Game Not Working in Other Country?

2022.01.17 01:00 melvin2898 Game Not Working in Other Country?

My friend lives in America but is currently traveling to Canada. While in Canada, she tried playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online. It does not work for her. She said games like Fortnite and other online games work fine. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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2022.01.17 01:00 smartybrome Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy Brand Tactics

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2022.01.17 01:00 boricuamua Looking for Hope Juliet gym glute guide! Help a girl out

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2022.01.17 01:00 Standard_Stomach4804 How Lady Gaga Is Handling New Projects After House of Gucci Success (Exclusive)

How Lady Gaga Is Handling New Projects After House of Gucci Success (Exclusive)
Entertainment Tonight published this video item, entitled “How Lady Gaga Is Handling New Projects After House of Gucci Success (Exclusive)” – below is their description.
Lady Gaga chats with ET’s Lauren Zima about how she feels receiving the Palm Spring International Film Award’s International Icon honor for her performance in ‘House of Gucci.’ The 35-year-old actress gushes about her ‘Star Is Born’ co-star Bradley Cooper, and reveals why she sought his advice ahead of her role as Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani. Gaga also talks about what she’s looking for in her next projects and the moment in her career that she felt like she achieved her dreams.
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2022.01.17 01:00 Wonderful_Fix_718 marijuana is my friend

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2022.01.17 01:00 smartybrome Social Media Marketing B2B: Proven Social Media Marketing

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2022.01.17 01:00 sahw2015 Was this forceful or I was hesitant due to my missed pill? TMI

Hello gentlements, I might need some help from the men perspective here, because men understand men. I need your reassurance and validation on this please, just give me your honest view/opinions, just give it to me straight.
okay, this post is TMI and sex related, so please exit if you not like to read TMI. Sorry.
If you can reassurance me on this, if this incident below was forceful on my husband part, or was it me that hesitant due to my missed pill. Sorry, English is my third language.
Me and my husband, we together 11 years, married 7 years.
Something happened a while back, and till this day I still wasn't sure. I know it consensual sex, but then part of me not sure if it because I was so hesitant due to my missed pill therefore I didn't give the first minute initial consent.
I need some reassurance/validate my feelings on this please.
Husband initiated sex, and I did specificly told him that it was not a good time due to my missed pill that month and I didn't want to get pregnant (in all fairness, I did not use the word No).
Well, he went on forcefully suck on my mouth, then to my neck, then he slide down one side of my shirt and forcefully suck on my shoulder repeatedly, repeatedly, he just won’t stop use his mouth. However I did not say the word No or stop.
what I did was called his name, then I called his name again, my heart was racing for him but deep down I was hesitant I might get pregnant due to my missed pill.
He still won’t stop sucking/kissing, then he went to my breast, then continue his mouth down to my stomach, then his mouth down to my vagina. Then yeah you know, I had consensual sex with him.
Sucking here he was just using his mouth, he never hurt me.
In fall fairness, I did enjoy, really enjoy the sex with him. (sex with him it always been out of this world, he gives me orgasm after orgasm after orgasms).
In all fairness, he always the dominant one in sex and I'm the submissive one, so him sucking all over my body it nothing new. At first I was scare of might get pregnant, so I tried to fight it off. But then he continued on and it feels really good so I had consensual sex with him.
I mean I even unbutton his dress shirt, so it can't be forceful (on his side) right? When he on top of me while sucking all over me, he started to unbutton his dress shirt, then I engage I even help him unbutton it too.
This alone say it wasn't force right? I mean how can it be force if I help unbutton his dress shirt?
Validate my feeling on this please, he is my husband, I’m just confuse with my feelings on this. And he did this for a whole month of my missed pill, not just a one time thing, so he clearly know what he was doing. I did ask my husband why he did what he did, and he said it because he loves me very much and he crazy about me.
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2022.01.17 01:00 rotten-blood my girlfriend told me i can kiss anyone i want

so i (M17) have been with my girlfriend (F17) for almost 8 months, neither of us have ever been in a relationship before, last night we went to a party and today she told me that it wouldn't bother her if i made out with someone else at a party, i don't know why but this made me really sad because i would mind if she makes out with someone else, idk why would i ever want to make out with anyone but her, is this some kind of way for her to tell me she wants to make out with other people? is she looking for approval to do that?
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2022.01.17 01:00 smartybrome Free Scratch Programming Tutorial - Learn Scratch 3.0 along with Projects

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2022.01.17 01:00 TiffanyJewels Starting HRT in 2 weeks! My biggest fear is not passing but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes

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2022.01.17 01:00 nowthatsucks Canada's new law declares that you are guilty of "conversion therapy" and subject to five years in prison if you counsel your biological male child to accept his male identity

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2022.01.17 01:00 autotldr North Korea fires projectiles in 4th launch this month

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 59%. (I'm a bot)

North Korea on Monday fired two suspected ballistic missiles into the sea in its fourth weapons launch this month, South Korea's military said, with the apparent goal of demonstrating its military might amid paused diplomacy with the United States and pandemic border closures.
The launch came after the North conducted a pair of flight tests of a purported hypersonic missile on Jan. 5 and Jan. 11 and also test-fired ballistic missiles from a train Friday in an apparent reprisal over fresh sanctions imposed by the Biden administration last week for its continuing test launches.
North Korea has been ramping up tests in recent months of new missiles designed to overwhelm missile defenses in the region.
A U.S.-led diplomatic push aimed at convincing North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program collapsed in 2019 after the Trump administration rejected the North's demands for major sanctions relief in exchange for a partial surrender of its nuclear capabilities.
Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on five North Koreans over their roles in obtaining equipment and technology for the North's missile programs in its response to the North's earlier tests this month.
The State Department ordered sanctions against another North Korean, a Russian man and a Russian company for their broader support of North Korea's weapons of mass destruction activities, and the Biden administration also said it would pursue additional U.N. sanctions over the North's continued tests.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2022.01.17 01:00 ReBeL222 If you had the power to force everyone to do one thing during COVID-19, what would it be?

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2022.01.17 01:00 smartybrome Contract Negotiation: A Beginner's Guide to Drafting

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2022.01.17 01:00 Bubbly_Meringue1904 My gratis haul!

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2022.01.17 01:00 Xanek Now Live - Roberu playing "OMORI" (Part 2) (Jan 17 @ 13:00JST)

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2022.01.17 01:00 Akakouri H: Trades ---> W: AA/E/15fr .50 Cal

I'm only looking for that specific weapon, thanks! :)

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2022.01.17 01:00 Cwoaked Thanks YT

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2022.01.17 01:00 creatorofstuffn 12V or USB?

I don't have a cigarette lighter in my jeep. I am waffling over to put one in or hardwire a USB hub and install it in the center console.
78 CJ7
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2022.01.17 01:00 Subir_Paul One piece

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2022.01.17 01:00 Gevrial How many moderns decks is it possible to build if...

TLDR: Look at 1-3 for the scenarios
I was looking over my paper collection and I realized I have a lot of cards. With MTGO it is easy to build multiple decks that use the same cards because the app builds the decks for you so you can easily play decks with overlapping cards. In paper magic it is not so. If I wanted to play Goblins against a friend and then switch it up with spirits (I chose these cause they only overlap on the Aether Vials and Caverns) I would have to manually port over the cards. Since I like to play a lot of decks, I've started to just build the decks that require duplicate cards but use proxies instead. But, this got me thinking:
1) What is the largest number of stock modern lists I can build simultaneously with no overlap in cards, and what are those decks?
But, given that most cheap cards I have more than 4 copies off, 2) What is the largest number of stock modern lists I can build with no overlap in cards priced $20 or higher?
And if we are going to consider money, instead I can ask 3) what is the largest number of modern decks I can build that doesn't care about duplicates but optimizes the amount of money spent on duplicates? For instance, if I can build Hammertime and Tron which only overlap on the Urza's Saga then I would take the hit of getting an extra playset of Saga's because I would get two completely different decks out of it.
I don't know if anybody else is as interested in Data as me but I would love to have some code parse through the data on MTGGoldfish and just give me the answer to all these questions.
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2022.01.17 01:00 Severe-Ambassador-29 Chinese student Applying fine art in Europe

I am a Chinese girl at a fair age,34. Now studying visual arts in Australia. I want to apply for fine arts in Europe, now considering France or Germany. Haven’t got a clear clue about which country is optimal for me. I am quite confused about the process of application and the language pathway that I possibly need to take. Or should I take an English-taught program? I am quite anxious about my visa application as well since they might reject me for the sake of my age and being a single Asian girl, that’s what I was told from the agency. I would be grateful for anyone like to share your experience of application and decent advice. 🙂
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2022.01.17 01:00 8Scale any more information on this would be helpful!

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2022.01.17 01:00 DadGhost #TheWrldonGCW at Hammerstein Card Predictions?

With the record-breaking GCW show at Hammerstein less than a week away, 6 matches have been announced/confirmed so far (card subject to change), and here's what we know:

  1. Allie Katch vs. Ruby Soho.
  2. Gringo Loco, Demonic Flamita and Arez vs. Bandido, Laredo Kid and ASF.
  3. Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian for the ROH World Championship.
  4. Joey Janela vs. Matt Cardona w/ Chelsea Green.
  5. The Briscoe Brothers will host an Open Challenge for the GCW Tag Team Champions.
  6. Jon Moxley vs. Homicide for the GCW World Championship.
  7. Teased matches have included Effy vs. Jeff Jarrett and new GCW Extreme Champion A.J. Gray vs. Eddie Kingston.
  8. Confirmed talent for the card include: Alex Colon, Alex Zayne, Atticus Cogar, Big Vin, Dark Sheik, Grim Reefer, Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Lio Rush, Matthew Justice, Nick Wayne, Ninja Mack, Ricky Morton and Tony Deppen.
  9. GCW Stalwart Nick Gage has not yet been confirmed for the show. Other GCW regulars that have not been confirmed include 2 Cold Scorpio, Cole Radrick, G-Raver, Matt Tremont, Billie Starkz, Ricky Shane Page, Dante Leon and Calvin Tankman. Drew Parker was initially booked for the show (and rumored to face Joey Janela) but COVID-19 travel restrictions concerning his home country of Australia forced him to withdraw.
  10. Injured GCW regulars not scheduled for the event include Chris Dickinson, Marko Stunt and Starboy Charlie. Mance Warner, who is also currently injured, will participate in the event, likely in a commentary capacity. Dave Prazak, Kevin Gill and Ian Riccaboni have also been announced for commentary on the show.
  11. The night prior, GCW will be running the Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame Ceremony. Ruckus, Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, CM Punk, LuFisto, Lenny Leonard and Tracy Smothers will all be in attendance.
  12. The show will be the highest-attended professional wrestling event in the history of the medium. According to the NYS Athletic Commission, intergender wrestling is prohibited. Deathmatches have also been prohibited, but there is a good chance a similar "hardcore" / "No Disqualification"-style match falls within their parameters.
  13. Giancarlo, GCW's resident hype video producer, has teased more announcements in the coming days. Atticus Cogar has promised a video release on Monday, 1/17.
  14. Though there has been no official announcements, rumors regarding the event have included FTR answering the Briscoes (FTR's last appearance in the Manhattan Center was their WWE burial at the hands of The Kliq), Sabu's possible retirement match and Ninja Mack vs. Lio Rush.
With these details in mind, what do you think the rest of the card will look like? Assuming there'll be at least one multi-man match (clusterfuck/royale/group tag/scramble), are we looking at a 12-match card? Will we see the Ultraviolent and Extreme championships defended?
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2022.01.17 01:00 promotmyccontents Kucoin Referral link/code QBSSSPU4 for 30% off your trading fees. Use refer code at sign up screen!

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