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How about the Irn Bru toastie?

2022.01.24 06:57 490n3 How about the Irn Bru toastie?

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2022.01.24 06:57 Old_Ad1479 Please help me out.

I am an engineering student and my branch is AI & ML. I have wasted my first year of engineering by just roaming around and doing nothing. and I'm in 2ND year right now and I still don't know anything about my subject, I am worried about my future but I don't know what to study or where can I develop my skills or what kind of skills should I develop. Please help me out.
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2022.01.24 06:57 Same-Philosopher128 She comes home tomorrow 6k later damm money pit

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2022.01.24 06:57 RedAndy72 Scale.

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2022.01.24 06:57 VibeTillYouDrop can i pls have feedback on my vids

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2022.01.24 06:57 DrBlackRat Is this a new thing?

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2022.01.24 06:57 manouchehr71 حرف حساب زندگی

‏یه جمله‌ی آموزنده تو ذهنم هست، یادم نیست بار اول کجا خوندم یا کی بهم گفته ولی الان فهمیدم حقیقت محضه: از تصمیم‌هاتون با باقی حرف نزنید، چون هر بار که حرف می‌زنید از عطشتون برای انجامش کاسته میشه. بذارید هدفتون تو ذهنتون تازه بمونه.
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2022.01.24 06:57 AutoModerator There Are No Stupid Questions

Please feel free to ask any question at all related to acting, no matter how simple. There will be no judgements on questions posted here. Everyone starts somewhere.
Do keep in mind that we have a FAQ we're always adding to, which attempts to answer basic questions about acting. Have a look, but don't worry if you ask something here that we've covered.
So ask away!
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2022.01.24 06:57 dakondakblade Just starting this, anything I should be aware of?

Hey all,
Quick snapshot of stats/goals
H- 6'2/ M- 35 (36 in march)/ SW- 290 lbs, GW- 200
240/250 mark by August/ 210/220 by Dec 31 2022 and then my goal weight by March 1 2023 Gluten intolerance so try to limit gluten as much as possible

Without getting too into detail, I've lost weight (70lbs) twice in the last 4 years but each year depression ate it back after an injury. I'm looking into ADF and some other eating lifestyles I've tried in the past, and just wanted to make sure I've done my due diligence before committing. I'm going to continue what I'm doing for now, then start ADF on Feb 1 so it's a clean slate. A few quick questions below.

1- I've been spending most of January getting back into eating habits. According to many calculators, my ideal caloric intake is 1800-1900 a day. I've spent the last 2 weeks doing intermittent fasting (17:7) and found it easy to implement ( 12 PM - 7 PM ) I was apparently eating 3400+ a day prior to Jan 1st, and now I'm finding it difficult to even hit 1900 in two big meals. There's been a day or two where I just didn't feel like eating, so just drank a bunch of water and called it a day. Would ADF be easy to transition to based on this?

2- As a kid growing up, I could go 2-3 days without eating, just drinking water. During college and even during the last few years while recovering form injury, I would realize at 10 pm at night when talking to friends in a group call on discord ".. oh, I forgot to eat today, whoops" I'm sure this can be massively worked to my benefit letting me do a variation of IF and ADF. Does anyone else have experience with this and found it easy to implement ADF as a result?

3- How do you work a consistent schedule into place? What I mean by that is, let's say first week M, W, F, S, T, but then it would be T, T S M, W. Is there a way to keep to the same days each rotation? I can't seem to think of one, but I'm open to ideas. Mainly because if i visit parents, there are certain days mom wont cook/eat anything to do with animals. It's a culture thing. I don't want to inconvenience her ( she'll insist of cooking something seperate just for me ) Does anyone have experience with this and how I can make it fit into certain days? I don't mind having to fast/not fast an extra day.

4- Assuming your caloric intake is 1900. On your non fast days do you eat 1900 or do you eat double that? (3800) I know with IF and OMAD, that you stick to your allocated caloric intake a day, you just have it at the same time/within the same amount of hours.

5- Can this be combined with Keto and a form of IF on your eating days? Even on my non fast days, I don't see myself eating more than 2 big meals. I can easily fit that into a 6/7 hour window instead of spreading it during the day.

I appreciate any feedback and as I said above, I'm doing my due diligence before I start a life style change.
Thank you, much appreciated
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2022.01.24 06:57 michaelmoreno2k Script that turns off mentions for all severs?

Anyone know if it would be possible to create a script or bot that goes through every server and turns off mentions. I join lots of servers frequently and find myself having to go through each one and turn off the notifications, massive annoyance. Would be great if I had a script that would just log into my account and do this for me. Any ideas on the APIs I would need to become familiar with or tech I'd use to build this, if even allowed by Discord?
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2022.01.24 06:57 Esperaux The Shock Doctrine [2009] Documentary by Naomi Klein

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2022.01.24 06:57 Malulilu Canned cake Vending Machine in Japan [unintentional] [city ambience] [eating sounds]

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2022.01.24 06:57 coffeesipper123 Is there anywhere that sells allulose in Melbourne?

I normally buy it from iherb.com but I need it pronto.
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2022.01.24 06:57 Nidarirosy Si Zemmour accueille un migrant, comment être sûr que ce dernier soit bien en règle ?

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2022.01.24 06:57 cosnime_gamer lets play tales of zestiria part 21 payback time

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2022.01.24 06:57 angelsontheroof The Sims 4 confirms East Asian food coming to the game for free

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2022.01.24 06:57 Ecstatic_Difference4 perfectly balanced (OC)

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2022.01.24 06:57 realeemanuel Valorant Coaching!!!!!

Hi guys. I'm an valorant player. I've been playing valorant since It came out (feels bad I didn't got to play the beta). Anyway, i've been past every rank from iron to Immortal the last year! I've been coaching for more than a month around 40/50 players a month. I do 1 on 1 coaching where 1 hour which includes 1 Deathmatch + 1 ranked game, for 10€. For eveything and if you guys are interested Just DM me! I appreciate everyone here. Peace and Love guys!
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2022.01.24 06:57 Dependent-Till-2676 I FINALLY BEAT 11-23 I'M SO HAPPY ✨✨✨

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2022.01.24 06:57 fleshdesk Which of these statements best describes you?

*Substitutes includes lab-grown.
View Poll
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2022.01.24 06:57 marleneisajewelduel Asked my [33F] boss [30M] for a raise and he said he would have to have a long think about it eve though I've been with the company two years breaking my back.

I have been at my current job for just shy over two years now. I really enjoy the work and the people, but the salary isn't great. Inflation went up and my salary stayed the same. I'm making less than £25k a year and I feel like I'm worth a lot more since I've been working really hard with this company. I have never called out sick in my tenure there and worked in office partly during the pandemic even when my mum had passed away in 2020. I never asked for bereavement leave and worked through the tears.
I interviewed elsewhere and got offered the job. The new job only pays a tiny bit more and would be more of a challenge.
Went to my boss this morning with the offer news and they said that the potential new work already spoke to them. How unprofessional, right? I never gave them permission to do so. I only told them where I currently work. They just contacted my current work for a reference apparently.
My boss replied with that they would have to think long and hard about this. It's not like I'm asking for a large sum of money. I'm asking for less than a 11% raise. I feel like having to think about it is not a good sign. They should know right off the bat if they want to fight for me or not even if the offer comes out of nowhere when they weren't expecting it. They are already losing people as it is. I've seen like six people leave in my two years there and they are advertising my job online for the salary I'm asking.
It feels like they don't care about me at all when I care about them. I've worked so hard and have been so loyal to them. What should I do?

TL;DR Been way too loyal to a company that has to think whether I deserve a less than 11% raise that another company is offering. Do I wait for them to think or take the other job?
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2022.01.24 06:57 SpecialistCookie Velop newbie - a few questions...

I'll soon be taking delivery of a Velop MX8400 2-pack, which will be used with a wireless backhaul, and I have a few newbie questions....

  1. Am I correct in saying it's recommended to disable the Airtime Fairness, Client Steering and Node Steering options, as they can cause problems? Are there any other 'features' that I'd be better off without?
  2. I've seen mentioned a few times that it's recommended to do a factory reset after a firmware update. In terms of reconfiguring after, is there a backup/restore configuration option that I can make use of, or would I need to reconfigure from scratch? Even if there was a backup/restore option, is it best to reconfigure manually anyway?
  3. Ideally I'd like to split the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands into their own SSIDs to force devices to use a particular band. Is this a) possible, and b) recommended in my setup? (with a wireless backhaul)
  4. Any other 'good practice' tips?
Apologies if any have already been answered in the sub. I did have a quick search beforehand, but, you know....
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2022.01.24 06:57 pradavmins is tufts generous with financial aid?

i know its need-aware but how generous is it with financial aid?
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2022.01.24 06:57 -CuddleSlut Kashurra B2E8

Is kashurra Byssrak? Or is he just a void dragon who gained consciousness like Auroth, and just looks identical to Byssrak?
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