2021.11.29 20:49 Vampirediariesgeek Oop

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2021.11.29 20:49 inbedallday Cursed nut

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2021.11.29 20:49 zaythealchemist By unconsciously using the Law of Attraction, I’ve never been adversely affected by Mercury retrograde.

To those of you who are into astrology:
I’ve come to realize that I’ve never been adversely affected by Mercury retrograde, and the reason why is because I’ve always believed Mercury retrograde to be a bunch of B.S. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that those who strongly believe in Mercury retrograde experience more disruptions in communication and technology than anyone else, and the reason why is very simple — they pour the most energy and thought into believing Mercury retrograde is real.
In conclusion, the best way to be unaffected by Mercury retrograde is to stop believing in Mercury retrograde. 😁
Side note: Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes into retrograde, yet it’s the only planet that people make a big fuss about when it’s in retrograde. When Jupiter (planet of luck, fortune, and travel) is in retrograde, no one ever complains about having bad luck or transportation issues; when Venus (planet of love) is in retrograde, people don’t collectively experience turmoil in their love lives; yet when Mercury is in retrograde, everyone flips their shit due to technology supposedly not acting right. The reason why this is, is because people collectively give more energy and attention to Mercury retrograde than any other planet’s retrograde; therefore people have more negative experiences during Mercury retrograde than during any other planet’s retrograde. Some food for thought.
Lastly, as I’ve been studying astrology, I’ve come to learn that when planets are in retrograde, they only appear to be spinning backwards from our perspective here on Earth, but they aren’t actually spinning backwards. In other words, retrogrades are merely an illusion; and if we learn to see past the illusion, we can collectively become less affected by them.
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2021.11.29 20:49 yyzworker Toronto organizes mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic for children at Scotiabank Arena

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2021.11.29 20:49 AlbinoRhinoTv Famous Last Words

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2021.11.29 20:49 fryingpansexual0405 I have a query…

(posting for my friend since they don’t have Reddit)
So, in class today, a girl (15f) mentioned that she was offended that a gay person(14NB) was calling her gay (as a joke, because of a joke).
context: so this girl has a thing where she says she ‘marries’ her (female) friends. So my fellow gay friend said ‘ayyy that’s kinda fruity🤨’ as a joke, because, c’mon, it kinda is.
Well today this girl mentioned that she was offended by her saying that. My friend went ‘well it’s not an insult, being gay or being called gay isn’t a bad thing’. This girl flips her lid and says to just stop (which they were going to anyway) and that she’s not homophobic, just annoyed. My friend was literally just pointing out that taking it as an insult wasn’t the intended message.
I feel like they aren’t the asshole, but I don’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings or anything, so I wanted to talk to my friend if there is any issues, because now they’re wondering if they did something wrong too.
idk, I feel like I’m bias in this situation, so I wanted other opinions on whether or not they’re in the wrong.
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2021.11.29 20:49 Suitable_Alps4862 What do you all think?

I have submitted a few applications already and have taken sometime to reflect. The thing that bothers me the most about my application is that I am not an AP Scholar. As a junior, my school offered AP Bio, chem, and APush, and AP Lang. Due to having switched schools, I couldn't take APUSH because I already had the credit. STEM is not exactly my thing and I knew I would perform poorly in Bio and Chem so I didn't do those. I ended up taking 2 Honors, AP Lang, and dual enrollment Micro and Macroeconomics. This year, I am taking 3 APs because I met the prerequisites for AP Spanish Language and AP comp sci and I am continuing on the AP track for English class. I got As in my dual enrollment classes and have a 4 and 5 on my two AP exams.

My SAT is a 1500 and I am National Merit Semi Finalist, so I'm just wondering if my lack of AP scholar will make me seem like a slacker.
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2021.11.29 20:49 i-love-vinegar Can you touch the ceiling in the room you are currently in?

View Poll
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2021.11.29 20:49 Artemis_Instead shame, self-depreciation and manipulation

so... I kinda/sorta got 'offically' diagnosed with ADHD when I was twenty two - 'offically' because I didn't meet the screening criteria for it when my shrink and I looked at my primary school report cards + the questionnaire my mom had to fill out. I definitely have some executive function troubles, am not the most socially gracefull person who has ever walked this earth and live in a constant state of anxiety just trying to manage my household chores, but none o that is ADHD exclusive and there's some stuff I just don't think is 'severe' enough for me to actually get to claim the ADHD label for myself. So I feel like I'm just hiding behind my diagnosis (which I did "get" after my shrink and I experimented with how much improvement in terms of executive function meds bring - turns out they help with that, quiet down my brain 8/10 times and actually make me kind of sleepy on some days) and using it as an excuse to not put in the work to change my behaviour (which I know inconveniences other people) because I can just go "Oh that's my ADHD, I can't help being a "lazy inconsiderate asshole"". My short comings in terms of executive functioning are tied to such a massive, massive amount of shame (struggling with staying on top of my chores, hygiene, failing to be mindful of other people's time etc.) that it takes very little for me to spiral into complete self-loathing and self-hatred other it, which cannot be an easy thing to watch or listen to for loved ones in my life, especially when I get self-depreciating and self-defeating over it. I hate myself very, very loudly over it sometimes, which is ... manipulative. It is emotionally manipulative and I am disgusted with myself over it. Broadcasting my self esteem issues like that to that another person, especially to a friend, a parent, a lover is hard on them and essentially might make them hesitant to voice things that make them uncomfortable or any criticism towards me at all, because it could lead to me having that kind of extreme reaction and declaring myself basically the worst person ever over it. And that's a recipe for unbalanced relationships... and my brain tricking me into becoming a self-fullfilling prophecy again and again by sabotaging relationships, opportunities and my own happiness. And when I look real closely at myself, my behaviour and how I have acted in the past, particularly towards people I had a romantic interest in, there does seem to be a pattern of me "weaponizing" my supposedly low self esteem and my issues in an attempt to garner sympathy, to excuse things I have said and done, to make them pity me enough to stay/not hate me. My only saving grace right now is that I haven't been consciously aware of that until now and thinking about it makes me feel physically sick at times, because it's supremely uncomfortable to admit to it and because it clashes majorly with the person I'd like to be/who I thought I was, who the people in my life deserve. My behaviour so far has been so impressely selfish & entitled that I'm starting to doubt my self-perception and perception of anything, because if I have managed to be so delusional about one aspect of my behaviour and my personality then what else have I been wrong about...
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2021.11.29 20:49 bayoubilly88 Basic Brisket Questions

I took a two pound point cut of brisket and put in oven at 350 uncovered for one hour. After one hour, I lowered to 300. I got held up with something else for 20 minutes but then added water and covered with foil. I left it at 300 for 1.5 hours.
Everything was good but it was a bit dry and could have been more tender, although the point was pretty tender and juicy. What should I do next time? Thanks.
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2021.11.29 20:49 Wonder_of_you Amen

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2021.11.29 20:49 Zeneimass why should someone keep living if depression can not get better(treatment-resistant)? whats the point of keep suffuring? Of watching others' happiy life and his/her disabilty to have one?[Serious]

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2021.11.29 20:49 DeadHundredMen A stretch is a muscle yawn

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2021.11.29 20:49 C4KggxcEJlTefYKisLJE Charger cable - are the extension cables all compatible across models?

I have:

Is it OK to use the old extension cable with the new 140W charger? I checked Apple's website but it doesn't list the current extension cable as being compatible with non-Retina MacBook Pros, so I don't know if they introduced a new one...
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2021.11.29 20:49 Oidvin Road from 2k to 3k playing mostly support documented and graphed. Link to full stats and my thoughts in the comments!

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2021.11.29 20:49 AusCOVID19 Vaccine: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year follows 1,048% rise in searches

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2021.11.29 20:49 Derrluxxx Cool jehjgdj hejrjfje hwheuud

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2021.11.29 20:49 mormatabouga 🕹 Tetris.Quest 🕹Fair Launch in 4 days | 4th December | Rewards Game | Low Starting Mcap | Certified Devs (Kyc in progress) | Giveaways |

💠 Tetris Quest
{BSC Rewards Token}
A new Quest for the Blockchain world, fair launching Saturday 4th December!

Tetris; a game of block placing for points.

Tetris Quest; A utility token on the Blockchain offering crypto rewards in multiple ways, supported by trusted developers.

We will be implemented onto Dapps at some point after launch, we are also in talks with reputable game developers for our future ideas. $Quest

Don’t miss out on Quest ! 🧩

We will be fair launching on Saturday 4th December, as soon as we put the CA out for the public our liquidity pool will be locked for a year and ownership will be renounced.


⚜️ Lp locked
🔱 Dev wallet locked
⚜️ Owner Renounced
🔱 Rewards in BUSD
⚜️ Tetris P2E Game
🔱 Planned Roadmap


Token Name: Tetris Quest
Token Symbol: $Quest
Decimals: 9
Total token supply: 1,000,000,000


Buy & Sell Tax: 9%

3% to LP
3% to Rewards
3% to Marketing


Telegram: https://t.me/tetrisquest
Website: www.tetris.quest
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2021.11.29 20:49 greentruckguy Best pool hall near Dallas, Texas?

I live in downtown Dallas and want to play more and get better, but all the tables near me that I’ve been to are quarter machines at dives with a line of people waiting to play. Decided against buying a table for my apartment, because I don’t want my neighbors to hate me. Anyone know a good spot where I can get more table time?
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2021.11.29 20:49 TheJanissari Best Latin/Mexican restaurant/bar to watch sports?

Hey there,
Pues, I know PGH doesn't have the biggest latino community, but I'm looking for good bars/restaurants to watch a game at. Nothing fancy. I'm around Pitt/CMU.
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2021.11.29 20:49 JayJayOkocha77 Rtx 2060? Enviorment looks a bit meh

Does anyone have a fix to have better graphic in the game? I tried a lot of settings and currently i am stuck with everything on medium and textures on extreme...
They will release a patch eventually, but maybe someone fixed it...
Thanks in advance guys
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2021.11.29 20:49 sunshine_daydream76 Nail art infant; help me please!?

My no chip habit is getting a little out of control $$$-wise, and I’m underwhelmed with my local nail techs’ nail art abilities. I want to start doing my own no chip and nail art at home, but I have no idea where to start. What equipment do I need to buy? What tutorials do I need to watch? Appreciate any and all help! 💜
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2021.11.29 20:49 JayHaze42 Why do I keep taking one step forward two steps back weekly??

The last few months have been pretty good over all compared to the prior years (never consistent-always negative), but I also keep going back by getting really sad every other week of going forward. Maybe it’s like a “rebound” of sadness cause I’ll be super happy and content with everything in life and be able to manifest small things much easier, then the next week it’s like I’m drained and feel depressed or super sad.
I will say that I’m very thankful to be at this point being that it used to be 3 months of hell and a few days of not being the lowest level of hell, but I want to be able to be at a constant yet controlled contentment and sense of happier well being overall. I know what I want in myself, but confused how to get there.
Side questions: What are some small practices to incorporate to strengthen the “down weeks”? What frequencies are recommended to help maintain energy?
Probably more to come, I’m full of questions at this point.
Thanks for reading 😬
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2021.11.29 20:49 CrylessGG Youtube FALSE FLAGGING videos for monetization

Hopefully this gets some attention, as it's really a creepy thing for creators to deal with..
Not like it would surprise me.. But you can read the email screens for yourselves.
TLDR: The youtube falsely flags some videos as "non suitable for ads", when you appeal for a re-review (you gotta reach youtube chat support), you then see this.. They literally gave me TIMESTAMPS of where in the video there's hateful and derogatory content, while of course - the video being as clean as it can get.. Share with creators you know they're dealing with this.. Or whatever :)
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2021.11.29 20:49 dylanbb1233 Just thought this was funny

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