Germans really do like Suez

2021.11.30 11:44 soyjav Germans really do like Suez

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2021.11.30 11:44 pouryaabbasi Rainbow Crepe Cake, That Will Light Up Your Next Pride Party!

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2021.11.30 11:44 rubeserra "General Osório", painted by Joaquim da Rocha Ferreira, 1932

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2021.11.30 11:44 n5tonhf Birthing the Bill of Rights

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2021.11.30 11:44 Azerz69 Need help to remember

I stopped watching the show because I had too many things going on last year. Netflix tells me that I’m on Season 4, Episode 7. I was wondering if anyone could give me a recap of what happened before episode 7. I vaguely remember some things like Walter letting Jessie’s gf die. Jessie getting his parents house, I think it was at the end of season 3 Gus was gonna replace Walter with this one guy but Jessee kills him. That’s pretty much all I remember.
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2021.11.30 11:44 bumsteroid FB vs Google Digi Cert marketing

hi i am unable to post below question to group digitalmarketing its been auto removed by bot moderator. so i can only post in here ? thks
So i had completed Google Digi Garage DigCert in marketing. right now half way thru on FB certified digi marketing associate via facebookblueprint website. Wod it be better to go deep with Google certifications or diversify into FB certs as well ?
I had gotten my 1st client but i didnt pitch that i was certified in google. just wanna bounce the pros and cons to those that done it before before i commit to next course of action. thks
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2021.11.30 11:44 Louis_iverson PPSI CANT BE STOPPED 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.11.30 11:44 Hyp3r_Insomniac1201 Is this even allowed? Using PTO if not given hours

so my wife works at a hospital in the OR. They are discussing cancelling all cases for 2 weeks due to the sky rocketing covid cases in our area. The last time they did this they told people they had to stay home and use their PTO to get paid. Is this even allowed? They are not being given the hours or being asked to come in. Some volunteer to come in and they are denied. any advice? or is this just something shitty that employers can get away with?
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2021.11.30 11:44 reydexter "Matalino pero masamang tao"

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2021.11.30 11:44 MillionDollar2021 Playing Whack-a-Mole

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2021.11.30 11:44 PhebeSandifer COVID-19 Hospitalizations Reach Record High in Michigan

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2021.11.30 11:44 WiseGuy1882 Genevieve Morton

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2021.11.30 11:44 snydox Is there any FOSS to create your own shipping labels.

I want to make a delivery company.
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2021.11.30 11:44 psychospacecow What decks that currently do not have a fusion should have a fusion/Synchro/xyz?

By that I mean some decks from the DM and GX era didn't have fusions whatsoever, but when Arc-V rolled around they got some. Same for 5Ds era with synchro and Zexal with synchros. What decks need their extra deck expanded on to reflect their era and why?
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2021.11.30 11:44 TheMonkUK What is the west Walworth area like to move to, around Pasley Park to Walworth Road?

Hello everyone — we are a young family (me, my wife, and our 1 year old son) considering a move to London from Cambridgeshire (we both know London relatively well as we both work there). The area of Walworth just west of Walworth Road seems a good fit for us. Pretty quiet, decent schools, outdoor space, and great transport links.
However, researching Walworth the stats suggest it's a high crime area. I know that much of that is probably on the other side of Walworth Road but I still want my kids to be able to go to the park on their own etc. To be honest, having visited a couple of times I was actually quite surprised to hear there was so much crime. The area around Pasley Park seems quite nice and up to Walworth Road there are lots of big Georgian houses which are out of our price bracket!
So I'm confused. I'd like to know if anyone who has lived there has any experience or thoughts on the idea of a young family moving in and what we might expect?
Thanks all
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2021.11.30 11:44 ShortAlgoBear The chart is demonstrating a bearish pattern. Waiting for buy signal on $NNOX with UltraAlgo.

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2021.11.30 11:44 Cripled_bambi list of locomotives that drop off cars at my work

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2021.11.30 11:44 uberbs C.O.R.P.S.E.

The ultimate battle Mega pack. Launch tactical missions into enemy territory and defend your position. Combat ready with 2 off-road motor bikes, a quad with dual chain fed machine guns and A tactical winch and a critical mass of assorted weapons. Marauders vs. Corps, who will come out on top? The Corps: in a time of confusion, a fearful world requires men of honor and courage to step forward, heroes whose mettle has been tested and whose skills have been honed. From around the world they step forward, The best of the best and take up The mantle of The Corps, an ever-ready team devoted to protecting every person, every country, Our world. The Corps wants you.
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2021.11.30 11:44 Full_Skirt_980 Need help identifying this palm tree

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2021.11.30 11:44 dataentrytard Poinsettias and Paperbacks Prize Pack Giveaway (12/02/2021) {WW}

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2021.11.30 11:44 kazperzky1 Does metformin prevent glucose intolerance when consuming a larger ammount of carbs ?

(This post is about keto)
Lets say you have a decent ammount of carbs in one sitting on keto after being in ketosis for months , could metformin help with the ”glucose intolerance” we see with long term keto? I mean yes you could just spread the carbs out because the intolerance/sparing seems to be temporary, but what about using metformin Instead?
Bonus question :
Could metformin help with high blod sugar on a ceatday?
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2021.11.30 11:44 Excellent_Potential Which country do you like the least?

For any reason: it's difficult, it's ugly, you're sick of seeing it in the game. Be nice about the people there.
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2021.11.30 11:44 LeyLinda What do you think intuition is?

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2021.11.30 11:44 Kayragan I hate Quora

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2021.11.30 11:44 Rimmons A shrine to bless up Jar Jar Binks, our favourite Gungan

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