Does Anybody know Michael Myers Exact Kill Count

2022.01.17 22:44 Kainkong Does Anybody know Michael Myers Exact Kill Count

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2022.01.17 22:44 Fern-fairy MUSHROOM EVERYTHING 🍄❤️🌿

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2022.01.17 22:44 xSKELETONMANx I've sleept on The Weeknd for years now and I simply woke up on Saturday and told myself I'm gonna listen to his entire discography because I wanted to see what all the hype is about and I've gotta say I'M BLOWN AWAY! I'm officially a huge fan of his music. I only have Dawn FM left to check out 😁

I've sleept on The Weeknd for years now and I simply woke up on Saturday and told myself I'm gonna listen to his entire discography because I wanted to see what all the hype is about and I've gotta say I'M BLOWN AWAY! I'm officially a huge fan of his music. I only have Dawn FM left to check out 😁 submitted by xSKELETONMANx to TheWeeknd [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 22:44 DialupGhost After seeing everyone's DIY patches, I had to share the sticker sets I just made for our band.

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2022.01.17 22:44 usagitengoku selling mer 20 for 1.3 mil

price not really negotiable
i can take items
i would accept both OG teddies and some diamonds
or OG teddyz + OG parasol
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2022.01.17 22:44 VADANIASHOP Sliding kitchen build for campers

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2022.01.17 22:44 brickmichaels Did Ryen cancel Dilfer

Figured he'd be on this week... hmmm
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2022.01.17 22:44 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
Sensei will move like water onto Fantom Opera (FTM) & Ethereum Network (ETH). His inclusion and diversification using multiple networks gives holders the power to choose how they enact their trades, but also readies his goal and his way to creating Sensei-Swap & Ecosystem🔥
🌐 Telegram -
🌐 Pancakeswap :
🌐 Contract : 0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
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2022.01.17 22:44 xetaichuyendung3007 Sơ mi rơ moóc tải (chở container) THACO CTSV/3GA4504-1 32 TẤN 1

from Xe tải chuyên dùng
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2022.01.17 22:44 ddragon501 Analysis of the Second Weltkrieg, Part 1: A Deadlier World War

This is the first part in a series I am writing on my personal analysis of the factors and aspects of the Second Weltkrieg and how I think things might go down. This is not an analysis of the gameplay but rather the lore up to the game’s start, some of the lore on the war we get from the game, and some conjectures based on our own history. I hope you enjoy.
First off, the Second Weltkrieg would almost certainly be even bloodier than the Second World War IRL. The main reasons for this primarily have to do with the nature of the war and the scale of the war.
In our world, the Second World War was bloody primarily due to the nature of fighting on two fronts: the Eastern Front in the Soviet Union and the fighting by the Chinese against Japan. These saw extremely brutal fighting due to the animosity and downright hatred between the two sides on both fronts, leading to atrocities against the enemy and civilian population that often only incited harder fighting against the invaders.
While the Second Weltkrieg would probably not involve as much ethnic violence as the Second World War IRL, the political ideological violence would probably be even greater due to the major conflict being between the Socialists and the Old Guard. Religious violence may also be an issue due to the conflicts in the Middle East and India.
Speaking of which, the biggest reason for the Second Weltkrieg being deadlier is the fact that the war would be fought on far more fronts than the Second World War. In our world, WW2 saw fighting in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific, with nations from North America and South America. The Second Weltkrieg would see fighting in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, as well as fighting in the the Pacific and possibly the Caribbean. There would be total of seven possible theaters in the war (China-Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America). The result is a far wider ranging war that sees the destruction of the major population centers throughout the world rather than only two primary regions of the world.
Combine all of this with the drastic changes in military technology that happens during this time, and you get a devastating war that would make our World War look good by comparison. The world would be drastically changed after this, with the decline of the West and the rise of the global East and South likely accelerating in the decades after this, resulting in a very different Cold War than our world.
With all of that said, a lot of the events, technologies, fighting, and players would be familiar to us. So I will be going over the various factions, technologies, and possible outcomes of the war, starting with how the heck this craziness gets started.
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2022.01.17 22:44 kylelayser Programmable Money: this new crypto flying under the radar

Hey Mooners,
I just wanted to share some insight into this relatively unheard of cryptocurrency project called Proton XPR. First I want to say none of this is financial advice, and purely the opinion of my own. Also make a nice cup of coffee, cuz this is a lot. Kek.
You might be wondering, what is this Ripple XRP copycat some rando dude on Reddit is trying to shill to me? I get it, I thought the same exact thing, kek. After getting sucked into the XRP maxi trap for quite some time, I got frustrated the more I endured that hot mess. All the hopes and dreams of settlement, or somehow going to the moon because all the banks would pour their hard earned money into it, I found myself falling out of love with the precious Ripple the more I learned about it.
I don't want to be here to rail on XRP, it's not horrible, but the topic had to be addressed due to the perceived similarities. As I dug deeper into Proton XPR, what I discovered was a project very different from Ripple XRP, and it was a blockchain far more exciting, rich, and complexly wonderful.
To me XRP is a dystopian take on crypto, by empowering only big banks and institutions to get richer. Proton is the opposite, it is meant to empower the common folk, and put the power of crypto in their hands. Got your attention yet? Let's dive into what Proton is all about.
What is Proton?
Proton is a new smart contract L1 blockchain designed for consumer applications and peer-to-peer payments, with a strong future in Web 3.0. It’s the result of both Metal Pay and Lynx, who both came together to build Proton, with Metal’s founder Marshall Hayner at the helm. Their vision is to make crypto as easy and accessible as possible, with the hopes of finally ushering in mass adoption.
The team behind Proton have lots of industry experience, from regulatory, to finance, to consumer tech, to blockchain technology. You might be wondering... but no one is a computer scientist and a professor from MIT? No, they have much more humble beginnings than that, and it's something I really dig.
Proton is a sleek and sexy blockchain, like a diamond and its many facets. It has a rich proprietary ecosystem of innovative features and DApps they've built, which once you begin using, you instantly get hooked. I'll go through the key features and aspects of why I am bullish on Proton.
Key Features

WebAuth / KYC / KYB
WebAuth is Proton's secure identity layer. WebAuth refers to Web Authentication, and it ties into the Decentralized Verified Identity (DiD), as well as the integrated KYB, KYC, and In-Wallet payment requests.
These features are part of what make Proton so effective. They really thought of everything. WebAuth expands on what Proton can do and its use cases. Think secure logins, document signing, polling, storing payment information, or even State and Federal elections someday. Sending your crypto on the Proton blockchain is made easy by it's verified @ names, so no long complicated addresses. Just 500 XPR to @ HenryBob.
WebAuth can make things simpler for so many industries, and save time and money. It can further trust between businesses and people, and prevent things like fraud and money laundering. Think of being able to connect your Proton Wallet to any exchange for instant trading without an account, for the same convenience as using PayPal checkout. No need to sign up with those long KYB or KYC forms.
LOAN / xTokens / Yield Farming / Protonswap
Proton Loan is a new decentralized lending market utilizing crosschain Proton wrapped xTokens. This allows users with BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, XPR and XMT to take out collateralized loans. There are no gas fees, and token wrapping is quick and easy.
xTokens can be used in many ways, hodling, sending and receiving without gas fees, or to take out and give out loans. Users can yield farm out their hodlings and see returns as high as 60% APY.
All these features will be accessible under the Protonswap Dex platform, which in and of itself is a great tool for XPR hodlers. They can easily swap their staking rewards for xUSDC, or cash out when needed.
Proton NFT Market
Proton is building its NFT marketplace, which like many of the blockchain's features will have Zero Gas Fees and super fast transactions speeds. This is useful in an industry of growing NFT adoption, while other blockchains like ETH costs users ungodly gas fees.
Fiat Integration
Proton is working on fiat integration, which will give businesses, platforms, and individuals the ability to build and use more tools. You'll be able to able to deposit USDC using a Debit, Credit Card, or Bank Account. This integration will really open up Proton's use cases, and allow it to interface with many traditional systems.
Metal Bank
Okay time for the juicy part! Proton as of recently, became the blockchain for Metal Pay, which if you haven't heard, is a pretty new app for buying, selling, and sending crypto. The app is almost available in all 50 U.S. States, with it soon launching in the EU.
Metal Pay makes crypto as easy and accessible as possible, where even one’s grandma can become a crypto wiz. But it doesn't just end there, you can even send fiat to your friends for free. It's like Venmo on steroids.
Now what gets me most bullish about Proton is how Metal Pay is applying to become the first blockchain bank and trust. This is huge, very huge. They want to help bank the unbanked, and their platform can empower millions of users to gain financial freedom.
Big banks use our money to get richer, but with Metal, users could easily integrate their entire banking on the platform, then use Proton to loan out their crypto to generate high yields. A lot of it could be automated too with a single click or schedule, converting their fiat to USDC and sending it to the farm. If made simple enough, it would be new paradigm for everyday people!
Bringing DeFi to the masses is the next big step, and with Metal meticulously working with regulators in the U.S., I have confidence in their success. They are trying to make the platform as seamless and easy to use as possible, while retaining the aspects of crypto that enthusiasts love. This sets them up to be bigger than PayPal, and if they can get approved in the U.S., they surely can get approved anywhere in the world.
Their banking license opens up a ton of opportunities, and allows them to tap into mainstream markets in ways crypto has lagged in. It can foster trust and legitimacy from businesses and users, opening up a solid path to crypto adoption and partnerships on scale yet seen before.
Future Outlook
This duality for Proton and Metal will undoubtedly feed into each other's successes. Their ecosystems can be bigger than any other crypto at this market cap, making it my top micro cap investment. There is a lot of upside here, and with a positive short and long term outlook, I think Proton XPR could be a really big player in Fintech in the not too distant future.
The biggest short term factors are the banking license, marketing, fiat integration, and LOAN, which could see some victories in 2022. Once and if their banking license is approved, we will see big headlines, given how disruptive it would be. These factors could propel Proton XPR to a sustainable level of at least $0.25, and at a $2B MC.
Long term, Proton has a ton of upside, and mass adoption factors a lot into that. In 5-10 years we could maybe looking at $10-$30, as the Proton users and ecosystem grows. It's hard to predict, but that is the potential Proton has, and it can be helpful to invest keeping those figures in mind. Be careful abandoning something with so much potential, but don't invest more than you can lose!
There are a lot of blockchains doing the same, but I haven't yet seen one doing it all. XLM and XRP are great in their own ways, but they are nowhere near the scale of what Proton can deliver to everyday people. Without Smart Contracts, or PNS, or KYC/KYB, or DiD, it limits their use cases, and Proton's suite of DApps are pretty novel. Proton is becoming their own faction, a more direct-to-consumer model, which results in lower costs and a better user experience. Think no middle-man, and not needing a dozen different L2's on Ethereum. Kek.
Though I give a very bullish outlook, I am not oblivious to how Proton and Metal can fail. They have some serious privacy issues to solve, not everyone wants their wallet and transactions to be so public. Time will tell on how well they can succeed, and a lot needs to happen before they can become even as big as Avalanche or Cardano.
PayPal has 286 million users, and Proton and Metal have a long ways to get there, though both their users are growing. I will be keeping a close eye on their progress, especially if and when they get their banking license approved, and just how well their partnerships go.
Overall, they have a strong brand and great narratives to run on, such as Zero Gas Fees, Web 3.0, and Metal Bank. Programmable Money is perhaps the most clever tagline I’ve seen when it comes to Fintech. More upside is most likely, especially after future exchange listings and media buzz, but just how far they can go is up to the imagination.
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2022.01.17 22:44 Violet2122 Is my mom a narcissist

Hi for the sake of this story I am an 18 year old female. I have wanted for a while to relate to someone so I went to Reddit and found a page for narcissistic parents, but I don’t even know if that’s what my mom is. I have read other’s posts on here and I hope you all are okay and out of your situation. I would like someone’s input on how my mom treats me.
My mom for one, has never hit me except maybe when I was little and didn’t remember. I know that she tries to love me, and she does, but she is the most selfish person I know and takes every little thing out on me. She is the number one reason I have an eating disorder (which I am trying to recover from) but recently she has been making me scared to eat or get anywhere near the kitchen.
When I was younger I always went to my grandmas house and could eat basically whatever I wanted, but once I got home, there was a lock on the fridge. Years later, it’s not the case and there’s no lock, but there are still reminisces of her not wanting me to eat. Here is an example of what happened yesterday.
My mom was in the bathroom and there was a peice of garlic bread on the table. I was hungry, so I figured I’d eat it. 5 minutes later I hear her screaming bloody murder “WHO ATE THE LAST GARLIC BREAD THAT WAS MINE!!” “WAS IT YOU” yelling at other members of my family. I walk out of my room and she’s yelling “IT WAS YOU WASN’T IT?” I said yes and she yelled and me telling me to ask permission before eating. Why would someone have to ask permission before eating something at their own house? Then hours later she acts all happy like she did absolutely nothing wrong. I just had to act like I was okay because she denies ever being wrong. And this is not the first time this has happened. At the Chinese restaurant, I went to the trouble of getting food for her with her card and she was extremely ungrateful. She goes on about how I didn’t give her enough. And not to mention every time I make a coffee she’s like you’re gonna get sick if you make too many when u barely had any at all to begin with. Part of me wants to believe she’s taking her own insecurities out onto me. I’m grateful that there is no physical abuse or anything, but I don’t feel comfortable eating around my mom, period. I was finally getting happy and better and she decides to squish my joy over a garlic bread. She has also in the past, when I felt happy about the way I look, commented on how revealing they were, when they barely showed any skin. And with all that, she wants me all to herself. Every time I hang out with someone it’s all about her and how I don’t help out and I’m always going places. And when my partner is over, she literally kicked them out of the house because they were over for too long. Every time she does something wrong, she never admits it. I’m scared to eat around her and even talk to her sometimes. It’s really hard and I hope that someone out there relates. To be clear I am in a safe situation, but I just wish she would treat me better.
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2022.01.17 22:44 ANATHILANDIBEAEMI can you play the mod in the latest game update?

If not, what do I need to do to play?
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2022.01.17 22:44 Anglicanpolitics123 Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. To understand Martin Luther King Jr you have to understand his actual beliefs as a revolutionary black Christian who was nurtured in the Black Church tradition.

MLK is honored and revered and rightly so as a civil rights icon and a human rights icon. However there are many who often times have a shallow reading of his life. Some down play the revolutionary nature of his social philosophy and just focus on him saying "I have a dream"(which is still important). Others implicitly downplay his Christian beliefs and the role that they played in shaping him. Both are fallacies. MLK was a revolutionary Christian, nurtured in the black Church tradition that grew up on the stories and the teachings of the Exodus, the Hebrew prophets and Jesus in their calls for justice Here's a summation of his philosophy in quotes:
"When we refuse to suffer for righteousness and choose to follow the path of comfort rather than conviction we hear Jesus say 'Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven'. When in our spiritual pride we boast of having reached the peak of moral excellence Jesus warns 'The publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you'. When we, through compassionless detachment and arrogant individualism fail to respond to the needs of the underprivileged, the Master says 'In as much as ye have done to the least of these, ye have don it unto me"(Gift of Love, Chp II, Transformed Non Conformist)
"There are those who are sufficiently softminded to believe in the superiority of the white race and the inferiority of the Negro race in spite of the toughminded research of anthropologists who reveal the falsity of such a notion. There are softminded persons who argue that racial segregation should be perpetuated because Negroes lag behind in academic, health and moral standards. They are not toughminded enough to realize that lagging standards are the result of segregation and discrimination. They do not recognise that it is rationally unsound and sociologically untenable to use the tragic efforts of segregation as an argument for its continuation. Too many politicians in the South recognize this disease of sofmindedness which engulfs their constituency. With insidious zeal, they make inflammatory statements and disseminate distortions and half-truths which arouse abnormal fears, morbid antipathies within the minds and the uneducated and underprivileged whites, leaving them so confused that they are led to acts of meanness and violence which no normal person commits. There is little hope for us until we become toughminded enough to break loose from the shackles of prejudice, half-truths and downright ignorance. The shape of the world today does not permit us the luxury of softmindedness. A nation or a civilisation that continues to produce softminded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan"(Gift of Love, Chp I, A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart)
"The softminded man always fears change. He feels security in the status quo, and he has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the greatest pain is the pain of a new idea. An elderly segregationist in the South is reported to have said 'I have come to see now that desegregation is inevitable. But I pray God that it will not take place until I die. The softminded person always wants to freeeze the moment and hold life in the gripping yoke of sameness. Softmindedness often invades religion. This is why religion has sometimes rejected new truth with a dogmatic passion. Through edicts and bulls, inquisitions and excommunications, the church has attempted to prorogue truth and place an impenetrable stone wall in the path of the truth-seeker. The historical-philological criticism of the Bible is considered by the softminded as blasphemous, and reason is often looked upon as the exercise of a corrupt faculty. Softminded persons have revised the Beatitudes to read 'Blessed are the pure in ignorance: for they shall see God"(Gift of Love, Chp I, A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart)
"What's wrong in the world today is that nations of the world are engaged in a bitter, colossal contest for supremacy. And if something doesn't happen to stop this trend, I'm sorely afraid that we won't be here to talk about Jesus Christ, and about God and about brotherhood for too many more years. If somebody doesn't bring an end to this suicidal thrust that we see in the world today, none of us are going to be around, because somebody's going to make the mistake through our senseless blunderings of dropping a nuclear bomb somewhere......this is why we are drifting. And we are drifting there because nations are caught up with the drum major instinct. 'I must be first' 'I must be supreme'. 'Our nation must rule the world'. And I am sad to say that the nation in which we live is the supreme culprit. And I'm going to continue to say it to America, because I love this country too much to see the drift that it has taken. God didn't call America to do what she's doing in the world now. God didn't call America to engage in a senseless, unjust war in Vietnam. And we are criminals in that war. We've committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world, and I'm going to continue to say it. And we won't stop it because of our pride and arrogance as a nation. But God has a way of even putting nations in their place. The God that I worship has a way of saying 'Don't play with me'. He has a way of saying, as the God of the Old Testament used to say to the Hebrews 'Don't play with me, Israel. Don't play with me Babylon. Be still and know that I am God. If you don't stop your reckless course, I'll rise up and break the backbone of your power'. And that can happen to America. Every now and then I go back and read Gibbon's decline and fall of the roman empire. And when I come and look at America, I say to myself 'The parallels are frightening'"(Gift of Love, Chp 15, Drum Major Instinct)
"Everywhere in Latin America one finds a tremendous resentment of the United States, and that resentment is always strongest among the poorer and darker peoples of the continent. The life and destiny of Latin America are in the hands of the United States corporations. The decisions affecting the lives of South Americans are ostensibly made by their government, but there are almost no legitimate democracies alive in the whole continue. The other governments are dominated by huge exploitative cartels that rob Latin America of her resources while turning over a small rebate to a few members of a corrupt aristocracy, which in turn invests not in its own country for its own people's welfare but in banks of Switzerland and the playgrounds of the world. Here we see racism in its more sophisticated form: neocolonialism. The Bible and the annals of history are repleted with tragic stories of one brother robbing another of his birthright and thereby insuring generations of strife and enmity. We can hardly escape such a judgement in Latin America, any more than we have been able to escape the harvest of hate sown in Vietnam by a century of French exploitation"(The Radical King, Chp VI, The World House)
"A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies. We are called to play the Good Samaritan on life's roadside; but that will only be an initial act. One day, the whole Jericho Road must be transformed so that men and women will not be beaten and robbed as they make their journey through life. True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it understands that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth. With righteous indignation it will look at thousands of working people displaced from their jobs with reduced incomes as a result of automation while the profits of the employers remain intact and say 'this is not just;. It will look across the oceans and see individual capitalists of the West investing huge sums of money in Asia, Africa and South America, only to take the profits out with no concern for social betterment of the countries, and say 'This is not just'. It will look at our alliance with the landed gentry of Latin America and say 'This is not just'. The Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach and nothing to learn from them is not just. A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war: 'This way of settling differences is not just'. This business of burning human beings with napalm, or filing our nations homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death"(The Radical King, Chp VI, The World House)
"I must say to you that we have not made a single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure. Lamentably, it is a historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily. Individuals may see the moral light and voluntarily give up their unjust posture; but, as Reinhold Niebur has reminded us, groups tend to be more immoral than individuals. We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly I have yet to engage in a direct-action campaign that was 'well timed'. in the view of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation. For years now I have heard the world 'Wait!' It rings in the ear of every Negro with piercing familiarity. This 'Wait' has almost always meant 'Never'. We must come to see with one of our distinguished justice, that 'justice too long delayed is justice denied'. We have waited more than 340 years for our constitutional and God-given rights. The nations of Asia and Africa are moving with jet like speed toward gaining political independence, but we still creep at horse-and-buggy pace towards gaining a cup of coffee at a lunch counter. Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging darts of segregation to say 'Wait'. But when you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and fathers at will and drown your sisters and brothers at whim; when you have seen hate-filled policemen curse, kick and even kill your black brothers and sisters; when you see the vast majority of your twenty million Negro brothers smothering in an airtight cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society; when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seek to explain to your six year old daughter why she can't got to the public amusement part that has just been advertised on television.....then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait"(Letter from the Birmingham Prison)
"I would agree with St Augustine that 'an unjust law is no law at all'. Now what is the difference between the two? How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law of the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of St Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of St Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality. It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority. Segregation, to use the terminology of the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, substitutes an 'I-it' relationship for an 'I-thou' relationship and ends up relegating persons to the status of things. Hence segregation is not only politically, economically and sociologically unsound, it is morally wrong and sinful. Paul Tillich has said that sin is separation. Is not segregation an existential expression of man's tragic separation, his awful estrangement, his terrible sinfulness?"(Letter from the Birmingham Prison)
"I have heard numerous southern religious leaders admonish their worshipers to comply with a desegregation decision because it is the law, but I have longed to hear white ministers declare: 'Follow this decree because integration is morally right and because the Negro is your brother'. In the midst of blatant injustices inflicted upon the Negro, I have watched white churchmen stand on the sideline and mouth pious irrelevancies and sanctimonious trivialities. In the midst of a mighty struggle to rid our nation of racial and economic injustice, I have heard many ministers say 'Those are social issues, with which the gospel has no real concern'. And I have watched many churches commit themselves to a completely otherworldly religion which makes a strange, un-Biblical distinction between the body and the soul, between the sacred and the secular"(Letter from the Birmingham Prison)
"There is nothing wrong with a traffic law which says you have to stop for a red light. But when a fire is raging, the fire truck goes right through the red light and normal traffic had better get out of its way. Or, when a man is bleeding to death, the ambulance goes through those red lights at top speed. There is a fire raging now for the Negroes and the poor of this society. They are living in the tragic conditions because of the terrible economic injustices that keep them locked in as an 'underclass' as the sociologists are now calling it. Disinherited people all over the world are bleeding to death from deep social and economic wounds. They need brigades of ambulance drivers who will have to ignore the red lights of the present system until the emergency is solved"(Radical King, Chp 13, Nonviolence and Social Change)
"I am aware that there are many who wince at a distinction between property and persons-who hold both sacrosanct. My views are not so rigid. A life is sacred. Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being. It is part of the earth man walks on; it not man. The focus on property in not accidental. It has a message; it is saying something.....Why were they(rioters) so violent with property then? Because property represents the white power structure, which they were attacking and trying to destroy"(Radical King, Chp 13, Nonviolence and Social Change)
"I am convinced that even very violent temperaments can be channeled through nonviolent discipline, if the movement is moving, if they can act constructively and express through an effective channel their legitimate anger. But even if nonviolence can be valid, psychologically for the protesters who want change, is it going to be effective, strategically, against a government and a status quo that have so far resisted this summer's demand on the ground that 'we must not reward the rioters?' Far from rewarding the rioters, far from even giving a hearing to their just and urgent demand, the administration has ignored its responsibility for the causes of the riots, and instead has used the negative aspects of them to justify continued inaction on the underlying issues. The administration's only concrete response was to initiate a study and call for a day of prayer. As a minister I take prayer too seriously to use it as an excuse for avoiding work and responsibility. When a government commands more wealth and power than has ever been known in the history of the world, and offers no more than this, it is worst than blind, it is provocative. It is paradoxical but fair to say that Negro terrorism is incited less on ghetto street corners than in the halls of Congress"(Radical King, Chp, Nonviolence and Social Change)
"You know Jesus reminded us in a magnificent parable one day that a man went to hell because he didn't see the poor. His name was Dives. And there was a man by the name of Lazarus who came daily to his gate in need of the basic necessities of life, and Dives didn't do anything about it. And he ended up going to hell. There is nothing in the parable which says that Dives went to hell because he was rich. Jesus never made a universal indictment against all wealth. It is true that one day a rich young ruler came to him talking about eternal life, and he advised him to sell all, but in that instance Jesus was prescribing individual surgery, not setting forth a universal diagnosis. If you will go on and read that parable in all of its dimensions and its symbolism you will remember that a conversation took place between heaven and hell. And on the other end of that long-distance call between heaven and hell was Abraham in heaven talking to Dives in hell. It wasn't a millionaire in hell taking with a poor man in heaven, it was a little millionaire talking with a multimillionaire in heaven. Dives didn't go to hell because he was rich. His wealth was his opportunity to bridge the gulf that separated him from his brother Lazarus. Dives went to hell because he passed by Lazarus every day, but he never really saw him. Dives went to hell because he allowed Lazarus to become invisible......Dives finally went to hell because he sought to become a conscientious objector in the war against poverty. And I come by here to say that America too, is going to hell if she doesn't use her wealth. If America does not use her vast resources of wealth to end poverty and make it possible for all of God's children to have the basic necessities of life, she too, will go to hell."(The Other America, 1968)
"The tendency to ignore the Negro's contribution to American life and strip him of his personhood is as old as the earliest history books and as contemporary as the morning newspaper. To offset this cultural homicide, the Negro must rise up with an affirmation of his own Olympian manhood. Any movement for the Negro's freedom that overlooks this necessity is only waiting to be buried. As long as the mind is enslaved the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapons against the long night of physical slavery. No Lincolnian Emancipation Proclamation or Kennedyan or Johnsonian civil rights bill can totally bring this kind of freedom. The Negro will only be truly free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive selfhood his own emancipation proclamation. With a spirit straining towards true self-esteem, the Negro must boldly throw off the manacles of self-abnegation and say to himself and the world: 'I am somebody. I am a person. I am a man with dignity and honor. I have a rich and noble history, however painful and exploited that history has been. I am black and comely. This self-affirmation is the black man's need made compelling by the white man's crimes against him. This is positive and necessary power for black people"(Where do we go from Here, 1967)
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2022.01.17 22:44 WonderDia777 Are the women in three houses better than the men?

Is it just me, or are the female units far better than the most of the guys? (Minus Felix, Dimitri, Claude, Ferdinand, and Sylvain, they are very good).
It just seems that the women generally outperform the guys, Bernadette, Shamir, and Lionie are leagues better than Ashe, Lysithia destroys Hubert and Lorentz, even Dorothea is better than they are, (to be fair Lysithia destroys everyone) Mercedes is much better than Lindhart. And I’ve found Marianne performs better than him too.
I’m not saying any of them are bad, more they are… subpar compared to their female counterparts.
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2022.01.17 22:44 Risan-Again How are ACH transactions in US safe?

I'm new to USA and just paid my university fee with a mode of payment called ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer and I'm baffled by the lack of authentication. I just had to put my account number and the routing number of the bank and that's it. I didn't get any OTP (one time password) to authorize the transaction nor any email notification from the bank that the money's deducted/going to get deducted from the account. Moreover, it looks like it will take 5-10 days before it shows up on my statement due to holidays, so I won't even know if there's a fraudulent transaction until its late. It seems to me that anyone can deduct money from my account if they just have the account number (which isn't supposed to be confidential) and then I'd have to file a fraud complaint, is that it? Why is it so unsafe?
If the argument here is that law enforcement is very efficient here and fraudulent people can get caught, my question is why let it happen in the first place? Why let the customer go through the hassle of filing a complaint and sitting without money until the culprit is caught?
I come from India and I have a newly found appreciation for the banking tech in my home country. For any online transaction, you'd need to either authorize via an OTP or a secret PIN. For larger transactions, you'd need to add the payee as a beneficiary, authorize that and wait for the cool down period to be over before making a payment so that the rightful owner gets the notification that a beneficiary was added and can act if someone hacked their account or something. The best thing is that most of the online transactions are instantaneous, the change gets reflected on both parties' statement as soon as you do the transaction, you don't have to wait at all. And lastly, all types of transactions are free of any charge or very nominal charge. I have been taking all this for granted until now.
I am a tech person and haven't ever trusted the cheques and signature to be safe either so this lack of authentication really grinds my gears.
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2022.01.17 22:44 xetaichuyendung3007 Sơ mi rơ moóc tải (chở container) THACO CTSV/3GA4504 32.1 TÂN

from Xe tải chuyên dùng
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2022.01.17 22:44 KingKanas 🚨The best ARTIST is on this project with the insane art, the first 30 people who PM get the link🚨

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2022.01.17 22:44 Hellen-Morey Royal Family Updates: New Prince Andrew Documentary & Latest on Prince Harry's Security Issues | LK - Lorraine

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2022.01.17 22:44 NewsElfForEnterprise ‘Very, Very Difficult': COVID Forces Some Bay Area Restaurants to Close Temporarily

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2022.01.17 22:44 makwessa98 Having sex on our paddle board at night was tricky and we almost got caught

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2022.01.17 22:44 strawberrybeebabie Anyone know where Lana’s bra is from? 😩🥰

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2022.01.17 22:44 scarredAsh_ Meter Reader jobs Melbourne suburbs

I’m a university student and have heard about meter reading being a good student job, but all the job ads I can find seem to want full time hours. Does anybody here know of or work for a meter reading company in Melbourne that offers casual hours for a student like me?
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2022.01.17 22:44 Mundane_Count_2216 Disabled Veteran rules for plates are changing in Texas. Why?

Why are the disabled veteran rules for plates changing in Texas? I also heard that they are going to start charging us for crossing the tolls. What is going on here?
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2022.01.17 22:44 Exact-Berry3346 spotted this growing on the side today, kinda yellowish looking mold.. should I be worried?

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