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Preço das casas atingiu o pico na Europa? Especialistas respondem

2022.01.25 07:34 PortugalNewsBot Preço das casas atingiu o pico na Europa? Especialistas respondem

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2022.01.25 07:34 develasco22 Aaron Rodgers' NFL season was historic and humiliating

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2022.01.25 07:34 axalilsk Student Housing - York

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some student housing letting agencies. I've already looked through the local one and was there any that I should check out that people have used.
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2022.01.25 07:34 Yorch-86 Alyson Hannigan

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2022.01.25 07:34 iamcalifw 🚀 Welcome to MetaDoge Introducing a crypto-yielding a decentralized token with amazing futures ⭐️ Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

🚀 MetaDoge is a decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned and governed by the community from the outset. No more presale.
TG: https://t.me/MetaDoge_Bsc_Chat
Slippage : 0%
⭐️ This project has really created hype in the market. This project has very high potential to reach 20M on launch.
As with all fair launches if you want to play it safe wait for the liquidity lock and ownership renounced.
POOCOIN Ads, 4CHAN ads, and Bitmedia ads all starting this week!
⭕️ No Presale, No Team Tokens
CA: 0xEEAEBd1B1d4a5594c420f0c4876e9b0ede4F3838
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xEEAEBd1B1d4a5594c420f0c4876e9b0ede4F3838
Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xEEAEBd1B1d4a5594c420f0c4876e9b0ede4F3838
Renounced Ownership : https://bscscan.com/address/0xEEAEBd1B1d4a5594c420f0c4876e9b0ede4F3838#readContract
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2022.01.25 07:34 Bee_Sock I would definitely buy

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2022.01.25 07:34 Brown_George20 busy bee in nectar of flowers.

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2022.01.25 07:34 jopperfromkwangya what is the most unique thing about you?

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2022.01.25 07:34 milexuxx Proof that Nasser Al-Khelaifi is funding EA, slide to see opponent donnaruma stats vs my Cech stats.

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2022.01.25 07:34 PossibilityEnough933 [Spoilers] An admission followed by a request for suggestions.

I never got to beat Subnautica. I made it to the lost river. I built a base, saw the sights, made plans to head into the ILZ and ALZ and then... Nothing. Attention span moved onto something else. I remember a few things contributed to that, nothing major, just tiny things that gnawed at me. Where to begin... Well I accidentally ate most of my important foods before making seeds to add to regrowing them. I accidentally used all my acid mushrooms to feed a bioreactor I kept in the LR base as JIC, my mind always has redundancies just in case even if they're redundant. I made it this far with 0 "legal" deaths, and the 3 deaths I did accrue, not including my "hehe ecological deadline go brrrrrt" boredom death, include accidentally getting run over by my own seamoth even though I could a sworn it was parked, getting blasted into the auroras ceiling because propulsion Cannon physics, and getting trapped OOBs because terrain loaded on top of me in my prawn suit. I never counted those. Another thing that stopped me was that the sea monsters... Weren't monsters... Let me explain. My first encounter with a reaper, the one behind the aurora, no not Sammy the safety reaper, the OTHER end of the aurora, was more akin to playing catch with a dog. I got chased, he caught my seamoth, I ejected, watched it get dragged away and just left there, so I went back and repaired it and left, turning around to see it chase me only to give up 2 seconds after I saw him. My second encounter with the ghost in the sparse reef entrance to the LR, I turned on silent running, still aggroed him, but when he collided with me he didn't deal any damage to my cyclops. Instead it was a very gentle push to the other side, closer to the tree. Like a friend guiding me through his room real quick to get me to the main attraction, the tree. I set up base, scanned the ghost with nary a response, and just continued doing my thing never bothered by him again... I swear I'm playing survival. Hell even the brainsquid weren't even scary after the first encounter when I'm in the mushroom forest and one of them just floated out of the depths of blackness like some lovecraftian horror, shot an EMP that I dodged, I'm freaking out, but thanks to the power of friendship, and this stasis rifle I found, I scanned him and thought "heh, neat"... Where's the thrill? Finally there's the sunbeam. I thought it was a chance to unlock an early win if you faired this long and managed to get there on time. Cool, an explosion, but... Honestly the introduction of alien technology, while very cool and welcome, was a bit... Boring. Again, cool pretty explosion, my jaw fell wide for a good minute but then I explored the alien ruins, found the doomsday device and my only words were "hehe, iz a custom ghost from destiny". Basically, all the enjoyment I should've felt from a first playthrough was ripped from me. I want to try hardcore, hoping the possibility of permadeath would bring the fear back, but I would be losing my current progress to do so. What do you guys think?
Tl;Dr never finished survival cuz attention span, should I restart on hardcore?
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2022.01.25 07:34 Sikarnix C'mon Bruv

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2022.01.25 07:34 jobsinanywhere How to create an NFT on OpenSea for FREE with Polygon

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2022.01.25 07:34 NeutralAndChaotic I Paid 6800€ for SolidWorks CONNECTED (+2000€/year), did i get scammed by my VAR ?

Bit of background
About one year ago I was forced to buy SolidWorks after using a pirated version of it (for giving lessons on SolidWorks yeah I should have known better)
We settled on repairing damages to their intellectual property by paying a SolidWorks licence and 2 years of update.

After looking the 3D experience offer I realized that there was no upfront cost of 6800€, only the yearly subscription. After contacting my VAR about that they denied that such an offer existed and said that the 3D experience offer did not contain SolidWorks even if you can clearly see on the bottom of the presentation page.

I'm 25 and thinking about continuing my studies in robotics (after 3 years as freelance mechanical designer) and the loan that i was forced to take is still burdening me.
Do you think I have rights to renegotiate the contact with them? or at least transform the 6800€ in 3 more years of updates ?
Before anyone ask my VAR is XDInnovation and except for this matter they have been nothing but helpful with me
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2022.01.25 07:34 beazuper19 RIC: Oggi vincerò io la sfida FRANCICCINA:

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2022.01.25 07:34 NewsElfForEnterprise How Covid has fuelled attacks on Czech doctors

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2022.01.25 07:34 Stock-Produce7801 3360 1459 6964 need new friend for field research

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2022.01.25 07:34 MoistlyCompetent Combat Patrol (Dark Angles): Which armament/equipment is best?

I just started with the hobby by painting the primaris marines from the starter box (recruit). Following the tips of my fellow redditors I gifted myself the Dark Angles Combat Patrol box. My problem is that I cannot decide which weapons to choose for my marines. Are there obvious choices or are there pros and cons? (with regards to the dreadnought I am planning to use magnets 🧲...if I find a good YouTube video that explains how to do that without damaging the model)
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2022.01.25 07:34 Arnadus The Beatles and John Lennon music history collection to be auctioned as NFTs

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2022.01.25 07:33 Truequesmty96 Amigos que opinan de las mujeres que acusan falsamente de violación/acoso, que opinan del poder que se les da simplemente por ser mujer?

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2022.01.25 07:33 sparkykelly New PSVR Games coming soon

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2022.01.25 07:33 Domewrite Scientists warn climate change could unleash ‘rivers in the sky’

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2022.01.25 07:33 jiyannareeka 210124 Minnie 'HWAA' Fancam @ Inkigayo

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2022.01.25 07:33 RituRatheeFapper ahh ritu ki gaand

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2022.01.25 07:33 wuanlai65 $BabyUni ⭐ 1️0 BNB marketing budget⭐ Anti-bot⭐ Anti-whale feature ⭐ Launching Now on BSC ⭐

This is BabyUni ($BABYU) token ♨️
We are the first BSC token with $UNI auto-claim feature.
4️% of every transaction will be rewarded back to every holder, while another 4️% will be burnt forever and 2️% will be added to our Liquidity.
Our smart contract has ♨️111PG Anti-bot code, coupled with ♨️ Anti-whale feature, please rest assured that bots will not have any place here. ♨️
⚙️We just started building our community.⚙️
We will grow organically with heavy marketing plans.
We have more than ⚙️1️0⚙️ BNB reserved for advertisement and marketing.
BabyUni will surely be the latest token in the Baby family to reach 10 million marketcap.
⚡ Hop in before it is too late⚡
⚽ Tokenomics⚽
✅Total Supply: 100,000,000 $BABYU
✅DEV Wallet: 5%
✅MKT Wallet: 5%
✅Initial LP: 1 $BNB - 900,000,000 $BABYU
⚽Token Distribution⚽
✅4% Burn
✅4% $UNI distribution to all holders
✅2% LP
⭐️Please buy only via Pancake Swap⭐️
✨Contract Address✨
✨Buy link✨

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2022.01.25 07:33 ich__bin__das Damn right!

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