Do you think that money is the key to happiness?

2021.12.06 15:35 autoerotic_aardvark Do you think that money is the key to happiness?

Do you think you would be happier with more money, or if you now have money, do you think it has made you happier than you were before?
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2021.12.06 15:35 Rodoeht08 Maid fundy (not a fox)

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2021.12.06 15:35 Slynyrd Furniture pt. 2

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2021.12.06 15:35 bananasplana How my first DM almost made me quit DnD

Hi there! I'm here to tell you a story about the first DM I ever played with. This story spans over 3 campaigns and features fan favorites such as.
Sexual harassment Over powered oc characters Dungeons and Daddys (yeah) Shrek And multiple BDSM dungeons
I apologize for the horror you're being subjected to.
This story starts with me, I'd never played DnD before but I was eager to try it out. I tried joining a few games until I received a DM from a GM looking for players. I won't reveal his real name here so let's call him Jeff.
Jeff told me about a campaign he was running and asked if I was in, of course, I said yes and we were off. After a few days, the first session rolled around...except it wasn't the first session.
It was actually the third time he'd tried to run this campaign, as I had learned from another player. This was a bit of a red flag for me but I just brushed it off. The people I was playing with was a group of 4 (not including me)
I will once again be using fake names
There was Greg, a 30-foot tall Orc Barbarian Devin, a Robot Artificer Mia, (I can't remember what her class was but she was a spell caster) And Xavier, I also can't remember his class
Things started slowly with Jeff spending over an hour using the bathroom and completing other miscellaneous tasks. Leaving us to wait for him.
After he finally is ready the campaign begins, and it's fun. All the players have a pretty good dynamic and we're having a blast.
Then Jeff leaves again to use the bathroom. After 30 minutes of waiting Greg just up and leaves and doesn't come back for the rest of the session. We then go to a dungeon and get past one of the trials easily by having a player with a flight ability fly over the trap.
Jeff didn't like this and said he was blown back by an unknown force. At this point, it was growing more and more obvious that the railroad wasn't very invisible.
Afterward, the session ended and we picked up again a few days later. This time, however, two people were missing.
Xavier left to join a different campaign (I only wish I was as smart as him) And Mia left without explaining why. Jeff said she messaged him and said it was because of school.
Anyways the first thing of the day is a combat scene. Which Elmo skipped because he had to use the bathroom. While he was gone he had Greg run the combat session. The mood shift was immediate, it was way more fun with a competent DM in charge and I was actually having a blast for the first time. Then halfway through the combat, Jeff returned and tried to wrestle control back from Greg. Greg explained that he was just gonna finish the combat since he didn't wanna destroy the flow. Jeff argued for a bit but eventually gave in and left.
Then after the combat finished Jeff didn't come back. We all messaged him and waited but he was gone for over 30 minutes. At that point, we got bored and decided to run Greg's campaign for a bit.
Until Jeff returned halfway through character creation and caused a fight. Afterward, we went back to Jeff's campaign only for him to call it for the night.
The next session rolled around a few days later and the first thing I noticed was that all the familiar faces were gone.
Jeff had reset the entire campaign and only Devin and I remained. Elmo spent about 20 minutes explaining to one player that changelings weren't allowed in his campaign. I only bring that up because it'll be ironic towards the end.
Anyway with this new group, there was
Herrin- a badass Paladin that became my closest friend in this group Devin- a returning face running the same character Glicck- a wood elf rouge that enjoyed painting rocks and stealing kneecaps Magi- someone who I barely remember And there was also one other guy who I don't remember at all.
The campaign started again in the exact same way, once again the dynamic was great. Herrin and I basically became the leaders of the group and tried to keep everyone in check.
The group was wild but still fun.
After the session, though I received a few messages from Herrin, who was a girl (unlike her character)
She revealed to me that Jeff was sending her...explicit messages and sort of vented to me. Now, this was somewhat forgivable since Herrin was 21, two years older than Jeff. But Jeff did apparently have a girlfriend.
But this got me thinking, what about the other girl who was in the group. The one that was a minor, the one that left the campaign after one session.
Yeah, that feeling in your gut is exactly what I felt.
I tried to reach out to her but she had blocked all of us. So for now I couldn't do much but watch and see what he would do next.
The next few sessions went great however, nobody had any complaints and I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE, he had finally learned...
Then things got weird.
Glicck entered a room in a tavern and he saw a donkey and shrek the back room. Afterwards, Jeff tried to make us play through a BDSM dungeon. But we shot that down. His next idea was dungeons and daddies...
Anyways after that session ended I decided I would have more fun if I ran my own campaign. I invited all my friends from Jeff's campaign and off we went. Then a few days later Jeff messaged me and said we wanted in on my campaign.
I probably should have just said no but instead I added him in with the intention to kick him if he tried anything. We came to session zero and he spent the entire time whining about using point buy, trying to make a broken character, creating a custom race with zero languages (NOT EVEN COMMON), gave himself +14 in every stat and the cherry on top, whined about not being able to play a changeling.
Sound familiar?
Throughout all this he was also trying to convince me to make him assistant DM and party leader. I felt like putting my head through my desk.
Then came the final straw. I got a message from Mia.
He actually did it, this suck scumbag had attempted to groom a 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL.
At that point I just gave up on him and dropped him from my campaign and left his. This nightmare only ended about 3 days ago btw.
But things have been great since it ended. The first session of my campaign is almost here and the group seems to be getting along great!
So at the very least, there was a happy ending for all involved.
As for Jeff, I'm not sure. I haven't spoken to him since and I don't know if anyone else has either.
TL;DR: Moronic DM wastes everyone's time, argues with everyone, tries to force his fetishes on us, sexually harasses a minor and gets kicked out of my campaign.
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2021.12.06 15:35 MomentHour1006 Waitlist Spot Not Moving

I am currently on a waitlist for a class and I’ve been stuck at my position for a while now even though I check regularly and see that some people drop the class from time to time, but my position has not been moving to reflect that. Anyone know why this happens?
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2021.12.06 15:35 TheQuirkyReader Spin-off: What names do the Dutch associate with people from the upper classes?

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2021.12.06 15:35 flyguyhigh25 30 [M4F] Bored at work. Let’s be friends?

Would love to find some new people to get to know and talk to regularly. I work a lot so it’d be nice having some long term work friends! I’m told I’m cute and funny, so let’s do it. Send your user and I’ll add you up
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2021.12.06 15:35 AJT- Can clash Ninja show me how long it wi take to max out my base? I cant seem to find it

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2021.12.06 15:35 Fizkillin Student at a crossroads with my future at Temple, looking for advice

let me begin by saying that I started my freshman year at Temple during the 2019-2020 academic year and like many had it cut short due to the pandemic. I had my gripes with Temple before then and made the stupid mistake of not putting myself out there during my first year and did not meet as many people or make that many connections as I should have, quickly feeling isolated there. I decided to go to Temple later than most and as a result, I ended up living in Morgan during this time and had roommates who were all transfer students which made meeting more freshmen that much more difficult.
I was initially a Fox student for my freshman year but chose to change my school and major to FMA and do a film-related major as it was something I felt passionate about. Unfortunately, due to my bad experiences on-campus and the dominance of online classes during the 2019-2021 year I decided to stay at home instead of the move back to campus or an off-campus apartment (i did not believe I had any friends to live with). Being at home and taking FMA classes online pretty much disillusioned me in regards to pursuing FMA any further and ended up regretting my decision. Soon I decided to transfer out of Temple all together to go and have a fresh start somewhere else since I had never really felt that good about being at Temple.
When I transferred I ended up doing it for the wrong reasons, primarily that I just wanted to be anywhere else and not because I had a well-thought-out plan on what I wanted to do. I realized this after starting this semester at my new school and found myself feeling just as if not more lost than when I was at Temple when it came to my major (which was really bad because this new school is much more expensive). This would lead to me withdrawing for the semester to take time to think about my future, and for some time I thought that would mean returning to Temple to finish my studies in Klein. After returning home in October I ended up second-guessing this choice as I felt like going back to Temple might exacerbate my negative state of mind as it would remind me of how far behind everyone else I feel. I don't have much to return to at Temple in regards to friends or clubs due to my own ignorance and the allure of following through with a fresh start somewhere else is still on my mind. Despite taking the semester off I still am unsure about where I will be in the spring, either back at temple or at the school I transferred to.
I've had one foot in Temple and another at the school I transferred to for the last few months and the recent crime going on in Philly has made this decision even more confusing for me. I mainly am writing this post to see what other students think about my situation or if anyone has any advice to share about feeling stuck on what to study or feeling hopeless about their college experience.
TL;DR - Started as a freshman at Temple during 2019-2020 year and would end up changing majors and schools before transferring to a different university this year. Regretting transferring without a clear plan and am considering returning to Temple in the spring but can't decide whether this is a good idea because of recent crime and desire for a "fresh start".
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2021.12.06 15:35 despressoexpresoo 26f I'm rlly happy these days. Just proud of myself, you know what I'm sayin. Been doing my best. Anyways I love people can i talk to someone of you 🥺💗

How are you doing?
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2021.12.06 15:35 420_slices_of_bread Okay, so do you want to me to set this up with you or are you just checking in?

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2021.12.06 15:35 smbcboka lika star .

lika star .
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2021.12.06 15:35 TimTom91 GTA 5 - FIVE STAR POLICE CHASE ESCAPE!!! (Turismo Classic - Ferrari F40) (GTA V Funny Moments)

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2021.12.06 15:35 mrmahammadli HCDI lookin juicy today 🚀

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2021.12.06 15:35 Huge-Dog5602 Zekrom - 0845 5393 3307

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2021.12.06 15:35 Skinnyguyinahoodie14 Daily meme

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2021.12.06 15:35 w48625 [FOR HIRE] Looking for fast delivery anime style commissions. Dm me if you're interested ;)

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2021.12.06 15:35 KateHicks 15% APR Bitcoin

I just got an email from Nexo stating "Earn up to 15%APR on crypto. In the box it shows BTC, ETH, XRP etc.
In another box it showed Limited Offer: Up to 20%APR on Matic and AVAX.
How do I earn 15% on BTC? I am US customer, Platinum level, I have fixed term on BTC and am earning 6%. We can not get the earn in kind bump by taking Nexo tokens in US... correct? But even if we could that would be a maximum of 8%. what am I missing?
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2021.12.06 15:35 Skeletor6234 LF: non English ditto, FT: feebas egg

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2021.12.06 15:35 Shaggy_SVK every time...

every time...
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2021.12.06 15:35 omerk2008 True words of wisdom

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2021.12.06 15:35 Mediumsizedpeepee Customer Support

Is the support function not working? Im waiting since Saturday for my Ticket to be at least looked at. I cant buy ESO+ with PayPal nor my MasterCard. How long does it take for most people?
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2021.12.06 15:35 mariouy1986 MIP62: Collateral Offboarding Process - #2 by GFXlabs - RFC (guys please click in, appreciate the input)

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2021.12.06 15:35 Andrewb1230 Question about OpenAL

Hi All,
I am trying to use OpenAL (specifically OpenAL soft) to convert monaural audio files from Minecraft into directional binaural audio files using the HRTF. I know OpenAL supports the use of the HRTF for its audio processing, but I am unsure if it uses it by default (and in that case, I don't know what it uses to render spatial audio by default). I have tried to ensure it uses the HRTF to render the spatial audio by adding the ALC_HRTF_SOFT attribute, but I get an error saying "identifier "ALC_HRTF_SOFT" is undefined." I have added the code below. I got that token online at this link but it just does not seem to work. Does anybody know how to make sure OpenAL is using its default HRTF to render its spatial audio?

On another note, I am not stuck to any API or toolkit for this task, so if anyone thinks there is a different toolkit that could do this job better I'd love to hear it.
Thanks so much!
- Andrew

SoundDevice* SoundDevice::get()

`static SoundDevice* snd_device = new SoundDevice();` `return snd_device;` 

`p_ALCDevice = alcOpenDevice(nullptr); // nullptr = get default device` `if (!p_ALCDevice)` `throw("failed to get sound device");` 

`ALCint attrs[] = {` `ALC_HRTF_SOFT, ALC_TRUE, /* request HRTF */` `0 /* end of list */` `};` 

`p_ALCContext = alcCreateContext(p_ALCDevice, nullptr); // create context` `if(!p_ALCContext)` `throw("Failed to set sound context");` 

`if (!alcMakeContextCurrent(p_ALCContext)) // make context current` `throw("failed to make context current");` 


`const ALCchar* name = nullptr;` `if (alcIsExtensionPresent(p_ALCDevice, "ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT"))` `name = alcGetString(p_ALCDevice, ALC_ALL_DEVICES_SPECIFIER);` `if (!name || alcGetError(p_ALCDevice) != AL_NO_ERROR)` `name = alcGetString(p_ALCDevice, ALC_DEVICE_SPECIFIER);` `printf("Opened \"%s\"\n", name);` 
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2021.12.06 15:35 meOfficalAcount What program do you use to make the flag collages?

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