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I made things complicated

Made definition, simple past tense and past participle of make1. See more. From Middle Dutch made, from Old Dutch *matho, from Proto-Germanic *maþô. Cognate with Old English maþa, Old Saxon matho, Old High German mado (German Made), Gothic 𐌼𐌰𐌸𐌰 . Noun . made f (plural maden, diminutive maadje n) maggot; a fly larva that eats decomposing flesh. Etymology 2 Made was founded in 2005 with a seemingly simple plan in mind - find a gap, create unique ideas and take action. It didn’t take long for “homegrown innovation” to become our everyday mantra. WORK, PLAY, LIVE Transforming lives and communities through the power of creativity. MADE is an Urban Trend Consultant. Driven by Art, Food, Fashion and Housing, we sell and rent estates in Antwerpen. We inform and inspire our partners, developers and investors about the latest innovations and Find 14 ways to say MADE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Made has some of the best dialogue. It is extremely well written and a great effort from John Favreau. It is even more well put together than Swingers, having a more polished feel to it. Synonyms for made include built, formed, constructed, created, assembled, composed, crafted, fabricated, fashioned and forged. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Define made of. made of synonyms, made of pronunciation, made of translation, English dictionary definition of made of. made of made out of Made is the past tense and -ed participle of the verb make . Læs mere om Den Danske Begrebsordbog. grammatik på +ADJEKTIV måde. Eksempler forsvarlig måde hensigtsmæssig måde forskellig måde mærkelig måde fornuftig måde underlig måde tilfredsstillende måde tilsvarende måde naturlig måde speciel måde ordentlig måde på samme måde på en anden måde. Made from, made of, made out of, made with - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Made (2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. MADE Makerspace is a community of St. Louis makers, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Membership at MADE means accessing a wide variety of equipment; it also means connecting with over 200 other members and local creatives! Our community ranges from practicing artists to novice furniture makers, retired sewing instructors to freelance ... At Madewell, good days start with great jeans. Shop our entire collection of denim, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for Women and Men. Madewell Define made. made synonyms, made pronunciation, made translation, English dictionary definition of made. past tense of make; prepared: made dinner; contrived: made a ... MADE.COM and our partners use cookies to manage performance, advertising and customer experience. By continuing, you agree to our use of cookies. Please review our policy to learn about managing cookies. Synonyms for MADE: fabricated, fashioned, formed, framed, manufactured, produced, achieved, attained; Antonyms for MADE: demounted, disassembled, dismantled ... MADE follows teens and young adults with big dreams of becoming boxers, pageant queens, rock stars and more as they attempt to attain their goals. Made: Directed by Jon Favreau. With Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Joe Goossen, Famke Janssen. Two aspiring boxers, lifelong friends, get involved in a money-laundering scheme through a low-level organized crime group. made: [adjective] fictitious, invented. artificially produced. put together of various ingredients. Made was the only place I could find exactly what I needed at a reasonable price and quality. I love it! Eric. Excellent product, delivered sooner then said. Smooth ...

2022.01.26 16:48 Creative-Opening-493 I made things complicated

My girlfriend and I dated for 7 months, and I decided to end things just over 4 months ago. Recently, I’ve been talking to a mutual friend who I would call my best friend. She shares some classes with my ex and is somewhat close with her. I told my ex that we were dating yesterday and my ex just dropped out of one of the classes they are taking together and blocked her phone number. Not a good start.
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2022.01.26 16:48 Expensive_Banana6246 Reasons my toddler had a breakdown today!!

*I wouldn't let him get hit by a basketball *I wouldn't let him run round with a cup of peas *We had to leave softplay after our 90 mins of being there * I went to put money in a ride he was sat on * He didn't want to get out the bath despite him pulling the plug in and out until all the water had gone. * I went into the kitchen * He couldn't pull my finger through his book *I tried to read his book and was told 'no mine'
I give up today someone please entertain me and tell me it's not just my child who sits then lies down full tantrum in Morrisons because he doesn't want to be in the trolley held or walked round 😭😭
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2022.01.26 16:48 HotWalk5710 🦮🧠

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2022.01.26 16:48 navelorango Evo Spider

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2022.01.26 16:48 ScreenPeekz Price Check on this 2/20 Sin Tiara

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2022.01.26 16:48 Furious_The_God Damn mountain lion

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2022.01.26 16:48 Electronic_Summer968 those slaps were sexy, anybody know like the origins of this video or the backstory or where it was at?

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2022.01.26 16:48 Quiet_Effective7234 The Death of T'challa: how should the MCU handle it?

With the very sad passing of the charismatic Chadwick Boseman, Marvel had to totally rethink their plans for their future movie sequel Black Panther 2. They made the decision not to recast the T'challa version of Black Panther, and not to use a digital double either, which I believe all fan did appreciate. Apparently Shuri will take over the mantle of BP (something she also does in the comics).
But the death or disappearance of T'challa will have to be addressed and somehow explained at some point during BP2 (not necessarily in the opening scene)..
How would you like it to happen?
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2022.01.26 16:48 skipstoneonglasslake Now known as Miss Thiccums

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2022.01.26 16:48 Gatekeeper1310 HS Mercenaries - Solving 3 primary issues with a "Trinket" system

The Issues Issue #1 - Excess Coins
Once a mercenary is maxed, coins for that mercenary become useless. As more of a player's mercenaries become maxed out, farming bounties and buying packs for coins feels worse and worse until a player realizes its not worth the time or money to continue playing or they literally run out of things to do (when all tasks have been completed).

Semi-related to this issue is that PvE content itself, especially more difficult content, is not rewarding enough.

Issue #2 - Deterministic PvP Combat
There is not enough variety or randomness in PvP combat, so facing the same compositions with the same optimized strategies and targets becomes deterministic and boring. Other than speed ties, nothing else is random.

Unlike mercenaries, traditional Hearthstone and other similar card games have natural randomness through card draw. The overall experience of playing against the same deck will still feel similar, but the order in which you and your opponent draw cards is completely different every time. This creates just a enough randomness to make for an engaging experience.

The simplicity of mercenaries makes it so natural randomness like card draw is not feasible to implement, so adding more customization options for each mercenary and composition is key.

Issue #3 - Nerfing Overpowered Mercenaries
I totally understand why the developers are hesitant to nerf overpowered mercenaries. Players that spent money and/or time to obtain coins to craft/upgrade a mercenary and then spent time doing its tasks, would probably be pretty upset if that mercenary was suddenly nerfed.

However, leaving overpowered mercenaries unchecked in the game can have negative PvP consequences. Players frustrated by facing and losing to the same overpowered mercenaries may just quit the game altogether. Simply releasing new powerful mercenaries to counter overpowered mercenaries sets a dangerous precedent of power creep and narrows design space.

The Solution Trinkets function similarly to equipment, but with effects similar to PvE bounty treasures that boost stats, add additional effects, or offer new abilities.

Trinkets would be accessible from a mercenary's collection page. The trinket slot would have a gold circle border. While each mercenary only has 3 specific equipments, every mercenary would be able to acquire dozens of unique trinkets. However, just like equipment, each mercenary can only equip one trinket at a time.

While some trinkets would provide a new ability, here are some examples of what passive effect trinkets could be:

How to get
Trinkets can be obtained from treasure chests at the end of PvE bounties or by buying them directly from a trinket vendor in the village.

The revamped reward for completing a bounty is mercenary coins AND a trinket. Similar to the mysterious stranger, you must choose between 3 mercenaries in the party to receive the trinket. If all mercenaries in the party have the trinket, you'll be presented with 3 other random mercenaries instead.

The pool of trinkets that is associated with each Bounty is static. Heroic bounties either reward exclusive trinkets and/or have a higher chance of rewarding a rarehigher-tiered trinket.

Having bad luck getting a certain trinket to drop? A new vendor in town allows a player to trade mercenary coins for a trinket of their choice. Raremore powerful trinkets cost more coins.

How This Solves the Issues Solving Issue #1 - Excess Coins
Mercenary coins can now also be used to buy trinkets. As new content is released and new trinkets are added, spending coins on trinkets as an alternative to farming the trinkets means coins will always have value. Tying trinkets to bounty rewards also makes farming specific PvE bounties more enticing and exciting.

(Partially) Solving Issue #2 - Deterministic PvP Combat
By offering an extra "flex" trinket slot for each mercenary, two identical mercenary compositions may feel completely different depending on what trinkets those mercenaries have equipped. While optimal trinket setups may be established, giving players more interesting, unique, and fun (meme) trinket options to customize their own compositions should reduce the number of deterministic outcomes.

Solving Issue #3 - Nerfing Overpowered Mercenaries
Trinkets can be released that do really unique and interesting things or that counter strong composition types and/or specific mercenaries. If a trinket is deemed too weak or too strong, it can be changed. Whenever a trinket is nerfed, players can go to the trinket vendor and refund the trinket for full coin value.
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2022.01.26 16:48 automate-farci Le projet « Yves Saint Laurent aux Musées », c’est une grande exposition qui réunit six musées parisiens, rien que ça. L’une des idées : donner à voir le dialogue artistique qu’a entretenu le couturier avec les œuvres des plus grands peintres ⬇️ #Quotidien https://t.co/5DGc6jleLb

Le projet « Yves Saint Laurent aux Musées », c’est une grande exposition qui réunit six musées parisiens, rien que ça. L’une des idées : donner à voir le dialogue artistique qu’a entretenu le couturier avec les œuvres des plus grands peintres ⬇️ #Quotidien https://t.co/5DGc6jleLb submitted by automate-farci to Quotidien [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 16:48 No-Hall-8066 Second wave millennials Football (soccer) players

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2022.01.26 16:48 IrishLionPlatter Sony a7 IV - USB C to Lightning - iPad/iPhone

Has anyone had success transferring files from a7 IV to an iPad/iPhone via USB C to Lightning cable?
USB (on camera) is set to Mass Storage. But, when connected with the said cable, nothing shows up in Files.
When the camera is connected to a Mac via USB C to A cable, it works as expected.
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2022.01.26 16:48 pourinuplean45 What could this mean?🤔

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2022.01.26 16:48 Mortar_Bear Bored again. Anyone wants to play the Numbers game?

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2022.01.26 16:48 trapanesey I think my dog forgot his name

I have a lab/akita mix who is a little over a year. His recall used to be great, but in the last few months it's been awful, and I think it might be because people (including me) call him a million other nicknames. Do I have to start over from scratch to teach him his name now? I'm pretty worried because I feel like he's too old to relearn his name.
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2022.01.26 16:48 longboardfreak How are the increase in posts trying to put China in a positive light ahead of the Olympics affecting your perception of Reddit and how does it affect Reddit as a whole?

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2022.01.26 16:48 tomsta97 Songs for ya soul

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2022.01.26 16:48 probebeta Bitcoin Whales Take Advantage Of Market Crash To Gobble Up Millions In BTC

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2022.01.26 16:48 sunshinechip POV: you wake up to your cat staring down at you reminding you of your place in society

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2022.01.26 16:48 rndmisalreadytaken Simple yet true

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2022.01.26 16:48 automate-farci Cette fois-ci, ça sent le roussi pour Boris Johnson avec de nouvelles révélations sur des fêtes clandestines organisées en plein Covid. Et désormais, la police s’en mêle 😬 #Quotidien https://t.co/jUgr8wHS9g

Cette fois-ci, ça sent le roussi pour Boris Johnson avec de nouvelles révélations sur des fêtes clandestines organisées en plein Covid. Et désormais, la police s’en mêle 😬 #Quotidien https://t.co/jUgr8wHS9g submitted by automate-farci to Quotidien [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 16:48 sad_weird_friendship I(24F) am moving partly to be closer to my bestfriend/ex(24M) but I think he is avoiding me now

Okay so for context, I(24F) met Steve(24M) in university. We meshed really well as friends at first, this moved to a fwb situation which turned into a relationship and we ended up dating for a bit over a year. He ended it, I was devastated and we lost contact for almost 6 months after. We were in the same classes and friend group and ended up becoming friends again after a while. I got too comfortable and we ended up becoming fwb again and almost started dating again until he met someone else on holiday. I took it quite hard again, cut off contact and we started talking again about a year later after his gf broke up with him.
This time we actually became friends again although we did end up sleeping together a few times before I moved across country for work. The new city was quite lonely and I worked almost 70 hours a week with no friend or family nearby so understandably I was hating my job and slightly depressed. This is where our friendship started to build up again. He would call me for hours almost every day, we would play games and in general he moved from being a friend who I sometimes hooked up with to someone who I considered to be my best friend. We spent another year like this, just supporting each other and telling one another everything. When he visited me once, we had what I would describe as a romantic week as a couple, ending with him kissing me goodbye at the airport.
A few months passed and I got an amazing job offer at a new company that would allow me to work from home from my home town. He was the first person I called when I got the offer and I am looking at apartments in his area this weekend. Here’s where the strangeness comes in. On the grounds of his behaviour the last year I asked if he would like to go on a few dates and see where it goes when I get home. He says no, he’s not ready for anything after his break up a year ago, I was understandably hurt but he’s my best friend and nothing will change that. I say sure that’s fine, I’m still looking forward to the move.
Since I asked him about dating again he has been super distant and upset constantly saying that I bother him when he used to be the one to call me every single day…. This feels like I’m dealing with two people. Am I too pushy or was he just using me?? (In total we’ve know each other for 5 years now and I want to date again so I thought I would give him another chance
Tldr: my ex and I became best friends while I was living 15 hours away and when I suggested dating again he became distant. Should I stay or should I go?
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2022.01.26 16:48 Unfun-Boredom18 Looking for a new apartment this June

Hello all,
I am going to be looking for a new apartment this June and was curious about what the locals had to say (I moved here about a year ago).
These are my wants:

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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