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Trans people of Reddit, what did you learn about how men and women are treated differently post-transition?

2022.01.29 10:26 scarereeper Trans people of Reddit, what did you learn about how men and women are treated differently post-transition?

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2022.01.29 10:26 Klos77 ‘High tide’ [OC]

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2022.01.29 10:26 whatwhatdb Is there a difference between the Epic and Steam version? Want it to play in VR.

The Epic and Steam stores both have them at the same price, but I didn't know if one might work better than the other, or if they are the same. Have Quest2 and a Pimax 8kx. Thanks.
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2022.01.29 10:26 Vivientogo Merch Shirt abzugeben

Hallo Peoplez :)
Mein PUFO Merch ist angekommen und ich habe gleichzeitig das gleiche Shirt geschenkt bekommen.
Jetzt habe ich ein weißes T-Shirt mit dem gelben UFOs 🛸 Logo in 2X zusätzlich. Hat da jemand Interesse, würde es zum Kaufpreis abgeben :)
Liebe Grüße!
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2022.01.29 10:26 Jz_360 Yes/No readings!

I'm giving free yes/no readings to the psychic community. You can ask whatever question you want as long as it's not health related.
I also do tarot readings.
Send a reddit chat request if you're interested!
donations are always appreciated :)
My reviews:
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2022.01.29 10:26 hidinginthedark1704 Orange dye turned hair red plz help

Hi so I dyed my hair that was bleach platinum orange, and it turned my hair a reddish color. How to I get it orange? Do I dye it again with the orange dye? It’s semipermanent btw. Plz help
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2022.01.29 10:26 fortnite20145 attack on titan NFT

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2022.01.29 10:26 dumbodork TECs > Monets

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2022.01.29 10:26 Arpikarhu Jaynes 1930’s cocktail book recipe day 11: The Edinboro. Bonus cartoon

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2022.01.29 10:26 TransilvanyasGuard Emergency advice for NC STRANGE situation

Hey I screwed up with my girl, we broke up and told her to call me if she changed her mind, exactly 2 weeks later of no contact, she shows up at my workplace(restaurant) with some colleagues and I actually took her order, but I was so fucking tired and sick( i was in a shitty mood,and actually treated her like any other client) that I did not realize it was actually HER at first(different clothes, makeup, hairstyle, etc), then I was looking to see something familiar, she kept looking at me when I was looking at her, I could not do anything because my manager was ON ME. She actually has the same restaurant(fast-food chain) right across from where she lives. Guys, I do not know how to interpret this situation. Please help! It felt like we were 2 complete strangers
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2022.01.29 10:26 ShadowWESK937 Its just an anime girl, is see nothing wrong

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2022.01.29 10:26 ww99w Mining "Coming soon"

Hi, I see a lot of people talking about doing mining quests. However when I head over to Professions, I only see "Coming soon" for mining. The other jobs (fishing, gardening, ...) shows "Start quest" unlike mining.
Is mining not yet available or how do I fix this?
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2022.01.29 10:26 GloboHomoCorp Why does the mp7 kick so hard?

On paper the mp7 seems very strong . Cheap 40 pen ammo and a high firerate. It is also pretty cheap and light with high ergo. So reason enough that every few months i come back to it,but everytime the experience is bad.The gun kicks so hard even tho it only has 50 recoil,i feel like its alot easier to control an unmodded Dt Mdr.And i know its the Firerate but i really wanna like the gun... i just cant.
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2022.01.29 10:26 EmasskGlobal Liquid Gold Honey- Blackboard Tree. Improve your Bowl Health 🤩 Improve nutrition absorption from food effectively.👍

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2022.01.29 10:26 perochan Moonbin (ASTRO), THE BOYZ (Juyeon & Q) - Tiger Inside (orig. SuperM) @ JTBC Knowing Bros Episode 317 (220129)

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2022.01.29 10:26 Subject_Gur_6953 Everything we spun last my at my house :)

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2022.01.29 10:26 sleepysimplicity_259 Can anyone help breakdown the pros/cons and best use cases for all the Ch1 and Ch2 options on a Noctigon K9.3 !

I’m not knowledgeable on the individual characteristics of all these emitters. I’m familiar with all their color temps and lumen outputs but that’s about it. What are the pros/cons and best uses for each emitter? Which are more flood? Which are more throw? What is “Osram” specifically? Why does everyone scoff in the XP-L emitters? Does anyone have first hand experience with how bright and throwy/floody the Ch2 output is? Is it sufficient when going with green/red or is it fairly dim? I was hoping to configure a K9.3 that would be the perfect dog walking/hiking/camping light but I’m mostly stumped on what to do with Ch1. I’m pretty sure I want to go deep red on Ch2 for spotting critters and not waking up people. I’m looking forward to some feedback from this awesome community so I can‍ go ahead with ordering one. It seems like it would make for an excellent combo light if the right choices are made.
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2022.01.29 10:26 nkgoncrack I wanna talk to someone I'm so bored-

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2022.01.29 10:26 hrzonmusic Need female vocalists for my latest EDM track (Toplining)

Hi peeps!
I'm currently looking for female singer-songwriters to collaborate with my latest track. The genre is Future/Melodic Bass (with the likes of ILLENIUM, Nurko, etc.) Hit me up if someone is interested and I'll send the rough demo & discuss more details. It would be awesome if you could also send some sample vocal reel!
Cheers x
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2022.01.29 10:26 Koraloora Should I take this out???? Please help!

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2022.01.29 10:26 SinfulGlarch_6 Good quality jewelry with good sales

It’s a smaller brand, called EvryJewels but their jewelry is all hypoallergenic, tarnish resistances, and either 14 karat gold and silver plated over brass or 18 karat gold and silver plated over stainless steel. Worth a look!
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2022.01.29 10:26 Acidick Well if your sister is as lovely as the two of you I'm sure we'll get along just fine...

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2022.01.29 10:26 RealJezuz999 LF Lucky eggs , Bottle caps (Gold and Silver) And Aprimons

•HA Gible in Moon Ball
•DD Larvitar in Heavy Ball
•HA Togepi in Friend Ball
•HA Bulbusaur in Friend Ball
•HA abra in Level Ball
•HA Swinub in Pokéball With egg moves
•HA Chimchar in Level ball With eggmove
•HA Mudkip in Love Ball
•Misdreavous in Love ball
•HA Torchic in Fast Ball
•HA Bagon With DD in Lure Ball
•Shellder in Lure Ball With egg moves
•HA Cyndaquil in Level Ball
•HA Spiritomb in Level Ball
•Sneasel In Moon Ball with egg moves
•Lapras in Love Ball
•Eevee in Moon Ball
•Skarmory in Moon Ball
•Magikarp in Lure Ball
•HA Horsea in Moonball With egg moves
•HA Duskull in Moon Ball
•Phanpy in Heavy Ball With eggmoves
•Dratini in Moon Ball With Eggmoves
•Feebas in Lure Ball
•Also Master balls
•HA Heracross in Friendball
•Scyther in Heavy Ball
•Electrike in Fast Ball
•Skorupi in Moon Ball
•Gligar in Moon Ball
•Drifloon in Love Ball
•Zubat in Love Ball
•Shinx in Fast Ball
•Corphish in Lure Ball
•Murkrow in Moon Ball
•HA Charmander in Fast Ball
All the mons I have but aren’t in Apriballs I’m still interested in if u have them In apriballs
(I don’t have every Pokémon on hand so maybe u‘ll have to wait till I finished breeding)
I also take other offers.
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2022.01.29 10:26 Pure_Paint_3720 Rental Bike

I am looking to rent a bike for ooty trip. Please suggest where can I get bike in good condition.
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2022.01.29 10:26 Infinite_Looper6789 No Limits: Lost Level

I found this case in the comments of a video, and when searching for the level, there were only videos of a secret way of the same level, The creator was called: "yoshidash13", his current name is unknown
Will there be any video of what the level was like without the secret way?
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