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Hi guys, Introducing Garuda Co.

2022.01.24 07:29 Garuda_Co Hi guys, Introducing Garuda Co.

Hello, guys!
We just landed here on Algogems and we are about to land on Algogems on February 1st! We make Dinopods NFTs with collectionable characteristic, different species (the rare, the fewer the specimens synthetized!) Pods are phase unique, backgrounds are batch unique, theres a single golden specimen per specie.
Pods are capable of turning into adults, and in the instant that happens, we insert the adult into a system we call Lomen Island. Theres alot of parameters that the amount and specie of pods turned into adults will alter, like herbivore biomass, carnivore uphold, distribution of species of certain weight categories, etc. And also theres gonna be randomized events (we already have the probability equations for this) that will affect the Island: droughts, monsoon, plagues, etc.
We want to engage the community on this "game", and if the Island is stabilized, theres gonna be earns for the holders of the specimens in the system.
We are kind of far from the deployment of the Ecosystem feature, but everything is almost on place to make it. We even have a roadmap.
well, if you want to be part of this project, we would love to see you on our discord server, or following us on twitter, theres more info over there too.
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2022.01.24 07:29 Vicvicking11 Anyone pissed that esport olympics isn't a thing yet?

I was so pissed when Tokyo Olympics said they would add video games and we got this virtual series.
So I thought about it for 6 months now and decided we should do it ourselfs.
The idea would be to create an Elympics event on our own, only by voluntary work, by the gamers for the gamers.
This is why I need your help. I can't do it alone.
For the moment my objectif is to recrute Discord modorators to get it going over there. The next stage would be to start a marketing program to interest people in joining the project. We would then create dedicated teams for each game and advance on preparing an online event.
Now this is a highly complex task. Organisation and motivation will be key to its succes.
Therefore, if you are motivated and believe you can help this project, contact me on reddit.
(I will remind you we are looking for discord moderators for the moment)
I will keep you guys updated on our progres. I hope you believe in it as much as I do.
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2022.01.24 07:29 Dambo_Unchained Thank God for the YouTube 1 hour extended version

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2022.01.24 07:29 AlfieAndCharlie NarutoMemes

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2022.01.24 07:29 Agitated-Distance740 What is the most iconic loading elevator in gaming?

I don't know but every time I think of how many hours I spent stuck jumping on the spot etc a new game comes to mind.
Mass Effect maybe?
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2022.01.24 07:29 Whyguy12345678 Hi, I’m applying to Operations Management positions & EHS specialist positions. Would love feedback. I’m in my early career!

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2022.01.24 07:29 Kari_slash Travel with past covid

I tested positive for covid on New Year’s Day. I am due to travel to Singapore 2nd week of February am I likely to still test positive on my pcr? I am triple vaccinated.
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2022.01.24 07:29 trailer8k Married with Children al bundy is a winner

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2022.01.24 07:29 PloniAlmoni1 Eating to calories if not hungry

A few weeks ago I was complaining because for weeks on end I really wasn't feeling anything from the Ozempic and in fact felt more tired and hungry than usual.
Well 1 mg dose is starting to do the job because my hunger has gone way down to the point I have to remind myself at the end of the night to eat.
What is your personal philosophy/approach?

  1. Eat to calories/protein goals even if you aren't hungry because it's important to get the nutrients in
  2. Eat only if you are hungry even if it means you are eating far few calories. The feeling won't last forever so strike while the iron is hot.
  3. Follow something to a 5:2 diet, where some days are well below your budget but other days are above.
  4. Some other approach?
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2022.01.24 07:29 m00nbum $10 (Reg. $20) 5-Pc. Lipstick Set

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2022.01.24 07:29 KittyGamer1805 Isolation sucks. (many triggers, read at your own risk!)

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2022.01.24 07:29 Spongey444 Ep 119 - Fright Camp

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2022.01.24 07:29 soren3640 Looking for pixel art twitch graphics

newbie streamer here. Do u guys know where I can buy/commission pixel art stuff for my twitch stream?
Anime themed, if possible. Not too expensive either.
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2022.01.24 07:29 Yawinsome Ducted Heater noise - neighbour complaint

I couldn't find an appropriate sub, so if someone could help or point me in the right directions - awesome!
I'm trying to help my mum who is dealing with a neighbour who is complaining about the noise of her ducted heating unit at night. He says it's keeping him awake/waking him up. It's suddenly become an issue after 8 years. Anyway.....the unit is only 3 years old, serviced by three separate technicians who cannot find any fault.
One of the techs suggested we build some form of casing around the furnace to minimise the noise.... Any suggestions/comments on this? Safety concerns?
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2022.01.24 07:29 dharmic_punch Chad Sanatani Keshav Maharaj (South African Cricketer of Indian Origin)

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2022.01.24 07:29 Itchy-Concept-6083 Il " meme" non è qui sopra

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2022.01.24 07:29 _Walms Chest / rib pain when breathing

I'm 37m, 6"3 120kg, Caucasian. I've been having what feels like rib pain as I breath. I think I'm fine as can exercise and don't get short on breath. But every Google search tells me it's a heart attack.
It's been going on for about 3 days and not getting any worse. There is no likely injury. I'm pretty sedentary.
I'm overweight and unfit but otherwise healthy. I don't smoke or drink. Have been under a lot of stress and possible PTSD so could be in my head.
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2022.01.24 07:29 BiteYourTongues What does a crusty beak, puffed up sleeping on cage floor and black patches on bottom of feet mean?

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2022.01.24 07:29 1wolfell Bronco Raptor preview

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2022.01.24 07:29 Molten_yes549 Some aluminum casting I did last week

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2022.01.24 07:29 telex_bot Lázadó katonák: Elfogtuk Roch Marc Christian Kaboré burkinai elnököt

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2022.01.24 07:29 Cultural-Row-9124 این بده 😂🥲🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

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2022.01.24 07:29 harrisroberts Set reminder in one year

Is it possible to create a shortcut that will automatically add a reminder to visit xzy website in one year? Ideally the reminder would occur every year.
The use case is as a non-profit I'm interested in sharing this shortcut with iOS users after they donate so they can create a reminder on their phone to donate again in the future. Not finding an easy way to do this after playing around and wondering if a calendar event would be more useful/simple.
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2022.01.24 07:29 Sweet-Juggernaut-105 ScorpionFinance - $SCORPFIN | 10% Reflection Reward In $BNB | 2% Auto Buyback & Burn ScorpFin | 5% Reflection Reward In ScorpFin | Hyper-Deflationionary mechanism | 3% Auto Growing Liquidity | Whale Proof | Anti Bot and Dump | Audit by Interfi

ScorpFin encompasses the qualities of a secure self-hosted wallet, a DEX, a merchant payment network, Gaming, and a Defi farming and staking services aggregator within a single application.
5 ScorpFin DApps
ScorpFolio - this product aims to be the leading network for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking management, where users can overview and customize their wallet assets portfolio.
ScorPay - is a universal mobile app that allows users to buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies.
ScorpSwap - this product is a completely different type of exchange that's fully decentralized - meaning it is owned and operated by a single entity and uses a relatively new type of trading model called an automated liquidity protocol. This platform is built on the BSC network.
ScorpNFTracker & Market - this product represents a marketplace for buying, selling, and creating NFTs. It uses sales data of each NFT, thus, in turn, rewarding users with ScoprFin tokens.
ScorpGames - is a new type of game partially owned and operated by its Players. By owning ScorpNFTs, players have more chances of completing the stages and ultimately earn more rewards attached to each stage.
BUY : 0x475c8df9860e42605d9917f0a2e522cc861cbf82
Website: www dot scorpion-finance dot com
Twitter: ScorpionFinance
Telegram: ScorpFin
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2022.01.24 07:29 Oryxhasnonuts Please, what is a sleep aid that actually works?

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