¿Que pasa sí no pago impuestos de importacion de un producto que cancele e igual lo enviaron por error?

2021.12.06 13:59 Nice_Tip_2516 ¿Que pasa sí no pago impuestos de importacion de un producto que cancele e igual lo enviaron por error?

Hola, hice un pedido en ebay a japón, y lo cancele por lo que me regresaron mi dinero. El vendedor se confundio e igual lo envio por DHL. Me llegaron varios emails pidiendo que pague impuestos de aduana y cobros de manejo, el ultimo el día de hoy con caracter de urgencia . Los ignore y el hice saber al vendedor la situación. ¿Eso me puede causar problemas ante el SAT?. Obvio no pretendo quedarme con un producto que no es mio, pero tampoco quiero tener problemas ante el SAT Intente comunicarme con DHL y me contesta una maquina, imposible hablar con una persona.
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2021.12.06 13:59 UncleDek When your gf recognizes the scent of your fart

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2021.12.06 13:59 wildflower_potato I (28F) think my fiance (29M) may have a porn addiction and is possibly into men. Due to recent events I've snooped on his accounts and just found some hidden reddit posts that are very shocking. I am also pregnant and due next week to give birth. How would you handle finding out this situation?

Background: We have been together for over 4 years. Lived together in an apartment for 2 years, just bought a house in February, then immediately got engaged and found out I was pregnant in April and within 2 months of moving in. Apologies in advance- this is going to be a lengthy post.
Sometime in September I was feeling sketched out that my fiance was acting weird and being distant, also feeling very bothered he would not initiate sex with me, my sex drive has been through the roof. I had noticed we had gone a couple weeks without sex, which was abnormal. I tried to chalk it up to the stresses of everything we have going on and being pregnant until I got to the point I looked through his phone. (Pregnancy hormones were a big factor, I normally would have never done this). In his phone I see that he is actively looking at sexy women on tiktok and I was very upset as I did not think that he looked at those types of things. He always says he doesn't have a high sex drive and he has always been this way. I took it as him being depressed which I know he has been in the past and the past couple years have been very rough with unexpected and traumatizing deaths in his family and covid. I continued to monitor his tiktok without him knowing and could see on a weekly basis he would continue to follow more and more of these types of accounts. Several more within just one week.

I spoke to my therapist and friends and approached him about this and tried to calmly ask him questions to get honest answers about this type of activity as this was all new information I did not know about the man I am engaged to marry. From that conversation in the beginning of November he deleted all apps on his phone. This was not what I wanted him to do but he took it upon himself thinking this would be the best to avoid all further conflicts. He then added tiktok back and I again, without him knowing, look at his account from one that I made to see if he follows these types of pages again. I think he still looks at these things but just doesn't follow the accounts now so I can't see. Seems sketchy. He is just getting better at hiding it.
Now I was on his phone talking to his mom for a couple hours, she talks a lot. While he was playing video games and in the other room I quickly looked through his web browser history to see that he was watching porn just 2 weeks ago, after having this conversation about porn and searching this type of content and not being okay with it. This activity was also only 2 weeks after having this whole conversation. I am now upset about this all last night and couldn't sleep because we just had a conversation about coming to me for sex before going to porn. We have been having much more sex recently so now I am shocked to see this and brings me back to the fact he says "he doesn't have a high sex drive" which I continue to think is a lie.
Because all these thoughts are running through my head, I decided to try to log into his reddit account and was successful (bad of me, I know). When I first looked at his account a couple months back I only looked at his comments- a year ago he commented on a couple posts of half naked women and I was not okay with this and explained that crossed a line. Today I found out that you can hide posts for yourself? I'm pretty new to reddit so I wasn't aware. Well, there are 4 posts he has hidden. One from 1 yr ago, one from 9 mo ago, 8 mo ago, and 7 mo ago. They involve trans women and a video of a gay man giving blow jobs.
I don't even know what to say or do. I'm literally scheduled for a c-section one week from today and thought that we had talked everything out and resolved this issue just the beginning of last month. I'm finding out that not only is he still continuing to look at other women online but now that he may be interested in men too.
Any advice on how to handle this or thoughts/suggestions is appreciated. This man is literally my best friend and soul mate and there is no doubt in my mind I still want to spend the rest of my life with him, but I don't know how to move forward from here. I worry not talking about this or ignoring it may cause issues later down the line.
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2021.12.06 13:59 GaGator43 'Hoss' on the back-lot / Dan Blocker, 1960s

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2021.12.06 13:59 OrwellWasRight69 COVID-19 Hysteria Is A Psychological Warfare Weapon Launched By The Davos Group To Conquer Earth - FULL SHOW 12-5-21

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2021.12.06 13:59 NiHaowo Black mirror is such a weird ass show

It’s wack
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2021.12.06 13:59 CelebBattleVoteBot Lily Collins vs Ariana Grande

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2021.12.06 13:59 doomiestdoomeddoomer Having a very specific graphic glitch

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this before and I need suggestions on what the cause might be.
The light on the planet and the reflective visor of my kerbal flickers when on EVA, low orbit, only the planet flickers in direct sunlight, the visor flickers even when unlit.
It goes away when controlling the craft, only occurs when I am controlling a kerbal. I can have the kerbal floating next to the craft I am controlling and his visor reflection/planet flickering is fine.
It also goes away when I zoom out enough, I am assuming this is caused by an effect from Scatterer or EVE. Which are the only visual/texture mods I have installed.
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2021.12.06 13:59 billylittledick Equal elite

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2021.12.06 13:59 CompetitiveRoof3733 First time this has happened, and she's a great person!

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2021.12.06 13:59 201gaming Full crit illaoi 3 star !

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2021.12.06 13:59 ZzackK2398 If You Were to Be a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Type and Team? I’m Curious What Builds Would Be Effective While Focusing on One Type (Doesn’t Have to Be Monotype Pokemon)

Just curious what comps could be made while focusing on a single type. The team can include Pokémon that are two types, but they all need to share a single type. I’ve only recently started understanding building a team with good natures, IVs, EVs, move sets, etc., so I’m curious if there are teams focusing on a single type that utilized a strategy effective for their typing, stats, move pool, etc.
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2021.12.06 13:59 bdj05 Some Truck (and range) Appreciation

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2021.12.06 13:59 tedsked With some more weathering, some pigments and a wash of streaking grime I'm calling it finished. C&C much appreciated

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2021.12.06 13:59 LongJonSiIver Techland Working on Unannounced AAA Title Since 2019 Alongside Dying Light 2

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2021.12.06 13:59 G-fool My robot is suddenly disoriented and can't find where I want it to clean

I keep my robot in the guest bedroom. Today I wanted to vacuum my office, which is ten feet down the hall from that room. There are no obstacles and it usually finds its way just fine, but now it acts like it has no idea where it is. It wanders around, slamming into walls and gives up after a few minutes. Sometimes it even finds its way into the office but doesn't start vacuuming, just slamming into walls looking for a room that doesn't exist. The funny thing is when it gives up it makes a bee-line straight back to home base no problem.
This has happened once before when I moved the base station. I had to completely remap the house to re-orient the robot. But this time neither the base or the robot were moved, it just started acting drunk on its own. I really don't want to have to re-map the whole house again, it takes hours. What can I do?
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2021.12.06 13:59 rossdabose I've got a really cool theory about the giant moon.

So, assuming that the moon is getting closer and not bigger, bdubs lives in a crescent. So what if the moon is approaching because it saw bdub's base and felt attracted to it?
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2021.12.06 13:59 kaljupaviaanibananmm ❄️Looks like christmas came a bit earlier...

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2021.12.06 13:59 CelebBattleVoteBot Selena Gomez vs Barbara Palvin

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2021.12.06 13:59 miesteroo Anybody else missing diversity in open racing?

Since the last patch i noticed, that most of the 3 races (regardless of class) are always repeating when starting in a new lobby. I had for example 3x street scene playlist in a row with A and S1 class and 2 out of 3 races per playlist were always the same.
Anyone else noticed that in street scene or in other categories?
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2021.12.06 13:59 Heraclitus94 How should I even proceed with my career?

I'm a 27 year old, graduated about 4 years ago with a BS in Computer Science and Minor in Mathematics currently employed as a IT Tech. I make about $21/hr. I have enough to pay the bills and put a little away, but I can't complain
College was very rough for me. I struggled with depression and flunked a couple of semesters and attempted suicide and the fact I managed to graduate is some kind of miracle. My GPA is shit, it's around 2.0. I'm a terrible programmer and truth be told I didn't really like it. I chose my degree mostly for money and by the time I decided I didn't like it, it was far too late to change as I was neck deep in student loans and wasn't gonna start over
My job isn't very tech-heavy, it's a call center job where the majority of my stuff is walking people through reseating cables and resetting stuff, there's no programming or anything really. I feel like 90% of my job is just knowing "Oh this is a known issue just do Y". Coworkers aren't Computer Science people either. There's a lot of people with no degree or completely unrelated degree like art school and whatnot.
I guess I'm wondering what I should even do or look for. I have job security which is good, I make alright money, but I'd like more, but when I look at computer science careers mentioned on this board or elsewhere I just feel completely lost and hopeless. I've gone 4 years without writing any code or programming, I have no skills that people mention in job applications, I feel like I'm treading water
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2021.12.06 13:59 thomasz Esoterischer Widerstand: Das Weltbild der Corona-Zweifler

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2021.12.06 13:59 Alert-Indication-188 what life lessons have you learnt from your past or historical events?

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2021.12.06 13:59 babebambi Shadow ban test

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2021.12.06 13:59 atharva557 Why do you all hate fortnite

Just what the text says I love fortnite but everyone hates it for no reason at all so why do y'all hate it
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