Looking for a female vocalist for short staccato "doo's" in a composition I'm working on.

2021.12.06 15:00 moonbud22 Looking for a female vocalist for short staccato "doo's" in a composition I'm working on.

I'm working on a composition that needs short "doo" vocal phrases on every quarter note from 0:34 to 0:50. Here is the track:
Here is an example of the style of vocal I'm looking for:

PM me if you're interested in collaborating on this and we can talk in more detail about how to execute it! Thanks!
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2021.12.06 15:00 happyJseal [4] I've returned with my hardest one yet! So can you tell me, what do these players have in common?

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2021.12.06 15:00 CheLeung 3 University of Hong Kong students granted bail after judge considers withdrawal of motion mourning police attacker - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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2021.12.06 15:00 ReconEG [AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] Lala Lala on Wednesday, December 8th @ 4pm ET/1pm PT!

[AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] Lala Lala on Wednesday, December 8th @ 4pm ET/1pm PT! It's Monday, you know what that means.
Lala Lala will join us for an AMA this Wednesday! (Photo: Miwah Lee, Graphic: u/sara520)
WHO: Lala Lala is the music project of Chicago-based songwriter Lillie West who caught buzz in 2016 upon the release of her debut Sleepyhead, quickly following it up with 2018's The Lamb released on Hardly Art and touring in support of the album with acts like Better Oblivion Community Center and Death Cab for Cutie. And now, West is back with her latest.
WHY: I Want the Door to Open is out now via Hardly Art, featuring guest appearances by Ohmme, Sen Morimoto and Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie). Lala Lala will be touring throughout Europe, the UK and North America next year starting in February, so hit up her website for all of her upcoming dates + tickets to the shows.
WHEN: Lala Lala will join us for an AMA this Wednesday, December 8th @ 4pm ET/1pm PT!
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2021.12.06 15:00 Unl0ck3r Punches thrown at rally for far-right French presidential candidate

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For instance, when a user initiates a token transfer from chain A to chain B, the assets are initially sent to the relay node on chain A. Then, the relay node sends the same amount of tokens to chain B and maintains the liquidity on destination B. Later, the bridge uses Hashed Time Lock contract that secures the bridge transaction. It assures users fund security even when the relay node reflects some malicious behavior. Currently, the network gateway server automatically chooses the relay node. And it is dependent upon the past relay success rate, the transaction fee charged, and the number of relayed transfers done by the relay node.
Learn more: https://www.leewayhertz.com/migrate-tokens-using-relay-bridges/
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2021.12.06 15:00 XxxasiansanxxX AY YOO THATS KINDA SUS (idfc if you think "sus" is cringe)

AY YOO THATS KINDA SUS (idfc if you think
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2021.12.06 15:00 Gootube2000 lexili seleti: acne, pustule, pimple, spot, zit

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akne - acne, pustule, pimple, spot, zit
aknemon - pustule, pimple, spot, zit
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2021.12.06 15:00 hospitable_peppers [Announcement] Subreddit updates + a user survey!

Hello all,
Even though the shows over, we still want to have some engagement with the community. As such, moderators are looking for Wiki contributors who will be able to improve our FAQ pages. If you aren't familiar, we have an episode-by-episode FAQ page in order to limit low-effort content. If you would like to contribute to these pages, let us know! The help will be greatly appreciated.
**The only rule for these FAQ pages is that there should be no spoilers for the following episodes.**
In other news, we have also created a User Satisfaction Survey for anyone who has completed the show. We're doing this for two reasons:

We will make an update post about the survey if we get enough responses. It should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. You can take the survey here.
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2021.12.06 15:00 Hashport 2 Days Left Until HBAR[0x]/MAI Pool Rewards are Live on Quickswap

2 Days Left Until HBAR[0x]/MAI Pool Rewards are Live on Quickswap https://preview.redd.it/xhhz975kux381.jpg?width=960&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=69ab37373231d4f65dfe712e7bb9abe43a06a7ba
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2021.12.06 15:00 EpicAura99 Who’s hyped for the return of the king?

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2021.12.06 15:00 Hungry-Paper2541 What would make more money: Harry Potter 9 or Spider-Man 4?

This is something I was thinking about recently. If arguably the two biggest franchises of the 00s put out a sequel 15-20 years later, which one would do better?
Gut instinct says Harry Potter by a mile but superhero movies are a much bigger genre now than fantasy movies are. And just look at all the buzz No Way Home is getting over what will probably be a glorified Tobey cameo, imagine if he and Raimi came back for a full-length movie.
I’m still giving Potter the edge but think it would be close.
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2021.12.06 15:00 IndieheadsAOTY The r/indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series: Black Dresses - Forever In Your Heart

The indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series: Black Dresses - Forever In Your Heart Howdy! Welcome to Day 5 of the indieheads Album of the Year 2021 Write-Up Series, our annual event where we showcase pieces from some of our favorite writers on the subreddit talking about their favorite records of the year! Up today, u/BornAgainZombie is talking Black Dresses' not-return record, Forever In Your Heart.
February 14, 2021 - self-released
Apple Music
Background by BornAgainZombie
Black Dresses are a noise pop duo from Toronto comprised of Devi McCallion (who has released music under her own name, Girls Rituals, Mom, and Cats Millionaire) and Ada Rook (who has similarly released music under her name, rooksfeather, and Crisis Sigil). The two began recording together under the name Black Dresses in 2017, initially sharing pieces of recordings back and forth via Twitter messages to create songs that would eventually become their debut album Wasteisolation, before moving onto making music together in-person. From there, the band went onto put out a prolific volume of releases in less than half a decade, with HELL IS REAL, THANK YOU, LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR STUPID LITTLE BITCHES, and Peaceful as Hell all dropping between 2018 and 2020.
Shortly after the release of Peaceful as Hell, Black Dresses posted a statement to their social media that read, “After some consideration, Black Dresses will no longer exist following Devi’s extended harassment thru her involvement in this band, not just recently but escalating over a period of time.” From there, Devi and Rook continued their solo releases, occasionally posting music videos for Peaceful as Hell tracks and one-off Black Dresses singles that were already in development, but — for a brief while — Peaceful as Hell looked to be the final album from Black Dresses.
Then, with only one day’s notice, Black Dresses posted a teaser on February 13th, 2021, saying, “we got u a small gift for valentine's day~!,” promising a surprise the next evening. That surprise turned out to be an entire new album, Forever In Your Heart, which premiered live via an album visualizer on the band’s YouTube page and is noted on the group’s Bandcamp as consisting of “songs assembled during 2020.” Accompanying this surprise release was a post from the band clarifying the nature behind the album’s release: “We're no longer a band unfortunately. Regardless, we've decided to keep putting out music.” With this sudden announcement and no prior buildup/singles, what followed was another new Black Dresses album to be taken in as a whole.

Review by BornAgainZombie
When Forever In Your Heart starts, the whine is already there. As if we’ve entered in the middle of its sounding. It’s unclear how long it has been there. All that is certain is that it’s there from the very beginning, and that it continues to lurk in the shadows of the song it introduces. It has been there, it will remain there. Just like pain, just like love.

Forever In Your Heart is not an album about pain. To say it is simply about this one thing would be reductive, antithetical to the multidimensional portrait it paints. Such a misreading of the album — and of Black Dresses’ work as a whole — ignores one of Ada Rook’s pivotal lyrical passages on “Understanding”: “The pain I write about / So I don't fucking die / Interpreted as everything / I've got to offer in this life / FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The need for pain to be processed on one’s own terms does not warrant that pain to be misinterpreted as the sole piece of worth one has. I feel compelled, then, to include this firm refutation near the start of my analysis in order to get to the far more knotted core of this album, which lies in what Devi McCallion posits as the album’s thesis: “There's not a lot of pain in the world that makes any sense / Maybe people need to be understood instead.”
With this in mind, the reason why Forever In Your Heart deals so often with the notion of pain is to incorporate and interrogate the presence of pain as a force in relation to other elements: hope, love, beauty, resilience. It is not an album about pain; rather, it’s an album that recognizes pain as a force people must contend with, something that exists alongside all that makes a person — and, often, interferes with one’s faith in hope, in love, in beauty, in resilience. After all, one has to wonder in a world with so much pain and misfortune: “Can we make something beautiful with no hope?”
That question appears right at the beginning of the record on "PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," an album opener that blares like an alarm signaling all the chaos and conflict behind those words, and those words hang over the rest of the album as a result. It's a question that has been present across much of Black Dresses' work — asking if the world can hold the promise of a future, or a brighter day, when it holds the horrors it does. And with the album starting here — describing hope from the onset as “dead,” “ancient,” “rotting” — this is the inquiry that hangs over the rest of the album.
The uncertain answer to this question drives much of the conflict and momentum of the album. At many turns, the pervasiveness of destruction and pain threatens to swallow all notions of hope and beauty entirely. After all, suffering comes in many forms — from the intergenerational global decay that plagues those who have the most life ahead of them on “We’ll Figure It Out,” to the pain of assimilative femininity on “Bulldozer,” to the pressing forces of the privileged against those less fortunate on “Perfect Teeth.” It can feel like a weight so heavy and persistent that it makes you feel “like [you’re] going to heaven,” as one of Devi’s harried hooks puts it.
True to the revelatory final lines of “Understanding,” Forever In Your Heart never finds a definitive reason for why all this pain exists because it is beyond human understanding. What is vital, however, is what is has to say about that inability to understand on the album’s penultimate track “Mistake.” Over only a simple, stark, muted four-note synth melody — a major contrast from much of the album’s heavy metal guitars and use of abrasive noise — Devi sings softly about childhood curiosity and attempts to understand the world being taken advantage of by older abusive forces, before asking herself, “What does it really take to want to hurt a child?” The answer, rendered just as suddenly and bluntly as the question that preceded it, comes right afterward: “It seems like it's not much for a lot of people.” The synth melody continues on. It’s now the only thing left in the song. It’s the sound we’re left to sit with as the effect of that conclusion presses down on our thoughts, the song so bare that it’s impossible to ignore the words being sung. With that sentiment and the desolate musical effect it’s given, “Mistake,” is key to the album because it depicts the vulnerability of pain in a way the harshest and most vocally aggrieved parts of Forever In Your Heart cannot capture.
This, therefore, becomes where “Understanding” and “Mistake” intertwine — knowing it doesn’t take much to hurt those who are most vulnerable is why Forever In Your Heart ultimately comes to the conclusion that trying to understand pain is a futile affair. As much as pain can exist in different permutations and linger in ways that can cause us to dwell on it, it is often irrational, cruel beyond reason, and directed at the most vulnerable. And thus impossible to ever completely understand.
And this is why “Understanding” suggests that making sense of what is beyond that pain — what can be made in the wake of that pain — is rooted in people, emblematic of the significance of forming meaningful bonds and finding others with whom you know you can safely share that vulnerability.
That revelation is why there’s never a complete denial that something beautiful can be made out of hopelessness on Forever In Your Heart, even when the concept of hope seems uncertain amidst all the album’s distress. Buried within the incomprehensible pain described on the album, there’s always a sense that something can be forged, that something can be held onto in spite of the myriad agonies one can be suffering. “Silver Bells” is especially crucial in this context, centered around a refrain about how “it feels like the [planet's] atmosphere is stitched together by everyone's pain” — the pain pervasive, yet the people it afflicts weaving themselves together under its weight. It’s a concept that’s reflected in the track’s bridge as well, where building something “out of ashes” and “out of trash” is “all we’ve got left” — a last resort for constructing from the most dire circumstances — and yet building something all the same. It’s all we’ve got left, but there is still something we can try to make of it.
Those shreds of hope among despair litter the album, often appearing within otherwise downtrodden songs to remind you that there is still a sliver of hope clinging on in spite of everything else. One such line rests within the despondency of “Ragequitted”: “Someday she'll know she'll know what peace feels like” — a lyric laced with certainty to a more serene day beyond turmoil. There’s also the knotted hook of “Waiting42moro,” where Devi sings about “feeling like shit” in anticipation for the day to come, but waiting all the same, still holding onto what the next day will bring. Rook’s lyrics on this track also carry that complicated relationship between hope and anguish, describing how close “that better place” is and knowing that “in a single day… everything can change,” even if “this dead world won’t go away.”
“Waiting42moro” is essential for another reason on the album, reconfiguring the notion of “heaven” as depicted on the track that shares that word as its name. Though pain makes one “feel like [they’re] going to heaven” on the latter song, heaven as it exists on the former becomes that better place one yearns to reach someday. If “Waiting42moro” offers any concepts for what heaven may be, it’s that it isn’t a place “just beyond the sky,” but rather something “reflected in [one’s] eyes” — the promise one can bring to another, the hope loved ones can provide that keeps us pushing toward that better day.
This central duality at play throughout the album is perhaps best represented on “Heaven” itself, which is the earliest place where the record flips on itself tonally. Distorted guitars accompany Devi repeating “I LOVE FEELING PAIN / MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I’M GOING TO HEAVEN” over and over, the heaviness building — compounding — Devi’s yelling getting more distressed and clipped. And then, Rook comes in as the instrumental completely switches gears into a twinkling synth melody, describing a cosmically beautiful image of “the light from a shooting star,” with beauty and warmth kept in one’s heart, singing about how “all broken creatures are perfect just the way they are.” And though the hook ends with her singing about how “it’s easy to be disillusioned when you don’t know who you are,” that doesn’t negate the beauty and warmth that is there. They remain, even when one’s distance from themself makes it difficult to see. Those qualities can live, as the song concludes, “forever in your heart.” That the album takes that line for its title is itself assurance that one can hang onto the good in their heart when everything around them is crumbling. As the very final words of the album put it, “I couldn't keep it together / But it's not that bad.” The latent beauty and hope and good in one remains. They can rebuild from the ashes.
It’s moments like these quietly affirming the idea that there’s some hope to still cling to, even with pain and misery permeating the album, that makes Forever In Your Heart — and, by extension, Black Dresses’ catalogue — resonate with those living through kindred tumult. The most pivotal of these moments comes in the first half of “Tiny Ball,” a song lyrically rooted within the world of “pain and suffering” we live in, but captured via a starkly minimalist soundscape of only a click track and a rough vocal recording captured through a laptop’s internal microphone — an instrumental introduction far less punishing than one may assume reading the lyrics alone. Then, Rook and Devi start laughing, unable to stay composed through their sing-song melody, breaking on lines like, “Tiny balls for life / Hell yeah hell yeah.” And we know clearly, in that moment, the means by which this song came into being: a project made by two friends, the result of their bonds, the joy they bring each other. There may be a seemingly insurmountable volume of pain in this world. But with the right people by your side, we feel like we can almost touch that better place.
Favorite Lyrics:
People always say that we'll figure it out
But everything just keeps piling on up
Economy size blood bigger than God
We'll just solve 10,000 years of problems
  • “We’ll Figure It Out”
Rock your body like a cattle plague
Endless, paralytic, stagnant uncertainty
Watch the death like a shitlib
Sitting on your hands
Never did shit, never known shit
Never done shit for anyone ever
  • “Concrete Bubble”
Pussy like a bulldozer
My pussy like a bulldozer, drooling and grinding
My pussy like a bulldozer
My pussy like a blown out speaker
My pussy like nothing at all
So it doesn't matter
  • “Bulldozer”
The night explodes in the light
From a shooting star
And it can live forever in your heart
It can live forever in your heart
Forever in your heart
It can live forever in your sick pathetic little heart
  • “Heaven”
I'm fucking in a trap
We're fucking in a trap
We're fucking in a trap
We're ffuucking in a trap
We're Fucking In A trap
We're fucking in a trap
We're fucking IN a trap
We're fucking IN A Trap
We're Fucking in a TRAP
We're Fucking in a TRAP
We're FUCKING In a Trap
We're Fucking In A Trap
We're fucking In a trap
We're fucking in a trap
We're fucking in the doorway of the trap
  • “We’ll Figure It Out”
Talking Points by BornAgainZombie
  • How do you see this album tying into the rest of Black Dresses’ sound and lyrical focuses? How do you interpret or find resonance with the album’s approach to finding hope and love amidst turmoil and distress?
  • What are your favorite songs or lyrics on the album?
  • What are your takes on the album art? The album visualizer? How do these visual components influence your relationship to the music?
  • Can we make something beautiful with no hope?
Thank you for reading today’s write-up and a thank you to u/BornAgainZombie for writing it! Up tomorrow, u/stu_balls talks Genesis Owusu's Smiling With No Teeth. In the meantime, peep the schedule for the rest of the series below and discuss today’s album/write-up in the comments below!
Date Artist Album Writer
12/1 The Armed ULTRAPOP u/roseisonlineagain
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12/7 Genesis Owusu Smiling With No Teeth u/stu_balls
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12/11 Parannoul To See the Next Part of the Dream u/GalacTech
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12/14 Japanese Breakfast Jubilee u/PearlSquared
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12/20 Clairo Sling u/whatsanillinois
12/21 Spelling The Turning Wheel u/darjeelingdarkroast
12/22 L'Rain Fatigue u/LazyDayLullaby
12/23 Black Midi Cavalcade u/AbeFroman1123
12/24 Sturgill Simpson The Ballad of Dood & Juanita u/waffel113
12/25 Lingua Ignota SINNER GET READY u/danitykane
12/26 Shannon Lay Geist u/moisesnoises
12/27 rural internet escape room u/zenits
12/28 Magdalena Bay Mercurial World u/gothxo
12/29 Claire Rousay A Softer Focus u/stringfellow2316
12/30 Modest Mouse The Golden Casket u/ArnieAndTheWaves
12/31 Injury Reserve By the Time I Get to Phoenix u/American_Soviet
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2021.12.06 15:00 danbuilds Which OS do you run Terraform on?

To be more specific: Which OS do you write and debug your HCL scripts on?
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