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Do You think Powell will be allowed to tank markets during an election year?

2022.01.27 06:23 Obvious-Ad-438 Do You think Powell will be allowed to tank markets during an election year?

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2022.01.27 06:23 welshie123 You know it’s cold outside when you can see a birds fart.

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2022.01.27 06:23 Gsoup27 H: V/E/25 LMG, AA/E/stealth Dragon W: Q/50c/something Railway, leather coat or other offers

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2022.01.27 06:23 palebluetiger Lawyer moms

I type as I’m up in the middle of the night pumping for my 10 week old. I’m already thinking about leaving my lawyer job to be SAHM. Even considering it has caused a lot of conflicting emotions - I spent 3 years working my ass off in law school aiming to become a lawyer, and now I might stay home?? For 5 years?? For 10?! Never return?!!
My current job is a 40 hour min required with no expectation to work over. My firm is grant funded and non-profit. Pretty chill as far as lawyer jobs go. But as us lawyers know, the time you spend working, you are always “on”. In those 8 hours/day I get less than an hour break that can be put towards billables. There is technically part time options available, but I was told in a passing negative comment that no lawyer at the firm works part time. When COVID hit, my husband and I both worked from home and he really saw how much I have to work during the classic 8-5 day. If I spend 30 min chatting it up with a colleague, I’m spending 30 min extra making up for that lost time unless I consider that my “break”.
Every day my job would leave me exhausted. The nature of my work and the clients takes a toll on you mentally, and my field is known for causing severe burn out in lawyers. We’re expected to do a lot with very little. Now I have a child and I have no idea how I’m going work and be mom and wife.
Husband is very supportive of me staying home (and take a hit financially) or staying at work, but we are both concerned about the burn out of me working and being mom (yes yes hubby will do his share no matter my decision).
All that to ask, any lawyer moms out there transition to SAHM or considering it, especially in light of COVID? Do you miss practicing? Has anyone found any part time jobs in the legal field… does that even exist? Are you concerned about re-entering the field that changes so quickly? Any perspective is welcome.
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2022.01.27 06:23 HabileJ_6 After Starting Taking Salary In Bitcoin, U.S NFL Star Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) Is Losing 61% of His Income

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2022.01.27 06:23 Public-Doubt-7832 BLOCKED AND UNFOLLOWED SADGE

Meanwhile Samay and Tania blocking and unfollowing each other for nth time. Meanwhile we they must still be dating...
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2022.01.27 06:23 Helpful_Tea_731 Everything you Need🛫🛬🗺

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2022.01.27 06:23 Slendervender2002 Whats the difference between Legendary Creation Crystals and normal ones?

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2022.01.27 06:23 DragonfruitHot9889 Why are French people so cocky about their language?

I am from Czech Republic, I don't expect tourists and foreign coworkers etc to speak Czech to me not even if they visit for a long time, I'm not offended if they approach me with English. And I know for a fact that no average Czech person would get offended that someone doesn't speak czech. Why do French people often refuse to use English or are offended that people don't speak French? I don't get it really, like get over yourself 😅
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2022.01.27 06:23 CantaloupeOk1232 Need help can’t connect PS4 to Xbox on co-op.

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2022.01.27 06:23 TryxieHun How to get the full farm view?

I saw it on posts, and i'd like to use it.
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2022.01.27 06:23 ComplicatedBorealis Lateral flow test LONDON

Hi, i will be travelling to London in about a month. I live in an EU country, and I was told that i'll have to take a lateral flow test between day 0 to day 2 of arriving (I'm vaxxed + boosted). I just don't understand how I'm supposed to book a lateral flow ?! They say I need a code when purchasing, and i'll have to add that code on my UK passenger locator. When purchasing, where should I send that lateral flow test ? I'm not in the UK, so I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do. Thank you !
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2022.01.27 06:23 Navodaya-Times भारत ने दुनिया भर में भाईचारा, शांति का संदेश फैलायाः RSS प्रमुख

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2022.01.27 06:23 Da_madking What women think guys under 6'0 are like

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2022.01.27 06:23 Bi00tter [US-IL] [H] Paypal [W] Cajal

Preferably looking for an E-White or Red Cajal, but open to other colors also.
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2022.01.27 06:23 Angelajapan Lovelyz - Rewind

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2022.01.27 06:23 Dankmemesylyl Are they related????

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2022.01.27 06:23 TastePizza favorite character

View Poll
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2022.01.27 06:23 lvkhang16 organic conversation

what does it mean for a conversation to be 'organic'?
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2022.01.27 06:23 Familiar_Fix5069 What is the dumbest TV Commercial you've ever seen?

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2022.01.27 06:23 PortugalOrder Music App Bug

Hello everybody. So I have a bug in my Music App, where one music gives sound and the other dont. So sound, no sound, sound, no sound. Anyone has this problem to? How did you solved it? Thanks
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2022.01.27 06:23 Chance_Ad_6251 does nofap give you acne/pimples?

everyone is saying that i got higher testosterone and acne cause of higher testosterone
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2022.01.27 06:23 MChicago84 Newborn rolling over!

Hi everyone! FTM to an almost three week old baby here. She’s a good sleeper, but when I swaddle her and put her to sleep on her back, she immediately rolls onto her right side. She seems really comfortable, and has not shown any signs of being able to roll onto her stomach, but is this the time to stop swaddling? She’s so young!
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2022.01.27 06:23 otter_from_mars is 30 fps cap a big deal on PS5?

considering getting into this game again (played for a few hours on pc). is 30 fps cap really noticeable or does it run smooth and visually is ok?
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2022.01.27 06:23 Stalkob Jaddari vs The Jadd Empire?

Hey just started playing the Jadd for the first time (never played them since they gave me trauma when I played Verkal Gulan) and I unified Bulwar and was about to click the decision to form the Jadd.
Then I noticed that you lose the Desert Legion government reform, so no more 100% cav armies.
Is there a way to keep the 100% cav, or should I forget about it and lose the government anyway as the other bonuses for reforming seem pretty cool?
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