What to do when you start making a project for someone and then end up dreading working on it??

2022.01.17 21:52 Potential_Shake9250 What to do when you start making a project for someone and then end up dreading working on it??

So my younger brother asked for a pair of climbing pants a while ago. I got the pattern and the fabric, and have been working on a muslin. It's a lot of firsts for me - first pants, first pockets like that, first zipper fly, first belted waistband, first flat felled seams. They're a huge challenge and honestly even though they're coming along fine, I'm dreading working on them. I have other projects that I want to do, but I feel like I can't work on them until I've finished these pants, which leads to much procrastination, guilt, stress, and no sewing at all on anything. A pair of pants should not be making me feel this worked up! Suggestions for how to work through this? I did promise to make him the pants and my brother has been very understanding and patient so far, but I don't want to keep him and all my other projects waiting forever...help!
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2022.01.17 21:52 alathea_squared Am I losing anything major going from Jupiter X to Fantom 6?

I have a Jupiter X. Love it, except for the tiny screen and some of its idiosyncrasies. I don't use a lot of samples- usually insert those in DAW but if I could from the keyboard I would. Plus, pads, that the jup doesn't have.
Since one of the more recent updates gave Fantom most of the sounds of the Jupiter (if not all of them) I don't think I'll feel any loss there. I'm a hobby player, no gigging. I never an 88 key Yamaha piano so I don't need a full set of keys.
I have come across a Fantom 6 locally that I can get if I trade my Jupiter and an '86 Japanese strat that I rarely play for it. I'm a Roland Cloud member, too.
Am I losing anything major from potentiallygoing to a Fantom 6 a from Jupiter X?
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2022.01.17 21:52 sasha_m_ing Day 1203 . Fun "don't care" look

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2022.01.17 21:52 GreetingsADM This episode required two separate citation links. Wiki for @heyscoops episode 862: The Pope Says Rando Bullsh*t

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2022.01.17 21:52 Difficult_Algae_9251 Am I being unreasonable by deciding to no more sex before marriage over a year into a serious relationship? Is his response a big red flag?

I recently have decided that I no longer want to have sex before marriage for religious and personal reasons. I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year and we had a active and healthy sexual relationship. He was devastated by the news and has been cold and distance for several days after. We never really talked about it he just seemed shocked when I told him. Abruptly he texted me today saying "I respect your decision to not have sex, but I will be looking on tinder and other places for sex since it's really important for me to have it, if you chose to break up with me over that I understand".
I do not want to break up with him and he said he needed to break up with me or else he was cheating. He said he now views our relationship as open until I change my mind and its not cheating. He also said "you seem to be making a lot of decisions on your own lately that affect me, so make the decision to break up with me". I told him I would never and reminded him again that he was going to cheat and he would have to deal with the consequences. I love him and don't want to lose him either.
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2022.01.17 21:52 surveycircle_bot Symptom recognition in women

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2022.01.17 21:52 spud1988 LF Any Exeggcute. FT 5IV adamant tortwig, OR 5IV Jolly Eevee

DM me and I’ll send room code! :D
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2022.01.17 21:52 Willing-Clock-8884 AMANDA MIURY, DEUSA DO FUNK MAIS UMA VEZ!

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2022.01.17 21:52 niftyrock Every girl I know has cheated with someone, where do I look to find one

I’m 18, from the uk, and almost every girl I know has cheated in some sort of way. I’ve been cheated on, most of my mates have. Just asking how do you find someone you can trust? lol it seems stupid but I never hear it from any other area, I’d get slated if anyone knew I’d use this, just asking for some advice on where to look/do to find someone I can properly trust.
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2022.01.17 21:52 YaTransBoiJordyn Possible spoiler idk, thought I should put it like that just in case. While watching aot ep 43, I couldn’t figure out what was put into Eren mouth to prevent him from speaking. What is it?

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2022.01.17 21:52 ggroover97 But I’m not dead yet. In fact, I just wrote an article for Redbook.

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2022.01.17 21:52 frims95 La iglesia de metiche?

Gente soy extranjero y me han contado que para casarse por la iglesia hay que llevar un curso y que el padre decida si se puedan casar o no. ¿es cierto eso? ¿no les parece mal?
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2022.01.17 21:52 residenthalo How to calculate calendar date difference between a date/time cell and a date cell?

If I have one cell that's formatted as 9/30/21 23:54 and a 2nd cell formatted as 10/3/21, I want to calculate the calendar date difference, irrespective of time, between the 2. So the result should come up "3". I tried the "DATEDIF" formula but it gives me an error, probably because the first cell has time formatted. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.17 21:52 rfoor Rocket League: Rumble Flip Pull WOW

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2022.01.17 21:52 Maxeneize The pain of losing promotion in the 93rd minute

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2022.01.17 21:52 ordinaryphenomena A night in the ICU

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2022.01.17 21:52 LeCasse_Bromsik Can my senior year grades have any impact on my UT decision?

So senioritis (although I hate using that word) seems to have kicked in for me and I have multiple c's and b's after having basically all a's from freshman through junior year. Will that have any impact on my UT decision or is it just graduate and you're ok. MyStatus says if you have a significant drop in grades, your admission may be revoked but from what I've read online that hasn't happened to anyone? Any input is appreciated.
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2022.01.17 21:52 Amesz11 uncanny

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2022.01.17 21:52 tdog97 [WTB] magpul RLS sling + 2 qd sling mounts for pic rail + 2 qd swivels (CA)

Sling - $10 Mounts and swivels can be salty
Can do zelle, venmo, paypal F&F
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2022.01.17 21:52 bestofplug owner said i had to chill but i still have her mega with 800 pics and 700 vids for 10 dm me.

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2022.01.17 21:52 -Cream-8 Long time lurker. Been sober roughly a week & wanted to say it’s hard but it’s 10x better then being drunk 24/7.

Thinking about drinking all the time.
Always trying to involve alcohol in everything I did.
The 70+ lbs I put on & the absolutely unnecessary amount of money spent.
The constant brain fog and sluggish feeling.
The countless bad decisions made while drinking.
Had to stop. I don’t remember the last time I went a full week but damn it feels good. I have quit smoking weed & drinking cold turkey and I’ve started exercising and I feel much better compared to a week ago.
Looking forward to keep you all updated on my progress. You all can do it too.
If you feel like nobody in your life cares or believes in you, I’m telling you right now that I believe in you & that you can do it.
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2022.01.17 21:52 LeVingtTrois Challenges Don't Count towards SOG Objective

Hey guys,
Just an FYI that taking shots in challenges doesn't count towards the Style Icon 2.0 SOG Objective even though there's no specification in the description like there is with the goals objective.
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2022.01.17 21:52 Cool_Reflection3390 To someone or no one

I don’t want this ache. I don’t want to feel you or anything else. I want to be far removed from this place and time. I want to be on the other side of this already.
There’s so much I could say, but I will never be able to describe it as it truly is. I wish I could convince myself it was a dream, and I could come to terms with not all dreams coming true. I could try to forget what it is that I keep coming back to. I try to let it go, but it never leaves me.
And now I’m stuck with this thing that I don’t want anymore. It only keeps me stuck in place.
I’m sad because I still miss you. I don’t want to yearn for you. I don’t want to say goodbye, but I think I might need to. I don’t know what I want but it’s not this.
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2022.01.17 21:52 Isbo2000 I ain't in the mood for the shit, gif my dick, Google it till it pops up Ya'll are so motherfuckin full of shit that your stocked up Me, I'm always shittin diarrhea at the mouth Till your speakers crap out

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2022.01.17 21:52 desicodingchamp How Norwegian teens get summer jobs?

My daughter is age 16 and doing vgs. Permanent residence permit and speaks fluent Norwegian. I am trying to find some summer jobs for her so she can earn a little pocket money. In years past, I saw some young-looking kids working in the sports park, bowling alley, etc. But I can't find any such job listing on Finn or other websites. She has contacted a few places, but they said it's too early, and maybe they won't hire too many people for the summer depending on corona. She also applied to a few positions (sesongansatte) in the Facebook group "Jobb for unge i Oslo" however didn't receive any response. Otherwise I could arrange a job at an Indian supermarket through a family friend, but that is not ideal because we would like her to have more exposure to Norwegians. Thanks in advance if anybody can provide any advice.
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