are you okay?

2022.01.24 07:25 xadxtya are you okay?

i see a lot of vent and rant posts, i hope you all are okay :)
personally i’m going through some things too and it’s okay to be sad
if you ever need someone though you can always reach out to your friends and family, spend some time with them away from the internet or talk to me too (i’m here most of the time)
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2022.01.24 07:25 Primary-Raccoon-9499 Just Upvote and Drop Address ⛄🎄

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2022.01.24 07:25 PC-WELT Nvidia erhöht Preise für RTX 3000 FE um bis zu 100 Euro

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2022.01.24 07:25 Peagamer13 Im thinking of making an arg so heres the first clue

lights out, gun shots, In a house party of drunk patrons
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2022.01.24 07:25 confusedmess120 Shaved legs are awesome.

Just shaved my legs and it feels amazing!
Byebye stupid hairy legs! 😀
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2022.01.24 07:25 wendzzz78 Can I stop after 7 days?

I’ve been taking lamictal for a week now but I’ve been getting rapid heartbeat for the last two days at night and it’s been waking me up, I wake up super scared and very anxious, it goes away but it’s just so scary I don’t think I can do this anymore, should I stop? And if I do, would it be okay to do so? I’ve only been taking 25 mg for 7 days, along with Prozac 20 mg so I’m not sure what’s causing it, I’m pretty sensitive to meds, I’m seeing my Dr in two days and I know he’s gonna ask me to increase to 50 mg and honestly idk if it’s a good idea
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2022.01.24 07:25 Anarcho_Humanist Setting the context for the Anglo-Supremacist AUKUS pact

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2022.01.24 07:25 J0dlerx0 Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | DEX Live on | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Organic Grow | Low Market Cap | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | $LAB | Don’t miss this rocket🚀

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The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
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2022.01.24 07:25 Roleplay_Emelie [NSFW][F4M] A woman meeting much older men on her vacation! (light hearted roleplay)

Post is still open! Please read the whole post!
Hey there!
Today, I'm looking to play a roleplay focusing on the large age gap between a younger woman and a much older man!
This scenario will be taking place at a sunny vacation resort with long beaches, palm trees and of course a cozy hotel! The roleplay itself will take place in the hotel itself where our characters can meet up at the small pool area bar, the restaurant on the ground floor, or when out for a walk close by. I do prefer it to not be a beach scenario, as I like the characters to be a bit more clothed at first, to not show off too much from the start!
She'll be a young woman, aged 20-25 years old, a somewhat regular college girl who managed to get away on a vacation this year, traveling alone. This gives her all the freedom she wants, no other people to schedule her vacation around. This also gives her the freedom to test out a couple of things she would most likely be judged for with her friends around, which is meeting up and have sex with men waaay older than her! It's been something she's been wanting to try out for a while, but haven't had a good chance to do it discretely in her home town.
As for her personality, she'll be rather casual and easy going, not looking for any big romance, or any wild mindless sex, she just wants to have fun, hang ut with an old man, get to test out what sex is like with that age contrast and body contrast as well. When it comes to her looks, I like to discuss that when we're setting the roleplay up, though I like her to be a more everyday looking girl, rather than some model or porn star
Him on the other side, is also a rather regular person, a bit older at 65-75 years old. He's on his yearly vacation with his old wife as they enjoy the smaller slower resorts, not much happening so they can really enjoy the weather and relax. As for his body, he's got a regular dad bod with a little bit of belly etc, but nothing extreme in any way there. The cock would be of normal size as well, maybe a bit of a grower in his old age! As for his personality, I like him to be kind of open minded and relaxed as well. He's happily married, but won't turn down the chance to spice things out a little bit on a vacation, especially with a younger woman, and as long as his wife don't find out.
As for the scenario itself, I like them running into each other spontaneously. His wife could be a bit tired and head off to their room to get some rest, leaving him able to chat with her discretely. A good place to start could be her sitting down at the bar relaxing when he arrives there as well, and they start to talk from there. I'd love this to not be rushed, with some build up etc, rather than them jumping straight into fucking. If both are casual enough, they could talk about sex in an open way, and decide to try some things out as well at her room after that. I'm open for other ideas as well, but I prefer this kind of normal way to meet up!
As most roleplays includes a lot of flirting and the characters playing games, using inuendos etc, I'd like to not do that for this roleplay, as I love them to be able to talk openly and honestly about this, not needing to play around or flirting. During the sex, I also like this to continue, making them have some fun and chat etc, just so it's not mindless fucking. I've been in a lot of roleplays where the characters are having fun, and then suddenly when the sex starts, they lose all their personality and it's just wild moaning and humping. I don't want that in this roleplay, as I think their interaction shouldn't get lost when the sex starts :)
Overall, I like this roleplay to be fun and light hearted, leaving out dark or abusive themes.

So, I hope you like the idea for this roleplay and the theme! I only roleplay this in Reddit Pm:s though, so please don't use the chat and don't suggest other mediums to play in. I'm also looking for more detailed roleplayers for this, and don't require walls of text, but please no one liner responses or very low effort ones.
To make it a bit easier to see what you're into and your thoughts for this roleplay, please send the response and answer the following questions in the initial response:
That should be about it! Again, answer th questions above in your initial response, as it helps me a lot to see fromt he start what you're into and open for. While I like to chat with people, it gets very messy if I've got to go through introductions with a lot of people just to find out whether we're looking for the same thing, plus, it's really good to have it all in one place and easy to find if I need to check back on the kinks and thoughts during the roleplay.
As phone app users seem to often have problems finidng the PM:s and often use the chat anyway, please use this link to send a PM to me.
Hope to hear from you!
Love, Emelie
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2022.01.24 07:25 Stonimahoni How to get rid of blurriness in Hitman 3 VR and make it like 4k beautifu...

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2022.01.24 07:24 Navodaya-Times रामायण के बाद ट्रेन से आईआरसीटीसी करवाएगी दिव्य काशी यात्रा

रामायण के बाद ट्रेन से आईआरसीटीसी करवाएगी दिव्य काशी यात्रा submitted by Navodaya-Times to navodayatimes_news [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 07:24 leon0677 Customizing the Career Mode Calendar

Hi guys,
So I'm new to AO2, having not played a tennis game since the old PS3 days. I did a little research, and one of the main reasons I decided to go with AO2 over TWT2 is because of the level of customisation. I've managed to download a bunch of different players and venues, and whilst I know how to use a custom roster of players in career mode, I'm not entirely sure how to go about creating a custom calendar full of real-life tournaments.
If anyone could give me some instructions, or point me in the direction of a video that would walk me through it, I'd really appreciate it!
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2022.01.24 07:24 Moon4503 Wtf

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2022.01.24 07:24 BatDave03 Aussie Fan Request!

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2022.01.24 07:24 ViktorVasilyev12 test

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2022.01.24 07:24 IlBarcodelI need help removing cable

How do i remove these wires? I dont want to break anything lol. im trying to replace my 120mm addressable rgb liquid cooling system. its the top right cable.
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2022.01.24 07:24 iccaecumsa ✨ApexMoonBSC | Launching Now | Hold ApexMoonBSC and receive reward in ADA (Cardano).✨

✨✨✨ ApexMoonBSC✨✨✨
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What is ApexMoonBSC?
ApexMoonBSC is a token operating under Binance Smart Chain and diamond holders are rewarded in ADA (Cardano).
Why rewards ADA (Cardano)? Cardano is a token that is rising in price and is promising long term.
Why you should invest in ApexMoonBSC?
ApexMoonBSC not only rewards you with ADA but the token has a usecase. It is the only currency accepted in our marketplace.
Yes! That means you can now spend your ApexMoonBSC token in our marketplace.
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Launching now on Pancakeswap
👀 Coinlistings, shilling contest, and giveaways after launch
🟢 Contract: 0xd4e2a08633d333efe451599f2beb95285d7c4925
🟢 Buy Now:
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2022.01.24 07:24 rebeccamishra Seeking advice on my covid dating story 2022

I am introduced to a new person in my college that i knew previously only by face and name but hadn’t ever talked to. He’s cute and doesn’t talk a lot which i like but he’s in a 4+ year relationship so i admire from afar with no plans of doing anything (duh).
Cut to- they break up. Within a month of me meeting him. I was feeling bad for them but then i find out he had cheated on her 4 times out of which she only knew about 1. I tell myself it wasn’t a good relationship then and i stop feeling bad on their behalf.
BUT now the guy i had a lil crush on is single after 4.5 years. I have to use the opportunity but im also afraid of being the rebound. So i tell myself let’s allow him to move on and then i can pursue him. While this is going on, he does a lil joke/prank thing where he asks me out. It’s a trap, my friends are in on it and i can tell by their faces he’s toying w me. (altho he was trying to see how i would react hiding behind the pretence of a joke)
Nothing happens for a while except for us getting to know each other a lil better; simultaneously he’s also having a hard time with the breakup since his ex immediately got into another relationship happily and a cheater just hates having the same thing done to em right.
One day (about a month after the breakup) i grow impatient and ask him out on a date. he says yes. we go. the date was a little bland conversation wise but eventful since we got caught in the rain and kissed in the rain too. watched a movie later on and just slept in the same bed.
Next day i have to leave for home because college shifted to online. i hug him bye not knowing what’s the protocol now.
We’d just been on one date and then i came home, so were we to keep talking on text so that there IS a second date, or is it ruined and we just pick up the pieces and leave.
For my part i try to hold a conversation, i reply fast which is not my forte, i drag the entire dry ass conversation on my back, basically i try to have a conversation and he doesn’t. i get pissed for how difficult is it, to just talk, about things. we do it with friends and i was a friend first too.
There is the occasional flirting but then i find out (something i wouldn’t have liked to know but since we share a common friend circle i find out through them) he’s going on other dates with people on dating apps.
There is no chance for us if i’m suddenly a virtual reality only and he’s considering other people. i stop dragging the conversation and it comes to an end.
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2022.01.24 07:24 kkingfisherr Samsung Galaxy S22 EU prices are leaked: The base model of S22 Ultra has less RAM than its predecessor

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2022.01.24 07:24 DONJOX_14 Obama is that you?

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2022.01.24 07:24 Lily_Daemon [FOR HIRE] Commissions start from $16. All the info needed is on the last image. [Artist]

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2022.01.24 07:24 shanabailey Dogebos X1 48V 10.4Ah 750W 20 Inch Electric Bicycle [EU] for 1079.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $1119.99) [EUROPE]

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2022.01.24 07:24 enricobalestra [QC] Louis Vuitton t-shirt from Ly

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2022.01.24 07:24 ConclusionUnlucky867 Had my first tasting with a friend :) - Beginner review

Had my first tasting with a friend :) - Beginner review
I started getting into drinking whiskey a few months ago. I always liked Jack Daniels compared to other spirits so i tought lets give whiskey a trie. I learned via YouTube by channels like the Whiskey Vault. I started myself of with a bottle of Smokey Grouse and Johnnie Walker Black. The first of the latter was drained down the toilet rather quickly. Even as a mixer, it just ruined my Coke. The JWB was alright so i got more invested. Picked myself an Aberlour 12 and learned about regions and age statements. After that i turned for a few bourbons like Elijah Craig and Buffalo Trace, i enjoyed the picking out and the history of the brands. I enjoyed some Nikka believing this was some extraoirdinary witchcraft from Japan.
So weeks pass by and I see an IG story of my friend drinking a glorious bottle of GlenDronach 21 (at the time i just saw brown liquor and said: hey, do you enjoy whiskey as well? I proudly showed my 7 bottles of as if fit was an contest. As a return i got a picture of close to 200 bottles and an invite for a tasting at his house.
So here we are: a beginner enthousiast and a friend willing to share his water of life.
We went to his 'store for own consumption' it seemed to me. There were too many to choose from so he askes me what brands i would like to try. I had just learned of Islay and asked if he could pick 3 bottles from the region and suprise met with the other 3.
Before i will give review of each a disclaimer. Our theory was that firstly I would try to pick out the nose, but a lot of this is him telling me something and me picking up on it. Since then i bought some new bottles myself :)
1 Balvenie Carribean Cask 14 - This was our first and the best whisky and scotch i ever tried. Way better than my firsts, like the Smokey Grouse (but i should ask the toilet for a second opinion)
Lots of fruits, lovely vanilla and a definite taste of rum.
7.9/10 for me in hinsight (first impression was an 8,5 but we had some better bottles than my JWB after this)
2 GlenAllachie 2004 PX - reminded me of a sherry, turns out PX is sherry, lots of fruits, bit dry on the tongue as a finish i noticed
3 GlenDronach 18 Allardice - it just clicked for me, this was the first adult drink that just is like: wow. So many long lasting flavours as if a Scottisch God was pouring fruits in my system. Lots of cherry we tought. Just an awesome bottle, but a bit expensive for me
4 Port Charlotte 10
First Islay rigth here: i finally enjoyed some smoke in this bottle, a bit oily and some liqourice, tasted like seaweed as well and like see. Definetely a first. So interesting how a drink can taste like this.
5 Ardbeg Corryvrecken
HALLELUJAH! This was so good, so interesteing, so refreshing ans tasing weirdly awesom. A taste of earth, seaweed, fruits, seawater, salt, the salt was sticking om some parts of my tongue and i tasted turg. Just an awesome bottle to me at least.
Would love to pick up my own soon
8.6/10 (it tasted weird but so interesting, an experience in a bottle)
6 Octomore 11.1
I'll be honest after 5 drinks my tasting was gone a bit and i just enjoyed my drink. It was a high percentage i think and there was some turf and lots of sigar and smoke. Even tough i don't smoke i know how it tastes now.
I loved this: the drinking, the tasting and writing this down for you. I know im new to this. But I really enjoyed this and will probably keep doing this for a while. Let me know if you know a good NFT to buy so i can afford some more bottles ;)
Have a good one!
Oh i bought myself Laphroaig Quarter Cask and an Aberlour A'Bundah Batch 69 at his suggestion. And let me know if you have any tips in regards to my writing or notes (My English is just based on Netflix series)
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2022.01.24 07:24 Various_Net_8031 Clearly out of touch with many people’s reality’s and has never had to deal with a landlord

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