Good morning

2022.01.26 16:32 NickGuy16 Good morning

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2022.01.26 16:32 sialkot123 great one

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2022.01.26 16:32 Cultural-Bet-1968 Gastronomia Brasileira

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2022.01.26 16:32 kaiismeee v3dmm mod installing issue.

I have spent hours of my life after a stressful day trying to get mods to work. I have tried everything, reinstalling, restarting my computer, everything. No matter what I do, the mod manager always tells me "Copying the file failed. Check free space." I have 10gb. Is that not enough storage to load a 777kb file? I am losing my mind. How much space do I need? How can I stop this? I have attached an image of the issue.
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2022.01.26 16:32 Nolan- [Serious] What's it like to be a school teacher in today's society with Covid and the culture shifting, and what do you like and not like about how things have changed?

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2022.01.26 16:32 congratty 20f attempting to make some new friends :)

I’m a dancer from California My favorite things in the entire world are: hound dogs, perfume, making plans (any type of organization is 🤤), emotional spending, being a shoulder to cry on (I’m not averse to strong emotions tbh) Things I have no idea about but are open to learning: video games of any sort (I’ve only played Mario Kart on the Switch) If you’re obsessed with crypto idk much about that but I’ll support anyhow, and Kpop (I can’t tell you anything about BTS but I did grow up liking CL because of how tight she was with Diplo lol) Some flaws of mine: I tend to ramble and sometimes I take long to text back but I am excited to talk when I can Don’t be afraid to reach out! ♡ ps only other socials are discord & snap
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2022.01.26 16:32 Jasbach Out of ideas for my next session.

New DM here. Started my first homebrew campaign a couple of weeks ago with completely new players. Everyone is having a great time but now they have reached the point where I have to prepare new material for the adventure to advance but I don't know what the next logical step would be.
In simple words, a band of bandits was hired by an imperial spy to kidnap the local village priest to get more information about this religious group and its leaders who know where a powerful artefact might be located. The party was tracking the bandits and found out that they themselves were ambushed by goblins. 1/3 of the bandits were killed while the rest fled into the woods and left the imprisoned priest behind. The goblins took the priest to their lair. In the last session, we stopped right after the party cleared out the goblin hideout. The next session will definitely start with a conversation with the priest. But what next?
What should I prepare? I want to give my players the freedom to decide for themselves what to do next but I also want the bandits and spy to act believably in this situation. Any kind of advice will be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.26 16:32 SubservientHubby Evening all!

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2022.01.26 16:32 TobyWasBestSpiderMan Flag of Bangla-Dash

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2022.01.26 16:32 mvbighead Thinking about OMV (UnionFS+Snapraid), but seem to be steered to Unraid

So, I am preparing to rebuild things as I have them, namely so I can benefit from the concepts that Unraid or Snapraid are built on, in addition to the fact that I want to move my existing i5 as the CPU of the platform to run Plex through with Quicksync enabled.
That out of the way, I have been testing the concept of using OMV as research lead me to the use of that with Snapraid and UnionFS. Most of that testing was promising, and once I learned the ins and outs of the parity drive and data drives, I was rolling pretty simply.
It wasn't until I tested the concept of a drive failure that I started to have some serious concerns. To be brief, I have a VM on an ESXi host running this with some virtual drives I have been attaching and adding to the pool. To simulate a drive failure, I simply detached and deleted a drive (it's all dummy data). When I did that, I noticed that files were missing from UnionFS.
After a whole lot of hulabalu, I found I could not 'snapraid --force-empty sync' through the UI, and had to do that via CLI. I at one point attached a drive and created a new drive, formatted and mounted it, added it with a new name (wrong move here) to snapraid, then added to UnionFS. Trouble is, UnionFS requires a reboot or remount to associate the new drive.
Also, the whole disk rebuild procedure in OMV is quite a process in itself. Something I'd certainly have trouble figuring out during an actual failure, but was able to figure out enough against my test instance here.
The key things with the OMV setup is this:

All that said, the videos I've seen of Unraid appear to show a fairly standard drive interface. Drive goes offline, you swap, when it comes up you simply click a button and it begins rebuild? All that versus the fairly involved steps in OMV to create EXT partition, mount, replace within Snapraid, add to UnionFS, and then reboot, and then run 'snapraid --force-empty sync' to get it to rebuild the missing data from parity.
From what I understand, that is the biggest difference from Snapraid vs Unraid, along with the fact you must schedule syncs in Snapraid (hourly/etc).
From someone who might be an expert, is that all fair? Or might I be doing something wrong? I've struggled to find much in depth in terms of a hard comparison between what is basically a free product with a similar, but potentially much better, paid product.
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2022.01.26 16:32 SeaEmeraldCS $ShinyInu | Shiny Inu | Website Launched | Roadmap Listed | Liquidity Locked | Active Dedicated Team | Weekly NFT Bonus | BEP20 | WatchGuru/ CoinSniper/ CoinMooner/more Listed

$ShinyInu | Shiny Inu | Website Launched | Roadmap Listed | Liquidity Locked | Active Dedicated Team | Weekly NFT Bonus | BEP20 | WatchGuru/ CoinSnipe CoinMoonemore Listed SHINY INU
Shiny Inu is a newly released token. Born on the 1st day of the year Shiny Inu has quickly been releasing its own crypto space. was created to help the cryptocurrency community by having its own Decentralized Exchange being released Q3 along side detailed information on the Defi space including buying selling and finding and vetting new tokens.
Shiny Inu also aims to be holder rewarding token as well by having a 3% transaction tax. the 3% is divided by having 2% go to automatic liquidity on PancakeSwap creating the opportunity for others to become holders while also creating liquidity that is essentially locked and inaccessible to anyone related to the project. 1% is divided up and gifted to the holders so your amount of tokens will passively grow.
Shiny Inu has an NFT project that has NFT's both for sale and being rare versions of NFTs being airdropped to holders along with NFT with real world immediate value unlockable content being gifted to a random holder weekly
Website Launched:
Roadmap and Whitepapers listed on website
Shiny Swap Incoming Quarter 3
Free NFT Collection rewarded to holders
Reddit: (Updates on the project posted frequently here)
Telegram: Https:// (Updates on the project posted frequently here)
How To Buy:
NFT Releases: Weekly gift of a NFT with unlockable content in the form of a gift card to a random holder ( More info at )
Transaction Tax: 3% ( 1% Distributed by the holders / 2% goes back into liquidity)
Other Facts About ShinyInu:
Shiny Inu has a charity roadmap and the tokens charity is focusing on animal charities. Charities being donated to will be PAWS / RSPCA / and Freedom Service Dogs
Low Market Cap: $5000
Total Supply: 50,000,000
Percent of tokens currently in liquidity: 60+%
CoinSnipeCoinMooneWatcherGuru/+More Listed
Liquidity Locked:
- Shiny Inu Team Member SeaEmeraldCS (Creative and Promotional Team)
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2022.01.26 16:32 donottouchwillie1 Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused

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2022.01.26 16:32 Ninja_Penguin_ I know sharing is caring but I do not give a fuck

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2022.01.26 16:32 LegendaryITA_Off Eyo what

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2022.01.26 16:32 lasserhino Yooo he's back

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2022.01.26 16:32 Kaiser_Wolfgang Gum Recession Solutions?

Hey everyone, basically I am an idiot because I brushed way too hard and fast for way too long. Most of my teeth are normal but 2 of them now have the gums recessed exposing the root. I was recently surprised to find out that once gums recess they do not come back. I am thinking about getting a gum tissue graft surgery which I hear they usually take from the root of the mouth. Are there other options and what are your thoughts on gum tissue graft surgery?
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2022.01.26 16:32 bosmacks The storm this weekend

How bad do you think it will be?
View Poll
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2022.01.26 16:32 Landothemando_ what i got vs what i ordered

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2022.01.26 16:32 Besaad14 Cyclops, master of ricochets X-Men (2021) issue #7.

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2022.01.26 16:32 Westsidetr Econ 360 textbook problem with Polachek

My textbook hasn’t come in yet and hw#1 is due tmr and if anyone would be kind enough to give me the problems from the textbook I would appreciate it a lot.
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2022.01.26 16:32 Goldking_606 its just like my dad 😭

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2022.01.26 16:32 kiksonjara All out of ideas and I'm losing my mind

Hi all,
First of, sorry if this is the wrong sub to be posting this, but I have the weirdest freaking situation going on, and I'm this close to simply losing my mind and giving up.
The situation is as follows. One day I woke up, turned the PC on, and noticed that I wasn't getting anything on either of my monitors, no image. Just a simple black screen with a 'no signal' message. Thought it was weird, because it is powering up as usual, all the fans start, no weird sounds coming from it, nothing out of the ordinary.
Next step was to try and locate the issue myself to see if it's one of the simple things that I can check. I plugged my GPU into my roommate's PC, and it works just fine. I've tried different RAM sticks, but nothing changed, no image. Then I tried resetting the CMOS battery for an hour, and even over night. Nothing. No image. Tried plugging my stuff into different outlets in my room, using different HDMI cables, different monitors, but to no avail, result was the same. No image.
As that was it that I could check at home, I took my PC to a repair shop. After a few days, they called me back to say that my GPU was dead and it needed to be replaced. You can imagine the confused look on my face because that is one of the components that I've checked for myself and I knew was properly working. So I took the PC to another shop.
In the other shop, I explained the situation to the guy working there, told him for what I had checked and was thinking to myself "Alright, another two weeks of waiting for a call." but the repair shop dude interrupted me, and said "Let me just check one thing, put the case on the table". I put the case up on the counter, where he had an unplugged monitor and a power supply cable that he plugged into my PC. I was waiting to be, yet again, disappointed by my PC not giving any image, but the bastard powered up as if nothing was wrong with it.
No long loads, no sounds, nothing. It simply turned on without an issue. I thanked the guy and sat in my car confused as shit but kinda satisfied, considering that I thought my troubles were over.
I come back home, plug the PC in... no image.
That was three hours ago. Since then I've tried every single outlet, cable, monitor, case position, power cord extender and rain dance that one can possibly think of. Nothing is working and the result is ever the same, just a black screen with a 'no signal' message. As I've stated in the title, I am at the end of my nerves and losing my mind. What the freaking shit is happening with my PC and why won't it turn on at home??
Has any of you ever had a similar issue ? Or maybe the exact same one, and if so, what was the solution/fix ?

TL;DR: PC doesn't work at home (turns on; 'no signal' message on the monitors) but works perfectly fine at the shop. Tried literally everything but nothing worked. Any advice, suggestion, help ?
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2022.01.26 16:32 ryantripp Is this a flea? Found it on my desk at work. Location: southern california

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2022.01.26 16:32 RiptidePupa Is this allowed?

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2022.01.26 16:32 Egg_rice_28 This is sucks

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