I'm Not Afraid, I Don't Know What You're Talking About Outlast Ketamimi Twitch Clip

2022.01.17 21:58 egirlsstream I'm Not Afraid, I Don't Know What You're Talking About Outlast Ketamimi Twitch Clip

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2022.01.17 21:58 DCComicsPrimeEarth Do you like the approach Rocksteady took with gameplay?

Do you like the approach Rocksteady took with gameplay? I know some people wanted the combat to be free-flow like in the Arkham games. But, in my opinion, I don't see King Shark fighting like Batman with free-flow combat. It makes more sense they went this route because the Suicide Squad is more chaotic. If you have seen the movies, they take on a war approach to fighting. The Suicide Squad goes into war zones, so I understand the approach of the gunplay and multiplayer. But, what do you think?

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2022.01.17 21:58 GentlemanMax Do people in the US go to the hospital when they have a minor flu or cold like they often do in sitcoms?

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2022.01.17 21:58 G-Unit11111 Inanimate, huh? I'll show him inanimate!!!!

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2022.01.17 21:58 SGTKP25 I am fulfilled now

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2022.01.17 21:58 gem_3000 Gorgeous

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2022.01.17 21:58 Doctor_Crossing Every Time I Die - Thing with Feathers

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2022.01.17 21:58 Master_Juggernaut207 Mache Tributs

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2022.01.17 21:58 lsabellle PHYS 273 or PSYC 255 Elective?

I'm unsure of which elective is better to take. Although I find the content of PSYC 255 to be far more interesting, it looks like a lot of content which I'm not sure I think I'd have the motivation for.
I've heard that PHYS 273 is quite easy as long as some work is put into the course, and the format of the exams (multiple choice, short answer questions) is more appealing to me than a written report for PSYC 255. I don't particularly like the content as much, but I'm more willing to take a course that would help my GPA.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.17 21:58 nihopayega for folks using iphone, you are missing gree money

Android users get google play points when they buy gems. A 1500 gem purchase could give you around 80 dollars in points that you can buy again.
I dont see any benefit from iphone apart from the higher limit but the taxes are the same so no real benefit.
Dont miss it. Install the app on your family's or friends android phone & load the gems. Or get a cheap 50 dollar android phone and use it..
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2022.01.17 21:58 insectbaby Asking for help with identifying if this is a Murano Clown or not. Any help would be lovely :))

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2022.01.17 21:58 Michaelscott304 Why are “junior” cloud roles so hard to find? How can i brake into The field with out 3-5 years of experience?

I’m doing the Azure cert path, currently on my third cert. I’ve done all the MS learning paths , labs , have a practice Azure subscription etc . Problem is my job doesn’t use any cloud services, so I get no Practice there. Every cloud admin job I see posted wants 3-5 years experience and most even want devOps type experience (Ci/cd, containers etc). I’ve tried applying to a bunch and haven’t even gotten a call back (don’t think my resume is the problem.. had it reviewed). While I understand the basics of the “devops” stuff , it’s tough to REALLY practice on my computer. I’ve created Docker containers , deployed basic Things like NGiNX web servers , but people want experience doing that at an enterprise level which is hard to replicate at home.
I’m going onto month 3 unable to find a job (that will allow me to administer cloud services). Im fortunate that I’m already employed, but I’m getting a little bummed out that I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. If anyone could offer me any advice , I would greatly appreciate it
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2022.01.17 21:58 No_Balance3101 Scion FRS rev limiter

Just bought a 2013 used Scion FR-S from a Toyota dealership the other day and was curious about the rev limiter. I’ve seen many videos of people banging redline in neutral. When I was revving my car up it just bounces of 3k rpms. Was wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to be?
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2022.01.17 21:58 RedPacketSecurity Cobalt Stike Beacon Detected – 52[.]128[.]229[.]2:80

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2022.01.17 21:58 TorontoMans88 Cheapest place for travel PCR or rapid test

Title. Traveling soon
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2022.01.17 21:58 demevalos “Compression socks”

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2022.01.17 21:58 NoodleSolitaire What did I find in my mom’s garden?

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2022.01.17 21:58 vanessamrx How to find customers?

Last year I started my freelance for copywriting, content creation and social media marketing next to my marketing studies. However, I have difficulties finding new customers. Do you have any tips for me?
(I‘m located in Germany and can work internationally as well)
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2022.01.17 21:58 grassymango French village ww2

Hello again I was in france last year driving through and we heard from a frenchman about this tragedy in this village near by. It was so Erie due to how quiet and how preserved it had been left. When i was reading about it later on i was horrified about what happened there.
Here is the article
Thanks robbie
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2022.01.17 21:58 EscapeVelocity83 This Calathea from my local Fred Myers 🤩

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2022.01.17 21:58 YasnaMutmain16 Ask My English Language Arts Teacher To Round My Grade From A 79% To An 80%?

Hey guys, the semester is just about to end in my area. Final exams have been cancelled due to Covid, and my grade is stuck at 79%. We have two days of classes left, and they're basically free periods, meaning no more assignments, exams, etc. The course I'm taking is pretty difficult and I desperately want to get my mark up to an 80%, I was able to increase from 68% (Term 1) to 79% (currently), however, I want to get my mark to 80% REALLY REALLY BADLY.
Is there any way I could ask my teacher in a respectful, non-selfish manner to boost my mark through an extra assignment or her kindness? She is a pretty strict teacher, but I still wanna give it try.
Plz help ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)
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2022.01.17 21:58 jyo714 [LF] Bells, Mats [FT] 2.0 DIYs, Cataloging, and more free items

Hi, I'm looking for the following:

Willing to trade/sell the following below:
Thank you!
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2022.01.17 21:58 Spectre216 Serializing stories

This might be a broad question, but it is something I have been looking over as an interesting way to put my writing out there. I was just wondering how people serialize stories. I've seen people talk about Wattpad, I've briefly looked over some subreddits dedicated to serials, seen people setting up Patreons for it. What is the modern way to serialize stories? I have a few ideas I've been writing in between my regular novel-sized projects, and wanted to look at maybe serializing them and then publishing the completed volumes through KDP or something similar. Does anyone serialize directly through Kindle? Is it possible to monetize this, or would this be better off as a lead magnet to introduce yourself to readers? Does genre matter for something like this (looking to mainly write fantasy and weird westerns). Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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