Free Mega box giveaway. Just like comment subscribe to be entered

2022.01.26 18:05 TheSkateMan Free Mega box giveaway. Just like comment subscribe to be entered

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2022.01.26 18:05 rdusuper8 Underwater goes white with every shaders, anyone know a fix?

Processing img 16to3d2ak3e81...
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2022.01.26 18:05 Rzkool70 M1 and CBSE

Hey future docs,
I’m an M1 and my school made us take a CBSE at the end of our first semester. I scored a 175. I don’t attend my school’s lectures nor look at my professors PPTs, all I do is Pathoma and B&B to learn content, their Anki cards, and give First Aid a pass before each unit exam. I realize that my school’s NBME-style unit exams and the CBSE do not contain extremely specific details found in our class lectures, so that’s why I ignore them. I just feel like I don’t learn all the foundational concepts and instead focus on keywords and deductive reasoning on exams.
TLDR: is Pathoma, B&B, FA, and Anki enough to pass step 1 since I don’t attend lectures nor review class PPTs? Can this affect step 2 performance? Thank you!
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2022.01.26 18:05 basicallyidk Tilt Table Test Question

I saw my new cardiologist today and he ordered a tilt table test as he feels I have some form of dysautonomia, which could more specifically be POTS related in his opinion. I called the office to ask this question, but could not get a definite answer.
Do I need to stop Metoprolol prior to the TTT? The only answer i’ve been told is “you cannot drink or eat 4 hours prior to the test.” Which yes, I understand that, but should I take the Metoprolol in the days leading up to my TTT?
In my opinion, to get a more accurate reading on what my heart does, I think I should stop it 2-3 days prior. Just wondering if anyone knows the answer or has any suggestions.
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.26 18:05 starlightvenus A community-oriented server with a kinky twist: we are a sex-positive, inclusive server that believes a healthy community comes first. Our user base spans continents, so there's usually something fun goings-on on. Join us for game nights, movie nights, chilling in VC, or just casual, playful banter.

A community-oriented server with a kinky twist: we are a sex-positive, inclusive server that believes a healthy community comes first. Our user base spans continents, so there's usually something fun goings-on on. Join us for game nights, movie nights, chilling in VC, or just casual, playful banter. submitted by starlightvenus to DiscordAdvertising [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:05 ConcernSwimming769 Synth Shaun/ mods??! ?

Hey everyone. I acknowledge this may sound silly and even weird but I’ve spent almost half a day to build an amazing house just for when I get Shaun after completing the quest and siding with RR. I even got back some of my CC contents to use the best materials. now he’s at Spectacle island 🏝 but he’s doing nothing but farming. I’ve been following him for days and I can’t assign him to his (institute child bed) well... I can’t assign him to anything. It annoys me so much that I’ve been sitting front of my PS4 and looking for mods for hours now. Does anyone know a mod that’d let me assign children or just Shaun to a bed at least?? I hadn’t done all the hard work just to be disappointed in the end. This is unbelievable. You’d think you buy a game and they would give you some freedom in it. Not enough you can’t clean up a damn settlement without mods but you can’t even have the satisfaction of properly assign children to a proper bed. I mean come on. There was a nuclear war sure but how is that you can get rid of big collapsed buildings and cars and yet you can’t‍ get rid of a little dirt. It was 200 freaking years ago. I love fallout 4 so very much but I am not happy how they designed to control what we can or cannot do. It’s a game ffs. The whole point of a game is to make people happy especially when you have to pay for it. Now don’t get me wrong I understand every game has to have some rules and limitations but this is super annoying. I’m sorry guys. I think I’ve been holding in my annoyance for far too long and today is the day I let it all out. If anyone can understand I thank you. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve started to write about something else at the beginning now it’s irrelevant 🤦🏻‍♀️ sowwie Please if anyone know a mod that could help send a comment. And please..... people who disagree with my post I am sorry but please don’t get mad at me for having an opinion. Thanks
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2022.01.26 18:05 Gearup15 Can someone give a quick recap for of the upcoming stuff for Hunt?

I think I missed the livestream, but it was too long for me to watch
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2022.01.26 18:05 ILiveInABog Instead of paying attention in class, I drew this.

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2022.01.26 18:05 andngaaa Revenge is the sweetest

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2022.01.26 18:05 F_for_Respect_69 Day 274 of saying hi

Hi, today marks 11k members on this sub
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2022.01.26 18:05 AuthrightGamer2010 The Alt-Left is trying to cancel me at school!! What should I do???

So I have a very edgy sense of humour and it is funny and cool. But some Alt-Left twitter user kids are offended and trying to get me in trouble! They cannot take a joke and now I will pay the price. What should I do???
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2022.01.26 18:05 SamoEmpalador La corte rechaza el mapa del Congreso del Partido Republicano de Alabama que marginó a los votantes negros

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2022.01.26 18:05 Familiar_Silver_5207 Apple Unity iPhone wallpaper

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2022.01.26 18:05 utyankee Court Orders Lordstown Motors to Pay $2.5M to Michigan Company; Appeal Likely

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2022.01.26 18:05 Fun-Agent-7667 Master Yi W + plated boots ?

How does the Damage reduction adds (if it even does) ? Does it add to 72-82%? Does it is applied one after the other, so first 60-70% off and then 12% from the lasting 40-30% vice versa?
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2022.01.26 18:05 Daveytay Arun police can finally explain the joke...

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2022.01.26 18:05 YuKi11e Let’s compare our clocks, aye?

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2022.01.26 18:05 ScooterLord Gravel Bike Upgrade - Revolt Advanced? Grizl? Topstone? Other?

Hi all,
Been wanting to upgrade my gravel bike so I can ditch my road bike. I'm a non-competitive cyclist in my mid 30s who enjoys touring, road rides, and some gravel grinding. Here is a list of my preferred requirements:
- Carbon frame
- Fork mounts for touring
- 2X
- Rear rack mount
- Up to 50mm tire clearance
Been Looking mostly at the Giant Revolt Advanced 2 as a pretty cost friendly option - although the issues with seatpost, BB and paint have come up in my research. Some others that stand out to me are the Topstone and new Canyon Grizl. Maybe a used Diverge if I can find one... Do y'all have any Other suggestions that won't break the bank? In USA
Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.26 18:05 kratomqueen1836 Ketapang orion botanicals

So I went to stay with my boyfriend for a week+ and I decided to take a much needed break from kratom while I was there. I decided to take a bag of hirsuta with me and I planned on dosing only 3 times a day for 7days ... that's how my break went for 4 days. Then I eventually decided to only take 1 dose a day for 3 days. I took only 1 bag of white kratom and I took 1 bag of hirsuta with me when I went to stay with my boyfriend so I wouldn't be tempted to end my break early.... I lasted 7 days and on day 8 I dosed with white hulu from gulf coast. I stayed with my boyfriend for 10 days and the last 3 days I used white hulu from gulf coast. 7 days is pretty long for me to take a break so I'm very proud of myself!!!🙃🥳
When I got home I opened up some packages I had received while not home for 10 days.. I got my orion botanicals order!!!!! I was thrilled about it because iv heard some good things about orion. He was very generous with my order and he even recommended some reds and red paradise just sounded like heaven 😍 I tried that one already and I wrote a review about it. It was one of the most potent strains iv ever had! This morning I decided to try ketapang for the very first time. I'd never had a strain called ketapang before. It smacks fucking hard though. It's feels like a green but ill ask the owner what color strain it is. I'll post in comments the color strain ketapang is when I get a response from orion. I really like the potency and freshness of orion so far and i have 9 strains I will be writing reviews on!!! I'll post pictures too so go follow me. This strain tasted good and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes greens. It doesn't have a strong opiate feeling to it that i LOVE about red paradise but it's still strong! It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ☺ I will be posting my review of green paradise very soon! I took green paradise after my morning dose of ketapang this morning.
If you are interested in trying orion but you do not have a Facebook you can message me and I'd be glad to give you the email for orion botanicals. I have very recently just heard of orion botanicals and I'm already impressed. For all of you people on Facebook go message his page on Facebook. This vendor is amazing 👏 😍
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2022.01.26 18:05 conisbomb Catrice Prime and Fine Fixing Spray | Done ✅

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2022.01.26 18:05 Wqwwwwcd Day 7 of posting cute images of cats

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2022.01.26 18:05 DrDisRazzouk $SHIB

Mining Shiba on 8 3070 RTX graphic cards, hashrate 550-ish Mh.

Use my referral code: 6cpc-cc4p

Put your code in the comments. Happy mining! :D
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2022.01.26 18:05 QueeLinx New redistricting map creates 'minority influential' district in Georgetown County (SC)

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2022.01.26 18:05 kpw26 01/26/2022 GME Daily Chart & Stock Update - With Previous Trade Date Values

01/26/2022 GME Daily Chart & Stock Update - With Previous Trade Date Values *** 01/26/2022 🅶🅼🅴【✪】Market Close Update *** Disclaimer: I Am Not A Financial Advisor Nor Is This Financial Advice. All indicators shown should be understood before used for trading and proper research before participating in the stock market. This content is strictly for educational purposes only. Dates Shown Appear in MM/DD/YYY Format.
I Do Not Care for UpDoots (Karz-maga) - I Only Wish to Share What I Have Learned , What I Know , and What I See to the Public (Apes) - Posts May Vary on Time of Submission Due to Form Sliding

GME with a price INCREASE today.
Indicators mainly moving in a(n) UPWARD direction. Indicator values are mostly NEGATIVE. TTM Scalper 0/5 Red Fire Signals.
Don't you just love it when TL:DR's are at the top? :)
[ GME ONE YEAR Hollow Candle Trend w/ Volume , MACD , Stoch , RSI , TTM , SQSMOM , OBV , CV_VWAP , & Indicator Rows @ 1D Interval ]
֎ ONE YEAR GME Live Interactive Chart (View Only Mode):​
[ GME ONE YEAR Chart FULL VIEW Without Indicator Rows @ 1D Interval ]
֎ ONE YEAR GME Full View Chart (View Only Mode)
[ GME ONE YEAR Chart FULL VIEW - All Candlestick Patterns - Head & Shoulders - Cup and Handle - LOG Trend ]
֎ Blue Tabs - Bullish | Red Tabs - Bearish | Grey Tabs - Both (Indecision)
֎ Live Interactive Chart (View Only Mode) - Hover Over Tabs To View Definitions
֎ Candlestick Definitions - NOTEPAD FILE // WORDPAD FILE
[ GME Daily 1M , 15M , 30M , 1HR , & 4HR Chart - 15M w/ CV_VWAP - 4HR w/ OBV & Without January 2021 Runup Influence ]
֎ Daily GME Live Interactive Chart (View Only Mode):
[ GME One Week Chart ]
[ GME One Month Chart ]
[ Scotia iTrade Platform ]
[ Available Borrowed Shares - Shares Showing Does NOT Mean That They were ALL Used ]
Information Found on or
[ GME Max Pain ]
Information Found on
Charts are updated throughout the day as changes occur during the trading day.
Links are subject to change at any point without notice
Indicator Breakdown:
    • TTM Scalper - The TTM Scalper Indicator is a visual way to help determine whether to buy or sell against a pivot level. The TTM Scalper Indicator white Paint bar marks a "pivot high" or "pivot low." This is done after 3 higher closes or 3 lower closes. The. faster the time frame, the faster the confirmation.
      • 1/5 Reds Explanation: In this particular case - GME shows a runup after 5 red dots are hit.
    • Market Cipher - Market Cipher DBSI is an all-encompassing momentum indicator that uses a scoring system to interpret the signals of 36 separate momentum indicators on a candle-by-candle basis. A candle with a high score at the bottom signals bullish momentum, while high score at the top signals bearish momentum.
      • Blue Triangle - Reversal
      • Green Circle - Long
      • Red X - Short
    • A Cup and Handle (C&H) - Price pattern on a security's price chart is a technical indicator that resembles a cup with a handle, where the cup is in the shape of a "u" and the handle has a slight downward drift. The cup and handle is considered a bullish signal, with the right-hand side of the pattern typically experiencing lower trading volume. The pattern's formation may be as short as seven weeks or as long as 65 weeks.
    • A Head and Shoulders (H&S) - Pattern is a technical indicator with a chart pattern of three peaks, where the outer two are close in height and the middle is the highest .A head and shoulders pattern—considered one of the most reliable trend reversal patterns—is a chart formation that predicts a bullish-to-bearish trend reversal.
      • Red Vertical Bar Indicates Bearish H&S
      • Green Vertical Bar Indicates Bullish H&S
      • Green + Indicates Bullish H&S
      • Red x Indicates Bearish H&S (Similar to Cipher Red X but smaller)
      • White _ Indicates Both Bearish and Bullish H&S
    • MACD - Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. MACD is the Blue Line and the Orange Line is the Signal Line.
    • Stochastic - A stochastic oscillator is a popular technical indicator for generating overbought and oversold signals.
    • RSI - The relative strength index (RSI) is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis that measures the magnitude of recent price changes to evaluate overbought or oversold conditions in the price of a stock or other asset.
    • TTM Squeeze & SQZMOM - These indicators look at the relationship between Bollinger Bands® and Keltner Channels to help identify consolidations and signal when prices are likely to break out (whether up or down). This colorful indicator is displayed as histogram bars above and below a horizontal axis.
      • The red dots along the horizontal axis indicate that the stock is “squeezing” out the last bit of consolidation from a period of sideways price action. It then starts to build up energy to shift to a trending market. The market trends until the momentum starts slowing down—a sign the trending action may be coming to an end.
      • The first green dot after the series of red dots suggests the squeeze is on, and this market is ready to move.
    • STC - Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) is a charting indicator used to help spot buy and sell points in the forex market. Compared to the popular MACD indicator, STC will react faster to changing market conditions. A drawback to STC is that it can stay in overbought or oversold territory for long stretches of time.
    • ROC - Rate of Change (ROC) is a momentum-based technical indicator that measures the percentage change in price between the current price and the price a certain number of periods ago. The indicator can be used to spot divergences, overbought and oversold conditions, and centerline crossovers.
    • OBV - On-balance volume (OBV) is a technical trading momentum indicator that uses volume flow to predict changes in stock price.
    • CV_VWAP - The volume weighted average price (VWAP) is a trading benchmark used by traders that gives the average price a security has traded at throughout the day, based on both volume and price. It is important because it provides traders with insight into both the trend and value of a security. Works best in 15 MIN interval/frequency on charts.
Remember to take everything with a grain of salt- if you do not understand- ask- but always do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Highly Recommended.

Suggestions Are Always Welcome For Chart Adjustment / Modification
Obligatory: 💎🙌🦍🐒🦧🍗💥🔥🚀✨🌕🌠
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