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2021.12.06 15:21 snipermodz LET ME TURN OFF CHRISTMAS

I like the idea, It came from a good place. But by god is it annoying. I'm so close to turning negotiations off entirely because of it.
If there's an option i can't see it.
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Hey, so I've been wondering if there is any site out there where i can check if my solutions are correct. I have to simplify forms like this.
I found many sites for my checking solutions about the other math problems like , checking if a statement is vaild , equivalent .. etc but not for this.

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2021.12.06 15:21 grac-i-e Please help: pain, inflammation, swelling

Wednesday morning I started experiencing inflammation and swelling on my lower left side of my mouth towards my back teeth. It’s difficult to sleep, eat, and even opening my mouth has been somewhat painful.
From my understanding my one wisdom teeth was growing in straight so not sure if that’s the issue? I’ve been using lidocaine and orajel to help and have contacted my dentist, but there’s a decent wait list before I can get in.
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As a man looking to buy a necklace for his girlfriend, what are some good places to start looking? The design I had I mind is something related to the sun.
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2021.12.06 15:21 SaffronCourgette Wallet found

On my route home I found a purple wallet belonging to a M. Brickman. It was on a table with an elderly man sleeping who I could not gently wake up, but he didn't seem like the type to have an Amex card anyway so I took the wallet to find a more likely owner. If you know anyone with that name please inbox me within 28 days so I can return the wallet.
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2021.12.06 15:21 lady-of-hell Ecco Valley [Part 5] - The Spider

Previous Part
Elijah and I drove straight home after the debacle in the library. It was still early afternoon, there would have been more than enough time to drive to Night manor and check the basement for the safe which supposedly contained Victoria Night's journals, but neither of us was ready just yet. We were still freaked out after our encounter with the librarian, I was awfully tired and all I wanted to do was lie down and relax for a short while.
I sat down on the sofa and stared out of the window, just like I had done the night before. This town was always so terribly quiet. I had gotten used to the constant noise of the big city and now the silence felt deafening. Suffocating even.
I wished for rain. For rumbling thunder and the sound of thick raindrops hitting the window. But all I got was a light drizzle and an overcast sky.
Elijah joined me on the couch soon, two wine glasses in his hands. He offered me one. "Thought we need this. After... you know", he explained.
"Do you think we'll end up like them?" I took a sip of the dark red wine. "Crazy like the rest of the town?"He shrugged. "They're not all crazy. My boss is still alright and so is your friend Joseph. Maybe we'll be fine."
Fine, he said, as if that was still a possibility for me. As if I didn't die every night. "Maybe", I agreed, staring off into nowhere. I didn't like the taste of the wine, it was too sour, too dry, but I drank it anyways.
My fingers tapped against the thin glass and the noise was oddly soothing.
We sat in silence for a while. The rain stopped at some point, but the clouds remained and I wondered when I had last seen the sun. Even after just a few days back in Ecco Valley, I was already so caught up in its monochrome melancholy that the warmth of daylight felt like a distant memory.
I want to go home, I thought and then another thought crossed my mind a mere second later. I am home.
I looked at the clocktower. Someone was watching over me, I reminded myself.
Was it too late to become religious?
"I'm sorry", I told Elijah, completely unpromted. "I need you tomorrow. I know it's a lot to ask, after what happened to you." I looked at his scars. "But... I'm honestly too scared to go alone. I'm sorry."
Elijah sighed. "Was it that obvious what I'm thinking about?"
No, it hadn't been. Or maybe it had, but I hadn't looked at him the entire time before I started speaking, so how could I know. I just shrugged.
"I won't let you down, Rose", he promised. "I can't say I'm happy to go back, but... you know, my therapist keeps telling me I have to confront my fears anyways."
"Thank you." I emptied my glass of wine. Although I still didn't enjoy it, I grabbed the bottle on the table and refilled the glass again.
I thought about my parents. Were they okay now, had my actions made any difference? Or had they fallen back into the madness? Were they still cradling a dead child? Despite everything, I was worried about them, but checking on them wasn't an option. Not only because they had told me in no uncertain terms that I should never come back, but also because I couldn't handle the confirmation that I had, in the end, made no difference.
I thought of Tanya, dead, decayed, scattered all over a parking lot.
I thought of the woman at the library counter and how her eyes had spun around.
I thought of the librarian, the words that were cut into her skin and the books she had devoured.
And I wondered what would be waiting for us at Night manor, because there was no doubt we would encounter something there.
I turned to the window, stared at the clocktower and thought about leaving. As a matter of fact, there was nothing preventing me from getting into my car and driving away, back to the city I had spent the past five years in. I would have to live with the nightmares, but at least I could leave the horrors of this town behind and never think about them again.
The thought made me sick. In an instant, my head was pounding like after a nightmare, I had to squeeze my eyes shut from the pain. My fingers tightened around the glass. I thought I was about to throw up.I am home, I thought once again.
"Rose?" Elijah touched my arm. "Are you okay? You're really pale."
"Headache." I leaned back slowly until I was resting against the back of the couch, eyes still closed.
"Do you need anything?"
"Painkillers. Please."
I heard him stand up and then some time passed until he brought me a pill and a glass of water. It didn't help though. I swallowed the pill without a second thought, laid down on the couch and waited, but the pain didn't fade. A part of me felt guilty. As if it were my own fault, thinking such a blasphemous thing, and now that was my punishment.
"I am home", I said out loud this time, although I wasn't sure if Elijah was still in the room.
I never received an answer.
Eventually, I fell asleep. I dreamed of sitting in a full bathtub and suffering from some sort of seizure. I slipped underwater, fully conscious, and slowly drowned as my body refused to obey me.
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I couldn't breath. I leaned over the edge of the couch and coughed, desperate to get the none-existant water out of my lungs; it felt like an eternity until I was able to breathe again. Exhausted, I collapsed on the couch again.
I managed to fall asleep again and dreamed of a car crash. The door wouldn't budge, the pain from the piece of metal that was stuck in my stomach was mind numbing and I had no choice but to wait for my countless injuries to finally kill me.
Awake again, I heard Elijah screaming in the bedroom, but I was too tired to check on him. I just lay on my back, looked up to the ceiling and ignored the noise while I waited for the pain to finally fade.
I had heard about a fatal type of insomnia once. Apparently, sleep deprevation could kill a human when it was severe enough. I wondered how long exactly that took.
I should have been worried, but I barely was. At this point, death was nothing but a memory to me.
The nightmares had gotten worse, I realized, since the moment I came back to Ecco Valley. Of course they had been hell since day one, but back in the big city, I had at least gotten a few hours of sleep after suffering.
Right now, I died the moment I closed my eyes.
The rest of the night was spent at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee in front of me. I didn't do anything, just waited. Waited for the sun to rise, waited for Elijah to wake up, waited for both of us to finish our breakfast. Maybe I was just looking foreward to spend the time until noon with Joseph and the spiders. It was a good distraction. Talking to him about mundane things made me feel normal again, at least for a little while.
Elijah and I didn't talk much that morning. He was going to drop me off at Joseph's and pick me up again, so we could drive directly to Night manor and hopefully get what we were looking for. Though if I was honest with myself, I wasn't sure what we hoped to find. Was there even a cure for insanity?
But on the other hand, could I forgive myself if I didn't at least try?
We pulled up to Joseph's house and a sense of dread hit me. There was no reasonable explanation for this, because until a minute ago, I had been looking foreward to this, but as soon as we entered the driveway, I tensed. Something inside me told me to run. Now.
"Something's wrong", I whispered, as if talking too loud could alert whatever I was afraid of.
Elijah looked at me, clearly concerned. "Your head again? Do you need to lie down?"
"No. Head's fine. Could you..." I hesitated. "Could you come in with me? I'm probably just paranoid, but I think something's off."
Elijah stayed silent for a moment, looked at the building in front of us, then at the clock and finally back at me. "Okay, I have a few minutes to spare anyways. Although I'm not really sure if I understand what's wrong", he admitted, rather sceptical.
"I don't know either. It's just a feeling", I confessed.
"Your feelings are a bit concerning lately." He opened the car door. "Come on, let's go."
We walked up to the building side by side. It was exactly eight o'clock now and the world was dead silent, as if nature itself was holding its breath. I grabbed Elijah's hand, mostly to remind myself that I wasn't as alone as I felt. The wet asphalt swallowed the sound of our footsteps.
The door opened without resistance.
I stepped into the room I had become familiar with in the past two days and it took several seconds to even understand what I was seeing.
The terrariums were open. All of them. The glass was shattered and shards were scattered all over the floor, I couldn't spot any spiders immediately but there was no doubt they were already crawling all over the place. Against all better judgement, I stepped further inside, looking around for Joseph.
There were faint noises coming from the backroom. Elijah and I exchanged a look, nodded and without letting go off his hand, I approached the door. The thought that Joseph could be in danger, that he might need our help, did override my urge to flee.
I regretted that decision the moment I stepped over the threshold.
Joseph sat on the floor, hunched over, facing towards the door. Around him, lying on the dirty floor, were bodies in various states of decay. They were dismembered, the arms missing, a bloody saw was lying next to them, a rotten stench hung in the dry air.
And the arms the corpses missed were crudely sewn onto Joseph's body. Bloody metal wires connected the rotten flesh to his torso, adding two arms to each side.
In front of Joseph, scattered on the blood-covered floor, lay eyeballs. Real eyeballs, which must have been extracted from the corpses by an inexperienced hand, damaged from decay and brute force. Joseph held a knife in his hand, small and sharp, and he was currently trying to cut a hole into his forehead.
One was already cut into his skin, at his left temple, and one of the rotting eyes had been stuffed into the wound, making the skin bulge.
I was too stunned to scream. My mouth was shut tight to keep myself from throwing up.
Joseph looked up. His eyes were out of sync, out of focus. He was sweating, his pale skin gleamed in the cold white light. "Rosalie!", he choked out with a shaking voice and he twisted his lips into a feverish smile. "I'm one of them, Rosalie! I'm finally one of them."
"What?" My voice was hardly a whisper.
Something was crawling on my back. I scrambled to slap it away, in case it was one of the venomous spiders.
"Just a few more eyes and I can join my friends." He pressed the blade against his forehead and cut. Deep. Blood began to flow immediately, but he didn't seem to care as he grabbed one of the eyes and tried to fumble it into the wound. He was smiling the entire time.
I almost fell when I was suddenly pulled backwards. "Run!", Elijah urged, pulling me towards the exit, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the gruesome scene until I was out of the room. Joseph's manic giggling echoed through the building when I finally turned around an ran.
I stepped on one of the larger spiders and the crunching sound was nauseating.
The parallels to yesterday were bizarre, I thought as we stepped outside. We had been running for a minute, maybe two, but I was out of breath already. I leaned against the car, trying to get my breathing under control and my heart to slow down while Elijah doubled over and threw up.
"He..." Elijah didn't finish the sentence.
"I know", I said nonetheless.
"He made himself a spider!"
"I know!", I repeated.
He ran his hands through his hair and sighed exasperated. "You said he was alright!"
"I know!" I nearly screamed this time. "I fucking know! He was fine yesterday, for God's sake!"
But he hadn't been fine, he had been covered head to toe in dirt and I hadn't questioned it for a second. Of course not. It hadn't occured to me that the dirt was coming from the graves he had dug up. And now my friend was sitting on the floor, the arms of corpses sewn onto his body, sticking eyeballs into his skin.I was shaking.
A few tears streamed down my face.
Elijah's expression softened as he noticed. "Rose..." He raised his hand as if to touch me, but stopped halfway. "I'm sorry", he said and I wasn't sure if he apologized for his outburst or because I had just lost a friend.
I shook my head. The scene I had just witnessed was burnt into my mind, only now I was grasping the details. Corpses. Severed limbs. Wounds. Spiders. Eyes. Decay.
My body was itching.
"Let's go to Night manor!", I announced.
Elijah narrowed his eyes in confusion. "I'd honestly rather go home and lie down after this."
"We don't have the time!", I snapped. He flinched and I took a deep breath, calming myself down a bit. "Sorry. It's just... we lost so many people already. My parents, Joseph... your parents! We can't waste another day. If there's any chance to stop this insanity, we have to hurry before it spreads further." I sighed. "I don't want to lose anyone else. I don't want to lose you." I have nobody else left – that wasn't said out loud but I hoped he would understand nonetheless.
For a moment, I watched Elijah struggle with himself. He stared at the ground, his left hand absentmindedly tracing the scars on his right arm, and I noticed how he trembled slightly. After a while, he swallowed and looked back at me. "Fine", he agreed, fishing the car keys from his pocket. "Let's save the world or something."
I took one last look at the building and lifted my hand to wave goodbye – a silent apology to my friend for not being able to save him. He wouldn't be alive much longer. The wounds would get infected and he would die from sepsis.
I hadn't known him for long, but it still broke my heart.
I wiped the tears from my eyes and got in the car.
Maybe I could save another life, at least.
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