What came first the egg or the chick?

2021.11.29 19:53 Juh47hudisdababy What came first the egg or the chick?

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2021.11.29 19:53 fuckkkkittttt Short on rent and I don't want to be kicked out... Anything helps

Honestly don't know what to write on here, I've only been working 3 days a week due to it being the slow season, anything would help cash app is $DamianC420
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2021.11.29 19:53 beinghumansucksass Send a cocky mail to a leading scientist filled with dumb questions, received an answer filled with great responses.

I am a first year university student and maybe a month back I attended a lecture about pests and sustainable forestry. The professor who lectured us in one of the leading scientists on this matter in Europe. A really smart and educated person.
The lecture seemed like a huge opprotunity to learn, maybe even ask some questions. I couldnt help myself and saw a "mentor figure" in the professor.
So I send him an email. A really long one... asking about all sorts of stuff. About ethics, sustainability, history...
I did my best when I worte the mail. I was proud of the questions. I genuently cared about what he had to say about them. The misstake was that I used this amazing opprotunity to learn as a way how to elevate my ego. I wanted to appear like a really intelligent person, someone who is worth special attention. That was my main priority. Learnig was a second priority.
Today I received an answer, which started with an appology that it took so long to answer because he forgot about my mail... first indicator that my questions and attitude werent ideal.
I went through my questions and answers and jesus chist I must seem like a cocky idiot to that guy. It was obvious I worte most of the mail in a affect and retrospectively I would not express the same ideas and attitude. Most of the questions were really surface level and not as advanced as I thought. The ethical ideas I proposed were mostly my ego talking. Some facts I stated were laughtably wrong and my attempt to have a "scientific discussion" completely failed just because I alowed my ego to talk. I feel so embarrased.
At the end of the mail he said that we clearly have different ideas about the world around us but he is willing to continue the discussion either through mail, phone call or even in person when covid gets better.
On one hand I am proud of myself that I tried. I also learned a lot thats to this experience. Mainly that it was really stupid to get my ego involved in the matter. I will calm down and send him a nice reply with better questions and less ego-centric attitude. The best i can do is to admit my misstakes and try to lean from them.
Ego is tricky. i often feel like I overcame my cockyness and constant need for "yes you are very smart" validation but then it strikes in a way I would not expect at all. I am glad I tried and I am grateful that hes parient enough to give me a "second chance." But dog gamn it I embarassed myself hard.
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2021.11.29 19:53 Scott_Worriesome Strollout chosen as Macquarie dictionary’s 2021 word of the year

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2021.11.29 19:53 Fusion497 Inflammation and itcyness after treatment

I’ve finished my antibiotics for about 2 months ago when I’m at home relaxing or not moving around much I barely have any symptoms except for a slight burning with urination but when I’m moving around a lot more throughout the day the symptoms are a lot more noticeable is the normal?
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2021.11.29 19:53 3lgu4p0 15-card Great Catchers lot with Buster, Yadi, Salvy, and a Mauer RC, $15 BMWT

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2021.11.29 19:53 JaggedDig747 Serana in the Temple of the Divines

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2021.11.29 19:53 Git4r I make guitar videos! Here's me playing a Grant Green solo!

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2021.11.29 19:53 he6rt6gr6m What's REALLY important

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2021.11.29 19:53 fstampfl Apple Watch SE not tracking activity/heart rate

Hey everybody,
I recently received the Apple Watch SE as a birthday gift, which is paired up to my iPhone 11. This is now the second time this has happened but my watch has just stopped tracking my heart rate and activity. When I click on the fitness rings app on the watch, the screen just goest black. When I click on the heart rate app on the watch, it says "measuring" and then doesn't find anything. This happened as well about a week ago when I updated the watch. Eventually I unpaired the watch from my phone and then completely reset the watch. I just don't want to have to do that every time this happens.
Any ideas? Appreciate any and all help. Thanks so much.
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2021.11.29 19:53 troye_siobhan Blinking

The day I woke up to your incense It smelled like lavender Muscles relaxed like xanax I was melting into a puddle for you I thought your message told me to run Into streams of purple and chives So I danced around the cracks in the sidewalk Holding my breath and crunching my eyes But I could hear you whispering inside of me Calling me from 4,000 miles away That soft voice crackling and booming You probably think I am confused Waking up pooled and coiled Rolling over to feel your cheek I can’t blink enough times for this to be real I haven’t felt your kiss in six months Your color fills me still THIS IS A DREAM. THIS IS A DREAM. THIS IS A DREAM. The way you make my knees unlock The way you make my skin flutter off my bones The way you turn my brain to a sweet irish cream The way you forge my fingers into writing love letters I can’t blink enough times to get you away A virus that fuels me with oranges and blues and pinks And you Coughing Sneezing Blinking Enough so I can finally see through Every color.
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2021.11.29 19:53 Ambermariexo Witchcraft or what do you think?

Ok so long story short we had a guest staying in our house for a good while and we eventually found a different house about 1 year later so we moved and the guest had to move somewhere else she moved out first she was planning to move anyways. So while my family and i were packing up everything in the living room we were packing the picture frames and opening them up we came across this one picture frame were it had a small amount of rolled up ball of human hair it was behind inside the picture frame it was so strange. Why would hair he in their when in the first place their wasn't any hair when we put them up the first time. The guest that was living there she was living in the living room and was always in the living room. So we are most likely thinking it was the guest that put it in there any ideas to why there would be hair inside the picture frame? All I can think of is witchcraft or somewhat....let me know what you guys think please 🥲
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2021.11.29 19:53 North_Effort2269 The most toxic killer i’ve ever versed

Yesterday I was playing bunny feng and i seen that the killer was a pig and i seen that they downed my teammate but when i got there they had already picked them up so they was coming near me while tapp was on her shoulders so i dropped my toolbox and i was going to wait to boop so she hit me then after she hooked i still waited there and when i tried to boop she downed me shook my head then tbagged me 💀. it was the start of the match sorta too, i died at the end of that match.
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2021.11.29 19:53 AnFearrEireannach Has anyone here ever requested WW2 era US Army records?

Looking into getting mam’s cousins military records. Unfortunately, he was killed at Anzio in 1944. I have requested records from the NPRC in the US.
Just wondering if anyone has ever gone through the process, what records you can expect to gain access to, how long the process took etc (probably on a go slow from COVID).
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2021.11.29 19:53 elu162 Forbidden gummy worm (blood worm)

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2021.11.29 19:53 Equivalent_Roll6917 Should I be concerned about this is it a sighn of some thing worse

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2021.11.29 19:53 chrisor97 [PS4] Battlefield V Deluxe Edition PS4 is $39.99

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2021.11.29 19:53 sjk4x4 Hand painted and music reactive light up grandfather clock.

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2021.11.29 19:53 wtfisthetimeinjersey IBS after candida cleanse?

I have kind of a unique issue here. At least unique in the sense that I couldn’t find anyone else with this problem anywhere online. But a couple months ago I decided to start a candida cleanse. I didn’t make it very far (about a month) and I still have candida issues, albeit not as badly. However, something that happened during the cleanse which still hasn’t resolved itself has been chronic constipation. I’ve tried everything from magnesium, vitamin c, electrolytes, coffee, exercise, aloe, digestive enzymes, fiber, probiotics, laxatives, etc. and they all work to a certain degree but then stop working after about a week or so. I make sure I’m constantly hydrated, and try to eat as many gentle foods as I can but I still rarely make bowel movements. Prior to starting my candida cleanse I was able to eat literally anything without issue. I never had the digestive side effects of candida overgrowth. Just suddenly like 2 weeks into my cleanse I became constipated, and now I can barely eat a slice of bread without getting bloated and fatigued.
I’ve noticed that betaine and ox bile do help things “move along” a bit, and usually help with bloating, but if I’m taking something as simple as a vitamin and taking 4 betaine pills just to avoid a stomach ache, I usually get reflux which sucks just as bad.
Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I honestly regret ever starting my candida cleanse. It wasn’t ruining my life or anything like how it does for some people, I thought it was going to be a relatively easy thing I could just do to help improve my skin since I had all of the physical symptoms of it, and now I’ve created this massive issue for myself.
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2021.11.29 19:53 palm888angel CSU Application Help

I know this isn’t the best sub but the CSU sub is dead rn. The CSU application isn’t letting me put more than two classes down per semester (college courseload), the save button goes grey and I can’t save the semester. Any help?
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2021.11.29 19:53 keegan8912 Lf : golem tradeback

Can someone help me trade back my graveler to evolve it?
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2021.11.29 19:53 meliodasaan Boys I did it

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2021.11.29 19:53 zico_crypto Pre-orders Now Open | ABC

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2021.11.29 19:53 Sad-Soundcloud MENTHALO - FOK THAT B

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