Secret Service

2021.12.03 19:20 ussvincent11 Secret Service

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2021.12.03 19:20 MANCITMAN When can we get him?

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2021.12.03 19:20 Sincerelybrowsing The time when I confronted a customer about their tipping

Hey there, I hope I'm not in violation of rule 9, but I just wanted to share with you the time I confronted a couple about their tipping. It's kind of a long winded post so here we go.
So my restaurant is the "fanciest" place in town. We are the most expensive place in town with the cheapest menu entree starting at $18. The restaurant is locally owned by a couple that actively take part in the success and day to day of the restaurant. We specialize in food made from scratch and fresh seafood. We present wine professionally and use good decorum. I make great money where I work because of our generous patrons and our higher menu prices. An 18-20% tip is the NORMAL and it's a standard in our eyes for the service we provide.
There was this couple that came in on a certain day of the week when we had special shellfish specials. They would come in, run us ragged, keep us from our other tables by talking our ears off, and order only our discounted shellfish specials. Among other things, they weren't our favorite. The cherry on top was the tip they left every time was around 5-10% of their already discounted bill. We have a small staff and we are all extremely good at what we do. I know how to take my lumps when I've done a poor job (we all have those days), but that wasn't the case.
Finally one day I had enough of these guys. After they paid and I picked up their signed receipt, I noticed another 10% tip. Now the husband that owns the restaurant told me that he once received a poor tip after doing an excellent job waiting on a table years and years ago. He took it upon himself to ask the table if there was anything he could have done better or provided to them to make their experience better. They said no and asked why. He simply explained that the tip they left for him was a direct reflection of his service and it made him believe he did a poor job.
That is exactly what I did with my cheap couple. I asked if I could have done anything better or if they had any problems with my service. Could I have made their experience any better for the next time they came in? They said no that I was great. Why?
I told them the same thing that their tip was a reflection of the service I provided and made me believe I could have done more to make their evening too notch.
They scoffed and said that they always tip 10% no matter where they go..
That was the end of that and I just restated that I hoped they would tell me if I could have done anything better and that I wanted them to have a great night. They left and the next day emailed my boss to complain about me. The wife backed me up and restated that their tip was a direct reflection of my service and that it was a fair question. They finished the email by saying they never wanted me to wait on them again (Thank God because I didn't want to wait on them either).
They gave the restaurant a two month hiatus but returned again. The next time they came in they left 20% for their server. Same with the time after that. And after that.
Finally one day, it was just me and the bartender working (owner was out of town and the bartender was managing that day). The couple walks through the door. Sees me and almost walks out. I greet them like nothing ever happened and since I was the only server on the floor I waited on them. The whole time I treated them like every other patron and didn't think about giving them bad service because I let bygones be bygones. They weren't difficult and since I remembered them I predicted their needs and brought them early and in a timely fashion (think tobacco, extra bread, cocktail forks, refills, butter). After their meal they paid and I got 20%. I thanked them for coming in and told them to come back soon.
Morale of the story is that it didn't take much to educate a couple about modern tipping standards. I may have offended them in the moment but I think after seeking validation from their friends and family, they were then told that what they do is wrong. A point to note is that I'm very fortunate to work for a couple that takes pride in their restaurant and stands up for their employees. If you think you'll lose your job for speaking up then don't take my advise or seek new employment. But all it took was to phrase the question in a way that made it about the customer and their experience. Not that they were cheap and I didn't like their tip, but that maybe their experience wasn't as great as I thought it was.
I get cheap tippers sometimes but don't confront them. It happens. I work in the restaurant industry. I have only said it to this couple because they return and nobody wanted to wait on them anymore. So it didn't matter if they came back or not. Sometimes my boss says after a rough table that "they just weren't our customers" and to "fire them as our customers". Sometimes you just need to do the hard thing and see how it goes.
Thanks for reading this far. Have any of you done anything like that?
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2021.12.03 19:20 Odd_Independence3815 Is this a good pose?

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2021.12.03 19:20 Special_Paramedic_70 Google intern discord

Is there a Google intern discord for people who have accepted offers for next year?
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2021.12.03 19:20 82828jwalous Eric Kendricks #54 Worn Jersey - just listed (:

Hi guys I housekeep for Eric & his girlfriend Ally & she was about to throw this puppy out, but I got it lol
I listed it on eBay, and I repeat … because this an actual Jersey he’s worn it has a few loose strings but I didn’t want to do anything to it out of fear of ruining something lol so I left it completely like it is.
Here’s the listing if anyone wants it (:
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2021.12.03 19:20 ColdUmpire1839 Lots of Questions :)

Hi everyone! I’m a third year college student studying animal science with hopes of going to vet school in the future. I currently work as a veterinary assistant at a small vet, and a kennel tech/tech support at an exotic vet.
Would it be worth it to get an online certified veterinary assistant title, or even vet tech? I can’t attend an in person college, with two jobs and already being enrolled in college. I’m curious because I’m not sure if it would help me for future employment/vet school acceptance or if it would just be a waste of time and money. Thanks for the help and input!
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2021.12.03 19:20 SpookyPetFriend I just wanted to say thank you for being one of the most friendly communities to talk to as an inquirer

I appreciate everyone's willingness to help answer my questions and give me insight as I discern going from Orthodox over to Catholic. Even when we don't agree I've noticed people aren't negative or belittling but instead try a different approach. I've never felt like it's an "us vs them" dialog and generally it feels like people are being caring. I hate to say it but I don't even experience that over on orthodoxchristiany so thank you very much because you are making the process very enjoyable.
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2021.12.03 19:20 Jakeb1022 [US-CA] [H] Interstellar Manta Lab Double Lenticular [W] PayPal

Selling for $145 shipped or best offer. PayPal F&F otherwise you pay G&S fee. Item is sealed and mint. Will pack with lots of bubble wrap and protection
Imgur link:
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2021.12.03 19:20 itsmycartho How can I (31M) turn down a suggestion my GF (27F) made, while still showing I'm confident in our relationship?

So me and her bought a house together last year. Things have taken a fairly poor financial turn and we are deep in the hole, though trying to dig ourselves out. Recently she found that her credit score is much better than mine, and was able to find us house insurance that is half what we were paying. Now shes turning her eye to another large expense, my car insurance. I got in an accident about a month after getting my liscence and I am considered high risk, so the cheapest i was able to find was $400 a month. My GF told me today she found a way to make it cheaper, by adding her to my cars ownership as a partial owner. Here is the problems. 1, she cant drive and is unable to have a liscense. 2, its my car. I bought it from a dealer, paying cash. I own it. I dont feel comfortable about adding her as a partial owner of the car I bought myself.
I tried to turn her idea down as lightly as i could, but there was a voice in the back of my head screaming "DONT DO THAT, WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU SPLIT UP? SHE COULD PROBABLY TAKE IT OUT OF SPITE" now im confident in our relationship, but Im afraid that me turning this down could seem like im not. How can i handle this?
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2021.12.03 19:20 OneStatistician7700 Mbo.TikTokers

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2021.12.03 19:20 harlsey Time freezes for 3 hours for every single person on earth but you. How do you spend that time?

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2021.12.03 19:20 sophieccc3 You’re a good decade behind the times

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2021.12.03 19:20 TheyCallMeW1LL0W For those on this subreddit that have suffered the loss of a spouse, I really, really need advice.

My mother died about four months ago. Sudden. Unexpected. We didn't get the chance to say goodbye or the things we wish we could've but no longer can.
I've been a little unstable since, but I'm coping and I'm slowly starting to find some footing through the grief. The rest of my family I'm uncertain of, but lately I've been extremely concerned about my dad.
I've never known my Dad to cry and it's understandable that he's cried often since Mom died. In the past week, I've seen it twice. Before that, almost never. I know there were a lot of other crying sessions that I wasn't there to hug him through, though.
So, to those of you that have lost spouses, can I ask what you were experiencing? What helped? What was the kind of support you were looking for? And for those that also had kids in the picture, either young or adult, how did this affect your relationship with them?
I just want to know how I can help Dad. I've got my support systems and I'm always working on healing, but he's always been a loner. All he really has is us, so if I'm going to help I want to try and get some perspective of what he's experiencing himself. She was a different person for both of us (Mom to me, spouse to him), so I know we're sort of experiencing different forms of loss. What's his like?
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2021.12.03 19:20 Lejonet_Mx Was oddball removed?

I need to win one oddball match for a weekly challenge, but it has been well over 100 matches (yes, I counted them) and I'm yet to play a single oddball game, was it removed?
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2021.12.03 19:20 Sophiaj12222 Need karma to promote my study abroad fundraising campaign I’ll up all comments :)

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2021.12.03 19:20 yo_mariejeanne Lady and Lord

When to use the titles Lady or Lord for the gods? When do you personally use it?
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2021.12.03 19:20 yo-moms DM offer

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2021.12.03 19:20 Mr_Muffin17 AMA IN DEFIAPE TALK! 4/12/21 @ 3pm CST

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2021.12.03 19:20 FrontpageWatch2020 [#562|+837|22] Can't you do anything right! [r/onejob]

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2021.12.03 19:20 PlentyNothings Let those shopping inhibitions dissolve -> upto 20% off! Discount code "CY21MON" or "DRDRAY" with my rewards code "JAZA4793"

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2021.12.03 19:20 IOWARIZONA Broadleaf grasses for zone 4b/5a Iowa?

I’m really new to lawn care. I just bought a property in town and always liked the look of what we called “water grass” at my parents’ farm after heavy rains. The color is nice and it cuts so crisply due to the broad leaves. It’s probably some sort of crab grass, I’m guessing.
I know most people like the look of dark, narrow-leafed grass, but is there a variety that fits this description that I could plant the entire yard with?
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2021.12.03 19:20 RustyToothPaste I cant buy the echo pass

So its currently December 3rd and the echo pass season 3 is still there and I have maxed it out but I can't buy it the button isn't there and echo pass 4 hasn't come out yet so is there a dead zone between echo passes, Where you can't do anything with the previous echo pass. I have the credits for it buts its just saying echo pass 4 coming in 10 days and that I have it complete.
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2021.12.03 19:20 elephantear11 Got out of FAR- 1st Exam. My heart is shaking.

I studied so much. Getting 78-80 on mock exams (becker). I feel like i failed. I def had a harder second test let… I was running out of time… the sims were so hard. I could have figured it out i’m sure if I had more time but i guessed so much on 1 sim, and guessed sections of other sims too. So many pension benefit plan Qs… I’m so panicked and sad. Hoping desperately for a 75. Anyone feel like they failed and ended up passing? Now i have to prepare for finals for masters but my heart feels like it got punched.
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2021.12.03 19:20 Tourbillion Puppy training plan request

I am preparing for my first puppy and I am extremely motivated to be successful with training. I have already spent significant time learning and preparing myself for success. My goal is to follow the training style of Emily Larlham (kikopup) as closely as I can. My main concern is that I am not confident that I can properly structure a training program.
Is there any literature or videos that you can recommend to help me plan what I should try to accomplish in the first day, week, and so on with my puppy that is specifically in the same school of training that Larlham employs. Larlham's content has been great for preparing me to train individual things but not on how to create an overall program for success.
Thanks so much for your help!
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