really annoying does anyone know how to turn it off?
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2022.01.25 07:52 MarshallBrain Conservator Milan Mako shows us how a 150 year old painting is professionally restored

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2022.01.25 07:52 JackFisherBooks Un-American and yet, totally American | Company Towns

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2022.01.25 07:52 gruelly4 Kate Bosworth.

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2022.01.25 07:52 RadioactiveRoulette Should students be told to speak in full sentences?

I'm training a new teacher at my school and he just isn't very good for a lot of reasons despite having decades of experience. No certificates, no qualifications, way too much teacher talking time, and struggles to teach grammar.
One thing he does is stops students and tells them to answer in full sentences in the class. For example, if Abby asks Ben what Florida is famous for and Ben answers "Disney World", the teacher will stop them and tell Ben to say "You can find Disney World in Florida" (verbatim example).
My initial reaction to this is the following:

  1. It's unnatural
  2. The language within the sentence is not the focus of the lesson
  3. It's grammar is not particularly difficult for their level and is not something students have had problems with
But then I thought maybe it's unfair of me to immediately dismiss a new idea because I don't do it myself. I tried researching on Google but did not get any good information about ESL classes, mostly just results about children with special needs.
What do you think? If it is not the language focus of the lesson, should students be expected to speak in full sentences? Why or why not?
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2022.01.25 07:52 Kahuna21386 Time for a break i think...

First Raid this morning, had some free time so i was planning to run some raids.... First Run on Reserve, run 10 meters, get headshottet 3 times in a sec... Survived because my Helmet, then someone teleported right in front me yelled "Die N***** Lover" and one tapped me in the face.....
Alt + F4 and fuck this game till they sort the anti cheat....
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2022.01.25 07:52 JoestarJoker BC sab laal hogya

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2022.01.25 07:52 Aldynek Můj první meme, doufám že pobaví

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2022.01.25 07:52 beans_seems_and_bees Eurographics - Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Night, 1000 pieces (1 missing).

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2022.01.25 07:52 Faentildeg Producer price index for industrial products in Germany

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2022.01.25 07:52 CrowIcroNM He said "Please" so give the knife to him

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2022.01.25 07:52 shanabailey Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer [EU] for 389.67 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $398.04) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): ADMITAD2212
Current price is $389.67. The lowest price in my database is $398.04 on 27.11.2021.There're already 4 records in DB. Price monitoring since 13.9.2021!
Price alerts and current coupons for Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer are here https://couponsfromchina.com/artillery-sidewinder-x2-3d-printer-eu-coupon-price/
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
  3. Twitter
Image: https://i.imgur.com/BYr33Va.jpg
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2022.01.25 07:52 A_podado [Repost][Academic] Society's apathy on privacy (Everyone)

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2022.01.25 07:52 SportsFan-Bot With the Saints win against the Broncos, Drew Brees now has more wins against NFC West teams than the Bears.

WEEK 1: Bears 2, Vikings 3
WEEK 2: Bears 2, Broncos 3
WEEK 3: Bears 3, Packers 4
WEEK 4: Bears 4, Falcons 5
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2022.01.25 07:52 ComeOnSayYupp I worry about that kid - Roy Keane on Dele Alli in 2018

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2022.01.25 07:52 imverytired1111 Constant headache only at home

I get really annoying headaches at home for the last few weeks.
I keep my windows open to let the fresh air in, I checked all the house from top to bottom for mold, I eat, I drink, I don't have any allergies.
I soon as I'm out the house, at work, at the shop, walking my dog the headache is gone.
It's definitely not psychological. I don't hate being home nor I'm stressed there.
I'm out of ideas what might be the cause.
Help me out. What else should I do and check. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 07:52 WhoopSarrosa Daily Useless Infos #1

In Hamlet first word of Voltimand was “In”
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2022.01.25 07:52 Nebiasss Vind je de bankzitters en/of Acid leuk? Dan vind je mijn video's geweldig! Ik heb een nieuwe video:

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2022.01.25 07:52 rwaddilove Guide to Make an Engagement Video Online: Video maker

If you are looking for something to create a video celebrating an event like an engagement, wedding and so on, here is an online tool that can do the job. https://rawinfopages.co.uk/guide-to-make-an-engagement-video-online-video-make
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2022.01.25 07:52 _meowdarchod_ blursed_developer

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