How much should I pour per oz of toseina? First time getting acetithiol

2022.01.26 17:24 chieferkeeferr How much should I pour per oz of toseina? First time getting acetithiol

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2022.01.26 17:24 IamRNG This is not a complaint, but did anyone else feel the first two bosses of the final msq dungeon were the hardest dungeon bosses we've had in a long while?

Although, I think it's because proper positioning is much more important on those fights.
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2022.01.26 17:24 BayAreaGuy5 WSOP returns to the horseshoe...on the strip

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2022.01.26 17:24 EverydayyLivinggIman Follow me

Follow me on IG - @ imnbker
Youtube - everydaylivingwithiman - sub, like, and comment. Thanksss!!
TikTok - everydaylivingwithiman
Trying to grow my social media and I will follow back
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2022.01.26 17:24 Guitarupsidedown Actual value if a MIJ lawsuit era acoustic?

So I've got this old guitar. Here's some pics:
I didn't recognize the brand and couldn't find much on so I tried to sell it for $150 for a quick sale. I had 2 people contact me to tell me not to sell it for that price. The guy who actually came to my house to buy it backed on the deal because he said he'd feel bad and that I should take it off the market and look into a bit more. Nice guy.
So I did. Now, I believe this guitar is likely a vintage MIJ "lawsuit era" (due to the open-book headstock style) Gibson copy from around the mid-seventies. It's in fantastic condition, as can be seen from the pics and has beautiful mother of pearl inlay work throughout. . There is no soundhole sticker but in the one reference I could find to this exact guitar on an auction site, it had a sticker and it said Made In Japan. I've only been able to find a few reliable references to Shelby and I suspect it was a rare for-Canada brand of these lawsuit-era guitars, where they make em in one of a couple factories and them slap a different brand name on. I've read these are now quite sought-after for their craftmanship, vintage rarity and value compared to the originals they copied.
However, how much are they valued? I've seen similar guitars on this Reverb site, which I just learned about, and some of them are listed for $1000. Can that be accurate? I just can't see it.
I do have a buyer lined up for $500 and I feel fine about that. It's actually the same guy who wouldn't buy it the first time around.
Any thoughts on the value of great condition mid-70's MIJ lawsuit era acoustics?
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2022.01.26 17:24 Ok_Mud_2955 I thought this fit was nice 🥰

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2022.01.26 17:24 Double_Saucisse An awesome build. I love it

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2022.01.26 17:24 aebsnyt is it hard to get in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP, CERTIFICATE?

I am not in business school and also not a business major. Is it really competitive? It will be great if anyone can help me with it! Thank you!
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2022.01.26 17:24 YandrV Honestly, it's the explicit niche adds these sites are showing, that has me not going back , it ruins the mood.

Maybe it's because I'm Vanilla AF or old fashioned but these adds are out of control, to each their own, of course, but if there is any porn site reps here, Dial back, reign it in!
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2022.01.26 17:24 dlauer First Terminal Blog Post - Payment For Order Flow Should Be Banned

Hey everyone,
Our first Terminal blog post is up! Check it out, let us know what you think, and share it if you think it's worth it. Feel free to drop thoughts or questions in this thread and I'll try to respond.
Also, if you haven't already, sign-up for our beta wait list, and please spread the word on it with your referral code. We're so excited to show you what we've been working on, and to work together to make it better!
Thanks for your support!
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2022.01.26 17:24 SleepingOrchard SKIP to 1:22 for an ill-advised attempt to create a Volca FM orchestra. There's some strings, horns, a flute, a kinda spicy synth bass too. Oh there's an analog drum machine too, if anyone's into that kinda stuff lol.

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2022.01.26 17:24 lucas_concept [OC] anime top

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2022.01.26 17:24 RealKOTheFace How many items is too many?

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2022.01.26 17:24 KingOfHearts22 [FO4] Have I hit a mod limit? Or some kind of memory limit?

So first off yes I know there is a esl and esp limit, I do have mods like bakascrap and buff out 4 installed. I run loot all the time before launching my game, and I’m running a pretty heavy load order. I have creation club stuff installed along with regular mods which puts me at 429 plugins, but 351 mods.
I thought I hit a limit after installing a few more mods as the game started to crash at boot up. However after doing more testing I was able to get to the main menu but when I pick new game it crashes. And after even more testing strangely enough I could add more mods but the game seems really picky! I would go into the game one at a time adding esl and esp mods, and found they let me start a new game! But oddly some mods like a simple regular weapon mod like across Energy shotgun, or bigger mods like A forest would not let me start a new game. Even though I have added mods like new power armor and weapons mods that will let the game run fine.
I’m not really sure what could be the problem if my mods list is screwed or if it’s just a limit, but if anyone has a solution or any ideas what it could be I would appreciate the help.
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2022.01.26 17:24 jac5617 Minnesota Governor Puts Marijuana Legalization Funding In Budget Request

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2022.01.26 17:24 jhngalt [japanese-english] What's the translation and the correct romanji form of Kando?

I've been scrolling some of those glossary pages and they disagree about the translation and spelling in romaji of the word Kando.
What's the correct: Kando, Kandou or Kando? and what's the real translation?
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2022.01.26 17:24 Alex_anus Help with rig

Hello, I am planning on upgrading my current Logitech G29 with something better. I want to build it around steering wheel (Fanatec McLaren), was wondering what will be the best option in terms of base for wheel and pedals. Guys at store recommended Fanatec CSL DD, price is high, so is it that good or are there cheaper options with good enough quality. And don't even know which pedals to buy. I am not looking for the best, just better than Logitech G29, and good enough to not make me wish for more. Thanks in advance
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2022.01.26 17:24 jobsinanywhere Bitcoin Spikes to Intraday High as Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged

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2022.01.26 17:24 Valorion_ How long will it take for Fofana's price to drop like other cards?

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2022.01.26 17:24 SectorRevenge72 What is the official definition of the RPG genre?

I noticed people tossed the RPG genre around when it really shouldn’t in some games; So what is the actual definition/description of RPG’s? I always thought characters with leveling up progression, stats distribution, grinding habitats and some games has decision making were the norm.
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2022.01.26 17:24 Arnadus Crypto market up as US Fed leaves interest rates unchanged

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2022.01.26 17:24 LoiZozo34 Well... I found this lego at my toystore: 55 euros ! Im happy because this set are pretty rare

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2022.01.26 17:24 1ehxh By the way you owe us 25 pence

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2022.01.26 17:24 JamiroFan2000 "Feels Just Like It Should + Interview - Live @ Jonathan Ross 2005" (YouTube)

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2022.01.26 17:24 VegetativeOsmosis Got 16% in my math class

It was introductory math too😎😎
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