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Check-out Red Dead Original on YouTube 🤠

Gamasutra reports that Rockstar Games’ parent company Take Two has asked that total conversion Red Dead Redemption V cease development. Red Dead Redemption V was announced last month on the GTA Forums as a total conversion for Grand Theft Auto V which would recreate Rockstar’s last-generation western open world game, Red Dead Redemption.. With fans long-desiring a way to play Red Dead ... Salman Khan Has Buried Dead Bodies Of Film Stars At Panvel’s Farm House, Claims His Neighbour Amid Defamation Case. ... — चंद्रगुप्त🤠 (@RAMGupta787) January 22, 2022. FNF BETADCIU: Potato Edition (Friday Night Funkin') é uma versão ultra-otimizada do mod de reunião de personagens FNF BETADCIU, baseado no jogo de ritmo musical Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Se a versão anterior estava travando em sua máquina, essa vai funcionar bem, ao custo da qualidade gráfica. Créditos a Blantados pela ideia original. The Twilight Zone' was the brainchild of Emmy Award-winner Rod Serling, who served as host and wrote more than 80 episodes of the original show's 150-plus episode run. It's a strange mix of horror, science-fiction, drama, comedy and superstition. There are nine new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 5,719 -- and a record 6,203 cases, in part due to a rapid rise in testing, as well as the rapid advance of ... Yes, that’s right, this gun from Ruger comes with a magazine well adapter for GLOCK magazines.Installed from the factory, though, is the insert for the more obvious choice: Ruger magazines.SR series and Security-9 mags will work, and a 17-round SR9 magazine is included with the PC Carbine (or a 10-round mag with a non-threaded muzzle for restricted states). Watch Adorable Asian Teen Maid Will Do Anything To Get Hired on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Big Dick sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving mongerinasia XXX movies you'll find them here. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Birmingham Stallions are officially back. According to FOX Sports, the red and gold will suit up in April as part of a reborn United States Football League, according to USFL President of Football Operations Brian Woods. “We’re excited to take this next major step in the development of a new USFL” said Brian Woods, who made the announcement this afternoon on ... Thanks and welcome 🤠. jlogic on 06/01/2022 - 14:17 +4. ... Always buy quality chargers from the original manufacturer, to avoid COVID (Charger Of Viability In Doubt) deaths in the future. iJebus on 06/01/2022 ... One thing I hate about these is that I have a small MacBook powered up on for my tv which has a dead battery. If you plug in ... Sports journalists and bloggers covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, college football and basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports and more. News, photos, mock drafts, game ...

2022.01.24 08:19 Camra-Man Check-out Red Dead Original on YouTube 🤠

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2022.01.24 08:19 iceypopcicles FINNALY

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2022.01.24 08:19 lutteni which one of these three is the best?

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2022.01.24 08:19 Runa11 Glued a fake leaf above her hammock so it wont get destroyed when i open the enclosure, it works wonders!

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2022.01.24 08:19 AmitZabar Ideas for tupac themed tattoo

I want to get a tattoo based on Tupac, I thought about tattoing his bandana, but do you guys have any other ideas? (not a really big tattoo)
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2022.01.24 08:19 nmc9279 Hospital/health care workers who work off hours (3 12 hour shifts/nights/overnights/weekends, etc), do you like it? Do you have a lot of free time?

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2022.01.24 08:19 Rhaenys_Waters Average Slovak social-democrat and average Canadian conservative

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2022.01.24 08:19 Rough_Quality_8267 At this rate I think online is never gonna end
What even is going on in the world??
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2022.01.24 08:19 hrvwil What got you into reddit/how did you get introduced to reddit and what is one of your favourite subreddits?

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2022.01.24 08:19 FunzigKonserve Ne "meme", bet pastebėjimas: Kodėl vaizdo įrašų pavadinimai tos šiukšlės "Facebook" kanale rašomi III asmeniu? Tikriausiai tokiu būdu bando įrodyti, kad kanalas administruojamas ne paties "celofano" ir išsisukti iš bausmės dėl grasinimo deMiko, jo Merginai ir pan.

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2022.01.24 08:19 abdultraders How Can We Make Takeaway Lunches More Environmentally Friendly?

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2022.01.24 08:19 MondayMorning247 Martin Freeman: 'I’ve never been a copper, but The Responder felt authentic to me' - The Big Issue

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2022.01.24 08:19 JordoFTM I don’t know when I’m going to feel “normal” again

I heard my neighbour die today. It was an accident and the sounds I head as well as his wife’s screams won’t stop replying in my head. I don’t think I will ever forget those sounds. I’ve felt sick all day and can’t focus on anything.
It’s not like I was incredibly close with him but we were friendly and chatted over the fence regularly.
This isn’t loss, I’ve lost people before, people far closer to me than this, it never felt like this. I don’t know what it is but I don’t want to keep feeling it and I don’t want it to keep replaying in my head like this forever.
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2022.01.24 08:19 hudsongrundy He is still here...... (please check comments)

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2022.01.24 08:19 Swannica Tell me about myself

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2022.01.24 08:19 Livid_Sprinkles2406 [NO SPOILERS] Game of Thrones reference in Modern Family

I just finishes watching GoT and naturally i am obsessed. I love Modern Family and i remebered the episode where Manny taught Hailey everything about game of thrones so she could impresse her boyfriend and something occurred to me. Right before or in between scenes, Alex tells her coworker Gillian that she is kind of related to Manny but that “it’s a long story”, to which Gillian then replies “We all come from messed up families. My uncle is my dad.”
Is that a GoT reference too or just plain coincidence? I never found anything online about Gillian’s line.
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2022.01.24 08:19 Willcg8 Vanguard UK confusion

just created a Stocks and Shares ISA with Vanguard and they seem to only offer funds not individual stocks? It’s legit just ETFs and index funds on the website… can someone help
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2022.01.24 08:19 vteja262 I painted my PET!

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2022.01.24 08:19 MacaroonPickle8793 CC 3rd gen vs CC+Google TV if you have flatmates?

So I'm going to buy a CC but I have 2 flatmates.
If I buy a CC with Google TV (the one that has a remote), I will have to put my Gmail account. I only have Netflix. My flatmate has Disney+. Then it seems like it might make a mess binding our accounts somehow and might mess up my Gmail account. I'm not super comfortable with that. Does anyone have experience with this?
The other option is the 3rd gen one. It seems I can just cast from my Netflix app on my Android, and she can cast from her Disney+ on her iPhone or iPad. Is this correct? So is this the most flexible and least intertwined option ? Does this burn through your phone's battery?
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2022.01.24 08:19 nuka_mild A forgotten meme from my old computer.

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2022.01.24 08:19 shuvammax AlienX a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game | Launching Now !!!

Welcome To AlienX
a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game
Explore the world of Zaidara through a thrilling campaign mode, or battle PVP and reap the rewards
Fully Doxxed Team
Earn Rewards in BUSD
2 Full Audits Done (dessert finance & Techrate)
100% Transparency
V2 contract LAUNCHED on PCS!
NY billboards, celebrities and much more in the next few days.
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
Contract Address: 0x7f84f9A0ae61839D1eeD2B92d0F6AC4A4E59C35C
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2022.01.24 08:19 PRODIJVY Please help (long post)

I'm a 22m that was diagnosed with Asperger's and alopecia Universalis as a kid and later developed Vitiligo in my teens. Some medical history about me from what my mother has told me is that my biological father had some sort of autoimmune disorder involving the gut (started with a g I'm pretty sure but I can't remember rn) & my mother has bipolar disorder.
Through my teens mostly I developed major depression and had social anxiety that would get bad at times but was always manageable. I was formerly diagnosed with these things about a year ago.
A year ago is when my rather medicore/average life (happy moments, depressive moments and other normal things) became a complete slowly burning nightmare. First I got covid which initially wasn't bad, but got worse the second week. I didn't have breathing problems but I did have some weird nerve pain and chest pain that gave me horrendous health anxiety for months and am somewhat still dealing with. Secondly I had my first panic attack from edibles (I know weak right? Lol). I took 30mg all at once and starting tunneling visioning because I couldn't stop paying attention to my heart and it got faster and faster until it started going 150bpm pounding in my chest, face, ears and everything. I was 100% convinced I was dying and called 911. I got checked out and told I was fine. Last major even that happened was I was hit by a car while riding my bike. Didn't suffer anything major. Just a swollen lip mostly and some cuts, but it was scary nonetheless and definitely contributed to my health anxiety.
These things all happened in the span of 2-3 months (can't really remember). For months after this I had crippling health anxiety that got so bad I quit my job out of fear of having a health crisis at work. I would research for hours and nights on end about symptoms ranging from cancer, heart disease, fungal infections or anything I was experiencing physically. There was a month where I unintentionally lost 20 lbs from how little I was eating and how I was constantly working out (I'm a kickboxeMuay Thai fighter that trains pretty consistently for the last 5 years). Anyway my health anxiety was so bad I decided it was time to change things and I got prescribed Lexapro for my anxiety and it helped, but I didn't like how it made me emotionally flatlined and lethargic all the time so I got off of it after about a month. After this I was okay for a while sort of. My health anxiety was still there, but I was still somewhat normal.
The next thing that contributed to my absolute horrid/confused mental state I'm in now is my financial woes and job switching. I was on unemployment for a while after I quit my job due to health anxiety but suddenly it stopped and I had to get a job again. It was really stressful, but what made it worse is that I've switched between 4-5 jobs already now in the last 6 months. Some of them I just hated, other didn't pay enough and some had bad schedules, but yeah I job hop a lot. I still had major anxiety while I was doing this and I have a major medical debt building up due to how many times I went to the ER or general doctor, but they would all usually dismiss my concerns and not look further.
My health anxiety has been on of the main contributors I think to my mental deterioration. After a while tho my health anxiety somewhat subsided but then was replaced by something just as bad -- Anhedonia. None of my hobbies that gave my life meaning helped, family didn't help, friends didn't help, music didn't help. This led me down a rabbit hole of supplement/nootropic/drug research to fix my brain or something. What was most effective it seems is ashwaganda and L-Theanine as I was fairly certain a month ago that this anhedonia was stressed induced. This helped pretty well for my anxiety, but now I don't know what's going on as my mental state is calmer (compared to before anyway) but is completely out of whack.
Describing it in symptoms is this. For the past two months I have constant feelings/occurrences of depersonalization, Derealization, Disassociation, rapid thoughts, being emotionally numb, random crying spells, random aggression, mania, feeling of dread, constant thoughts of death and suicide, inability to concentrate, brain fog, confusion, knowing something cognitively, but not being able to emotionally connect with/memorize/not see as foreign, lack of inhibition, reckless behavior, feeling blank but also having rapid/jumbled thoughts at the same time, questioning reality, knowing who my friends and family are cognitively but being still seeing them as foreign.
I don't know what's happening to me. I am constantly on auto-pilot. Even these paragraphs that I've written don't feel like my own. I feel abandoned and like suicide is the only option to escape this weird confusing psychosis. I'm going insane (or I have a brain tumor or some sort of autoimmune disorder thats affecting my neurology).
My thoughts don't feel like my thoughts. Nothing and nobody feels real. I can't connect with anything or even myself. What is this? CPTSD? Actual health problem? Maybe it's just my Asperger's? Idk idk idk. I just want to go back to being somewhat normal again please. My brain is simultaneously always on and completely blank at the same time. How? What should I do? Please somebody help me.
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2022.01.24 08:19 Fun_Tadpole_5347 Anybody who can relate?

Hi guys. i have been addicted to porn for more than 10 years and for the last 3 years i have been trying to quit BUT I always fail. I always fail after like a month or 2 months, should i seek help?
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2022.01.24 08:19 tightdresslvr Another in blue

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2022.01.24 08:19 LolitaLove1 Puppy owners of Reddit

How do you crate train your pup AND sleep? Pup is fine in the crate and I wake up at 2am to let him have a pee, however once I’m awake I can’t sleep. It’s beginning to impact on my health. But I’m not sure what else to do, he’s 10 weeks old so can’t go through the night. Does anyone on here have any genius ideas? What do you do with your pup? Thanks SO much in advance
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