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I need some LMG upgrade advice…

If you want to ask a question, we suggest you spend some time lurking and entering into discussion first. Spend some time reading the /r/theredpill sidebar. If you see a troll or problem post, don't engage them but use the REPORT link; this will bring it quickly to the attention of the mod team. Bereavement Advice Centre supports and advises people on what they need to do after a death. ... and includes some of the differences that apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland. ... Advice for dealing with bereavement, helping others deal with grief, and information for professionals. If you need to broaden your social life, try volunteering for a favorite cause. Odds are you will meet more like-minded people. Volunteering also is another way to boost happiness by providing a sense of purpose. In fact, a study published online May19, 2016, by BMJ Open found that this benefit was strongest among people age 45 to 80 and older. MSAC appraises new medical services proposed for public funding, and provides advice to Government on whether a new medical service should be publicly funded (and if so, its circumstances) on an assessment of its comparative safety, clinical effectiveness,cost-effectiveness, and total cost, using the best available evidence. Some questions have guideline time limits for you to follow, make sure you stay aware of the time to ensure you have enough time to answer each question. Stay calm and take deep breaths if you feel nervous or worried. Follow the below test advice for each section of the test: Newborn checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrives The ultimate newborn baby checklist can help you determine what you'll need to purchase and prepare as you get ready for baby's birth. By Today's Parent November 5, 2020 Pack snacks like energy bars, jerky and nuts that you can eat easily on the trail. Some people like to bring a sandwich for lunch, too. For water, you can usually start with about two liters per person for the day, but adjust the amount depending on length and intensity of the hike, weather conditions, your age, sweat rate and body type. Most Fridays, advice columnist Carolyn Hax takes your comments and questions. Carolyn has hosted this chat since 1998, answering your wide-ranging questions about life, family, relationships and more. If you’re looking for care, you may receive initial remote advice via the phone or video call. This may lead to advice being given or the arrangement of an appointment if the dentist deems it necessary. Some routine care like a check-up might be delayed, potentially until next year unfortunately. Learn what questions to ask when choosing a lawyer. And find organizations that give free legal advice and may help you find a free or low-cost attorney. What to Look for in a Lawyer. Before looking for an attorney, decide what kind you need. Common fields include: Criminal law. Family law. Landlords and Tenants. Labor and Employment

2022.01.29 10:54 Beneficial-Skill-303 I need some LMG upgrade advice…

Hey guys. I’m a relatively new tech that’s gotten really good at servicing lots of guns. Not scared of working on them and I have all the tools j could need.
My MilSim squad just bought a Krytac Trident LMG and asked me to upgrade it to hit harder.
It shoots 1.5 joules with .32s right now, I need it to shoot 1.85 joules with .32s.
Is it as simple as swapping to an M130 or M125 spring? What other upgrades should I do to the gearbox? Should I put a mosfet like a GATE Titan or Perun V2 in it? Why should I do that for an LMG?
(Im already planning on R-Hopping and upgrading to a MAXX hop. That’s something I’m great at)
Very unfamiliar with sustained fire builds. Any help would be appreciated!
(The Krytac Trident LMG is a V2 gearbox of Kyrtac’s typical quality. I think it’s just their standard Nautilis gearbox. So it’s already radiused, and has good air seal parts. But it would have a ported cylinder to match the 280mm barrel.)
Would you guys upgrade the barrel length? Go Tightbore? Give me your thoughts!
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2022.01.29 10:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Giants Brigades says ready to ‘repel’ Iran-backed Houthi attacks | Al Arabiya

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2022.01.29 10:54 J0dlerx0 $LAB ⚗️ Labswap | DeFi | DEX Live on | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Organic Grow | Low Market Cap | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don’t miss this rocket 🚀

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The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
✅ We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain \\\BSC\\\
● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
● 10% Marketing :: :. 1,000,000,000
● 10% Ecosystem :. 1,000,000,000
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● 5% for Core Team :. 500,000,000
Don’t miss this moonshot! Join us before FOMO!! 🚀
📲 Twitter:
🌐 website:
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2022.01.29 10:54 GamingxZone Valorant raze stole my ace

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2022.01.29 10:54 lucasGS18 [For Hire] Character design/ illustration/ portraits anything more... START on 50$ DM me

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2022.01.29 10:54 positivesource Australian government pumps cash into Great Barrier Reef protection

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2022.01.29 10:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Arab Coalition strikes kill 90 Houthi ‘terrorists’ in Marib | Al Arabiya

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2022.01.29 10:54 RefrigeratorSevere80 Any last-minute tips for USACO Bronze?

I have watched a couple of videos on USACO Bronze tips but all of them just say brute force everything, but the previous contest was much different, I got soo close but slipped up on the last problem since I was not good at implementing case by case scenarios. Since then I have practiced and know the following algorithms:
- Rectangle Geometry
- Sets, Maps, Pair, Tuples, Vectors, Arrays, etc.
- Simulation(I have improved in a case by case simulation)
- Brute Force
- Recursion
- Sorting
- Greedy(Mindset, and I know how to implement simple problems like scheduling and stuff)
- Graphs(Concepts like depth, trees, etc., and I know how to represent them using adj lists, adj matrices, etc.)
- Prefix Sums
- Two Pointer
- Binary Search
- Flood Fill(The basic concept of it, implementation, not so much tho)
- Minimum Spanning Tree(ik what it is and how to find it using prims)

Idk if this is overkill, I just realized that in the past few competitions bronze questions have been using the mindsets of silver concepts. Can someone please tell me how I should split my time in the contest, and which algorithms I should try and use first? Thanks!
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2022.01.29 10:54 Kingscrubs12 Teens with a job, what’s it like having one?

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2022.01.29 10:54 needyfr Can I change my major from Computer Engineering to Computer Science in Grad school if I'm an international student?

Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated as I'm applying for fall 22 but want to maximize my chance of admission:)
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2022.01.29 10:54 Crown_Entertainment Oh no

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2022.01.29 10:54 Euphoric_Ad1702 Ladies, what’s your favorite sex position?

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2022.01.29 10:54 hello-jello-its-me Why do my fingertips have a different texture when I have a fever? I notice they get all ‘smooth’ feeling, what’s going on?

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2022.01.29 10:54 Nich-olas 2001: A Space Odyssey, tunnel recreation
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2022.01.29 10:54 Historynerd88 [700x511] Controls of one of the rudders of the Italian battleship Giulio Cesare, 1914 - courtesy of Fondazione Ansaldo

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2022.01.29 10:54 AJAX_XXI Tandem tune

I want to make a drift car for tandems. Does anyone have any tips for tuning?
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2022.01.29 10:54 Ok_Armadillo_5717 Not bad

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2022.01.29 10:54 THE-AWSOME-CHARA king knight for smash

the KING of cards is ready to be king of the tiers in smash bros!

he would way 130 and walk at 1,43 speed

he has 2 jumps and no adional movement options

jabs and tilts
his jab is a quick smack whith his scepter
5% DMG kills at 180% and it has 1 frame start up and 2 frames end lag

f-tilt is a longer bigger and slower scepter smack
10% DMG on sourspot (inside the scepter) and kills at 160%
the sweetspot (tipper) does 15% and kills at 120%
the move has 3 frame start up and 4 frame end lag

D-tilt is a low to the ground poke whith his scepter
5% DMG and kills at 200% and makes ennemies trip at low percent (up to 30%)

U-tilt is him poking somone whith his crown
it does 4% and just.... doesent kill (maby at like 200%) and has 1 frame start up and 2 frame end lag


up air is the same as up tilt but stronger. slower. and gives king knight a small upward boost
it does 12% and kills at 140% 4 frame startup and 3 frame end lag

dair is a spin wich spikes right at the feet
it does 12% and the spike can kill at 80%. it has 4 frame start up and 5 end frames

front air make king knight throw some joustice cards which does flinching DMG
it has 2 frame start and 3 frame end and does 12% total but doesent realy kill

back air is a big stron gsmack whith his scepter
18% DMG and kills at 100% has 5 frame start and end frames

nair is cartwheel twirl
its a multy hit doing in total 11% each hit doing 1% DMG and it kills at 230%
it has 2 frame start and end lag

he would have a decent grab range

he pummels using a headbutt doing 1,2% DMG per pumel

for his up throw he would throw the opponent up and then smacks them whith his scepter which would kill at 120%

for his up thro he flips them up (kills at 130%)

down throw makes king knight throw th foe on the ground. and spins on them. then sends the fo flying doing a total of 18% and would kill at 150%
back throw is king knight just yeeting the foe backwards killing at 110%

side spacial

his speacials are what wil make his play style come to work

his side speacial s his iconic shoulder bash! it has a 7 frame start up and has 8 frame endlag.

this doesent put you in free fall if used in the air

but if you hit the bash you cancle the end lag and use your iconic spin!

the spin would send you 1,5x higher than a normal jump and spining on a foe wll reset the bash as you can use it once in the air.

once you bash again or use a nother speacial. you get out of your spin

the bash does 15% and has fixed knockback and enough hitstun to always in a true combo in its spin.

the spin is a brutal spike and does 7,5% on every bounce and its spike can kill at 80%

you always have a active hitbox at your feet while spinning

you can hold the attack button in for about 3 second and get a charge bash whish will be released once you pres the button again which goes faster. does way more shield DMG (like 60% of a shield) and does more dmg and goes faster

(the normal bash goes about 1/4th of a batle field stage and the charged bash about 1/2 of a batelfield stage

the charge bash does 25% and does no aditional knockback

the charge bash can be aimed in all 4 directions

side and up speacial

his up and side speaciial are somthing you can set from the start of the match. and if you hold the upb or side be. you can chose what sub item he will use!

you cant have the same up nd side speacial so lets say your side speacial is the staff of swiftnes the it cant also be your up B

once you have selected somthing. you dont have to hold the side or up speacial to use it. you can just tap it. holding the button down maks you able to choose again

here all the posible moves:

horns of heralding: king knight summons ome horns on the side of the screen and they blow painfull confetti!
it has a slow start and end having 25 frame start up and 20 end frames. but all acros the screen will be painful confeti faling down doing 9% flincing DMG per hit confetti and doesent realy launch
the confetie is dodgable but it comes in 2 waves

rat bomber: throw a little rat whith a saftey bomb on him! he walks quite slow (just a BIT slower than inceneroar) and also explodes after 20 seconds. pressing the butto again makes the rat turn around.

you can also bash of the rat sending the bomb flying and sending you in your spin (aka recovery)

the rat explosion it can do 20% DMG and can kill at 90%

throwing the rat has 15 frame start before the rat apears and it has 10 frame endlag

switchign directions of the rat takes 4 frame start before switch and then 4 frame end lag

gloves of dualing: activating it once does a simple slap doing 6% and does flinching whith fixed knockback

attacking again performs the slap again. clicking it a third time does the final slap doing 10% and can atually kill (at 140%)

the first slap has a 2 frame startup an 2 end frames

all other slaps have a 1 frame start up and the 3 end frames

it has verry short range and can act like a reflector

heart hammer: this slow beefy move desent do alot of DMG..

it has 20 frame startup and 15 end frames and does 13% DMG (and kills at 110%)

but if you hit somone. a food item will spawn at around the lace you hit the foe! so you can grab and heal! but ofcourse the ennemie can grab it aswel

proppelor steed
its a simple projecitle. doing 9% and kills at 190%
it as 3 frame start u and 4 end frames and you can have 2 on screen
they move quite fast and pierce ennemies
when they hit they flinch the oponent and does meh shield DMG

turn coat
this item makes you INVINSABLE for 5 seconds but makes you unable to jump and you can only do small roles left or rght.

at any moment you can stop holding the attack button and the move wil stop

if you would have taken 10%. when the move ends. it wil shoot a smal fireball doing 5% (moves about 1/4th batle field)

if it would have been 15% it shoots a dual fire ball which also moves faster. it would do 12% and kills at 150% (1/2 battle field)

if you would have takesn 20% it shoots 3 big fore bals doing 25% and would kill at 85%
(full battle field)

if you cancle it or you have not taken any DMG then the endlag will be increased from 13 to 26
the start frames are 5

bubble frog
stop all your movement and go in bubble tat can go left or right depending on where you aimed your control.

you float for 5 seconds into that direction and it re-freshes your bash (can be used once i the air)
it has 5 frame start up and has no end lag if you dashed out of it.

scepter of siftness
charge up a for 25 frames. then launch forward at high speed (5,10 speed) and slash any foe infront of you.
it has 40 end frames and does 25% and kills at 75%

it can be used in the air but then the start up becomes 50 frames.

hitting a wall while using this wil put you in your spin state

it moves about the whole final destination stage

scortching saber
do 2 flips and come crashing down using the fire sword

it does 20% DMG total and kils at 130%
the 2 spins send you about as high as 2 jumps

it has 6 start frames and 10 end frames

gyro boots

when used you're move ment speed wil double and you become and active hitbox dealing DMG depending on what stage its in. it also lowers your falling speed a bit.

it has 15 frame start up and a heafty 30 end lag

the spining lasts 9 seconds

the first 4 seconds are in green stae which does 8% and kills at 180%
the next 3 seconds it beomes red doing 16% DMG and kills at 90%

and the last 2 seconds its in grey which does 25% and kills at 80%

if you us eit in the air, it wil also send you up for abour 1,5x a jum and gives ou the move ement speed buf and the slower fall speed

runnign into walls while this is active makes you climb them

you cant do anything ther than jumping while spining. you hav to wait the full 9 seconds or you need to get knocked out of it

down speacial

another move you have alot of options for!

once you click down B. you get a choice between 3 joustice cards

each card can do somthing else. and once you choose a card. that card cant be used again for about 15 seconds

you can only have 1 card active at a time and summoning any card takes 15 frames start and end lag

after a card is defeated or ran out of time. you cant use down speacial for 5 seconds

sumo goldarmor: once you use the card. he does nothin for a second. then does a belly bash right infront of him. doin 5% and has set knock back. but it sends the hit foe flying far far away

if he gets hit during his second of waiting. he turns red and instantly belly bashes the foe doing 10% and sends the foe flying even further

it can only be aimed right

specter knight: specter knight stands there. and any foe close to him wll be slashed oing verry high DMG. but almost no knockback

it does 30% and the slash has 8 frame start up and 12 end frames and he stays active for 15 seconds.

plaege knight: he jumps around sparaticly and throws bombs everywhere doing 15% per bomb and they can kill at 110% but he can be taken out if he takes a total of 25% and he stays for 10 seconds

treashure knight: once he gets summond. he shoots his anchor up and stays above the blast zone. then he shoots his very powerfull anchor (20%) down a couple times before disapearing after 10 seconds and he only needs to take 20% before he dies

mole knight: upon summond he digs down. as he moves a small drt pile apears so you can see where he is. when a foe is directly above him. he jumps up and lits on fire doing weak fire DG but it has good launch powers. (does 10% and kills at 100%) and if he doesent hit anyone in 10 seconds. he just disapears

polar knight: upon summond he walks back a bit. then runs forward whith his big snow shovel. then if he runs into ledgo. he throws big snowbals back and then disapears.
if you get hit by the shovel dash. it will drag you along doing 1,1% DMG per 30 frames and the throw kils at 90% and does 10% DMG
each snowball does 10% while falling and while on the ground. they role slowley and do 5% DMG

tinker knight: upon summond. he runns around throwing wrenches everywhere. they do small flinching DMG (5%) and are gravity effectd. and heonly needs 10% to be knocked out. but he moves verry fast.

propellor knight: he flies around the battelfield. then lands around the ennemie. and lunges 3 times. (each lunge does 15% and kills at 90%) and thn he makes a wind box. if the foe is on the grounf. it blows them to him. if they are in the air. he blows them away. and he needs 20% to be defeated.

king pridemor: upon summoned. he wil jump in the air. and make shockwaves all around the ground stunning all ennemies on the ground. athen he does a beefy smack whith a big scepter (does 25% and kills at 120%)

trouple king: he wil go in the back ground and dane a bit. makking small trouples apear around him which do small flinching DMG (6%)

king birder: upon sumoned.. he flies around. makes 2 berder clones. and throw a bomb which explodes in a big pillar then disapears (the small birders just bounce around the screen nd need 10% to take down)

the pillar does 10% DMG to foes and hlasts 4 seconds

mom: stom on the ground spiking foes beneath her. thn make a pie item then disapears

the pie heals 20% and can be picked up by king knight or other players

bard: when he gets summond. he plays some music which has a pretty small radious. which slows and weakens foes by 40% in the area. and heals king knight 1,2% er second. he lasts 10 seconds or if he takes 15% he dies

king knight: if he plays himself. he gets a boost in move ment speed and ATK by 25% for 10 seconds

reize: he throws a boomerang on both sides of him and f they return. he jumps to sanother plce in the genral area of a fo. then repeats it for 2 times. then he disapears

the boomerangs do 5% and flinches and has good hitstun.

he needs 15% to be defeated

king knight has 2 final smashes. but theyr both the same.

they are both cinematic final smashes.

once activated. it dashes forward and if it hits any foe. the smash activates

the foe will be straped to the enchantres castle. then the camera goes to the ship. whith all of king knights friends as he sits on his throne laugjing. as the ship smashes int the castle and the foe. doing 50% and can kill at 80%

the other smash will only apear if king knight has 1 stock left

the foe gets stuck on the ship that is being attacked by the enchatres and her minions. fter the ship blows up the camera goes to king knight as all the minions bow to him as he laughs royaly

if either of the smashes end the battle. they will also be the vicotry screen.

his side taunt makes king kight swing his staf while he posses
his up taunt ca be hold in aslong as you want. he summons a throne and sits on it while spinning a wine glas
and his down taunt makes him fall on his knees and starts crying

his stage intro makes the air ship apears as king knight jumps of it before getting a kiss by his mom

his first victory screen would make be him spinning his staf and then take a bow as his victory music plays

the second sceen would be all his friends cheering him on as king knight uses the horns of heralding

the 3d screen would show minions bowing for him as he laughs royaly. and a evil grin in the background from the enchantres


his base look is him in his normal golden armor

his second look is a light greenish look refrencing his lightweight plate armor

his third look is a dark red look refrencing his vestment of vigor

his fourth look is a silver and blue look refrncing his bettary bregade armor

his fith look is a more golden yelow and pink llook refrencing his rodent regelia

his sixth look is a darker gold refrencing his resplendent cape

i have nothnig nof 7 and 8

and that was king knight!
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2022.01.29 10:54 MequonX Dressed to Kill

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2022.01.29 10:54 synonyco 2003 California License Plate Pair 4FBT919

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2022.01.29 10:54 Panablend Got a new plant for my aquarium. Not sure what it is.

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2022.01.29 10:54 Live-Scar6163 LeBron James starts crypto program to teach kids about blockchain technology

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2022.01.29 10:54 TheSmallGate Suma Vegan Meatball Chilli

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2022.01.29 10:54 BrumbassenOG Det var hurtigt hun glemte sine egne ord. 😂

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2022.01.29 10:54 MarlonAndAlt Found it this flag in the wild. It’s a German flag with a white bar at the top

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