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2022.01.27 05:22 IAbstainFromSociety SILPT: The IRS now makes you pay taxes on stolen property, unless you give it back by the end of the week. To avoid this, give all your stolen stuff back to the owner every year on Dec 31, 11:59PM. Then steal it back on Jan 1, a minute later. Never pay taxes on your stolen stuff.

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2022.01.27 05:22 precisioNLonel5Y Corinna Kopf show her perfect tits

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2022.01.27 05:22 SaucyOfficial Free monkey! Check post for steps! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

Join the Discord & verify, and say I invited you with your address in x-8bit-recruits-giveaway channel to get one! https://discord.gg/2W3gtErj
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2022.01.27 05:22 eureka_yess MMW - The AT&T Girl will continue putting out commercials in 2022, as she has in recent months, here:

Commercial Compilation: Lily - AT&T Commercial Girl, 2021 #2 | Milana Vayntrub
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2022.01.27 05:22 Witty-Environment739 Broke up with bf bc no emotional support through hard times still feel horrible about it

I understand that my now ex has showed me that he was not empathetic while I basically navigate the hardest period of my life; Dad passed in 2020 of covid and sister with advanced cancer. He basically was always “busy” and I felt he was very distant while I have been through this period. The day after they told us my sister might go to hospice he waited until 1pm with a “hi”. Didn’t even bother calling me knowing my life was falling aparte again. And his response was “he was busy”. I picked up my stuff from his place yesterday and he got on this righteous high horse and blocked me from all social media, whatsapp, removed all my pics and etc. Like how cold can you be when he was the one that needed to be extra supportive of me? While his actions show how he is a jerk my heart is shattered. This man was at one point my fiancé and the last man my Dad saw me with. How can he be SO cold and selfish? I would appreciate any advice. Even though I understand he is acting wrong it’s SO hurtful. Do men ever regret their actions? I have never once cheated on this man nor anything disloyal.
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2022.01.27 05:22 Kissy75 Florida

Thinking about moving to the Polk county area of Florida.. what’s it like down there dashing etc etc
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2022.01.27 05:22 currencycom NFTs unwrapped. What? Why? Where? How? Watch our new film to find out everything you need to know about non-fungible tokens 👉

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2022.01.27 05:22 Remote-Two8663 Simile to "scheduling nightmare"

Something a bit more lightweight I can use in professional email to reschedule meetings
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2022.01.27 05:22 Inkymonster App adding random food each day?

Does anyone else have this problem? I’m on iPhone and the Fitbit app just adds or duplicates food at random, I mean if it can’t even track food correctly how can I be sure it’s tracking anything else right? Tried deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail.
After multiple device failures and now this everyday I think I’m going to jump ship to a better device
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2022.01.27 05:22 TakeoffHasAspergers I prefer Tom Hanks over Tom Cruise, but at the same time I think Tom Cruise would make a better James Bond, does that make me a hypocrite?

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2022.01.27 05:22 IMLOOKINGINYOURDOOR Crow camp on the Little Bighorn River, 1898.

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2022.01.27 05:22 connorthedancer Will Korean natural farming work for bonsais?

I'm looking for ways to make my own bonsai liquid fertiliser and am wondering if KNF would work. I can't find any KNF content pertaining to bonsais specifically. Otherwise, would a method like this work? https://youtu.be/dmZVeux-T2k
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2022.01.27 05:22 Brickfan-Vienna CaDa Master Sports Car Set C61042 - Technic so wie es sein soll - inkl Motorisierung

CaDa Master Sports Car Set C61042 - Technic so wie es sein soll - inkl Motorisierung Natürlich möchte ich Euch mein meist gesehenes Video auf meinem Kanal nicht vorenthalten - keine große Überraschung irgendwie
CaDA Master Red Sports Car

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2022.01.27 05:22 lemmescroll Created my 3rd mining outpost ;)

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2022.01.27 05:22 ocolly Reaction to Derek Mason Hire

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2022.01.27 05:22 I_like_food_123 My friend and I were talking after he beat Genichiro. Oh you dumb bastard.

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2022.01.27 05:22 bobbyUP-MKII Alex Mru Kijania

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2022.01.27 05:22 MetalCoreShadow I thank the french for making pizzas

They are still cowards
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2022.01.27 05:22 HookedonZombies69 Well, damn.

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2022.01.27 05:22 thowfiq_ can anyone find me this wallpapaer please??

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2022.01.27 05:22 webwareclient Security Consulting in Wiarton, Ontario

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2022.01.27 05:22 Kamyshovsky pasif

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2022.01.27 05:22 Downtown-Bag9860 What do I do about my roommate?

My roommate and her boyfriend talk on the phone at night. At first it was fine but it’s getting ridiculous. I work two jobs, am a full time student, and I support a lot of people (financially), so by the end of the day I’m exhausted. Well my roommate loves to speak at a loud volume with her boyfriend and puts him on speaker with the volume all the way up. Her boyfriend will scream at his siblings or at video games, making it impossible for me to sleep. Plus she laughs and yells, making it even harder.
She speaks to him until 6am and I have class at 9am. She does this because she has class at 1pm so it doesn’t affect her. I’ve brought it up multiple times, just asking her to wear headphones and whisper, but all she says is, “You don’t have a relationship so you can’t understand.”
We fought a lot now and recently I really hurt her. My roommate doesn’t work and her family doesn’t help her, so I pay for everything. I buy all her necessities and have even paid for her gas - which she uses to visit her boyfriend. Well, during our fight I blew up because I’d only been getting 2 hrs of sleep and was finally done. I threw it back in her face and told her that the least she could do was let me fucking sleep. She’s really mad and is ignoring me, however, she’s continuing to talk the same with her boyfriend.
I’m so exhausted and mad that I’m tempted to stop paying for her phone bill only so I won’t have to deal with it so much. What do I do before I reach that level?
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2022.01.27 05:22 ch33segriller Seeking resources from India

Hello, hello,
I posted on this sub earlier this week about trying to figure out where to find a sangha,.a temple and/or a teacher.
I am back because I am extremely frustrated unfortunately-
I am for sure looking to study discourse and practice meditation and learn. I know that volunteering at a monastery and staying there for a bit is one way to do it. I'll return to this.
Having really milked Google and BuddhaNet, I am returning with no good results. India has a lot, a lot of new movements, more social in nature that are founded on Buddhist principles- which is what primarily shows up on BuddhaNet.
Yes, india does have a massive Tibetan Buddhism foundation- but i am interested in Theravada Buddhism. I have absolutely no foundation in Tibetan Buddhism, but i am open to it. This is where the problem reappears:
A) Tushita is a meditation centre that offers meditation practice, discourse and teaching with an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. But they've been online for the past two years.
B) If I was to volunteer at a monastery- most are Tibetan, I can't seem to figure out how to vet it out. I've seen a general trend of schedules that focus on prayer and worship, and there doesn't seem to be clarity on whether lay persons can come visit.
C) I have considered a ten day Vipassana course but I'm not intuitively connected to it- I'm also unclear on how it fits in with Thai Forest (what I'm leaning towards). Vipassana offered by S.N Goenka's Dharma organisation seems very aggressive- i don't mean this in a pejorative way at all. I've been heavily influenced by Thanissaro Bhikkhu's writing which seems to take a gentler, emergent awareness approach.
I would sincerely appreciate any and ALL ingisght on what to do next in this situation. I really do need to be immersed with a teacher and practice AND most importantly, i am at a point in my life where i have the ability to immerse myself in meditation and learning practice.
I am a bit upset that being in this opportunity and being in India, this is as hard as it is. I would think it would be more accessible being here.
Thank you all!!!
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