Random double battle had pincer and absol...I was not ready 😨😨

2021.11.29 21:15 Gingamonk86 Random double battle had pincer and absol...I was not ready 😨😨

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2021.11.29 21:15 BoogieBoggart how do you make trees stay in a certain size?

i’ve seen many garden decors were people have the younger versions of trees stay that small forever, i think it looks very cute and i was wondering how do you do this?
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2021.11.29 21:15 ParadigmShift0413 Your favourite newer bands?

What are some of your favourite bands right now?
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2021.11.29 21:15 Bigsad_ghost Terrakion got 3 need 2 more 3238 4586 4195

3238 4586 4195
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2021.11.29 21:15 aiwhjaihweih If your parents bother you about your career you're lucky. My parents expect nothing or just don't care.

So my mom only cares about overfeeding me and my dad just watches TV. Other thing they care about is going to relatives and just having fun..
Here I'm trying to be independent, worrying about entrance exams, colleges and my careers. No one helps me or motivates me.
My bad habits are encouraged or ignored. I can watch anime and sleep all day and no one will say anything.
I don't know what my parents are even thinking anymore. Literally no knowledge was ever given to me about anything practical. I know shit I can't even take a train or rickshaw to some place, it's some weird level of being sheltered.
Whenever I try something real like cooking my mom will just sabotage me and blackmail me to not learn it so I can be dependent on her.
Do they not understand and see how much competition there will be in the future for jobs. We aren't even Upper Class or upper middle class maybe then I would consider doing nothing.
This is fucking bullshit I swear If I can't clear my exams in 12th I'll go to Nepal and become a monk. I've sacrificed most of the shit I used to do anyways. I fucking hate TV now especially fucking Netflix and Prime they stole my dad from me. And I fucking hate food because of my mom.
I considered suicide at one point too but I don't have enough courage I don't like being in pain.
I want to be fucking rich powerful and successful in my life. I do not accept this mediocre life of an average indian guy that I see.
Great I didn't even fucking sleep today and its 6 AM now.
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2021.11.29 21:15 SkyGodZz Uber Pro

So I recently got upgraded to diamond status. I then had a navigation problem in the app. It wouldn't give me directions to the pick up. The app crashed soon after, when I opened it back up it said the trip was cancelled. I didn't mind, I was heading home anyways. I see that it counted as one of my cancelations and now I have a 5% cancelation rate. Not sure if the benefits are worth worrying about it or not. Just wanted to see what everyone's opinions are
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2021.11.29 21:15 kadakashgames Seeding but not seeding??

Hello, I'm having an issue where I'm seeding a private torrent, but the seed count is 0 (0) and it still says seeding. I'm trying to download it in other PC but doesn't work. Am I missing something?
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2021.11.29 21:15 QuarterlyTurtle Daily Catra #176

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2021.11.29 21:15 petrr99 Join

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2021.11.29 21:15 Straight_Tear_6756 Day 17💪

Some bastards have tried to distract me by sending adult stuff in the message box but they failed😇💪
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2021.11.29 21:15 Kononononono Found a Japanese fender bass. Is this good value?

Found this bass at a 2nd hand store! It says it's a Japanese fender jazz bass (looks more like a precision bass based on pick up location?) For 45000 yen, or roughly 395USD, (300GBP, 553AUD 595CAD).
I'm mostly a guitar player that's learned a couple of bass riffs on a guitar or borrowing from my former roommates bass. I've always wanted to buy a solid bass but wasn't sure if I was willing to go above $300.
While japanese fenders have a great rep in the guitar community, I was wondering about their reputation in the bass world? Also if I go to the store is there anything I should look at/for before making my purchase
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2021.11.29 21:15 arroganthandset1232 Stop wishing for socialism!

Socialism has never worked EVER so why conclude people think it would work in the us right now? Name a few successful socialist countries i´ll wait... And don´t say scandinavia or europe like most uninformed people when they try to answer this question. They all have capitalist economies! But they do have free healthcare and school. But that is not the same thing as socialism. Not even close... You guys really want workers owning the means of productions? I think the words people are looking for is ⠀social democracy which IS NOT THE SAME THING! social democracy is capitalist as fuck dood. Private companies low taxes on companies high taxes on income for workers
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2021.11.29 21:15 Longjumping_Bag4666 You know

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2021.11.29 21:15 Hash_99 Financial freedom, cars, houses, women, and much more

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2021.11.29 21:15 _M3ep This dude.

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2021.11.29 21:15 Beautiful_Bat_755 I need help! When a Latvian girl loves a boy...

I’m currently living in Sweden. A Latvian girl truly loves me (we lived at same dormitory together for 1.5 months) and I confesses my feelings. She blushes a lot, sometimes excited and anixous, smiles when I’m with her etc. But the problem is she doesn’t accept her love. Our common friends say “she is Latvian”. She doesn’t commit for a relationship. What does it mean? How do Latvian girls behave when they love somebody romantically?
Ps. We even dated and talked about our future with our common friends.
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2021.11.29 21:15 Iamatworkgoaway Just do what the client tells you to do, ok.

I got a job last year at a company that provides services to a large lead acid battery company. It was a subdivision of a huge corporation that does this in lots of industries, but the industrial side was like the red headed step child. Lots and lots of crazy stories from the 4 short months I was there, but this one was well planned and executed.
So the direct client hated us, as we were forced on him by his corporate overlords, and he had had bad experiences in the past, and he didn't hesitate to say it to my face. My team and I were responsible for taking care of certain machinery and nothing else, but my boss had told me point blank to help them out as best I can to help the relationship. But make sure we got paid for any extra work we did.
So the client would request things like moving equipment in a rush for a huge project and I would bend over backwards and hire temps to get the work done on his timeline. I would submit Purchase requests and he would email approval. Then when the actual invoice showed up a month later he would throw a shit fit and go to my boss, or my bosses boss, or scream even higher and never pay.
One thing we had that they didn't have access to was a pickup truck and a credit card for incidentals. The battery corporate overlords had determined that their location didn't require such things. Well they had broken their pressure washer for cleaning powdered lead out of things, and ordered a new one. The catch was it was Gasoline, and all they had available was diesel on location, due to insurance and corporate requirements.
Well every time they needed gas they called me in a rush as their precious was down and needed cleaned now HUGE EMERGENCY(planned maintenance they forgot to check the gas though). This time they also busted two of the tires trying to move it with a forklift. Now by the contract I shouldn't even touch the thing. So I sent an email to the guy requesting the gas and repair, the tinpot client, and my boss spelling things out. I said plainly that since so many bills had been disputed that I would not do anything until a official PO had been issued(months usually). They issued one right away(so you can do that didn't know you could), and off I went to go get the tires fixed and the gas. Here is where the malicious compliance really kicked in.
When they gave me the credit card my trainer said only use for travel, or emergencies, anything that could be bought though approved vendors would bring the ire of the VP of accounting. They also had them set to the highest level of warning, if they were even used outside the wrong zip codes they would lock down and you would get phone calls from accounting. I first took the tires to Billy Bobs Used Tires, and got them fixed. My personal bank had called me when I got one fixed there as it was such a sketch place with stolen credit cards being used there all the time. Then I went to the sketchiest gas station I know about. Local Town Oil and Sundries. The pump swipes never work and you have to go in and run it manually, so I told them 25 bucks and put 20 bucks in the can, causing a credit and a debit to hit at almost the same time.
Literally first thing the next day I get a meeting invite including my boss, his boss, the VP of accounting, and the VP of my division. I go into it without a care in the world as I had already given up on this job. The VP of accounting is asking why I went and got gas, and so I sent him the email with all approvals. Included in that was my explanation of the times we had done extra work and not gotten paid(I had assumed he didn't know about that). My boss did have my back, as it was his boss pushing the play nice, so from that point on it was sitting back and watching the VP of accounting chew on the fact we were doing work, not getting paid, and bowing down to a little tin pot shit of a client to give us a dark green rating (bonus time for everybody but me).
I was out of there in a few weeks, don't know if anything changed, don't care, by the linkedins everybody is still there a year later.
TL;DR Worked for shitty big company, that did services for a little shit company, used the credit card reporting to clue in the VP of accounting to the shittyness of everybody involved.
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2021.11.29 21:15 NotRealOpinions Jamie Chung

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2021.11.29 21:15 Agent_47___ What do you think about rapists?

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2021.11.29 21:15 weallhaveghosts Favorite awful screamo songs? Ie: Uneasy Hearts by Dance Gavin Dance and Sleeping with Sirens If You Can’t Hang

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2021.11.29 21:15 GreenNapster Hefty 1 Gallon SLider bags 90 Count (3 boxes of 30) $8.37 (7.17 for 15% SS) Amazon [Deal Price: $8.37]

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2021.11.29 21:15 GreenNapster [Amazon] Squeakee Minis Redgy The Puppy (Interactive Toy Pet w/ Chat Back) $4.94 + Free Shipping w/Prime [Deal: $4.94, Actual: $9.99]

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2021.11.29 21:15 Samuel855 Top 5 Jimmy Jr’s Combos Poll Results

Out of Jimmy Jr’s 11 Combos, these are the results:
1. Let’s Go Fart (Educated/Musical)
2. Butt Fever (Drunk)
3. Balloon Tosser (Armed)

  1. Cyclist Jimmy Jr (Athletic)
  2. Boob Tube (Toy)
Honorable Mentions:
  1. Zombie Jimmy Jr (Disguised)
  2. Magician Jimmy Jr (Disguised)
  3. Love Potion (Addicted)
  4. Bruce the Goose (Animal)
  5. Slow Dance Jimmy Jr (Musical)
Next Character: Joe.
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2021.11.29 21:15 chase1699 JOIN BEST NFT RIGHT NOW

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2021.11.29 21:15 elitejay3452 211129 OMEGA X Twitter Update (Hyuk)

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