Two balls

2022.01.27 05:43 LeoWeebK27 Two balls

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2022.01.27 05:43 iceflock [Rap] hollow - Cynical

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2022.01.27 05:43 TheLavenderMenaces Outed my feelings to a Guy I liked from College

Tonight was a celebration day since I’m an actor in Los Angeles and I went to go get a few drinks with my actor and writer friends who’ve accomplished some exciting stuff recently at a sit down bar. Naturally because I drank m a little bit I let some feelings slip about a friend from college to him over text. We’ve been talking a lot, snapchatting, and doing a lot of pseudo flirting. (Well, you know, as much as two people can do that live in different states). Essentially I said that it was embarrassing how much of a try hard I was towards him in college and how cute I thought he was. (he uncovered a few pictures of art I did for him in college.) I’m definitely angling towards that I incriminated my previous self and not my present self by what I said, but, well, what should I say when he responds in the morning if it’s not entirely positive? Should I be dismissive or just be honest that I was talking about my previous self and am not sure if those feelings are still there?
Thank you so much!
TLDR: Drunk texted a college love interest that I’ve been talking to a lot casually stating how I felt for him in college. How to approach conversation if he reacts in a negative light. (I really want to to keep him as a friend regardless of outcome.)
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2022.01.27 05:43 axialvisit8yt elllo there

im trading 2 billion psx gems for robux i use the common ratio offer away
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2022.01.27 05:43 viktorbir El policia que va agredir Jordi Borràs diu que ho va fer per motius ideològics

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2022.01.27 05:43 Mediocre_Crow_109 [TASK] MASS HIRING SPREE - For hard working VAs who have worked in the crypto space before.

Payment Structure
-Your first trial lasts a week - we will measure your work, qualitatively and quantitatively.
-Once we've concluded that you're suitable, we will move you on to the next trial.
-The second trial lasts a month - this one is more flexible than the first however we will closely take a look at your performance.
Bi-weekly payments (No Bonuses Included):

  1. You should expect full payment of 250 USD at the end of 2 weeks for the bi-weekly.
  2. If you perform significantly poor (-x per cent the amount you have been allocated) your pay will be cut for that day ~(by X per cent you performed).
  3. There is a 5-day working week - if you miss a day you can catch up on free-days
Monthly payments (Bonuses Included):
  1. Monthly payments include a bonus structure.
  2. Bonuses depend on the task (Sales/Outreach VAs will have different bonuses from content VAs - reference task doc for bonuses)
  3. Bonuses can range between $50-$500
  4. You will be paid $500 at the end of the month as well as any bonuses you earn(which, just like before also depends on how much of the task you've completed)
  5. Bi-Monthly - every 2 weeks you'll get paid $250
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2022.01.27 05:43 KarthikeyanOnline How Music NFTs Can Help Reduce Unjustified Copyright Strike Claims

How Music NFTs Can Help Reduce Unjustified Copyright Strike Claims
Any content creator who has been around on the internet for a while, be it a YouTuber or a streamer, is fully aware of the absolute nightmare it is to use music in their content. Whether they’re playing background music while they’re gaming, or adding depth and emotion to their video, one thing is for certain — a copyright strike is almost imminent.
These copyright strikes are often triggered by algorithms, most of the time cannot define the context in which they are used. As a result, they indiscriminately file a report on said video or individual; resulting in demonetization at best, and a ban at worst. This is currently one of the biggest banes of content creators worldwide, and progress towards a more sensible system is rather slow.
This is because the laws that we have today surrounding copyright and fair use are outdated, and since modern technology wasn’t taken into consideration upon their conception, are obsolete and problematic in today’s context. However, this doesn’t stop platforms and their respective algorithms and measures from enforcing strict content policies, as none of them wish to be the subject of a lawsuit from record labels and publishers.
The Solution? NFTs
The flexibility of NFTs allows them to convey various rights and privileges that are easy to access and identify thanks to the open nature of popular NFT blockchains. This immutable and non-fungible specificity that comes with each token can allow music owners to easily and clearly distribute their works and the rights that come with each NFT, and in turn, can allow creators to use them without the fear of wrongful repercussions.
The algorithms on the other hand can be programmed to access the blockchain, and by cross referencing NFTs and content creators’ wallets and their videos, can narrow their targets and ultimately avoid wrongful accusations towards innocent creators.
NFTs can take this a step further and make it such that only viewers who own a copy of the NFTs featured in the video can experience the material — completely removing the need of algorithms. This sort of system, if adopted on a wide enough basis, can result in a lucrative NFT lending market where owners can lend their NFTs to users for various content-related purposes.
Where Else Besides MozikNFT?
This is why MozikNFT has established itself at such an early stage, as it can become the go-to music and audio NFT marketplace to facilitate such trades and enable solutions to everyday problems like false copyright strikes. Users can already freely trade on the platform, but MozikNFT can scale and adapt according to the needs of the market, and if one thing is certain, there is a dire need of NFTs in the music space.
It may take a while to see these changes take place in the system, but the principles of adoption tell us that if the underlying technology offers a significant advantage in a competitive market, then mass adoption is inevitable — and just a matter of when.
Find more MozikNFT here:
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2022.01.27 05:43 chrs-- Live Timing Replay: Is it possible with F1 Android app and F1 TV Access?

Hello all,
I'm new to F1TV. Here is the question:
Live Timing Replay: Is it possible with F1 Android app and F1 TV Access?
Thanks :)
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2022.01.27 05:43 Dennisiztheman Do y'all prefer MADTV or SNL?

View Poll
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2022.01.27 05:43 Moto_Glitch Any molecular foodie people on here?

Toying with a candy idea but cant wrap my head around making it possible?
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2022.01.27 05:43 SprittneyBeers Still love my stock girl ❤️

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2022.01.27 05:43 Reasonable_Frame6791 Arturia Software Center on Win11

Hello. I've seen a message on the Arturia site about not upgrading to Windows 11, but have someone made it work maybe? Arturia Software center doesn't open, and I can't use any plugins 'cause it needs ASC to activate :( Have they announced any plans about win11 support?
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2022.01.27 05:43 DualCay0te Recently added this to the collection. Laserdisc set of the first five films.

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2022.01.27 05:43 DeveloperDifficulty Tayna / Taynën

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2022.01.27 05:43 sadFmd Whats up with these 10-15 minute youtube ads nowadays? does youtube really think anyone watches them?

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2022.01.27 05:43 ivorytowels Why made you realize how vain your partner / ex-partner is?

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2022.01.27 05:43 mynameisteki Regice Raid (First 10 to add)

0111 7997 4677
(Keep an eye on this post, I’ll keep it updated)
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2022.01.27 05:43 gloriousbinchicken Anyone else dealing with an abnormal amount of flies at the moment?

I live in a modern Sydney apartment that doesn't have fly screens (we have asked our landlord to install them but they have refused). Over the last few days we have had large numbers of flies come into our apartment - I estimate I'm killing over 20 a day. We keep our place clean...we don't leave food out or leave the bin overflowing. So the only thing I can think of is that they are coming from a neighbouring apartment or one flew in and has laid eggs somewhere. It's driving me mental!!!
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2022.01.27 05:43 zoro092345 Dm at manyakin natin to..

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2022.01.27 05:43 CheetahSperm18 Chatting over some Whiskey [Artist's Original]

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2022.01.27 05:43 ElectronicWulf LPT: If you ever feel the urge to get something out of your chest, no matter what it is, but aren't with people you know or are comfortable with, start with "Can I share with you something personal?"

That question is a strong signal that you want to get something out of your chest and helps them to be prepared to receive whatever it is. It also gives them a deserved chance to reject the petition if they don't feel comfortable with it without needing to share anything in between.
I've been in this situation a lot lately, due to feeling alone and realizing news while, for example, riding an Uber, and a lot of people are willing to hear you and even willing to accompany you.
This is not something for everyone, and hopefully you won't ever need this, but If you do, it helps leveling the waters emotionally for both you, and whoever is getting ready to listen you.
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2022.01.27 05:43 otherworldhunty This is how to become great at project zomboid right!

This is how to become great at project zomboid right!
Gators Suck! Use knives alot! (crowbars if all else fails!)
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2022.01.27 05:43 Royuxx Friend experiencing schizophrenic symptoms?

I was talking to a friend yesterday. It was just a lighthearted conversation until she mentioned that "there was something alive living under her desk". At first I thought it was just a rat until she started to describe what it looked like. "He has red feathers, yellow eyes and a lot of teeth. He's a lot taller than me- He's big and cramps himself into small spaces." btw, she said that this creature doesn't harm her. When I asked her to send me a picture, (we were talking online, she moved to a different country a few months back.) She sent a picture of under her desk saying that "He's usually just there". She keeps insisting that he's real after I told her that she might be seeing things, as this wasn't the first time that she told me that she was seeing/hearing things.
Are these signs that she has some kind of schizophrenic disorder? I'm really worried for her :( She is also diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, if that means anything. She also drew the terrifying looking creature, I would send it here if i could send images.
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2022.01.27 05:43 TORCHICPOKEMON Requesting r/portalhentai, banned for unknown reasons [NSFW]

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2022.01.27 05:43 Raeanne-ok Season 7 spoilers ⚠️

Was anyone else like super mad when Fiona said that Mickey would set a match to Ian “turning his life around”
Mickey helped Ian through his Bipolar. Went on doctors trips, got him to talk his meds. We can all agree before that Mickey wasn’t much of a care giver but he turned into a care taker for Ian.
And look at Fiona, she guilt tripped Ian saying things like “that’s a full on Monica move” or “Debbie feels like it’s all her fault”
So realistically Mickey seemed to care for Ian more than Fiona did
(Just an opinion please don’t come after me)
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