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HR-V HandsFreeLink

2021.11.30 13:06 RU5_Ad HR-V HandsFreeLink

I have a 2017 Honda HR-V LX and the past few weeks the infotainment stereo constantly disconnects and reconnects my phone so it drops my calls and it stops me from listening to music by Bluetooth. I have a Galaxy S21 that's fully updated to all recent IOS software. Is there a known firmware update to the car im not aware about???Has anyone else had a similar issue? I've already tried a radio reset and it's still doing it. I've tried calling the dealership but have had no response from them.
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2021.11.30 13:06 Taejang Technical Suggestions to Improve UPS Customer Support

  1. I know this is not an officially monitored UPS feedback source
  2. I can't find any better way to share this information
  3. If you are an employee and have access to suggestion reporting tools, perhaps consider passing this along using a better method
UPS Website Suggestions Automated Phone System It sucks. Badly. Rather than leave it at that or complain, here is one use case and all the points of failure I observed. I'm providing extensive detail so a developer can track how I reached each step- this is intended to be helpful feedback to help fix the issues, not merely complain
  1. I call customer support (800.742.5877)
  2. Standard shpiel, option for Spanish, generic "call is recorded" and "take our survey" things, etc
  3. Automated agent asks how it can help. I told it I needed information about a claim.
    1. Agent asked if I wanted to open a claim. No, I want information about an existing claim
    2. Agent then informed me I can open claims online. That's cool, but I want information, not a new claim
    3. Agent then routed me to a main menu. None of the options include getting information about a claim in progress
  4. I asked to speak to a person. Agent said I needed to tell it what was wrong before I could speak to a person
    1. If a customer calls about an issue not covered by the menu, how are they supposed to respond to this request? The automated agent is not programmed to understand "what I need isn't a menu option", and asking for a person gets you nowhere
  5. I picked an option at random, expecting to get to a person and then be put on hold and re-routed. I was asked for a tracking number, and again tried to ask for a person
    1. Agent said a representative couldn't help me without a tracking number, so please provide one. This sounds entirely reasonable, so I provided the tracking number
  6. The automated agent actually got the tracking number correct from me on the first try. Mad props for this! The agent then asked a series of yes or no questions. If I request a person at any point, the agent says, "I'm sorry, I didn't get that. Please say Yes or press one, or say No or press 2"
    1. I just want to talk to a person. Your menu is broken, and my frustration level is mounting as I'm forced to go through a process totally irrelevant to my actual need- because my need was not an option and the system is not set up to catch edge cases, unexpected requests, etc
  7. At some point I'm finally put on hold for a representative. I don't even know how I managed to reach this point
  8. When I was finally connected to a living person, the first thing she requested was my tracking number. The automated system told me I couldn't speak to a person without giving it a number, and then the person had to get the number from me again.
    1. This is an inexcusable failure in the system. I'm not sure if the tracking number is normally given by the automated system and my particular path skipped that somehow, or if this always happens, but it should never happen unless a tracking number was not provided to the automated agent
  9. I spoke to the rep, who then transfers me to the Investigations team/department/group. After being put on hold, the first thing the next employee asks me for is, you guessed it, my tracking number
    1. At this point I'm now repeating an 18-digit alphanumeric tracking number for the third time. There is absolutely no reason this should happen. When one representative transfers a call, I expect to repeat myself somewhat. Inputting and then transferring all the previously given information could be extremely complex, depending on what the first rep needed to ask me. I accept that. But the tracking number is a text string of known length, the most critical piece of information for the employee to have, and an absolute pain to give repeatedly.
    2. Let me repeat: there is no technical reason in 2021, or even 2016, that an automated system cannot pass along one pID, or one primary key, or one number, or one . There is no technical reason for this to happen
      1. Transferring the number is expected by the customer
      2. It saves time, thus saving UPS money and helping representatives assist more people in less time
      3. It reduces or prevents customer frustration, which directly correlates to their satisfaction
      4. Less frustration for the customer means better interactions for the employee. That helps reduce employee burnout. Employee outboarding/termination, then hiring/onboarding, that's expensive stuff! Plus, you know, happier employees is good, even if that's harder to quantify
  10. After finally getting the answers I needed, I then waited on the line to give feedback on the survey originally promised me in the opening messages, way back on step 2.
    1. I was not connected to an automated survey, instead just sitting there with the rep on the other line. I eventually realized this and asked for the survey
    2. The rep didn't seem to know what I was talking about and transferred me to someone else. Unless the survey is conducted by a living person, this is clearly not correct. I waited several minutes on hold before giving up
    3. If a survey is to be conducted, the rep shouldn't have to initiate anything. The action of them hanging up should automatically transfer the customer to the automated survey. Unless UPS is still using analog phone lines, no employee action should be required
Final thoughts I once again acknowledge this is not an official UPS platform. With the phone survey failure and no feedback mechanism on the UPS website (that I could find, at least), there's simply no good way to give this information. If you are a UPS employee and can pass this along through better channels, my gratitude.
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2021.11.30 13:06 DigvijayDhruvah It's not the truth !

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2021.11.30 13:06 feminindivin 16f , assume something about me .

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2021.11.30 13:06 CritterNYC Have you seen my friend's hat? Lost 23/24th Ave betw Crescent and the park. Thanks!

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2021.11.30 13:06 wonderfulmoney1 IMD

IMD is pleased to partner with @tmjassociation to provide credible disease information resources into the hands of care providers, their patients and family members.
Learn more about this exciting partnership - bit.ly/3I9ZXMf
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2021.11.30 13:06 IceMuderer 'You've always been the caretaker.'

Was leyland kirby actually inspired by the film 'The Shining'?
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2021.11.30 13:06 Sambar_dhakal Nxswap is better than Uniswap!!!

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2021.11.30 13:06 Divinchy Armed agents in Texas school district arrested concerned parents in their own homes

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2021.11.30 13:06 varyday What is LP coded on?

I've recently gotten into python programming and I am interested in the way LP works. What language is it on and where can I find a source code if its open?
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2021.11.30 13:06 PSYHOStalker Need help with repl.it elixir

High. This year I decided to solve AoC2021 in elixir (I have 0 experience in it). I'm not asking for resouces, I would just like to ask if somebody managed (or knows) how to use code from another file (an even folder) in repl.it? I tried using just import and another function where you specify which file to load but it failed to build in both cases.
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2021.11.30 13:06 Impresora_7936 Yo viendo memes de r/maau

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2021.11.30 13:06 605pmSaturday Back To The Future: Why didn't Doc just store the energy from the lightning strike into a capacitor bank?

Store it in a cap bank, then string a wire across the road and connect it to the cap bank, then you wouldn't have any time constraints or timing issues.
Besides, the car stalled out when he was supposed to leave, so his calculations were wrong anyhow.
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2021.11.30 13:06 nosgri A russian soldier animation

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2021.11.30 13:06 tchan02 1) Planning for Australia 2) Wants to study IT For less tution fees and extra points in PR process Regional areas and Unis are best But, As I want to study and work in IT (front end development,UI UX design, illustration, etc) Should I consider regional area or choose Main cities? Because IT in bo

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2021.11.30 13:06 BusinessTraining5783 My classmates are all so adorable and nice but I can’t adopt them legally

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2021.11.30 13:06 SamuelJenkinsArt [OC] Zelda D&D NPC- King Tobano, Goron Sage of Fire

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2021.11.30 13:06 throwaway6869691 (M29) am I cute?

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2021.11.30 13:06 ChronoLiquid Hopefully the end of a/b testing ?

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2021.11.30 13:06 TheWizardOfPAWG Had a dream I met Wicca and Fish Narc

In this dream I met Wicca and Fish and they were cool and nice and I hung out with them at some house before they had a show and they invited me backstage and it was lit.
Just thought I would share this.
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2021.11.30 13:06 -Venser- [uThermal] How To Defend DARK TEMPLAR Drop - Terran School #41

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2021.11.30 13:06 trinitymaster Hate these “Should I buy the dip” posts. The answer is yes, but….

You should have bought earlier instead of selling your shares in order to write covered puts.
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2021.11.30 13:06 chudaiking Ahh goan maal ☺️

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2021.11.30 13:06 Wallaxi Made this on blender

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2021.11.30 13:06 ZimmyDod Is anyone able to enter the game on Android or is it crashing for everybody?

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