There's also the stereotyping of some mons btw, and enternatus sometimes called "evil".

2022.01.29 11:06 jgpmatthew There's also the stereotyping of some mons btw, and enternatus sometimes called "evil".

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I have a 1 TB SSD card that is getting full. I have my OS and games on the SSD. I also have a 2TB HDD that is fairly empty. How do I transfer some of my games or library to the HDD?
Thanks for the help
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2022.01.29 11:06 Engr00 (Small Exploits) Chapter 64 part 1 - End Of Arc 2

An : Two-parter because I passed the character limit, and I'm gonna give reddit a few hours before releasing Part two. The site can be buggy. :I
Leo had been avoiding Anasslia whenever possible for the past week, only popping in when she called to make good on helping Qassria with her deal, because it became apparent that Anasslia was now pursuing some kind of marriage herself after he started sleeping with her. It turned out that the dominating queen had a thing for being dominated, and he made a major mistake in playing into her masochism. The only upside of it was that he could slip away if he really worked her over, which was a double edge sword in that she only grew more determined after each carnal tryst.
It was whenever he helped the queen in tricking a few more nobles into signing binding contracts with his illusionary army, that she really laid it on thick. But despite the nagging distraction, he really enjoyed the little deception that gave him a chuckle every time he did it, because from his perspective it was nothing but a top down real time strategy game as he used a light map to accomplish it all from the comfort of Anasslia’s chambers. That amusement faded as soon as he was done, because the only way he was leaving that room without the marriage obsessed queen was to leave her in a temporary pleasure coma.
Thankfully the pestering was limited when he was helping Vipa in dealing with the slums, simultaneously maintaining dozens of magical maps as her officers coordinated the army to clean out the crime ridden area. It took only four days to completely collapse the, under normal circumstances, illicitly run part of the city.
The maps were being used to find and pinpoint targets in the slums for the army to move in and deal with, while Leo restrained them with his magic, putting timed releases so the troops could secure and disarm any hostile targets while he moved on to help the next officer. The maps had basic navigation controls, simple lights that controlled the map panning that the officers could press a finger into. There was a two way sound communication as well, a highly useful feature for listening in on enemy intel while sending out your own to counter it.
In total they liberated over two thousand slaves, tons of powerfully addictive drugs, a profit ring for grooming young boys, countless faulty enchanted items that would likely kill the user, and an unbelievably ridiculous amount of contraband. Securing that last one, along with thousands in dirty gold, was like cracking open a loot piñata with how much they got from the slums. Despite making what would have been a long and bloody process into casually walking in and arresting people, Leo was depressed to a sickening degree due to the extent of the crime.
The one problem that the entire situation posed was the imprisonment, so instead of overcrowding the prison Leo suggested only doing that to the leadership, and making contracts with the rest in the reconstruction of the slums. The sheer amount of looted gold and valuables meant that the queen could fund such an endeavor, providing work for those who need it while eventually putting a more permanent end to the crime ridden part of the city by uplifting it.
So now that everything was taken care of to the extent Leo could help personally, with the aid from Telnar already beginning its journey across the economically collapsed kingdom, all he had to do was talk with the guild, which meant that there was no longer a reason for him to stay.
Leo was traversing the palace halls with his invisibility spell, because he didn't want to run into Anasslia before he was on the Icarus and ready to set out. ‘I don't want to deal with kinky queen begging for a marriage, nor attempting to delay the departure by dragging me into a room for a quick fuck, especially with how pissed off Elaria has been this past week... We haven't had the opportunity to have a moment alone due to how busy I've been, and I think she's reaching her limit. She's also been increasingly hostile to people who interrupted at the most inopportune time. I guess that's the territorial part she mentioned.
Stepping into a room that led out into the backyard of the palace, Leo dropped the invisibility at the sight of everyone saying their goodbyes.
Glessa and Sessa had somewhat blank expressions, and were maintaining a posture as if they were going to be tested on it. 'Allis has a bit of work to denoble them, but everyone else should help with that. Going to have to do a lot of sound proofing when I get back though, maybe contract Sciesch to design a few more buildings too.'
“Are you all ready?” Leo asked when Allis turned away from her conversation.
Allis nodded with a contented expression. “Yes, we were just saying our farewells. Thorin also stopped by too, but he already left for Telnar. He said that he was going to drop off the stuff from the Venomara vaults at the manor before heading to the temple to assist in constructing it.”
Thorin was a good guy in Leo’s book, mildly depressing at times, but Leo could relate to the desire to help someone who needed it. The pantheon on the other hand could go fuck themselves for all he cared. ‘Well most of the pantheon anyway.
The absentee Ezekiel had apparently given the rest of the pantheon one hell of an ass-chewing when he returned from a place that Leo still wasn't allowed to know about, but he green lit Thorin to tell Leo anything regarding the past, which was a plus since he didn't have to read between the bullshit anymore. Magic was still off limits though, but at least Ezekiel confirmed that all Leo wanted to know would be in the Archive, and the man was actually honest in his ulterior motive in wanting to make sure the tieflings don't break it.
The reason had to do with the era referred to as the War in Heaven, but Thorin said that he was going to need half a day to unpack the amount of fucked that period involved. From the little Leo read on the era he could discern that it was a time in which the pantheon had a big disagreement on whether to grant the races their knowledge, and it was obvious who won considering the Age of Progress started right after the war.
“Remember if you need me to visit I can work something out, and I’ve seized all of Taipa’s assets, so they'll be there for when they are of age.” Vipa informed Allis.
Allis seemed confused for a moment. “What about the towns and villages? Taipa was in charge of quite a large territory.”
Vipa smirked with her hood raised in amusement. “Broken up by the queen, something that she's been doing all over the place. She's working on replacing the nobility’s authority over the population with military positions instead, trying to make the position non-inheritable and merit based. So they wouldn't be in charge of anything even when they came of age.”
Leo arched a brow at that little parting revelation. ‘Well that's… Better than the nobility, probably a lot more efficient too, but has potentially far worse problems that could pop up… Eh, not my problem… Yet... I already have Telnar to help micromanage.’ He thought before Vipa turned to regard him.
Vipa took him in for a moment, as if measuring him up before nodding in approval. “I may not have gotten to personally know you all that much, but I’m not blind to how you two care for each other. You're family now, so if you need help or are ever in trouble, I’ll bring all I have to bear alongside you.” She declared with an unwavering resolve to her tone as she held out a hand.
He met the gesture with a firm grip. “Same here, don't hesitate to give us a call.” He said in return before stepping over to Cauladra, Qassria, and Pellitea.
Leo watched Pellitea with fascination as he struggled to believe how fast she had regained her health, while also feeling like it was somehow very wrong and somewhat concerning that the dryad was swallowing large chunks of meat. She no longer looked like a sickly plant girl, with her previously emaciated body being replaced by a healthy figure. Her wooden limbs were no longer cracked and dried, now full and solid with a rich chestnut color that complimented her healthy honeyed skin tone. She now had hair that was a long deep green coming down to just below the shoulders, and it still held that root-like consistency with small leaf buds scattered all around it.
One of the main things that Leo noticed was her increasing height, seeming to have grown about four full inches. ‘And she's still eating!?’ He thought as She stopped and stared at him in confusion.
Pellitea narrowed her eyes around Leo with a deep focus before smirking. “I’ll eventually be a foot taller than you since you're wondering.”
The comment caught Leo off guard as his eyes widened, and he noted to look into dryad anatomy at some point. “Um, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?” He asked a little hesitantly, because he had the impression that she was just passing out of her teens given her facial structure, but now he got a nagging feeling that she may be much older because of how her body was able to change so quickly.
Pellitea scrunched up her face with visible thought before answering. “I don't know… I lost count after my thirtieth summer. If I had to guess… Around eighty or ninety?” She paused to shrug. “Dryads don't expire naturally, so there isn't much of a point in counting after we reach adulthood.”
OhOkay… Enjoy your meal.” Leo remarked a little dumbstruck before choosing to pay more attention to Cauladra and Qassria.
“...-at you do, so remember to relax your mind to get the most out of your spells.” Cauladra instructed Qassria, no doubt giving her previous student some last minute tips before they parted ways.
Qassria and Cauladra stepped in for a hug. “Will do, and thank you for all you've taught me.”
“It was my pleasure Qass, and thank you for being an excellent student.” Cauladra complimented Qassria after breaking the embrace, and eyed Leo with a confident expression. “Maybe when I’ve learned from my own teacher, he'll allow me to take you back under my wing.”
Leo smirked, but wanted to tell her that it might be a while until that happens. “I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you might want to curb it a bit. A lot of the things I’m going to teach you are very dangerous. The first time I tried to apply my knowledge with magic I ended up shredding my hand with the first spell, and potentially flinging myself off the planet with the second. So make no mistake that this magic can end up killing you if used or even cast improperly.” He warned the eager elf, who most likely already knew the dangers, but wanted to remind her despite his own casual use of it most of the time.
Cauladra crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes with a sour expression. “I know the dangers of magic Leo. Remember that I spent years working up to being a fully trained arch mage. I am very much aware of how I could potentially kill myself or others by accident. The first time I used lightning it struck a metal water fountain that was a few feet from me, temporarily blinding me for most of the day and resulting in a few chard critters that were swimming in it.”
Although her argument was valid considering he hadn't even been on Sinum for more than a year, he needed to express what that scale of magic would actually be like to wield, and what that meant. “I know, and I’m not insulting your competence. It is just that the level of damage that is accompanied with the magic is like wiping out kingdoms and as many dragons as you can imagine with barely a trickle of mana. If that's not hammering the point home, then I want to stress that you will be learning some things that are on par with the minor gods.”
For the first time he saw the elf falter as she became somewhat conflicted, but quickly settled into a determined visage. “Apologies Leo. You are the teacher, and I shouldn't ever take what you say lightly. I understand.”
Leo let out a breath, knowing exactly how daunting that little explanation was. “Sorry for dropping that weight on you, but there's no need to be so formal. I’ll likely learn just as much from you.”
Cauladra relaxed a little with a small smile. “Right, knowledge is power after all.”
Leo had to hold back his amusement at the very apt but unintentional quote, and briefly wondered if the necklace made an accurate translation. “And as for you…” He trailed off, not sure what to say to the reformed princess as a slightly awkward air began to form between the two.
“I guess this is go-odb-Mmm!” Leo was cut off by Qassria wrapping her tail around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss.
Qassria broke away with a sly expression to match Leo’s flustered one. “Thanks for shattering that illusion. I’m afraid to think about what kind of ruler I could have been without going out to see how the world is first hand.” She paused and leaned in to whisper. “And if you treat your new student as attentively as you treated me, then I might have to give such a devoted little mutt some special treatment the next time I see him.” She cooed in his ear before entirely breaking away, giving his cheek a playful little pat as she backed away.
It took a moment for Leo to organize his thoughts, before he noticed Cauladra and Pellitea staring at him with entirely different expressions. Pellitea had a slightly disgusted look on her face as she chewed on her food more slowly, while Cauladra looked stiff with dinner plates for eyes as her skin was a deep shade of red.
He gave Qassria a sly smile, having a slight suspicion with the subtle twitching of Cauladra's long ears. “I would love to do nothing more, my lady.” He finished with a smug satisfaction upon seeing the elf deepen even further in shade, confirming the sensitivity of her hearing.
Pellitea rolled her eyes and started for the exit. "I'll be waiting by the ship.”
It was still weird that the dryad's eyes were almost the equivalent of mood ring vision, and although her explanation didn't quite match, he couldn't help but chuckle and feel a bit of pity at the idea that she was essentially seeing their sexual desires.
He stepped over to the last group. “...-re you sure? You and the kids can join us.” Elaria offered her sister, and Leo recalled that Sairiss had returned with over a dozen kids from her excursion to the Venomora stronghold.
Sairiss shook her head, but appeared to really want to take her up on the offer. “I still have a bit to do to cement the queen's power, and as for the kids, well… It will take some time, but I'll be helping them adjust to no longer being Venomara. Half of them are in their adolescence so their more than self-sufficient with their training, and I'll join you in Telnar after setting them up with a place here in the capital.” She ended before shifting awkwardly.
Elaria let out a sigh and pulled her hesitant sister into an embrace. “Even though it won't be that long, I’ll miss you too.” She comforted before pulling away to see her sister beaming from the remark.
Sairiss noticed Leo, and her face became conflicted as she gave her sister a knowing glance.
An uncommunicated message passed between the two, and Elaria gave Sairiss a nod before leaving the two alone as she left for the Icarus. “Leo… I…must apologize for what I said during our first meeting. You've done more for my sister than I've ever managed to do… She was so weak before, crippled by fa-Vicondreas, and I could do nothing to help her. Even Glia succeeded where it was impossible for me to do. So I did the one and only thing that I’ve always been good at, making sure she was protected.” She paused to let out a resigned breath and held out a hand.
Truly, thank you for everything.” Her gratitude was met with equal thanks as Leo wholeheartedly met the gesture.
“I understand, but you give yourself too little credit. Elaria told me how you comforted her during her lowest points, so you've done way more than just protect her. You were there for her, and that means way more to her than either of us will ever know with what she's gone through. So thank you.” He expressed with genuine sincerity, and Sairiss looked stunned before smiling with a nod, the first authentic one that she’d ever given him.
Leo smirked, turned around, and started toward the door. “I wish you luck with the kids and kink-I-Eh the queen. My doors will be waiting for you when you arrive.”
With that final goodbye, he made his way to everyone else by the Icarus, and flew all of them aboard after a quick confirmation. He snickered at the short, but loud, giggling from the children as he set everyone on the deck and made his way to the helm.
Leo leaned on the rail in front of the steering wheel while he waited a few more moments as every one yelled their goodbyes. He cast his flight spell on the Icarus, as well as a few others to heavily protect against high inertia and wind pressure. The ship started to lift high into the air, and he casually turned it with a finger in the direction of Telnar. He noticed all of his selarin passengers, plus Pellitea, back away from the edge of the ship with looks of concern as they crested at a height well above the ridiculously tall city walls, the only exception being Cauladra with a child-like smile as she leaned over the railing. Just to make sure that no one fell off, Leo cast a spell to catch anyone who did.
“Hey Leo! Can you open the lock on this for us?” Allis called out from over by the hatch.
Leo raised a brow and gave her a mischievous grin. “Oh? Why?” He replied innocently as he quickly pulled out a light map of the space above his manner. He made it a few days ago and was saving it for this very moment, linking the destination into Icarus’s flight spell as it started to speed up.
Allis and Elaria both looked at him with some growing concern. “I don't think we can take two days o-” She was cut short by a loud, bassy, and muffled boom that sounded from all around them.
Everyone started to gawk at the ground as it, and the clouds, became a blur.
Leo started laughing at their jaw dropped reactions. “Two days? No, more like five to ten minutes, but if you're uncomfortable I’ll just warm the air inside our little bubble.” He asserted with a snap of his fingers to do just that, and his amusement only grew as they all gawked at the speed at which they were going.
Not one person stopped staring off the Icarus for the remainder of the very short trip, even Pellitea getting over her fear as she became mystified with the rest.
There was a short whistling sound as the ship instantly stopped above his manor.
Allis was the first to speak as the Icarus made its slow descent. “Why… Why didn't you go that fast for our trip to the capital?” She questioned with total bewilderment.
“And miss out on spending some quality alone time with two of the three people I love the most? Nah.” He answered with a bright smile as the two selarin became bashful at the remark.
Leo floated everyone off the ship when it landed, minus Cauladra who became all too eager and leapt off the side, floating down slowly as if she was in low gravity. They were all greeted by Fel, Glia, and some of those working on his estate. He shook his head with a smirk as he walked up to Fel and Glia, because Cauladra immediately started inspecting Glia's legs like she was magnetically attracted to them.
Fel sauntered up to Leo, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a light but loving kiss.
“Welcome back, my paper dragon.”
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2022.01.29 11:06 kunningdruger69 I don’t care that Neil Young left Spotify

I actually like his music, and use only Spotify to stream music, but goddamn, I just don’t care. I especially don’t care that Joni Mitchell left in solidarity with Neil. Who cares. I’m sick of the front page being littered with these stories.
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