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The endless news updates of Cosmos (but also crypto in general) are exhausting me. What's the worst that could happen if I just stop following the space and ecosystem?

2022.01.17 23:04 unicorn_materialised The endless news updates of Cosmos (but also crypto in general) are exhausting me. What's the worst that could happen if I just stop following the space and ecosystem?

A few weeks ago I was content with just staking my ATOM. Now I'm learning about JUNO and HUAHUA and whatever other token comes out. Reddit threads discussing allocation strategies between LP and staking and discords that can get you airdrops. Everything moves so fast and I'm always wondering if I'm missing out on major gains. It's exhausting. I have a real day job, and it's not daytrading crypto. So what's the worst that could happen if I just tuned out all the news and feeds, kept staking and holding what I now have, and tuned back in a few years from now? I'll miss airdrops, fine by me. Anything else? Will I also miss warning signs that a coin is going to bust, if such warnings even exist in the crypto space? Holders have to sell at some point to realise gains, even if it's years from now.
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2022.01.17 23:04 jedimuppet 7-4-1. The angelic meaning - “stay positive about the changes you are making since you are on the right track.” 🚀 🌝 🦍

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2022.01.17 23:04 roxy20000002 Hellooo:/

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2022.01.17 23:04 tonytone253 33m lonely and bored at home come chill with me

We can do whatever you want, I just want some company.
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2022.01.17 23:04 bernardo7017 looking for a girlfriend between 25 and 27

im looking for a girl friend.. im 27 and i live in bryan college station
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2022.01.17 23:04 firechatin Ron_NFTS

70% of the amount of each art i sell goes to charity for the homeless. Support Ron_NFT!
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2022.01.17 23:04 jemping98 Lag in the new update on iPhone 8

Is anybody else experiencing lag too?
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2022.01.17 23:04 alejolay BABYDOGECOIN MARKET CAP AT 1.28 BILLION

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2022.01.17 23:04 Ardent_Breeze Unpopular opinion: alatreon armor is better than fatty armor in most situations. Thoughts?

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2022.01.17 23:04 avmedicine Mint benefits for the digestive system and weight loss - Usage Tips.

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2022.01.17 23:04 IAmGeneralEggplant Just in case the picture is too hard to read, it was a post about a guy ranting about his girlfriend being ungrateful for flowers he got her.

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2022.01.17 23:04 semihemiacetal Thanks u/mediocre_school_8500

Bought some cebu blue clippings. They arrived well wrapped and insulated. This user was super accommodating with the change in delivery due to weather conditions. 10/10
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2022.01.17 23:04 FitAbroad1640 How can I make Rommel OP?

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2022.01.17 23:04 Woodstockbeans Groucho is leaving my island tomorrow does anyone want him?

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2022.01.17 23:04 One_Wey_Erections Kawaki Karma Theory Comes True and Meaning of Kawaki on Anime EP 01

Hello Bpruto Community, Hope yall are enjoying the manga chapters as I am (nerve racking roller coaster ride with a lot of twisties!!!). I wanted to leave these here for everyone to read. I posted these back sometime and my suspicions are starting to come true.
Posted 7 months ago...
I would like this post to be about speculating on Amado's intentions with Kawaki and what the future holds for both. 1 month ago, I predicted (well honestly, logically followed the little crumbs that has been given to us, readers, about Amado by the manga creators) that Amado had a bigger agenda regarding Kawaki, Boruto, and Karma to name a few. Here is the link to that:
I would like to break these down into sections to better follow what I think might take place in the near future and most importantly, why?!:

One last thing I would like to point out, is what we have seen on a recent episode regarding Sasuke and his encounter with Kara's 10-tail. Notice how the "Mural" had the symbols for most Otsutsuki's that have visited Earth? I theorize that the 10 tail actually is serving as a "database" containing the "genetic information" of all of the Otsutsuki's that are on the Mural amongst other chakra accumulated. This, logically makes sense to have, as Isshiki's will was to "become a peerless existence", and without being able to "legally" kill another clan member (if Isshiki even cared about following the Clans laws), then a collection of their genetic information would be used to attain their powers and chakra if he was to absorb this 10 tails. I can back this up with couple of details:
  1. Chakra=genetic information
  2. Isshiki took "chakra" from the 10-tails before his 1st fight against Naruto and Sasuke. Notice how he "transformed" into his "horned" version "only" after taking chakra from the 10 tails. Before this, even at full Karma, he never reached this feat.
  3. The Mural looks like a "circuit", connected directly to where the 10 tails resides. This further solidifies the connection between the 10 tails and all the Otsutsuki's on the Mural.
  4. Isshiki, upon failing to carve Karma onto Kawaki again, appears to Code for what it seems as a last time (Hint:I don't believe we have seen the last of Isshiki...) in this same place. This could be due to his "data" being here, able to "partially" reconstitute one last time to instill his will.
Well that's all I have....for now, please feel free to comment or debate!
End of theory
As you can see, my suspicion on what Amado was up to came true, and Kawaki received his Karma once more... However, due to the recent developments of the manga I revisited Episode 1 of the Boruto anime and spotted something that completely flew under the radar for many...many years in my opinion, and further solidifies my theory that, Kawaki's Karma, is actually Isshiki's Karma and Isshiki could make a return due to Amado's meddling.
Boruto EP 01
During this intro, we get to see that, now, iconic interaction between Kawaki and Boruto at the Hokage stone memorial (on Naruto's face). Boruto starts the scene stating that "The age of shinobi is over" but it sounds more like he is reaffirming that the world of shinobi has ended, possibly by Kawaki eliminating anything that has to do with Shinobi. From there, Boruto states that if "this was the only possible outcome", in other words, to destroy the shinobi world as they know it. However, what happens next is what I meant that it "flew under the radar" for so many years.
Kawaki then replies "yes that's right..." and takes a pause, looks at his palm (as is to remind him of what eventually will happen to him), and reassures Boruto that the shinobi world is in fact over. That scene right there, I always thought that Kawaki was still looking at Boruto, and the shot depicts Kawaki activating Karma. But this is not the case...I believe he looked at his palm...as to see Ishiki's symbol that appears as the Otsusufication reaches peak... to remind himself that, no matter what he does...no matter how hard he tries...Isshiki will resurrect and will destroy everything...and his actions lead to all of this.
Don't believe me, then take a good look at "0:19" on the youtube video provided. Kawaki's head tilts...his eyes shift to look at his palm..he is reminded of what is about to happen...and he reassures Boruto that the shinobi world is to end.
Youtube Video:
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2022.01.17 23:04 jesusmcjesus #Elonone - Vitalik Burned 38.7% of the supply!!! - Rocketdash NFT Game - Gasless Marketplace Minting Launching!

✳ELONONE is a hyper-deflationary, holder-rewarding ERC-20 Protocol. A 2% tax is applied to each transaction which is instantly and automatically re-distributed to all existing holders of ELONONE at the time of each transaction.
✳#ELONONE is fully owned and governed by its amazing community. Our volunteers AKA 'Cadets' consistently discuss new ideas and help build #ELONONE into the most positive and impactful community in crypto. Salute to the Cadets!
✳The #ELONONE project is safe, with a 100 year liquidity lock and a successful security audit by Solidity Finance.

2% tax that gets redistributed to all holders on every buy, sell, and swap.
Redistributions are also reallocated into the burn wallet making the token deflationary with every single transaction as well.
Vitalik Buterin was given approximately 45% of the token at launch in April. On October 31st, he burned 38.7% of the total tokens supply!

Gasless NFT Marketplace with DROPS feature which allows artists to drag, drop and create their own generative smart contracts which cuts out the need for a developer.
Rocketdash 3D NFT racing game with gambling features and RNG technology by Chainlink
FEGEX listing
Tons of partneships (ie. Token Frame digital NFT picture frames)

Address: 0x97b65710d03e12775189f0d113202cc1443b0aa2
Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explore0x9ec5149472db6acffb9023a47d37b4ecbcf68a4b
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/557839712083505/permalink/570815420785934/?sfnsn=mo&ref=share
Audit: https://solidity.finance/audits/AstroElon/
Liquidity Lock: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x97b65710D03E12775189F0D113202cc1443b0aa2?name=ASTROELON&symbol=ELONONE
Discord: https://discord.gg/aKUCQtVRFf
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/pt/moedas/astroelon
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/astroelon/
Website: https://astroelon.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstroElon
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2022.01.17 23:04 l0rddenning Club squash - do pro players get paid to play?

Does anybody know if division 1 club squash pays their players?
My local club has fielded the likes of Joel Makin, James Willstrop, Adrian Waller and Emily Whitlock in their mens first team in the North West Counties League this season.
It came as quite the shock to me having lived away for a while!
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2022.01.17 23:04 british_tea2 (Serious) People of reddit, have you ever encountered a fallen angel? What happened?

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2022.01.17 23:04 straightlinearrival @linearrival on twitter

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2022.01.17 23:04 Willing-Clock-8884 Poonam Pandey Busty ASSETS

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2022.01.17 23:04 M8DD0X Is this rare? A level 4 female bear

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2022.01.17 23:04 Kesuzo New homeowner, oil heated house

Did not realize how expensive oil is, wow.
Would love to hear which oil companies you all would recommend. I've only ever used bonded oil and it's really surprising how fast we're going through two gallons in a small home.
I'm in Bergenfield if that helps.
I'll probably be hopefully making the jump to natural gas in the summer, when it won't be super cold.
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2022.01.17 23:04 UltraRoggero2021 UPDATE: Poppy Huggy Wuggy Hide 'N Seek Cheats&Hack

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2022.01.17 23:04 Unemployed321 CarPlay without a cable connection?

Just got a 21 Platinum Max and am wondering if using CarPlay without a cable is possible. I got a 21 F150 XLT loaner about 6 months that had this feature and don’t see how it’s possible that vehicle had this, but my brand new Platinum doesn’t.
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2022.01.17 23:04 annizka Is it distasteful to get free items from Facebook marketplace and then put them up for sale on there again?

I see a lot of free things that I could sell. But I don’t know, I feel bad about doing that. What do you guys think?
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