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Is it normal for the student visa / flight info info , etc to pop up while the app is being under review?

2022.01.25 08:59 LastJediStanding Is it normal for the student visa / flight info info , etc to pop up while the app is being under review?

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2022.01.25 08:59 Minute-Engineer1172 Shreya Ghoshal tight jeans

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2022.01.25 08:59 finishprobation Looking to help reduce those that are stressed from taking UAs for their probation sentence.

Hey drugtesthelp
I made FinishProbation.com to help people who have to take UAs everyday. It's an app that helps people complete their probation sentence. The app will notify you when you need to take a drug test (supporting over 20 states) and includes a probation progression tracker.
My first experience with probation was when I was eighteen. My best friend's life was turned upside down by his marijuana possession charge. This charge would not have been as severe in today's times, but the punishment ruined his educational future and his emotional stability. He felt that he was trapped in a disorganized cycle and it was hard for him to see the end.
This would later drive me on a mission to code FinishProbation for offenders like my buddy who was overwhelmed by his probation sentence. To reduce the mental stress and toll that probation brings. And this is done by reducing the fear of missing a drug test with notifications, seeing the days left to finish probation and spreading the word on how to get early termination.
This app has helped the mental state of being on probation already a few people in Michigan and I want to see if it can be adopted in courts across America.
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2022.01.25 08:59 lofigemz Synthwave Love

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2022.01.25 08:59 selmon_69420 What are the creepiest urban Legeneds or stories in your area?

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2022.01.25 08:59 bojidar_ivanov Who is dumb now?

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2022.01.25 08:59 ElPresidenteLaos Aquele dipirona d manhã 😋😋

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2022.01.25 08:59 LeChonkus Twitch elite drone skin?

I recently bought the elite for twitch and I put the headgear and uniform on but I don’t have the drone skin. Is there a way to put it on?
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2022.01.25 08:59 Despacito-42069 Need Help About Past Turkish Translation

I remember seeing dirt named "4" in the turkish translation before 1.3.1 but i couldnt find any thing on the topic,if you also remember it or have any kind of info; please leave it in the comments
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2022.01.25 08:59 Eonskie18 29 [M4F] Date us? Feb 14

Looking for kadate, kahit kaibigan lang, girlbestfriend, ka cuddle :( anything you want. . .
About me: Mahlig sa anime, pero totoo onepiece nalang pinapanood ko now haha 😅
Pokemon lover, I have Pikachu collection :) Mahlig sa cosplay, pangarap kaso di pang cosplay e hahah
About you: basta mabait, cute, keeper g na yan!
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2022.01.25 08:59 BillNyeCreampieGuy Clean your filthy room you dirty Marxists, ya boy’s coming to JRE to drink cider and fear-monger the left - and I’m all out of cider. Let’s gooo!

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2022.01.25 08:59 Maximum_Fearless Conversation with my Dad Saturday night.

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2022.01.25 08:59 johnnymad15 Moog Sirin through Blooper

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2022.01.25 08:59 z1ggy16 Is this oak??

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2022.01.25 08:59 Ghost_M_ LOOKING FOR BAT DRAGON OR SHADOW

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2022.01.25 08:59 Crazyblackbul The Goat aka Pinkyxxx

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2022.01.25 08:59 girafi360 TW:Death, Hospitals….Do you have to pay medical bills if someone dies in the hospital?

If a family member is in the hospital and they pass away, does someone still have to pay for any treatment they had to prevent it? Not currently affecting me but I’ve wondered this for a while
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2022.01.25 08:59 Outrageous_Debt_7286 Rollercoin is an online bitcoin mining simulator in which you can mine real bitcoins for free without paying for electricity - get a 1000 satoshi now!

Rollercoin is a game that you compete with your friends, who will have a bigger farm to mine bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin. Аll you have to do is register and customize your avatar, then you're ready to start the race.
The best part is that this game does not require depositing money to grow your farm, it is enough to play games, raise enough money and buy your first miner.
Once you have collected the sufficient minimum amount (about 4-6$) you can withdraw your money to your personal wallet. You can take 1000 satoshi which will help for the development of your farm. They are equal to 0.00001 BTC.
It is possible to progress quickly with the new "Event Pass" in the game. If you buy it and take all the prizes you will increase the power of mining by 1.22 Ph/s. Of course, if you do not want to give real money for "Event Pass" there are also free prizes.
ONLY NOW you have the opportunity to get a lot of free miners, RLT and trophy as decor in your mining room!
There is a new option with which you can win free RLT by performing tasks. You can complete all tasks and take hundreds or even thousands of RLT.
At the same time you have the opportunity to buy a Lootbox with which you have a chance to win a miner who runs with power from 10 Gh/s up to 270 Gh/s
FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE GAME YOU CAN CRAFT A MINER. If you have 2 or more identical miners, you can combine them and get a brand new one with a higher power than the sum of the combined miners. For this you need parts, you can buy them from the store or win them completely free while playing mini games.
Also FOR THE FIRST TIME they give a FREE SKIN for your miner's room with a Christmas theme.
The market will be added very soon. In it you will be able to buy miners at lower prices than in the store and you will be able to choose in which currency to pay, from your already dug RLT, BTC, ETH, DOGE, MATIC or BNB.
• There is a new cryptocurrency that you can mine MATIC!
• At Rollercoin you will never mine at a loss because you will not pay for electricity! The game is made you always mine to profit!
• If you decide to invest the money you earn in miners, you will start earning more.
• The cheapest miner costs only 2.6 RLT which is 2.6$.
Notes on using Rollercoin:
• All purchases from the site require RLT, which is Rollercoin's own cryptocurrency.
• You may withdraw your crypto from the site once it reaches the required quota, or deposit them to a different currency.
• You can only split power from mining crypto once every 12 hours.
• You must win at least one game per day to maintain the current level of your "PC", otherwise it will go back to the lowest level.
• The more games you win, the more difficult it is, and the longer the cooldown. On the flipside, you get a bigger score which adds to your mining power.
• You can bring down the difficulty of any game by simply not playing them for awhile. Use this to diversify the games you play and earn as much mining power as possible. 1000 FREE SATOSHI HERE
• The higher your mining power, the more crypto you can get from each completed block.
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2022.01.25 08:59 Epkswgoh 300M+ GP All raids on farm - Looking for New Members - DS Geo TB: 31⭐️, 37 Wat / LS Geo TB: 20⭐️, 19 KAM. Looking for more end-game players. See Comment for more Info

Guild info: (https://swgoh.gg/g/43070/eternal-paradox-knights/)
Join us here here:
Eternal Paradox Knights
49/50 Members, 300 Mil+ GP
5:30pm PST Guild Reset (1:30 AM UTC)
PIT and Tank simmed. HSith on farm. HSith rotates between 8 AM and 7 PM PST (4 PM and 3 AM UTC)
Challenge Rancor on farm
We are currently looking for new members - could that be you?
REQUIREMENTS: * Minimum 6M+ GP (allowances can be made for roster quality)

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2022.01.25 08:59 jtmccol Wrong Number of Reward Packs?

Anyone else receive the wrong number of reward Packs? I think they were about 1 week behind in reward Packs, but I was suppose to receive 1 Rare, 2 epics, and 2 DO Rare. If the reward was for this week I was suppose to receive 2 rares, 1 epic and 1 Do Rare. I only received 2 packs. My rank is Solar Gold, so I have a high enough rank. Just curious if this happened to other people or what the explanation could be.
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2022.01.25 08:59 nathan22211 how viable is VR in a qemu VM

I will note that qemu states that it has there's little to no performance dip, but I've never tried to use it before. MY PC has a rx 5600xt and a ryzen 5 3600x with 16gb of ram at 3200 mhz
this will be with the rift S, on a win11 VM, I will note that I've had occasional stutters with phasmophobia with win11 natively, but that could be because I'm in the beta for windows. I could allocate maybe 12gb of ram and 8 of my threads (that CPU has 12) as I know my preferred Linux OS can be run with 4gb of ram on an older atom CPU just fine.
I can get 2 more 8GB sticks if I need to (I think I remember what I got when I built it) but I don't feel like replacing the CPU and we know how hard it is to get mid-tier GPUs rn
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2022.01.25 08:59 crytoloover MATIC - POLYGON - MUST HAVE TOKEN IN BEAR MARKET

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2022.01.25 08:59 Consistent-Daikon138 Vanessa Hudgens

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2022.01.25 08:59 Upbeat-Blackberry192 Love between two brothers will make you cry

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2022.01.25 08:59 tdtwedt Rate Hikes: The Fed Won't Hike Nearly As Much As Expected

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