2022.01.29 09:52 yetanother-user-name Sazish

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2022.01.29 09:52 Appropriate-Level210 WaffleNFT: An Introduction

Waffle NFT : An Introduction What is an NFT?
One question I hear most when talking to friends and family about my passion is what is an NFT? Well short answer is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain.
Without diving into too much detail these NFTs can vary widely but the general areas can be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio.
So what is WaffleNFT?
Waffle NFT aims to revolutionize the standard NFT by providing a real-life use case for each holder. Anyone who holds a WaffleNFT would not only hold a piece of delicious digital art, they would also have a raffle ticket or a “Waffle ticket” bringing real world use-case to its holder.
What are we offering?
WaffleNFT is a project on the Solana network which has a total supply of 5000. After our minting has been closed we will launch our first phase of the project and introduce the daily raffles.
Our commitment to the daily raffles would be setting aside a full years worth of raffle funds from any other project development finances, meaning no matter what updates we decide to implement on our journey the daily raffle would still remain untouched.
Consistency is key for us and will be our point of difference, we will set a clear time in UTC each day for the raffle to take place and a set amount will be won each day, every day for the full year and will remain unchanged.
Once WaffleNFT is through the public minting stage all of the information regarding time, value and proof will be published.
After the user has successfully minted their NFT the Waffle will be shown within their chosen Solana wallet along with its metadata. Within this data each Waffle will be numbered between 1-5000 in correlation with our supply, this will be the users raffle ticket number.
What are benefits for Early Adopters?
As an early adopter, the user can benefit from a small discount if they make it onto our whitelist presale, however the real benefit would be being within the community longer.
This means that they would have more chance at winning a share in some huge giveaways we have planned along our journey including:

⁃ $2,000 Invite contest ⁃ Free WaffleNFTs ⁃ Competitions ⁃ Partner giveaways ⁃ & Much more 
The more active followers are on the Discord channel the higher the chances of winning these great benefits.
What does the future look like for WaffleNFT?
We have 4 phases or quarters to our roadmap which clearly shows the direction in which WaffleNFT plans to develop over 2022.
In our RoadMap we can see the introduction of weekly and monthly raffles offering potentially life changing money.
We can also see a website revamp and community voting on the WaffleCasino games, this would be the last thing to implement at the end of this year, however by far the biggest goal.
The WaffleCasino would have its own cryptocurrency and be integrated onto our website which would feature classic casino favourites.
The overall scope and use-case of WaffleNFT is clear and the members who manage to mint will be able to look forward to 365 days of excitement and engaging raffles and a full years worth of exciting updates and features.
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2022.01.29 09:52 SysAdminWannabe90 Trying to get into bossing as a new(ish) player, would appreciate some assistance

I now have 99 range, 99 defense, 99 constitution so I think it's time to get into bossing.
I have an Ascension crossbow + glaive offhand + full pernix armor.
Does anyone have a list of bosses I can do at this level? Perhaps someone that went through the same gearing process before the seren godbow etc and sirenic? Doesn't necessarily have to be "easy" bosses since I'll try and learn all of them, just geaskill capable.
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2022.01.29 09:52 BusStopRob PH testers: strips vs. digital

I recently moved and somehow a box of equipment has been lost. I suppose it’s a good time to update some equipment. Anyone have the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to PH testers? I have always used strips but I have never felt them to be very accurate.
My hydrometer was in that box as well…smh!
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2022.01.29 09:52 ViperEdHD 1st sales has been made. Do check out our 'The World Piece' collection. First 15 buyer recieve limited edition NFT + 1 limited edition merch NFT. Link is in comment

1st sales has been made. Do check out our 'The World Piece' collection. First 15 buyer recieve limited edition NFT + 1 limited edition merch NFT. Link is in comment submitted by ViperEdHD to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:52 Apo-El-Patron Quelle est pour vous la force fondamentale de l'univers qui vous fascine le plus ?

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2022.01.29 09:52 Affect_Puzzleheaded sürekli dizi izleyen tayfa tüm bölümlerini dublajlı ve sansürsüz nereden ulaşabilirim

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2022.01.29 09:52 noxxiious No freighter attack event spawning?

I've spent the past two hours warping between systems waiting for a freighter event to happen, i had my three hours of wait between the last time i did the event and since i started looking for another one. so i have almost definitely fulfilled the 5 warps and 3 hours requirements, is there another one i don't know about. i have been jumping around this area trying to get this one to spawn
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2022.01.29 09:52 eglanterya [FREE] Juice WRLD x Nick Mira Type Beat - "Ksubis"

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2022.01.29 09:52 Racist_FemboyV2 Ukraine crisis: Russian attack would be horrific, US warns

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2022.01.29 09:52 samlsho I was prescribed 200mg quetiapine IR at bedtime for my depression, anxiety and OCD. I did some internet search and many studies suggest taking quetiapine IR twice a day. Is it okay for me to take this drug once a day?

I was prescribed 200mg quetiapine IR at bedtime for my depression, anxiety and OCD. I did some internet search and many studies suggest taking quetiapine IR twice a day. Is it okay for me to take this drug once a day?
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2022.01.29 09:52 sevenpastzeero Question about Return to Arkham City skill points

Hello everyone. I just started playing Return to Arkham City and was wondering, what is the max exp per skill point? It start as 2000exp, and started to rise by 500 every skill point. Is there a limit? Or is it going to keep going up?
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2022.01.29 09:52 coindicators Daily Top Discord - Online

Daily Top Discord - Online Daily Top Discord - Online
$MOON +758
$SSS +498
$UMEE +395
$FNC +351
$JOKE +331 provides big data analysis based on multiple indicators for over 10.800 cryptocurrencies 🚀! Use our website to discover 🔥 and 📈 cryptocurrency!
More on Like and Retweet on Follow our Telegram group for more updates
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2022.01.29 09:52 Necessary_Flamingo72 Can someone tell me what chapter the anime is currently on?

I'm gonna start reading the manga cuz well uno watching the anime is the same as watching paint dry. Could someone tell me what chapter episode 1007 is please 😊👍🏽
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2022.01.29 09:52 Fireballcatcher was letzte tischört

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2022.01.29 09:52 Sharcho_fasmay no place for newbie😓😓

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2022.01.29 09:52 AppropriateTax7 Has anyone received the Laurel & reed January 2022 box? If so how is the D’still serum? I was just wondering if it is worth it bc I have a bunch of other products to use. This serum looks promising though! Thoughts?? Thank you!

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2022.01.29 09:52 EnvironmentalFun5394 Orchidopexy or orchipexy tear

I had an orchipexy surgery for the last 5 years. Has anyone had an orchipexy surgery here? I think I teared my left testicle to the scrotal wall and that made it to swell and had my erection weak. Has anyone experience this? Pls help. Thank you.
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2022.01.29 09:52 kokomadori Never ever have I seen Amberlynn ...

... with excess animal hair on her clothes.
I know she's allergic to the cats so she probably keeps her distance (she also physically can't pick them up). We've seen her somewhat 'cuddle' Twinkie a couple of times, she's also sitting a lot on the couch with her. Yet there's little to none of the light fur on AL's primarily dark clothes. If this was a 'Lintrollerlynn'-situation-type-deal she'd let us known about that quirky side of hers long ago. Maybe Twinkster doesn't shed much. Anyways, I'll remain skecptical and assume she ignores her pets and doesn't bond with them. Feel free to post prove that contradicts the above.
What have you never ever seen Amber do/ say on camera that you find sus?
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2022.01.29 09:52 crytoloover Earn $100 Daily By Using KuCoin Trading Bot | Daily Paisa Kaise Kamaye? | KuCoin Trading Bot Review

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2022.01.29 09:52 DragonManAndy [H] These items [W] Credits

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2022.01.29 09:52 Dapper_Depth518 I drew it today. I think I drew only after lunch except for dinner. Moving away from postcard-sized arches paper, I tried using 10x14 inches arches coldpress paper. I should make the shading softer.

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2022.01.29 09:52 LittleBel_Draws [FOR HIRE] February commissions open 4 slots! I make Semi realistic starting at 40$ and anime 25$ , more info below :)

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2022.01.29 09:52 NFT_DigitalArt NFT Airdrop, up this post and leave address in the comments [X-post from /r/opensea]

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2022.01.29 09:52 dizson How to live in this space? I'm going insane, i just want to live my life but people want me to get sucked in their world.

Im the youngest of 3 i was always treated like my words dont matter that i sort of dont exist and my opinion doesnt matter, still people/families seek my attention but when I try to be on the spotlight people attack me or they dont care, im so tired. i legit feel like i should give 0 fuck about other people.
It feels like people expect me to care about them and when I invest time they abuse my friendliness or take advantage of me.
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