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I have uploaded my First yt video😍 i hope you don't hate me 🤪😅... have fun yall🥰

2022.01.17 22:30 Electronic-Track-566 I have uploaded my First yt video😍 i hope you don't hate me 🤪😅... have fun yall🥰

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2022.01.17 22:30 wedorff Box Score

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2022.01.17 22:30 PersiaLourdes Hiya ❤️

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2022.01.17 22:30 ZoobBot 201236

This is the 201236th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.17 22:30 Sicoth generalized build advice

Greetings. Im looking for perk advice for a Highly generalized Luck/Agi/Int build. I've been running around with a lot of luck and charisma and its been pretty cool not to have to repair much or worry about ammo. And ive been flushed with caps.
I want to focus it alittle more away from charisma possible ( only level 33 currently ) and be flexible. Meaning any gun is the right gun. More VATS focus would be good too. But I dont want to specialize in any one weapon type.
So the questions,

  1. What are the absolutely must have perks ( such as starched genes ) meaning, perks that are so awsome i would be a fool to skip them. Legendary cards included please.
  2. What have you found to be total garbage? I picked up fortune finder at one point, I find its totally useless and the time spent looking for a cap stash if you even notice its sound is better spent looting another assault rifle.
  3. Quality of life. I found luck of the draw and lucky break to save me tons of time and mats. But I'm on the fence about which weight reduction perks are the way to go. I currently have Pharma Farma 2 and Traveling pharmacy 1, thru hiker 1 and pack rat 1. But I'm not sure if I would get better returns on reducing armor weight or somthing else via perks. Scrounger seems to keep me good on ammo
  4. The fun. I picked up mysterious stranger 1. With 13 luck he seemed pretty useless. I also run party boy snd happy go luck and they seem nifty but not necessarily great. What are some fun cards that don't feel like a waste of space?
Naturally, I exclude all crafting cards from this list. Since they can of course be changed out as needed.
Again I'd like to be able to theoretically use most guns on a whim without worrying about specializing.
Thanks for any advice offered
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2022.01.17 22:30 CKEGaming44 I have a question as an near 3k hour Siege player for all and especially the other long siege players.

Ive quitted the game now half a year ago because i tjought Ubi were doing some changes i did not consider very intelligent or quite good for the game. So my thought was better quit at this point there it still was kinda fun to play and leave the game in nearly only good memories. Still i was following this subs to keep up to date. After many posts ive seen in the last months it seemed for me that i was quite right with my suggestions of Ubi dribing this game now directly into the wall.
-more hackers and toxic players than ever (especially tks, etc) -many new and most importantly annoying glitches and bugs ive never seen before (being banned from multiplayer for 100000+ hours or being removed due to afking while actively playing to say some of them by the name) -typically Ubisoft reaction of including more "features" than fixing old ones - "fixing" or renovating the hud etc ( wich i think looks horrible, but taste is different)
But lately i had the urge to play it again. Because i hadnt found a good replacement for it yet. Tried Ready or not wich is infact a cool game but still early acces and not the kind of Tactical multiplayer im searching. Would have tried Escape from Tarkov because i love scavenging survival but the privöce combined with the early access aspect is not very Tempting. Operation Thunder was quite nice but is still not a competetive multiplayer tactic shooter and its top down and not ego. Just found a game called Due Process who looks good and want to try it later with my old squad mates.
But long Story short... My question is, is R6 still enjoyable and playable or would you recommend to move on? I was a pretty good leader and player during my time in siege. Had round a bout 2 600 hours of gameplay and were where since the beginning of the Game and loved it instantly. But also hated the downfall of it over the years. With it more and more being transformed from tactical shooter to an ordinary pushing and peeking shooter with a more and more growing toxic community eho kills you because yoz reinforce a wall they didnt want you to reinforce ( over the time i had more and more frustration and aggressions in the game while playing it because of this kind of bullshit, that was one big reason why i quitted it ) ... yada-yada anyways...
Dont wanna break down a discussion with anybody how i see the points and other and if im right or wrong etc
just wanted to point out my point of view so that anybody understands why im asking the question of:
Is it still worth a try or not?
So anybody knows my point of view and can suggest if or if not it is still a good game to play with friends and have a great time.
(And i think i know the answer quite well that it is the question of my playing full squad of mates who i can trust and the luck of fortuna to not give us total morons and assholes as enemys than it is still a good game if you have also luck that nothing crashes or bugs out etc)
PS: Sorry for this long Post and most likely my bad englisch but its 2:30 in the morning at my place, im really tired and overthinking many things the last days and i wanted to make my point understandable for as much people as possible
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2022.01.17 22:30 NZdad The Termus exhibit is well worth your time

If anyone looking for something to do I'd thoroughly recommend heading to the terminus exhibit at the art museumterminus exhibit at the art museum
Open till march its a combination of virtual art, quilts and really cool posters. My family and I have been 3 times and will need to go back again to see the rest.
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2022.01.17 22:30 pottelen Hi. Does anyone have a tangerine/mandarin mature tree in the ground that is producing?

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2022.01.17 22:30 Ghero69 Does anyone know of any good resources to home brew an entirely new continent?

Title says it all. I’m wanting to home brew a new continent and make a map to hand out to players so it’s easier to keep track of things.
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2022.01.17 22:30 thoway7 Brian Heidik

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2022.01.17 22:30 DoneWithTheStress MAPI over HTTP cutover and SSL issues

I attempted to cut over my organization's single exchange 2013 server to go with mapi over http. After I made the organizational change all Outlook clients received and error that the certificate name does not mactch the certificate. (It was connecting to the internal URI of, where for ease others had all been configured as
External connectivity via OWA works fine, just the SSL name mismatch was causing Outlook internally to not work.
I have configured the internalurl of the mapi virtual directory to point to, but outlook still is getting the internal name resolution.
When I disable mapi over http for the orginization, everything works normally.
What did I miss?
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2022.01.17 22:30 ihateandy2 Saw this lady standing in line. I said "nice mask" assuming her grandson got it for her and she has no idea what it is. She replied "I know. Enter the Wu is the greatest album ever" 🤯🥰🤗

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2022.01.17 22:30 Squirrel_Shusher39 Jellybean Zero to Hero

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2022.01.17 22:30 adtr2092 This is the way

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2022.01.17 22:30 Indiana_Warhorse Advice For Wiring A Uni-Match

Hi all, my first post to SteamHeat. I live in an 1888 Folk Victorian that has single ended steam heat. I have a Burnham Independence Boiler, new in 2018 that was installed rather hap-hazardly. The installer used the old McDonnel & Miller 67 LWCO and Uni-Match. It has a small case nearby that acts as a reservior of sorts. Bear with me, I'm a great tech but Steam Heat is not in my wheelhouse.
When we first moved in during the fall of 2018, we had the boiler flooding the basement on a regular basis. The issue was the switch for the LWCO sticking in what I'm guessing the "Fill" position, as if the boiler was low on water. I will add the Fill valve has only two wires running to it, not three.
Our boiler tech, who's not that great, diagnosed the switch on the M&M 67 was bad so we replaced that. Things were good for a bit until the Uni-Match decided to act up, not filling. The tech messed with it, disconnected the fill altogether, stating the board was bad but he got it going again so we have been manually filling which is becoming a nuisance. What he had rigged at one point was the the two wires connected directly to the solenoid on the fill valve board so everytime the system wanted water, the small pump would run and the fill would run, eventually flooding the ysstem and the basement floor. Thank god I have a sump pump.
When the float in the LWCO calls for water, it is commanding that little ump on the reservior to add water and at the same time, the two wires to the fill valve have 25VAC on them. The old fill valve was somehow only using two wires to function but our tech has them both disconnected right now and I never observed where they were landed to.
I have a new Uni-Match WFE-24V but none of the wiring schematics seem to jive with what I have. What I want to know is, can I use the 25VAC to run the solenoid through the board on the feeder, choosing the #2 selection, 60 second delay, then 60 second fill, five sysles total, stops when the system is satisfied? The feeder had W, N & H terminals. Will it work wired up with just the W & N? I suppose since the voltage is AC, polarity is not an issue?
I know I may have left out some information, the reason it uses water like nobody's business is this; some "Tech" or handyman installed a radiator in the master bedroom that was originally for a double-ended system. On the "Out" end at the top of the radiator, it has a honeywell adjustable temp thermostat of some sort and a tube pointing down that has enough clearance to put a small bucket under it. It's venting a gallon of steam/water in less than two days time. It also doesn't have a steam check or a place to put one like the other twwelve radiators.
Sorry this is long winded but this is driving me insane, having to keep filling the damned thing. Any and all help will be appreciated.
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2022.01.17 22:30 Frostednutty Laid back

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2022.01.17 22:30 supermutantconcubine [PS4] H: Well rolled guns/armor. Q25f15rl and TS50c15rl Fixers. TS50c90 and Ari/Ex/90 Railways. TSFFRFR Mini. Uny/Ap Armor W: BFFR90 Gatling Gun. AA/50c/90 Dragon (228). AA/50c/1P Crossbow. Outfits. Wishlist.

Good day!
I'm offering some good trades for my wishlist items at the end of the post.
Weapon Trades: - Ari/SS/1S Bear Arm - Ari/Exp/90rw Railway - Bloodied/FFBS Gat Laser - Furious/Exp/15rl Railway - Furious/50c/LVC Fixer - Q/50c/FMS Railway - Q/50c/50dr Fixer - Q/FFFR Fixer - TS/50c/90 Railway - TS/50c/90 Gatling Gun - TS/50c/LVC Combat Shotty - TS/FFFR Minigun - TS/50c/15rl Fixer - TS/50vh/LVC Fixer - Vamp/50c/15rl Fixer - Zealots/FFLVC Fixer
Armor Trades: - OE/Ap/Cav Hvy Combat CP - Uny/Ap/Sneak Metal CP - Uny/Ap/Cav Leather LL - Emmett Mtn Hazmat Lvl 50
Wishlist: - AA/50c/90 Dragon (228) - Bloodied Laser Rifle (FFR, 50c, LVC, or Reload) - BFFR90 5mm Gatling Gun - Responders Fireman Set - Traveling Leather Coat - Leather Coat - Tattered Field Jacket - AA/50c/1P Crossbow - AA/50c/1P Compound Bow
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2022.01.17 22:30 SEBI-bot A Summary of the Indian Stock Markets Before Market Opens - 18-Jan-2022

Good Morning IndianStreetBets Members!
Broad Markets Indices:
Index LTP Change
NIFTY 50 18308.1 52.35 (0.29%)📈
NIFTY 100 18543.2 57.5 (0.31%)📈
NIFTY 500 15781.25 50.85 (0.32%)📈
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 32040.6 50.95 (0.16%)📈
NIFTY SMALLCAP 100 11980.75 71.25 (0.6%)📈
INDIA VIX 16.765 0.21 (1.26%)📈
Sectorial Indices:
Index LTP Change
NIFTY BANK 38216.15 -154.25 (-0.4%)📉
NIFTY AUTO 11881.25 238.2 (2.05%)📈
NIFTY FMCG 37988.9 172.9 (0.46%)📈
NIFTY IT 38804.95 -21.9 (-0.06%)📉
NIFTY METAL 5888.4 17.0 (0.29%)📈
NIFTY PHARMA 13862.45 -101.7 (-0.73%)📉
- Buy Sell Net
FII ₹5792.76cr ₹6648.23cr ₹-855.47cr
DII ₹5605.54cr ₹5720.85cr ₹-115.31cr
Total ₹11398.30cr ₹12369.08cr ₹-970.78cr
Market Movers: Top 10 Nifty 50 Gainers:
Index LTP Change
HEROMOTOCO ₹2701.0 131.3 (5.11%)
GRASIM ₹1922.0 64.7 (3.48%)
ONGC ₹166.25 5.2 (3.23%)
TATAMOTORS ₹524.8 14.9 (2.92%)
ULTRACEMCO ₹7870.0 209.45 (2.73%)
JSWSTEEL ₹699.8 17.1 (2.5%)
MARUTI ₹8261.0 176.8 (2.19%)
M&M ₹899.7 18.5 (2.1%)
SBILIFE ₹1288.4 24.8 (1.96%)
BAJAJ-AUTO ₹3488.0 55.2 (1.61%)
Top 10 Nifty 50 Losers:
Index LTP Change
HCLTECH ₹1260.55 -76.65 (-5.73%)
HDFCBANK ₹1523.5 -21.65 (-1.4%)
CIPLA ₹909.65 -11.85 (-1.29%)
AXISBANK ₹712.6 -9.1 (-1.26%)
BRITANNIA ₹3667.9 -44.15 (-1.19%)
TECHM ₹1720.5 -17.25 (-0.99%)
POWERGRID ₹206.0 -1.75 (-0.84%)
COALINDIA ₹163.6 -1.15 (-0.7%)
SUNPHARMA ₹854.6 -5.15 (-0.6%)
HDFC ₹2697.1 -15.35 (-0.57%)
Top 10 Gainers in F&O:
Index LTP Change
APOLLOTYRE ₹243.8 12.2 (5.27%)
HEROMOTOCO ₹2701 131.3 (5.11%)
EXIDEIND ₹182.5 8.6 (4.95%)
ICICIPRULI ₹617 25.9 (4.38%)
CANFINHOME ₹631.5 25.75 (4.25%)
GRASIM ₹1922 64.7 (3.48%)
HONAUT ₹45994 1437.8 (3.23%)
ONGC ₹166.25 5.2 (3.23%)
LICHSGFIN ₹390.5 11.6 (3.06%)
AMARAJABAT ₹657.8 18.75 (2.93%)
Top 10 Losers in F&O:
Index LTP Change
GRANULES ₹330.95 -26.65 (-7.45%)
HCLTECH ₹1260.55 -76.65 (-5.73%)
LALPATHLAB ₹3502 -135.3 (-3.72%)
VEDL ₹325 -11.2 (-3.33%)
NATIONALUM ₹110.45 -3.1 (-2.73%)
STAR ₹443.85 -11.9 (-2.61%)
LAURUSLABS ₹508.95 -11.9 (-2.28%)
METROPOLIS ₹2993 -60.1 (-1.97%)
IDEA ₹12.5 -0.25 (-1.96%)
RAIN ₹247.6 -3.8 (-1.51%)
Top 10 Gainers in Nifty 500:
Index LTP Change
ALOKINDS ₹34.0 3.95 (13.14%)
RAJESHEXPO ₹934.1 83.75 (9.85%)
MMTC ₹48.95 4.15 (9.26%)
JINDALSAW ₹112.5 8.45 (8.12%)
EIHOTEL ₹144.95 10.3 (7.65%)
ADANIGREEN ₹1827.0 129.05 (7.6%)
GAEL ₹183.2 12.75 (7.48%)
KPITTECH ₹732.0 48.15 (7.04%)
PRAJIND ₹429.3 27.45 (6.83%)
JKPAPER ₹226.7 14.35 (6.76%)
Top 10 Losers in Nifty 500:
Index LTP Change
GRANULES ₹330.95 -26.65 (-7.45%)
HIKAL ₹463.7 -28.85 (-5.86%)
HCLTECH ₹1260.55 -76.65 (-5.73%)
TANLA ₹1958.65 -103.05 (-5.0%)
TTML ₹236.45 -12.4 (-4.98%)
VALIANTORG ₹1206.0 -50.65 (-4.03%)
LALPATHLAB ₹3502.0 -135.3 (-3.72%)
DBL ₹375.7 -13.95 (-3.58%)
VEDL ₹325.0 -11.2 (-3.33%)
NATIONALUM ₹110.45 -3.1 (-2.73%)
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2022.01.17 22:30 HodorLikesBranFlakes Since we’re all posting snow pics. Not the best in it, but it tries!

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2022.01.17 22:30 frankthetank2022 true

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2022.01.17 22:30 st00pid_g00se tips and critics?

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2022.01.17 22:30 PampersEmbarrassed Cancers do you feel like you value ur friendships with people more than they value yours? Why?

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2022.01.17 22:30 Colton_Champion do bisexual girls find man boobs attractive?

this question has been lingering in my mind for so long
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2022.01.17 22:30 Concernedguy2411 Hi! I took a Xanax today after a panic attack after witnessing a shooting, but I have my first probation orientation in 7 days, I’m worried that if I’m drug tested, will I fail the test? They use a lab and not a POC test. Thanks in advance.

Read title :)
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