2022.01.29 11:21 Mental_Bag_8463 Probiotics

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2022.01.29 11:21 thenightman89 "The Star" by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (1924) at the Cincinnati Art Museum

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2022.01.29 11:21 tikiastro This pole is held by constant stress

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2022.01.29 11:21 Krenzi_The_Floof My response to when someone asks what my favourite gun is

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2022.01.29 11:21 RaveNEsq69 Good morning! 39F

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2022.01.29 11:21 CheckLow3236 JOIN

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2022.01.29 11:21 JFwoody05 Bulldog billionaires!

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2022.01.29 11:21 SAtechnewsbot Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard: with the video game industry under new management, what’s going to change?

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2022.01.29 11:21 Afternoon-Other Everybody’s reaction to Neil and Jodi

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2022.01.29 11:21 kpblm_info ApartHotel on Klinichna st. (1st entrance), Kiev

ApartHotel on Klinichna st. (1st entrance), Kiev ApartHotel on Klinichna st. (1st entrance), Kiev Located in Kiev, 4.3 km from Shevchenko Park and 5 km from St. Volodymyr's Cathedral, ApartHotel on Klinichna st. (1st entrance) provides city views and free WiFi. Klinichna street 23-25, Kiev, 03110, Ukraine
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2022.01.29 11:21 Mundane-Fondant8785 Sucklet Fanart

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2022.01.29 11:21 Magusmax Ok

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2022.01.29 11:21 1234loc Me when I discovered Tool

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2022.01.29 11:21 DOOMISETERNAL-JOHN German empire with big cock (jk jk)

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2022.01.29 11:21 GenienceAlien Free (US Promotion) Just request code in comments. Obsolescence is a unique story that contains not only humans and aliens, but those who are trying to play God. A very well-written story, and I enjoyed it.

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2022.01.29 11:21 Mammoth_Category9952 Ryzen 5700G for Blender (high-poly sculpting)

I was considering purchasing the Ryzen 7 5700G for my Blender PC build.
I chose the 5700G because of it's iGPU; it doesn't seem financially sensible for me to buy a GPU at this point in time. I have limited expectations for 5700G to perform well during rendering, but my main concern is how the 5700G holds up with (extremely) high-poly sculpting (ie. 10 - 50 million vertices) when paired with 32GB of RAM.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.29 11:21 Urbanexploration2021 Assan's Mill - Bucharest. Built in 1853, abandoned around 1990

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2022.01.29 11:21 Denki My players are ignoring Strahd’s invite to Ravenloft

When they first ignored the invite, Strahd laughed and played with them for awhile. Then a second invite came and they ignored that too. Now they’re saying they’re not going to go at all.
To me, if I was them, that makes sense; I wouldn’t want to go either. But how do I, as a DM, get them to go? Violence doesn’t seem to make sense. I can’t think of a truly convincing solution.
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2022.01.29 11:21 wuanlai65 ☀︎ Totoro Inu ☀︎ - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

☘︎ They will be listed on LBank!- Global Exchange with $840M in daily trade volume that will allow investors from all over the world to join the Totoro titans!
Live on CMC and CG!
High $ daily volume!
No team tokens
Supportive and close-knit community, active team, awesome utility, huge marketing budget and low market cap are only few reasons why you should check Totoro Inu project.
☘︎ Why is Totoro Inu unique?
$Totoro is a utility token which will be used on the upcoming launchpad, TotoroPad, a multi-chain, anime themed launchpad with a refund system to ensure your security and satisfaction. The team aims to develop a whole brand, ecosystem and to become a reference among the biggest projects with major partnerships and innovative functions for the token.
- - - -
- 4% goes towards liquidity.
- 6% goes towards a marketing wallet
- 1% goes towards holders as a reflection
Liquidity is locked for one year to start with, and the team commits to 100% transparency to make you, our community members, feel safe. We are always open to feedback, ideas and suggestions via our social media channels.
- - - -
Our extended roadmap includes the following - audits, promotion Youtube videos, Twitter and Telegram marketing, contests and giveaways, CEX listings, crypto influencer marketing, strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects, and an Anime themed Launchpad.
- - - -
☘︎ Taxes:
Our tax system is designed to ensure the longevity of the token and to make sure that the team has the ability to market Totoro Inu to the standard it deserves. Totoro Inu’s tax per buy and sell is 11%: 4% of this goes to the liquidity pool to ensure stability, 6% goes to the marketing wallet to give us the ability to spread the word about Totoro Inu and 1% is reflected among the Totoro Inu holders!
☘︎ Safe and Secure:
Our contract was written by experienced developers with an intricate knowledge of both Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Contract has passed TechRate audit and has been already renounced making it rug-proof.
☘︎ Launchpad:
We aim to provide a fun, fair, and safe space where projects can launch and survive through any market. $Totoro will be the BSC utility token used on our upcoming launchpad - TotoroPad.
The team is dedicated to creating a brand, an ecosystem and to secure a spot among the biggest tokens in crypto. Totoro Inu was born to educate and democratise DEFI. Thanks to its intuitive, secure and guided system
☘︎ Static Rewards System:
Totoro Inu holders earn tokens simply by holding them in their wallet. 1% of all the taxes on each transaction go directly to the holders
- - - -
✨ Contract Address: 0x4F29710843caA8A62bC22C95a62cf013f49a3f2F




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2022.01.29 11:21 ExpensiveTruck6351 Warm cool or neutral? Please help

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2022.01.29 11:21 Nvolk_Ellak En molbohistorie fra det grønne skiftet

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2022.01.29 11:21 yoohoodoor Ogni volta... Ogni f*****a volta...

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2022.01.29 11:21 berenger92 Article Forge 3 0 Review vs Rytr | Testing AI Copywriting Tools for SEO

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2022.01.29 11:21 BWFCBot [Match Thread] Bolton Wanderers vs Sunderland

Bolton Wanderers VS Sunderland University of Bolton Stadium 2022-01-29 15:00:00 UTC
few clouds - 10C / Wind 10 m/s 269 degrees
Team Lineups Bolton Wanderers
J. Trafford, D. John, M. Williams, Ricardo, M. Fossey, G. Johnston, K. Lee, G. Jones, A. Morley, D. Charles, O. Afolayan (SUBS: A. Bakayoko, A. Baptiste, J. Böðvarsson, J. Dixon, W. Aimson, K. Sadlier, G. Thomason)
R. Hoffmann, D. Batth, D. Cirkin, C. Doyle, C. Evans, C. Winchester, L. Gooch, E. Embleton, D. Neil, R. Stewart, L. Dajaku (SUBS: A. Patterson, A. O'Brien, A. Pritchard, P. Roberts, T. Hume, T. Flanagan, J. Clarke)
Data is provided by an external third-party source. This thread was last updated on Sat Jan 29 2022 14:01:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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2022.01.29 11:21 PensadorDispensado A man walks into a bar, and after some drinks he decides "Say, our president is like a tortoise in a pole"

"I mean," he explains. "Imagine you're walking by the streets, see a pole and up there a tortoise trying to balance itself. You don't know how it got there, it shouldn't be there, it won't do anything while in there, but try to see how hard it is to take it off there."
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