5zata trbr6 fa7ty 79323 4yn36 fnyyr 6nb78 brkd7 fk8b7 s97e2 y7h9y bf924 nsesn bt6r2 3z923 7d24i kkfyi 5zs4i he4rz esea7 54t5n New nonprofit seeks to locate and record Black graves in New Brunswick |

New nonprofit seeks to locate and record Black graves in New Brunswick

2021.11.30 11:44 TrueNorthAmerica New nonprofit seeks to locate and record Black graves in New Brunswick

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2021.11.30 11:44 hamalnamal How much and what type of contact was there between the Norse people's and Indigenous Arctic people's such as the Thule and Dorset?

Wikipedia talks about it briefly with an unsourced sentence:

Evidence supports the idea that the Thule (and also the Dorset, but to a lesser degree) were in contact with the Vikings, who had reached the shores of Canada in the 11th century
So that got me curious as to what the evidence was, and what we know about this contract
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2021.11.30 11:44 GODwOROSEOSTic 🍣Baby Sushi - Gem X100 🍣 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes πŸš€ | LP Locked πŸ”’ | πŸ”₯ Small MC πŸ”₯ | Marketing More Later Today! | Great Community

🍣Baby Sushi - Gem X100 🍣 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes πŸš€ | LP Locked πŸ”’ | πŸ”₯ Small MC πŸ”₯ | Marketing More Later Today! | Great Community

🌐 Telegram: https://t.me/BaSushiBsc

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🍣 At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!

🍣 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.

🍣 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.

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🌐 Telegram: https://t.me/BaSushiBsc
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2021.11.30 11:44 nimmmha People shouldn't hate on parents for making their child circumcised

Most people hate on parents just because they circumcised their baby which I'm gonna try and at least make it sound more reasonable, I'm not gonna give the "oH iTs gOoD foR tHe heAlth" bs since most of those are not true, most circumcised people don't really get any problems and most of these problems are just health problems, in my case I was circumcised at 11 due to culture and stuff about becoming a man and honestly, I wished that It was done to me as a baby as I was scared as fuck but as of now nothing major really has happened to me and it really hasn't bothered me, most people say that it's abuse that a child is being circumcised but the child will most likely forget about it and just move on, since I've felt a circumcised both uncircumcised penis, nothing really changed. Though I've heard there's different type of circumcisions but I'm basing it on my experience, and yes I did see the post in comedyheaven that's mostly why I did this just to clarify based on experiences
But what I really believe is bad is that the child is aware and can form his own opinion and says no but gets forced by the parents, now THAT is bad.
Again, this is my opinion so if you don't agree then ok
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2021.11.30 11:44 Smiles-O So I have a question about bottom dysphoria

If someone doesn't have bottom dysphoria but gets bottom dysphoria after having top surgery, are they still trans? Because before they didn't have it...
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2021.11.30 11:44 tv__party The sky looked amazing yesterday.

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2021.11.30 11:44 AlAkib_Official "The Power Of The Dog" (2021) – An Upcoming Western Romance Drama Film is Set to Release in Language on 01st December, Exclusively on #Netflix.

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2021.11.30 11:44 Bonus1Fact Barbadians celebrate cutting ties to Queen, becoming a republic Β¦ CBC News

Barbadians celebrate cutting ties to Queen, becoming a republic Β¦ CBC News submitted by Bonus1Fact to NewsShorts [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 11:44 Defender_Unicorn Happy Post: Reched Diamond League with a lvl 3 Countess

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2021.11.30 11:44 faplesspotato What is PeerTube and can it become a viable alternative to YouTube?

With youtube's shameless censorship policies and its recent move to hide the dislike count, I thought it was time for me to look for alternative video streaming services. There aren't many alternatives (possibly 0), but I came across PeerTube, which claims you can stream videos via their P2P software. I'm not tech savvy enough, so I want to ask if anyone here is familiar with the site and their software.
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2021.11.30 11:44 BarelyAnAmateur Do you prefer an OC or Naruto when reading about SIs?

I have a story outline where the MC is transmigrated into the Naruto world, but I am struggling with whether it should be as his own OC person or in the body of Naruto.
It would have minimal effect on the plot, but it would change the growth of the main character.
OC: Has a normal amount of chakra and has to struggle to grow his skill, going all in on chakra control exercises and specializing on being a medic and using Taijutsu + Genjutsu as a way to fight.
Naruto: Uzumaki chakra on top of being a Jinchuriki, he abuses the shadow clone method to become a ninjutsu monster, creating his own techniques as well as knowing a liittle from all elements, while leaning on the fact he is Minato's son. Becomes a one-man army, like canon.
As it changes little about the destination of the plot, only how we get there, which one would you rather read about?
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2021.11.30 11:44 govindtak28 You won't believe how messed up this is in india.

I keep reading post and comments of Americans in this community and I want to tell them that things are way worse in other parts of the world than they have it in the USA. in india there is a rampant capitalism going on under ultra right wing government. you remember the peak of corona and lockdown period when countries like USA Canada were helping their citizens with monetary benefits and handouts, unemployment benefits the Indian government did not help its people at all not a single penny given back to the citizens many attempted suicides in lockdown I have personally seen pepole struggle for money for basic things in lockdown. now talk about the wages and employment its a literary nightmare working in this country you have to work six days a week insted of five your weekend is only Sunday and employers exploit employees like hell make their life miserable by paying shit wages and they don't pay overtime mostly I have worked so many hours of overtime with no benefits just to keep job. there are labour lows but it takes so much time and money to get a judgement so no one bother. wages are so much shitty i have worked years for less than 200 dollers per month if you don't have home and you rent than you will really struggle to death. government is selling airports,railways to rich pepole like adani group in the name of privatization its a so called fastest growing economy in the world but a nightmare for working class there is no work life balance boss treat you like he owns you I think americans have it much easier atleast you get respect irrespective of your job roles here if you are a janitor or a small employee you will feel humiliated Noone will respect and society will look down on you few pepole owns so much money and majority just suffer. I know some indian living in America and they don't want to comeback because work life is really tough in india there is so much competition in every field because of big population unlimited supply of workers employers pay shit wages and exploit people treating them as garbage. i am sorry if there are mistakes in writing as English is not my main language just wanted to vent.
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2021.11.30 11:44 autumn_lover_ Prom night (intense romantic moments)

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2021.11.30 11:44 magicwolfdog Yes we human are smokin brisket in or human smoker

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2021.11.30 11:44 THustleNY Crowns and Hops - Urban Anomaly American Stout

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2021.11.30 11:44 boserosario29 Better repost…

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2021.11.30 11:44 DeeBeeCeeCee Sharing DLC/Expansions between PSN Accounts on PS4 possible?

Does anyone know if the DLC and Expansions are shared between PSN Accounts on PS4? It's always a hit or miss with games and I can't find any information about Civ 6. Would be great if anyone knows or could test if it works. Thanks!
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2021.11.30 11:44 HummingbirdHawkMothx Are the Universities of Cardiff, Nottingham, or/and Warwick trans-friendly? Can I wear a skirt/dress in England in public? (UK)

Hello, this might be an unusual request but I need advice. I am a Non-Binary individual from Germany and I will probably partake in an exchange semester in England next Winter because I plan to move there. The only realistic ones given the semester times and the distance to my fiance, whose mother is kind enough to provide a place I can stay at (all Universities claim that it is almost impossible to find a dorm room during winter), are Cardiff, Warwick or Nottingham. Due to my identity, I am also unsure if I could stay in a shared dorm flat, I have made bad experiences but I am open to it if someone said it was great. Therefore I will stay with him in Shropshire and take the train south or east.
However, I also heard some universities are having issues with trans-identifying students. So I wanted to ask if anyone had been or is going to one of the three Universities and how they experienced being trans there. I have been on T for 5 years and stopped in February and recently have connected with my more feminine side, so I have been trying out skirts and dresses at home. I would like to do that at Uni but I am unsure if it would be safe to do so in England as I generally pass as male, a big question mark (my favourite gender), and very rarely with long hair and a mask as female. I currently am personally leaning towards Cardiff because they offer Welsh language courses and straight through travel but Warwick because of the modules they offer. But I don't know how to inquire about trans-friendliness there.
Thank you so much!
- Miles
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2021.11.30 11:44 Adirondacks647 Found a few apps that actually pay out! 1 is surveys on the go & the other is poll pay. Use the referral code you will receive a start bonus of $0.25! FYBHYPF8LB is the code for poll pay! I use PayPal to cash out. For poll pay you have to put in the referral code before signing up. Happy Holidays!

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2021.11.30 11:44 Pierr0x Do you know any confined place (e.g. house, tent, cavern) with 3 or 4 mobs closely packed together, ideally level 12-25?

My goal is to find a place where there are 3 or 4 mobs, ideally of level 12 to 25 within range of AoEs such as the ice storm of the ice gauntlet. Let me know if you know a place like that.
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2021.11.30 11:44 kaanorkun [@Formula2] Happy Birthday, [@RoyNissany]! Let's celebrate on track this weekend :) #F2 #RoadToF1

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2021.11.30 11:44 michaelwitnessp Every upvote is one person who wants Matto to play this game

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2021.11.30 11:44 2User-Name0 Thoughts on this skin?

Thoughts on this skin? submitted by 2User-Name0 to WraithMains [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 11:44 GaGator43 Jennifer Aniston, 1990s

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2021.11.30 11:44 marubepul1 I can’t understand the test system of Korean high school

In Korea, there are 1~9 grades which replaces A~E. Only 4% of the whole student can get 1st grade(A), 11% can get 2nd grade(B).. The real problem is, We don’t have many students. For my school, only 5 students can get 1st grades(A).
Wtf? Even if I do my best, If I can’t be in those 5 students, I can’t get an A. And that makes me so stressful. It is one of the reason why I hate my country. It’s Worst Korea, worst developed country ever
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