[Xbox One] Electronic Arts Sims 4 Xbox One is $31.00

2022.01.17 01:47 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Electronic Arts Sims 4 Xbox One is $31.00

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2022.01.17 01:47 jookco cheryl brown Death - Dead - Obituary News : What Happened, Cause of Death. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.17 01:47 goddesssophia1992 Hehe ;)

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2022.01.17 01:47 orbitingsatellite Trying to understand EV training

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this. But I’m playing shining pearl and trying to get into EV training. I watched a yt video and he said not to just buy vitamins to max out the desired EVs. Why is this? If I have the money to pay for the vitamins, wouldn’t it just be faster to use them instead of grinding at the battle tower to buy the power items and then grinding against wild Pokémon to EV train? He didn’t really explain it in the video and I’m very confused. Thank you in advance to anyone that sees this!!!
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2022.01.17 01:47 jaelwelch Binance Us Referral Code 2021

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2022.01.17 01:47 Reddit_N_Saiddit Church of Rock and Roll Vinyl

Does anyone know if they will be making any more of these? I bought the CD when it came out and just recently got into vinyl, so I was searching for it. Every time I search for this it's over $170, and I can't justify spending that kind of money for a vinyl record. Does anyone know where I could get a copy, or if they will be making more?
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2022.01.17 01:47 DriveOdd5400 I’m gonna be honest this team has something to prove.

We have been ignored and yes we have done good with no pressure. But we don’t the credit we deserve. We’re the best team in the AFC maybe the NFL. Titan up
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2022.01.17 01:47 jason_record yo igual alavaria ese cuerpazo

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2022.01.17 01:47 impotentpenguin Columbus Bengals Bars

So I know this was asked last year and we didn't have an answer but seeing as how we are in the Divisional round is there any bar that is a Bengals bar in Cbus? If not what bar ate we going to take over for the game???
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2022.01.17 01:47 PaleontologistNo6435 Ah yes

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2022.01.17 01:47 techsavy101 Ninja® Nutri-Blender BN300WM 600-Watt Personal Blender, 1 Dishwasher-Safe To-Go Cup - WAS $59.99, NOW $39.99

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2022.01.17 01:47 RanchHand1670 I work on a Farm in the Middle of Nowhere Part 3

Hi, and welcome back. If you’re new here, I work on a small farm in the middle of western Nebraska. Surrounded by mazes of cornfields and cattle, not much goes on around here except for the highs and lows of the only football team in the state, our college Nebraska Cornhuskers. Much of the time, their game days will leave my small town empty while people gather together to watch the game. I wasn’t born in this state, so me being somewhat of an outsider prevents me from understanding these people’s obsession with a subpar college football team who’s track record reads like the Chicago Bears’, no hate to them though.
If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, I’d suggest you do, because I refer back to what happened in those stories a lot, and many of the comparisons I’ll make in this one won’t make much sense without the background information provided in those parts.
Anyways, like I said, welcome back and thanks for joining me as I delve into the events surrounding the farm and the woods in it that never seem to hold anything quite human. Because the first two stories I shared happened three or more years ago each, I thought I‘d change the pace with a rather new one that happened this last summer .
As we’ve established, The smiling lady is roughly a 3 on the danger scale, and the ratman I encountered in the last story was put at about a 4, as he had actually taken measures to hurt me, and had been following Theo and I for days undetected. But, he was still pretty easy for me to dispose of.
Anyway, last summer. Because the farm that I work at only has three full time ranch hands, and all the part timers for the fall harvests, the owners are keen to employ some of the locals in the town I’m from to work over the summer, and gain references for their resumes. Typically the town’s 15-18 years olds. Over the summer, each of the full timers get assigned a kid to teach the inner workings of the farm to. And for about 3 and a half months, the kid will come out 5 days a week, from 8 am to 5 pm, to assist with chores and other activities. Now, I get bored pretty easily, so whichever kid I end up with and I always end up pulling pranks and competing against the other staff in our made up games. I’m not going to lie, most of the kids we get over summers are headed to community college at best, and have been told by “mentors” their whole lives that they won't be going anywhere but prison. My heart goes out to them.
So, over the course of three or so months, I plan as many games, pranks, and adventures as much possible for them before their lives at college, or semesters back at highschool really take off in the spring.
Over the summer, I got paired with a girl named Autumn. She was four years younger than I was, and I barely recognized her as someone I had gone to school with. The first day she showed up extra early, and was eager to start. I showed her the ropes, and asked if she knew how to ride ATVs, dirtbikes, or horses. She answered neither. I offered to give her lessons on all, over the course of the summer, and like every teenager in the world, she was quick to accept.
I tried to stay as far away from the woods as possible with her. Sure, she could probably handle herself, but I didn’t want to take any chances.
After the first week there, Theo, Tyler, and I showed up at 8:30 with ice cream and sweets for them to eat. All three of the kids accepted, and Theo, Tyler and I told them that because they had survived the first week, we were going to spend the day learning to ride ATVs.
Theo and I had gone out the day before, faking that something in the trails had fallen, and had carefully examined the trails we would use for any sight of the oddities mentioned before. None were to be found, so we determined the area safe.
Now, the ATVs we used to teach the kids were automatic, and didn’t need as much maintenance as some of the others, plus they were physically incapable of going over 12 miles an hour, so we knew that the kids were safe.
By about noon, all of the kids were zooming up and down the trails, and had obviously surpassed my abilities. Autumn was the first to ask what else was planned for the day, seemingly bored with beating her peers in every race. I panicked, and said a scavenger hunt.
If you hadn’t picked up on it yet, I don’t have a lot of people skills, so when an 18 year old comes zooming down the trails at you in a 400 lb machine, asking what else you’re doing for the day, you panic and make things up. Theo glared at me from the side, but if I had accidentally promised a scavenger hunt, I would arrange for one to happen during my lunch.
Once it was lunch time, I hopped on to the back of Autumn’s ATV, and sat behind her as she maniacally brought us back to the main barn, and parked the ATV with the others in tow. Tyler took them to have lunch, some sandwiches and pop, while Theo and I put together a scavenger hunt that I'm still proud of to this day. I think that all of the excitement from that morning had clouded my judgment, because, knowing what I know now, I never should’ve sent those kids out in those woods.
After a long lunch, at about 1:00 in the day, Theo handed them a list of items to find, and I gave them a list of rules. They had to find a total of twelve things in the woods, spread out across the 30 or so acres that we had been riding the ATVs in that morning. The rules were simple: 1. Don’t leave the group at any point, 2. Once everything is found, come back to the big barn for your prizes, 3. Under no circumstances are you to leave the designated area, and 4. If you feel like something is watching you, return back immediately. The kids had written that one off as me trying to scare them, but I explained that large predatory animals lived in the area, and if they felt watched, it was better to be safe than sorry. After that, Theo sent them out together, reminding them of the rules.
Then Tyler, Theo and I got together to devise a prize. Tyler and Theo left in Theo’s car to go to a gas station to buy some stuff, and I put on some camo, and set out about 20 or so minutes after the kids had left to follow them, just to make sure that they wouldn’t get lost, or do something stupid.
It wasn’t hard to find them, because Tyler’s helper, James, was making a lot of noise as he stepped carelessly on sticks and twigs. Autumn looked in his direction with obvious annoyance, but Theo’s helper, Amelia, seemed to have taken up the position as the leader of the group in the front, seemingly unaware of Autumn’s dislike for James. Amelia seemed to be holding two items in her hands, so I figured they had only the ten from the list left. I followed them, making sure to stay behind thick tree branches and trunks.
Once, James looked up in my general direction after I had miscalculated the branch beneath me’s ability to not snap. He stared lazily, but soon fixed his attention elsewhere.
About an hour later, I began to notice subtle signs that we weren't the only ones in the area. I’m not good with subtleties, so I didn’t piece it together until it was far too late.
As the group made their way through the woods, I thought I saw something looking in the trees in the opposite direction as me. I became on edge, but wasn’t ready to ruin the fun yet until I saw someone. Then, I saw tattered cloth on the ground, much like the smiling Lady’s, but still I ignored the ever growing sense of unease deep in my gut. Then I spotted it. Not a humanoid thing like the ratman, but an old man, standing behind a tree about 200 feet from me, staring at me. In his hand, a noose, one that his face told me he expected someone to be in by the end of the day.
Still looking at him, I pulled out my knife, waving it in front of my face, making my threat clear. If you touch them, I will kill you. He simply pointed at me, and made a slitting throat motion before backing into the trees, and disappearing, before emerging from the trees next to me only a split second later with what I thought was my knife in his hand.
I opened my hand, instinctively curling my fist, and found that I no longer had a knife. He had somehow taken it. We stared at each other, him and I. His face was covered in wrinkles, and if I had to guess, I would say that he was just under ninety from the way his shoulders sagged, and every step he took towards we was sluggish, dragging his feet across the soil underneath.
His shaking hand positioned the knife in front of him, facing towards me, when he finally lunged at me. Like the Smiling lady, his age never slowed him, and he was a foot in front of me in a blink. He sliced at my arm, the knife hitting its mark, as I let out a muffled cry, not wanting the kids to be alerted of my current situation. I was fucking pissed. Here I was, trying to do something nice for people for once, and this is how the world thanked me, by sending another loony after my life?
I wasn’t having it. With his hand moving everywhere, and red hot pain erupting all over my body, I punched out my hand in the general direction of his head, when I felt the soft flesh of his face colliding with my hand. It made a squelching sound that sent shivers up my spine. As he was stumbling backwards, I advanced upon him, and took to beating the everlasting shit out of him. By the time I was done, my hands were bloodied from my injuries, and the sickly old man was lying on the ground unconscious.
I looked up and saw that the kids had left the area and resolved to try and find them, when that asshole of a man kicked my knees, and sent me careening into the ground next to him. One second he was next to me, and the next he was in front of me, the noose from earlier spread in his hands as he fought to slip it around my neck. I kicked and thrashed, but somehow this man was able to fit it around my neck.
I felt pressure building in my neck, and now saw that the ground was moving further and further from my legs, or maybe it was the opposite way around. My hands were at my neck, desperately trying to pry the noose from around me to no avail. I reached for anything and everything around me as my muffled shrieks could be heard in the clearing all around.
For reasons I may never know, the rope released its tension on my neck, and I fell 12 feet to the ground, my ankles and knees hissing from the landing. Without much time to think, I tackled the old man and reached for the knife clutched in his hands. He smiled at me, right before plunging it into the right side of his rib cage, and right into his heart. Instead of red blood, yellow liquid oozed out, and the stench was absolutely horrifying. For whatever anatomical reason, this man’s heart was located on the right side of his chest, and not the left like mine, and every other member of the human race. As I stumbled away from his body, trying not to get his blood on my clothes, I watched as he slowly decayed. Turning to ash before my very eyes, and collapsing into a pile on the ground, looking more like the remains of a campfire than the remains of a man.
Suddenly feeling sick, I rushed to the nearest tree, putting all my weight on it before doubling over and puking right onto my leather work boots. Great as if my day could get worse.
I stood there for probably fifteen more minutes, sneaking glances at the ashes, weary that he would somehow reconfigure himself and finish me off. He never did. With that, I realized that I was technically responsible for his death, but surprisingly felt no pity. He would’ve done the same to me given the chance.
Slowly, I walked to where I could see the kids, still keeping to the edges of their vision, hidden amongst the trees. Their bag was filled with the items on the list, and it looked like they were trekking back to the barn, and away from–
And that was when I saw it, suspended in the trees directly above their position was the body of the man I had just watched die. Eyes swollen from the noose around his neck, tied to the last tree branch that could support his weight so high in the trees. The kids moved unoticingly underneath, and even cracked jokes about what they thought was waiting for them at the barn. James guessed more candy, saying that he thought that we thought that they were little kids, but promised to eat as much of it as he could. Amelia guessed that it was something sweet, but more along the lines of an actual dessert, like a cake. Autumn joked that there probably was no prize seeing as I had obviously made up the scavenger hunt on the spot.
For the second time in 30 minutes, I put my arm around a tree, bent over, and hurled everything I had had for breakfast across the ground. It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t see the man hanging above them, in fact it was probably best that they didn’t. But it still made me sick to see how oblivious they were to the man, dead, suspended in the air above them.
I didn’t talk much for the rest of the day, blaming possible heat exhaustion. When I got back to the barn, Theo and Tyler had decorated the space, and had a cake and a couple bucks for each of the kids waiting. We all sat down, and everyone ate the cake but me. Theo offered me water, and I accepted, not wanting to tip anyone off about what I had just seen and done.
After we sent the kids home early as a treat for sticking around for the week, I helped Tyler take down all of the decorations, and take out the trash, as Theo put all of our scavenging items back where they belonged. We had borrowed a stirrup, an old boot, a halter and a couple of other things for them to find. Digging to the bottom of the bag, I didn’t know it at the time, but she discovered my switchblade in their bag. She didn’t say anything to me, simply put it on one of the tables and told me that I had forgotten it. She knew that something was up, just didn’t want to say anything, because I looked so obviously shaken up.
It was a friday night, and normally the two of us go out to do something, but she didn’t ask about it, and I told my two co-workers that I was exhausted from “ following the kids over every nook and cranny on the farm”, and that I would take the rest of the day off. I drove home, showered, and sat in bed for hours. Going through my phone trying to distract myself from the day's events.
I took Monday and Tuesday off, but knew that I couldn't avoid the farm forever. That was the first time that I considered quitting in the five years that I had worked there. I had almost gotten those kids killed because I lied.
After returning Wednesday, Theo gave me a big hug, proclaiming that the prodigal son had returned. I smiled, mentioned that that story doesn't quite apply to me, but hugged her back all the more. Autumn was quick to say that she had missed my constant horrible jokes, and that while Tyler had been a good mentor, hadn’t let her have as much fun as I did. I told her that we would begin making up the time I missed, and she smiled.
Later though, she would pull me aside, and tell me that she had felt watched in the woods the entire time until I had shown up. I asked what she had meant, and she replied that she thought that she had seen some sort of animal watching them from the trees, but had never actually caught sight of it. And that she had heard me immediately after I had caught up to the group, but never told the others or me, because she wanted me to think that I was being sneaky. She’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.
After the summer ended, I gave her a great recommendation for a trades-school up north. She’s stopped by the farm since then, and says that she’s going to apply next summer to be full time like I was. I told her to enjoy her summers while she’s young, and she pointed out the obvious by saying that I was still young too. I swear, it was impossible to win an argument against her.
After the events of that day, I never let the kids Autumn or any of the others venture into the woods without myself, Theo, Tyler, or some combination of us to go with them.
If I had to give him a number, I'd give the old man a 6 on my previous scale. More of a challenge than ratman was to beat, but once I got in a punch or two, he would completely give up.
It's winter here now, and everytime I pass by that man’s ashes in the forest, I see his face as he swung back and forth in the trees. His death haunts me more than most that I've seen on the farm, but alas, I have bigger fish to fry, seeing as the only reason I was alive was because some force released the noose that I had been in, and had dropped me to the ground.
I’m lucky to be alive, but ever since then, things on the farm have changed, both in oddness, and in occurrence. I recommended that our summer program be shut down to the owner, but she dismissed it, saying that the kids needed us. Theo pulled me aside a bit later to have a conversation that I wasn't expecting from her, but I’ll update you all on that later after things on the farm have cooled down a bit. Catch y’all next time.
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2022.01.17 01:47 bxomallamoxd [WTB] Radian Raptor SD AR-15 $90 (IL) / (PA)

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2022.01.17 01:47 InigoArazco What are the inheritance restrictions for Surge Sparrow?

The same as sturdy impact but now only on melee?
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2022.01.17 01:47 closebus Cash App $5 - good app for transferring cash with friends

Hey! I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. RDNVDPL https://cash.app/app/RDNVDPL
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2022.01.17 01:47 Anon_697 what's the over/under on how long it will take the Steelers to find their next franchise quarterback?

I'm going to say 7 years. I don't see another 20 year quarterback drought happening. The NFL was very different back in the 80's and 90's. The game was slower and more focused on power and running. Having a top quarterback wasn't as important back then so I think that's partly why the Steelers didn't put a ton of urgency into the quarterback position. I don't think it will be as long this time. Just my two cents.
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2022.01.17 01:47 johnisburn Israel 'Sy' Dresner, 'most arrested rabbi' who marched with Martin Luther King Jr., has died at 92 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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2022.01.17 01:47 trombonek1ng i’m drinking a sprite in the shower again

is this really what my life has come to? all my hopes and dreams? after everything i’ve been through i’m just on teenagers and drinking a sprite while in the shower. really. again. my life is an endless loop of misfortune. it just keeps coming back to this point.
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2022.01.17 01:47 haldolinyobutt This game is in a dire state.

I downloaded BF1 again today cause I've needed a real battlefield fix and I've been wondering if I've been just reading this sub too much or this game sucks.
I don't tottaly mind 2042, but the way I don't mind it is if I tell myself this isn't a battlefield game and it's just an average shooter. In that mindset, it's a "meh" game that sometimes has fun moments.
Turn on BF1 instantly go to the server browser, set my settings and bam, full custom lobbies on persistent servers. Nice.
I haven't played in probably 2 years except for one random afternoon I hopped on like 6 months ago but couldn't find anyone else on cause it was like noon on a Wednesday. I found an Argonne Forrest conquest server going. I wait in the queue for like 20 seconds and I'm in the game. Amazing soundtrack, absolutely detailed maps that make sense. I go to cross the train tracks, get shot in the face by a martini-Henry. Man it felt good to be back. I end up dropping 20 kills. I was on a good squad that the leader was marking objectives, working flanks, revving, dropping medic crates. Everything you want. The game came down to an intense push for B and we ended up winning by the 30 tickets. Nice. It felt fucking great. It felt like I was in the actual game.
Next map, empires edge. Not my favorite but I'll take it. Still an absolutely beautiful map with a lot of detail. Mixed game play, you can Snipe, play medic, push objectives as assault. I hopped into a tank and someone was repairing it. WHAT THE FUCK. haven't seen that in a while. We ended up losing.
Next one was that French map that's super dark. It's gritty, it feels like an army is there fighting a war there. There's trenches, mud everywhere. Buildings are blown out. Really great close combat fighting. The squad leader in this game was great. Everytime he marked an OBJ, we would get it it completed and he would mark another. You can tell you're playing the same game but every map has its own feeling.
Last map, suez. I started streaming on discord cause my friend was on that's only ever played 2042. The first thing he said was "wow you can really destroy ever building". Even though it's a desert map, there's cover. We absolutely destroy the other team.
The things I noticed just after four games are just astoundingly different than 2042.
First off, I'm getting 130 fps in a 5 your old game. I have to suck the devil's dick to get over 100 in 2042. The maps have flow and detail. There's no gimmicks. When people are dying around you, they're screaming like they're in war. There's a million guns to chose from. Vehicles are present but not overwhelming but not underwhelming. It's balanced. I can check the score board to see how mediocre I am. You can tell the devs just really thought about the details in this game. Everything in this game is intended to make you have a good experience
None if this is true in 2042 and I don't see how they can and will fix this. They would have to change, everything.
The longer I play 2042 I realize this game needed another year to launch with the vision they had for it. But greed got in the way and they delivered a hot pile of dog shit.
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2022.01.17 01:47 crytoloover FREE AIRDROP ON ALGORAND NETWORK!!!!

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2022.01.17 01:47 souleaterkun Thik se spread Karo yaar Omicron.

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2022.01.17 01:47 GoatGee420 (Ps4) Looking for park players I’m a 86 play shot I can corner sit or I can run point but I can’t iso because my builds not maxed yet

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2022.01.17 01:47 JJCran Fuel filler door for 2007 Eclipse

Does anyone know of a good website where I could find an aftermarket fuel filler door for my grey 2007 eclipse to replace my shattered stock fuel filler door?
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2022.01.17 01:47 amypalgreen87 Last one for Sunday. It is so true the unvaccinated are acting like clowns.

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