Currently Covid+, can you tell me about your experience

2022.01.17 21:34 Trlampone Currently Covid+, can you tell me about your experience

Cross posted on corona bumpers and babybumps.
My husband tested positive on a home test Saturday after feeling like he got the flu, with a bad headache. He’s now feeling a lot better. I started last night with a tickle in my throat, woke up with my shoulders aching, bad headache/pressure behind eyes, and dry cough. Tested positive on a home test, and now have the body aches and working on a fever.
I’ve talked to my OB. I’ll have to start 81mg aspirin for remainder of pregnancy. Was supposed to have 32 week growth scan on Thursday (previous IUGR pregnancy) but I’ve obviously cancelled it. I finally found a place to get “officially tested” tomorrow morning so that my OB can order monoclonal antibodies.
I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow. I was double Pfizer vaxxed in October. So even with a breakthrough infection, this does suck. The body aches and fever are probably the worst part so far. I pray this passes quickly like my husbands did. He started feeling better the same day he tested positive (with help of Tylenol and ibuprofen)
If you tested positive, how many weeks were you and how was your experience? How did being covid+ impact the remainder of your pregnancy? Did you get antibodies? If so, what was that like? Did you have additional ultrasounds or testing/monitoring for the rest of your pregnancy? I’ll be asking my OB these questions when I see them next week, but just curious how it went for those of you who have been through it.
Thank you all for your time reading this and responses!
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2022.01.17 21:34 Fur-Dev Anime Whang.

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2022.01.17 21:34 waffleggbroom Tips for getting away from controlling parents at 18

Hi, u don’t have to elaborate unless you’d like, just any tips r appreciated. Ik this doesn’t have an easy fix, but I find general advice to be rly helpful and can apply to a lot. Thanks
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2022.01.17 21:34 Kael_la_Kael Has anyone ever pulled off an "unreliable narrator" twist?

Heyo, I'm a DM that mostly focuses on story rather than gameplay, and a lot of my campaigns have a large mystery presence or big reveals with proper foreshadowing.
One of my favorite tropes in fiction is the "unreliable narrator" the idea that the main character or someone important has been hiding a major secret from the audience, and the revalation that this character has been decieving the audience completely changes the context of a lot of events.
Examples of unreliable narrator could be like: a character the audience has grown attatched to turns out to be a hallucination had by the protagonist, the main character has been ommiting incriminating information, and is actually the culprit in the case they follow, or certain events have been entirely removed from the story as the main character suffers from memory loss.
I think the unreliable narrator trope is super interesting when done well, but I feel like it couldn't be pulled off well in a tabletop roleplay setting. If one of the player characters hallucinates something, it wouldn't take long for the players to deduce that they can't see what one of them can. Unless the entire party is an unreliable narrator, it'd be sussed out in a session.
I've done some attempts at a small scale unreliable narrator twist, at one point the group was attacked by a killer with an unknown ability. He gets away and the group returns to their homes, they slowly piece together that a week has passed and that the enemy erased their knowledge of everything they did in the past 7 days.
I also had a character who was a warrior who had a patron god that could take control of his body and would speak to him and encourage violence. He attributed much of his strength to this god and believed it had his best interest in mind. Later he discovers that what he believed to be a god was actually a parasitic entity that was leeching of him to become stronger.
In both instances, there was a lot of work done to keep the players from cracking the code, or the mysteries themselves were only present for a short time so there wasn't too much time to figure it out. I'd love to hear about anyone that has successfully pulled off this kind of twist in a longer-form and how it was done.
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2022.01.17 21:34 hubbabubba339 Wer will meine Freundin ficken und erzählt mir wie er sie richtig geil ficken würde und mich dabei demütigt? Dm 😈

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2022.01.17 21:34 Yungstunna1k didn’t they have Boosie, Jeezy Gucci & other street rappers that influenced niggas before chief keef came out , not everything started from Chicago beefs ,yes Chicago influence niggas heavy but let’s stop pushing the “Chicago started everything movement “

I’m from New Orleans and I could tell you shit been cracking out here before the drill shit happen
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2022.01.17 21:34 JollyWestDickens In between jobs, but instead of giving in to my vices like usual I bought my first Oz

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2022.01.17 21:34 gay_man6 never got 102

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2022.01.17 21:34 goodtimesbadtimes69 Does anyone else feel like when Star Wars fed, the rest of 70s and 80s culture died with it?

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2022.01.17 21:34 Service_United Theory Time!

When you are on the date with Sans, he says if Toriel hadn’t said anything, you would die where you stand. I feel like the last 6 kids just never made it passed Snowdin and immediately got killed by Sans. We don’t know if Toriel had him promise to keep the other children safe and we all know how fricking strong Sans is!
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2022.01.17 21:34 FrogsGoMoo Mystery snail lying around barely moving

Last week I found my mystery snail lying angled upwards looking dead. I decided to leave him in there for a few days just in case he was just chilling in an odd way, but then yesterday I decided to take him out. But after I took him out I decided to poke him a little bit for good measure with my finger and he moved a little bit. Since he was still alive, I put him into a little hospital tank with stress coat to see if he recovers. He's moving a tiny bit now, really just his antennas and not much actual movement.
Any ideas what might be wrong? No signs of anything at all. My tank is very healthy and has had no issues at all except for green water. No ammonia or nitrites and very low nitrates.
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2022.01.17 21:34 vladv101 Communicating Issue

Let me start off by saying this issue has been going on for quite some time and I never was able to find a fix for it so I'm reaching out to the reddit community in hopes of find a fix to this bug or whatever it is.
The issue: I can't see ANY pms that are sent to me in-game or that I have sent to another player, I can't see any guild chat or anything that I send into the guild chat. I have checked the setting numerous times and made sure everything is correct and nothing changed, I have tried logging out, switching PCs, restarting/redownloading the client, etc.
If you had the same problem and you found a fix please help! ps (I have also tried switching accounts and doing it on different accounts)
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2022.01.17 21:34 Top-Government8881 LOA claim

I filed a claim. Need doctor to sign off on it. Need to wait days to see him because he's busy. If he doesn't sign off on it and claim gets rejected. Will I get pointed for the days I missed ?
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2022.01.17 21:34 wipesherchin Today is 1 year since she met him in a empty parking lot and had unprotected sex

I apologize for format. I’m on mobile
I’m posting this in the form of entertainment. Of course it bother me sometimes. But it has been a year and I have adjusted. Although at times I still get angry over the whole mess
We (me 40’s male/her 30’s female) had kind of been having a tense time, for the last 6 years she couldn’t hold a job. Fired for various reasons. Each time she would sit around the house for 2 months before finally looking and then she would take whatever job she could find.
She wrecked a few vehicles from not paying attention, several speeding tickets and whatnot. Just generally no direction in life.
So I wasn’t in a very good mood and things were always tense. Worrying about expenses and trying to make plans.
She started in new job and within a week or two it is obvious something was wrong. She had always been affectionate and kind towards me, as in over the top. Couldn’t ask for a better partner in that way.
But we had a thanksgiving meal and some out of town family came to spend a few months with his grand kids. So I naturally invited him (50’s male)to join us. This dude had creepy all over him. And I advised her to be cautious of her teenage daughter around him.
For the next few weeks he was involved with family functions so he was around fairly often. I thought we had a very trusting relationship so I wasn’t concerned. Until at a kids bday party I came upstairs and heard her saying something loud and flirty obviously directed to him as they were the only adults in the room. Later my daughter and his daughter both mentioned they thought the two of them were getting to comfortable. But as of yet I didn’t know. I trusted my person. Completely
Sometime that afternoon he comes out to smoke with me, and first things he asks is what our relationship is like. I didn’t get into detail. But said something along the lines I was frustrated. I thought we were family and admittedly I should have just kept my mouth shut. I do believe he told her what I said (most likely making it sound worse than it was ) and that’s what changed her attitude with me
That conversation haunted me for 3 weeks. I regretted saying anything, but noticed she immediately started treating me different. At times she went around them when I wasn’t there. So I asked a close family member if he had seen anything inappropriate. He hasn’t. So I began to feel paranoid thinking maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. I decided to just point blank ask her if she was seeing someone and she denied it with conviction and fury. now I realize it should have been a red flag.
But this woman and I were close. I really couldn’t believe she would stray, so I just said if she was it would come out eventually and I didn’t want to cause a argument just from suspicion.
I had bought her a new iPhone at the Black Friday sale so when my adult son came over a few weeks later and said he had broke his phone she was more than happy to give him her old one. I asked her if she wiped it before she gave it him and she blew it off saying it would be ok.
I thought nothing more about it. My son didn’t like her phone so he never activated it.
Few more weeks pass and it’s obvious something has changed. I won’t go into details. But when your person changes, it’s obvious.
I am still clueless, keep that in mind. Suspicious, but starting to doubt myself
She sent me a text she was moving out that day just out of th blue. (Tomorrow will be a year since she moved out initially)
I get a call two days later from her saying she wants her old phone back. I said he hasnt used it and she swore he was. She is frantic, I blow it off thinking she is angry. Still clueless.
In a few minutes my My son calls and says he needs to speak to me in person, there is something I need to see for myself. That’s the moment it clicked. I asked did he find something in her phone. Was she messaging men, his reply was several.
He brought me the phone and I was able to screen shot the messages from a few guys. Somehow she was alerted and was deleting them while I was looking at them
I didn’t have FB so I created a account and tracked one down in particular. Their messages showed they had met the day before. And the day before I had given her money to go get her nails done and be pampered. So the times lined up perfectly. This was her bday weekend so I had the kids stay with family (her kids, mine are grown and moved out)
Since she had moved out wasn’t much I could say to her about it. So I figured I should atleast let the other guys wife know. I sent a message hey you don’t know me but I think your husband met with my partner. After some exchanges where he tried to deny it, I sent some screen shots and told the lady that their texts were too personal, such as I’m on my way. Meet you there I’m here and afterwards she asked if he wanted to make it a regular thing
He pumped and dumped her. After they met he never responded to her lol. Turns out he was her supervisor at work. Guess who she came home talking about constantly leading up to this.
They had been sneaking around and kissing for a month building up to this. He confessed. She denied for a month after and said he was lying. Then it was one kiss and finally she admitted. But only after I stupidly told her what he said. To his day she never admitted more than he said. I am almost positive their was more.
Our finances were tied together lol so I let her talk me moving back in(my house). I had access to her devices and by this point I’m guessing you know, she isn’t very good at covering her tracks
Turns out I was right about the family member. She deleted the contacts but they were still in the archive of recently deleted no/Unfriended. I still don’t use FB so I don’t remember exactly how I found it.
And I shit you not, in one single day she deleted exactly 120 men from her friends list. I contacted a few and got the normal responses that nothing happened and dont contact them again.
Turns out she was just casting a net and see who would bite. She reached out to old boyfriends a few of which their wives backed her down. When i asked about it her response was to blurt out with a grin she had them first. Lol
I will never know the full truth. She had the app for 2 years and lied about it. And I doubt she got caught her first time.
I was warned by her ex that she cheats. But thought he was just bitter. I was wrong
I wanted to do the right thing. So I let her move in to a rent house if mine. But that hasn’t worked well either. She is moving out by the end of the month
If your still reading and you have recently fell into this hell hole.
My words of encouragement are
1- look into subs like survivinginfidelty.
In those you will fine other related stories.
You will also find it seems like cheaters follow a rule book and say the same things
B-once the trust is broken. You will doubt everything. And that makes life miserable.
3-you will never know it all.
D-don’t let this define you
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2022.01.17 21:34 Necessarysauce240 Columbus Snow Removal

I’ve lived here for years and have a hard time believing the snow removal could be any worse. Countless times we will hear in the news a week or two ahead of time that we are expecting substantial snow. Recently it was around 5 inches and we know much more is coming. They aren’t even through priority 1 plowing yet. The city finds it appropriate to leave major highways unplowed days after the snow fall. Does anyone know who is in charge of this so I can make a point to vote for their opposition next time?
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2022.01.17 21:34 trenary68gmail utg 973

will a utg 973 fit on my m70?
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2022.01.17 21:34 mushroomspam Paying tax on cash earned outside day job

TLDR: do we need to pay taxes on cash earned outside our taxed salary?
My friend would someday like to apply for a visa, so he will need an ITR. In his ordinary day job his salary is 16k per month and that’s what it says in his contract and salary slip. This is where we are confused: he gets a lot of client bonus in cash, he does delivery for family and friends where he gets paid in cash, tips in cash, and he gets cash allowance from family. On a good month he can have up to 90k per month - which he deposits in his bank account.
Can BIR trace that cash “income”? Will this affect his ITR for visa application?
(Asking or a friend po since I was asked and wala ako masyadong alam sa tax)
Salamat po sa mga sasagot!
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2022.01.17 21:34 LazyDaisy126 I have no motivation

The past year or two, I have lost all motivation for...everything.
Some context: I moved away from my college town in 2020, shortly after covid made its impact, and social distancing was imposed. I move to a big hospital city, so public health is a big priority, most bars shut down, most restaurants went to online order and take out only. I work on-site, but I absolutely hate my job, so haven't really bonded with any co-workers. I used to paint (like in high school and early college) but haven't had the motivation to pick up a paint brush. Basically, I have no social life and no hobbies.
For about 2 months, I have literally done nothing. I go to work, sometimes (honestly surprised I haven't been talked to about attendance). I sit on the couch, scroll on tik tok, watch YouTube, play video games... but that's about it. Im not fulfilled but I don't care enough to get up.
Every chore feels completely overwhelming. My vehicle tags expired but I can't get the motivation to go get them replaced. My Christmas tree is still up.. I just don't care to do anything.
I need advice on how to get out of this depressing funk. It seems like it's just getting worse and worse. I feel bad for my boyfriend because he has to live with someone that just lays around all day.. doesn't want to do anything, etc. (Our relationship is great, we are very happy together, and he's never complained. I just feel so guilty).
I tried going to the gym for about 9 months, 3x a week, with a trainer (physical health, social health, etc). But I absolutely hate exercise lol and in January I've only gone 1 time. I'm giving up on that too. I am working on getting a new job..i think that will help. But what else? I'm just so lazy and unmotivated. Heeelp
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2022.01.17 21:34 UpsetCreme5414 H: tsm 10mm sub gun, W: 3 star laser with explosive point as one of the perks

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2022.01.17 21:34 Small_Branch_9458 A message Lgbtq+ people in the U.S. Marine Corps/military

I’m a cishet male (He/Him pronouns) in the U.S. Marine Corps. I’ve cooperated with tons of lgbtq+ individuals and let me tell you…these are some of the most strongest people I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, lgbtq+ individuals are still mistreated, regardless of their rank, MOS, etc.
I’ve met a really good sister in arms from Colorado. I was the first person she came out to as lesbian. She and I were in the same unit, so we were together practically 24/7. We were battle buddies until the end! She was also extremely gentle and kind. Whenever a fellow devil-dog was down, physically or emotionally, she was the first person to encourage that person to push through. Her and I would often scream “Hoo-rah!” Together. Good days.
Unfortunately, some days, she’d come back to me upset. Whenever I asked her what’s bothering her, she would share to me the horrible experience she encountered when she kissed another female marine in front of a battalion (I wont share for the sake of accidentally triggering people). It was extreme forms of verbal and physical harassment. She couldn’t perform her duties as well as she used to afterwards, causing her to become discharged. And yes, the people who were harassing her and her alleged girlfriend got into some serious trouble (as they should).
Overall, lgbtq+ individuals in the military deserve equal amounts of respect. They do the same things everyone else does, sometimes even better. I want to thank any and all lgbtq+ members of the military for their service and commitment; especially after being assaulted, harassed, discriminated against, etc. I’m an ally ready to defend each and every single one of you.
And to my Marine crowd, lgbtq+ or ally…HOO-RAH!!!
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2022.01.17 21:34 Professional_Bus1193 I dont know what i want to do with my life, please help

I am a british 18m and all my mates have gone off to university, i also went but my family started dropping like flies and i had to come back to look after my disabled grandfather.
I have always been a cruiser and in my a levels i got 3 c's. (on in geography, one in science and one in photography)
Its seemingly impossible to find any work in my area and watching everyone else move forward is just so difficult. My parents are very withdrawn from what i get up to so they have never given me any kind of guidance as to a career path. It seems like my only choice is going to be some kind of military career but tbh i think i might end up hanging from a beam in 10 years if i do that.
Is it even worth me going back to university? if so is there any recommendations on courses? Just any kind of advice really?
Right now i am in such a mental ditch its unbearable, i gained weight over covid, the weather outside is grim, and all my mates are 100miles away so im just alone doing nothing all day looking like shit.
I just think that at least having some kind of plan as to what i would like to do would really help kick me into gear.
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2022.01.17 21:34 saltierslug Trying to insta Windows 11 from my flash drive, I'm stuck on this error. Help.

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2022.01.17 21:34 PikaDERPed Where the hell are this species’ eyes??

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2022.01.17 21:34 MaxMaxOnce 190118 Sowon

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2022.01.17 21:34 Snoo_69649 The Cycle of Phantom Forces

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