Master Chief Collection framerate and audio issues

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2022.01.25 08:10 Nevad25 Master Chief Collection framerate and audio issues

So last time I played the MCC was a while back, before Reach was made available. I had played every campaign and it ran smoothly for every game (Xbox One first generation). Not long ago I got Reach and needed to update the game. If I remember it was a 50 gb update, something like that. The update changed a lot of things, including the main menu. I played Reach, and it ran smooth.
Now I started playing Combat Evolved and started getting all those weird issues I never had before. It started with the soundtrack. The music will just loop weirdly right in the middle of the "song" and when there's "too much" action on screen I have tremendous FPS drops and the game and music will run in slow motion. Same thing happens in some cutscenes, like the opening custscene of the "Keyes" mission. The Covenant are fighting against the Flood and apparently it's just too much to handle for the game, it stutters, FPS drops, and Cortana can't even finish a sentence without stuttering and repeating every words 3 to 4 times. This is ridiculous. It never happened before so I'm pretty sure the update has something to do with it.
Anyone else experiencing those issues or it's just me ?
Just found this thread where users details similar problems following the update:
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2022.01.25 08:10 Climbing13 Anyone know How soon you are able to get hisuian growlithe ?

I’d like to start with rowlet i can get growlithe early.
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2022.01.25 08:10 TheGrizzlyGrim The DRIP Network, Passive Income with Huge Growth Potential and how to get started!
As a reminder to everyone, please only invest what you are willing/ and ok with losing.
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2022.01.25 08:10 Beginning-Spare-6027 Wat een leuk leesvoer

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2022.01.25 08:10 IIFAFNIRII So this happened...

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2022.01.25 08:10 elphabathewicked The sheer amount of shamelessness to wear this in public

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2022.01.25 08:10 hateavocadoandmyself Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I just need to vent. I have some sort of undiagnosed chronic illness with a slew of debilitating symptoms. I’ve been trying to work throughout this whole flare up (not really sure what else to call it), but I keep having to leave work early or not come in and as someone with work anxiety and am probably a workaholic, I cry every time and sometimes have panic attacks. I’m depressed, frustrated, and passively suicidal on top of my physical symptoms, I feel like I’m drowning. I don’t feel like I can keep living this way although I’m trying to be optimistic the forced positivity feel pointless.
I want to believe I’ll get better and figure out what’s wrong with me and get on the right medications and treatment plan and my symptoms will hopefully be mostly managed but I feel like I’ve tried everything. People are always like “do you want water?” “Have you eaten today?” “Try this otc med/food/tea/random suggestion” and I hate it. I understand they’re trying to be helpful and nice but don’t you think I’ve tried it all? And it’s always “get better soon” I can’t help but laugh and cry at that. Because I won’t. I won’t be better soon. It’s invalidating and humorous to hear.
Im tired. Im exhausted. I don’t want to live like this anymore but there’s nothing I can do besides wait for months for procedures and doctors appointments and test results that come back normal. Im not going to unalive myself I know that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it at times.
I feel like those that care about me are the only ones keeping me going but it’s saddening to know they can never understand or comprehend the pain I feel everyday and the slow dimming will to keep trying. Of course I always appreciate their support but I just want to feel fully seen which I guess is why I’m seeking out spaces like these. I need support from people who understand what it’s like to live with a debilitating mystery illness. I want to hear that there’s hope for a diagnosis and maybe from there that there’s hope that my symptoms can be managed.
I apologize that this was long and appreciate anyone who read till the end. I just really need to get this off my chest for I feel like no one in my life can fully comprehend how absolutely terrible it is to live a life with debilitating symptoms that affect every aspect of functioning in every day life.
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2022.01.25 08:10 Proper-Ambassador811 Do any of you exercise in your kit? Is it recommended to officers to do so? Sounds like a good idea to me.

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2022.01.25 08:10 Pink_wolf5185 AU assassin | Double Agent Hush | Speed Force | Vibranium Daggers | Wyvern X77 | Xev | Saplight

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2022.01.25 08:10 SumXsNaive A cat trying to snipe me

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2022.01.25 08:10 NoFap_Demon Half Asleep Nut

Hello I just recently joined this sub Reddit after a problem I had, I was on day 37 on NoFap streak and I went to sleep, I was half asleep with my hand wrapped around my … and busted a nut without any intention I cannot remember if I was dreaming as I was still half a sleep. I think that demonic spirit led me there but I don’t know for sure. I don’t feel any different after the nut was released like no energy or anything gone. Did I restart my streak?
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2022.01.25 08:10 EnaGrimm $Daxe - The next 12,000% HEX version| Strong Use Case that rewards holders | Big Launch |100% Sustainable APY | Just buy, hodl and watch your portfolio grow!

What does DAXE do? DAXE is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a means of storing value. There's no ETH, NFT, or governance coins here. There are several altcoins similar to DAXE such as Bitcoin and HEX. There is a lot of value in both. Adoption of Bitcoin and HEX is how their value grows. DAXE is a proof of wait, whereas Bitcoin is a proof of labor. For those that agree to stake (i.e. not sell), DAXE compensates them exponentially more as time goes on. Taking coins out of circulation and causing a supply shock increases the value of the coin, which is why staking is so crucial. The impact of this can be seen in the HEX chart. WHAT IS DAXE TOKEN ALLOCATION?
Just like HEX, DAXE will have an Origin Address with a similar allocation to that of the Origin address of HEX. The liquidity for DAXE will be intentionally kept low, we want supply economics to directly benefit holders. Circulating supply of DAX will be 220Bn.
Interest Paid Daily
Interest for DAXE stakes is paid out daily and comprises of base interest (20% APR), and a long stake interest that rises exponentially over time.
Very low transaction fees
Because DAXE has no fees at all and because DAXE will deploy on chains where transaction cost are cheap, everyone can participate. Telegram:
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2022.01.25 08:10 MJE7 Done!

Super duper doable guys, nothing like NBMEs and way easier than UW/NBME’s keep your heads up! I was shitting bricks yesterday but im telling you guys its going to be alright i promise!
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2022.01.25 08:10 kingt34 There is a real problem of dev-hating growing in this community.

I’m seeing people calling out the devs on releasing a “broken” game and calling for pitchforks and torches. People complaining that the devs have a “holiday”. People not understanding that there is a difference between the dev team and the leadership, and either they haven’t noticed or have been intentionally ignorant of the inner conflict of creative ideas and (often damaging) business practices.
There is a lot wrong with Halo Infinite: the cosmetics, and the desync, but there’s a lot great about Infinite too: the core gameplay is the best the series has seen for a long time. The devs are being commutative and somewhat open about what they’re hearing and how they’re responding.
But people think that they’re owed immediate solutions to these problems with zero sympathy for the developers who have made a really concrete game at its core because they can’t see past the anti-consumer aspects of the game. There are two sides to every coin, we all see this, but let’s not lose our humanity in this discourse and let’s treat the devs with respect. You can voice your complaints in a constructive way that the devs can use to show the leaders what needs to be done to fix what needs to be fixed. But just because some parts need to be fixed does not automatically mean that it’s broken.
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2022.01.25 08:10 That_Bandicoot_3846 Decisions

What up my step siblings(lol)? First post here.
So I’m a 2nd year CW5 in Local 43 Syracuse NY with hopes of topping out to JW one day. I applied for the apprenticeship but it’s been a few months so I’m not sure how long it would take for them to get back in contact with me.
My problem is that I have a couple co-workers also going through the CW/CE program, and I’ve heard about how challenging it can be to top out as long as my own experience as well. Pretty much for me to finish the CW program and move on to CE: I would have to take CW1 and CW2 classes along with other classes I would (assume) that are prerequisites to being a CE. ALSO I hear in the CW/CE program you only take classes that are being offered and some semesters you might not be able to take a class you need. I’ve been doing electrical work for 5 years and I have completed trade school before I ever stepped into the field. Now I know it doesn’t really matter to the Union but I personally feel it would be a waste to do it twice or 3 times in my case.
Should I just work as a CW without school until I get into the apprenticeship? Or? Just looking for some good advice from family. Appreciate it a lot.
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2022.01.25 08:10 AdmiralRickHunter Hello Gig/App Pizza Delivery Philippines‼️👍🏼😉

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2022.01.25 08:10 Savage_Panda_69 can some please let me know what scope shroud was using on his t5000. its my first wipe and i dont recognize this scope

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2022.01.25 08:10 -C18 Which positions need the most backup and why are those positions RB and LB

Not a question. Just rant.
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2022.01.25 08:10 Appropriate_Ear_1815 Behold

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2022.01.25 08:10 JuniperScents I hate slavery but if you had one , what is the worse thing you would make them do?

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2022.01.25 08:10 Cat-Lilac Gina Rinehart and former News Ltd chief receive 2022 Australia Day honours

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2022.01.25 08:10 printial Sue Gray report delayed 'probably for many weeks' as Met probes No10 parties

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2022.01.25 08:10 ThatFoxyPixelKid Drawing for u/SuperCharged516. I had a lot of fun drawing this.

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2022.01.25 08:10 SEXYHOTASIA 20[f4m]I'm alone in my room do you wanna play?

Add me on snapchat carlasanjose22
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2022.01.25 08:10 one_blackboy Anything to know about the Dogecoin’s Charity program integration to WaykiChain & Game adoption?

Wiki Sun is a loyal user of Dogecoin, he was impressed by Dogecoin's charity culture and decided to let WaykiChain continue the charity culture of Dogecoin. WaykiChain collaborates with the community to spread love and help disadvantaged groups. The Game betting industry incorporated into the blockchain is gradually gaining ground as the betting industry grosses over 231 billion dollar U.S. dollars in 2021 due to its large market participation. WaykiChain, however, being a commercial public chain that provides enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure and industry solutions, and create business models in the new economy, leveraging off the volume has officially built the WaykiChain decentralized betting application which is coincidentally the first smart contract application launched by the team. Each bet is triggered by the application developer via a smart contract. During the period specified in the contract, the users can initiate betting transactions, and all betting records can be traced on the blockchain browser and can never be tampered with. The smart contract will then automatically reward the winners based on the funal result. All without the involvement of a third party, centralized power or agency making betting process more customized and within control.
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