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Kurdish people protesting for independence from the Iraqi regime.

2022.01.17 00:59 joshfry5 Kurdish people protesting for independence from the Iraqi regime.

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2022.01.17 00:59 ramrajv Some of My girl friends argue that they would never consciously bring another girl into this cruel misogynistic world, what arguments are there against such a view?

They have concluded this from the following points: 1. Except being lucky, it appears the majority of women even in developed countries still experience at least sexual harassment if not sexual assault. 2. Most of them know (if not themselves experienced) major sexual assault victims, and estimate the real number to be 1/3 if not higher. Some surveys do seem to confirm that this is not just anecdotal. 3. Even without harassment or assault, women have a high propensity to have debilitating life long pain (menstrual, endometriosis, migraines) that demonstrably cause a more painful life for “most” of them compared to most men. 4. Constant misogyny and societal pressure on how to be a woman and the fight or acceptance of this takes a toll on them and their happiness. 5. Both external and internal pressure to have children which affects your health, psyche and your career.
I am honestly unable to argue much, it looks like this touches on things like the non identity problem and antinatalism but I’m struggling with how to reconcile their conclusion that half the population would be better off not existing. Is there academic rigorous discussion on the purpose of existence with relevance to the suffering of the female gender?
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2022.01.17 00:59 janethmeow Is this normal?

I'm a FTM and today I woke up feeling like complete shit. I'm currently 7w 4d and my symptoms this morning included lower back, buttox, and thigh pain. I also woke up with mild cramping in my uterus section and have a severe migraine. It's been almost 12 hours already and I'm still not feeling good. Is this normal? I'm feeling like I should go to the doctor tomorrow.
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2022.01.17 00:59 maybeitsvasline Sorry

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2022.01.17 00:59 Hickelypickelybitch Hello, I've currently taken on the topic of 'Issues transgender youth face' for my final exam and was wondering if I can get some info from the community itself. Thank you

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2022.01.17 00:59 Tasty_Lie_6687 New comer here with my new tea set.

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2022.01.17 00:59 RBDrake Beer Tourist Hotel Recommendation?

I'm spending a couple nights in town later this month. What hotels would you guys recommend that are walking distance from some awesome breweries and beer bars? Thanks!
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2022.01.17 00:59 gearhead251 does breath and strength gain exp at the same time?

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2022.01.17 00:59 powderski84 Discovered some yellowish goo on top of my chimney. Any ideas?

After several weeks of using the wood stove, I was curious about any build up on the top of my flue and the chimney cap. Pulled out a ladder and climbed up to discover a few blobs of yellowish goo. What is this stuff?
Context - exterior chimney - original poured cement flue and then had a stainless steel insulated liner installed - has a chimney cap - Heartstone GM 60; new as of last year - burning dry seasoned wood <20 on the moisture meter - burn fires pretty hot with the cat engaged - it’s been very cold recently with several nights below zero.
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2022.01.17 00:59 Fragrant-Version-438 Fisker ocean referral code : YUWWEY ..

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2022.01.17 00:59 jnieves1001 Here we are day 10 in the fight for "Double Dusted" Doritos lol... Thanks to u/DoktorHuxtble 👍🏼

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2022.01.17 00:59 Rugged_Bat_Wing I can’t describe my level of frustration. I even tried contacting support but they have some type of glitch or something on their site. I am livid

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2022.01.17 00:59 TheFilthyWhisker I’m going to update the Sims overlay! Looking for community suggestions

Things I’m going to add already: - 2.7k simoleons - bringing Alina down in the frame
Love to hear what other people would want to add!
With love,
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2022.01.17 00:59 Royatkins Ozark Autumn

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2022.01.17 00:59 penguin10293 [PF] [H]: January Champs + DebateUS + VBI + SBB + 10 Aff Cases + 10 Neg Cases + 500 page cards/blocks/interps file + 300 page blockfile + RTR Blocks, February DebateUS + 50 page cards/arguments file [W]: venmo/paypal, feb prep

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2022.01.17 00:59 scoutnp Why doesn’t Pyra?

Why doesn’t Pyra hate Mythra? It seems like there would be some serious malice directed towards Mythra from Pyra, given that she was created as an escape from facing the consequences of her actions.
In Xenogears, as a result of undergoing torture from his own mother, Fei creates Id as an escape from the agonizing pain. As a result of this, Id gains a deep hatred for humans, especially Fei.
It seems like Pyra would develop a similar hatred, having the sinking of three titans blamed on her, as well as countless attempts to destroy her with that almost succeeding a few times.
I’m not trying to say that it’s poor writing or anything, I honestly wanted to generate discussion because it always sat in the back of my mind. I don’t really even want an answer to the question but I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it.
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2022.01.17 00:59 Saberen What is "sum of squares" and why is it used so often?

I've done several statistics courses in university and I'm starting to wonder why or what "sum of squares" is used for in tests like linear regression. What is particular useful about the "sum of squares"?
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2022.01.17 00:59 SeulLovely Why is suicide seen as a bad thing?

More specifically, why is death seen as a bad thing? I've always found the idea of it peaceful and beautiful. Finally letting go of the all stress and anxiety of the mortal world, and floating in dark matter for eternity, unconscious, yet so serene.
I understand suicide takes loved ones away from us, and it's sad, but isn't it selfish to force someone so tired to keep living for the sake of our own pleasure?
Why can't we just say goodbye, and let them go peacefully and painlessly?
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2022.01.17 00:59 crytoloover How to Buy BitcoinBR (BTCBR) Token Using Poocoin On Trust Wallet OR MetaMask Wallet

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2022.01.17 00:59 Sushisushiyumyum zozawrld - "Grace"

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2022.01.17 00:59 injail-butoutsoon Have you ever had a crush on a coworker? How did you handle it?

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2022.01.17 00:59 Aimeiligelpolish AIMEILI Nail Art Designs - 20220117

AIMEILI Nail Art Designs - 20220117 Nail art designs deserve to try in 2022! Be inspired by all these gorgeous designs from our customers, you will definitely find one favorite kind to try!

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2022.01.17 00:59 SubstantialKale9190 Microgen Results

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2022.01.17 00:59 gymlabrat A biped with his quadruped

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2022.01.17 00:59 Starfire-Galaxy Eminem - Not Afraid

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