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NASA says huge asteroid size of Eiffel Tower is hurtling towards Earth next week

2021.11.30 12:17 ZoolShop NASA says huge asteroid size of Eiffel Tower is hurtling towards Earth next week

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2021.11.30 12:17 Allthis_andwar Help with rent / eviction

Figured I’d try this again after I messed up my last post. My landlord is allowing me to make payments but is becoming less cooperative as I’m 900 behind with next month coming up. Currently a gig worker while looking for something more consistent but work has been slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would absolutely be willing to pay back.
I have linked my most recent notice for demand of payment. Demand letter
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2021.11.30 12:17 comeinhereye Carole question

So since Carol is SP does that mean her stamps can just be bought from asterite shop? So should I just basically roll for her equip and stigmata and just farm her as I don't need her instantly?
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2021.11.30 12:17 Bauer_gurke_v1 @bauer_gurke_v1

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Hello there, I am professional tutor who is interested in taking your online class. I will handle all your quizzes, discussions, all written assignments and term papers as well. All projects will be submitted before deadlines and will be conversant with all the provided guidelines. I am keen when it comes to communication, professionalism and delivering quality results, therefore, I will always be in touch and reliable. I give my clients 100% the best quality service.
l C++
I am very proficient with the subjects mentioned above, and together with a small team of 4 professional tutors we will ensure all classes, assignments and exams will be taken seriously and produce nothing but top grade quality work.
My pricing strategy is quite fair. Here is how it works: a percentage of the payment agreed upon by both the student and I after consultation. The rest of the payment will be completed by the student as agreed. The prices of classes vary depending on the length of the class (how many weeks will the class run for), level of study and the number of assignments for each class. If a deadline previously discussed needs to be expedited, the price will be raised and approved before continuing. Prices are negotiable and in USD $. Once we seal a deal be rest assured for a top grade in your class, 24/7 customer service, weekly updates of progress and if there is any pending work from previous weeks it will all be covered as my main purpose is to boost your grades. Welcome all!
Discord: topgradestutor#9004
Phone: 1(213)218-6356
DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/atjuuxHw
Testimonials: https://imgur.com/a/Sa5iUMm
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2021.11.30 12:17 MrGoldenfoldbump Atlas.B - Stabilize [electro/funk/soul/] (2021)

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2021.11.30 12:17 AtlantogenataOutsold In the movie Fright Night (1985), a gay couple is being harassed by their neighbor

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2021.11.30 12:17 Whichwhenwhywhat Silver Price Daily Forecast - Silver Gains Ground As Dollar Remains Under Pressure

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2021.11.30 12:17 tr4nl0v23237 Poses for meditation?

Today I woke up with terrible foot pain. I couldn't stand on the right leg at all. After consulting friendly physiotherapist, it turned out that I strained my muscles during prolonged meditation in lotous position. Kinda sucks, as I liked that one the best. I tried googling some suggestions, but couldn't find anything less dangerous for my unstretched ass. I know that people say it should just be conformable, but casual sit-up doesn't feel like it to me, lying down I fall asleep and traditional Christian praying position was hurting my knees, that's why I switched to lotous one. Any tips? I'm gonna try seiza, but I can already feel the pain in my lower leg...
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2021.11.30 12:17 Onfirefiretruck [UNF] Killer cosplay

Anyone think new equipment will see competitive play?
Cost:1g Artifact equipment Equip 3 Whenever Killer Cosplay becomes attached to a creature, choose a creature card name with an identical mana cost. That creature becomes a copy of the card with the chosen name until Killer Cosplay becomes unattached from it.
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2021.11.30 12:17 DrHidNSoftware What I wake up to in the morning

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2021.11.30 12:17 R-editor01 Hello! i upvote all comments!

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2021.11.30 12:17 dylankl1990 New entry rules.

The new entry rules constantly seem to be changing can someone suggest a company that does the Thai pass paperwork for you?
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2021.11.30 12:17 North-Vermicelli5244 God Seb looks so hot wearing eyeliner. FB did us dirty by not having the most attractive guy as a LI.

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2021.11.30 12:17 L4dyDragon Michael Meyers and Jamie Lee’s last date

On last nights episode of Weird Dream Theater… I had my own vision of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Meyers final encounter. I don’t watch scary movies… I don’t know why this came to me.
My daughter had finally moved out. It was refreshing to know she’d be gone and have some measure of safety. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.
That night, I packed a bag and I left. I didn’t know where I would go, but I knew I had to move. He’d be here soon. I drove for miles. I stopped in the middle of North Carolina. It was densely wooded. There was a house set back from the road a ways. It was a two story white clapboard house. At least, it was once upon a time. Now the white paint was chipped and stained with years of neglect and rot. Cudzu had over grown the majority of the outside. But the road way turn around was well worn showing traffic had come though some what regularly.
This was a place to settle things.
I picked up my bag and slung the strap over my shoulder after having exited the car. I looked up at the ghostly, hollow windows. Empty eyes that promised nothing. The sun was hanging low in the sky as dusk was approaching.
I walked up the stairs of the rickety front porch. I could smell damp, mildew, and honey suckle drifting through the still and humid air. I adjusted the strap on my shoulder and took a breath. The door opened before me.
I walked into the house and found tall vaulted ceilings with windows allowing in full brightness. The white walls were no less aged. Old newspaper clippings and crumbles of plaster laid strewn about the floor. He was standing in the middle of the room. He was old now. His eyes shone bright, yet held the milky signs of age and blindness. His hair was short and streaked liberally with steel grey. “He’ll be here soon” his tired old gravely voice rang through the corridor.
He turned and led me to a small room off to the side. There, I waited.
It wasn’t long before I heard the loud shuffling and grunting. The hurried raspy breathing of that other one. His shrill mewl was no less irritating now than the first time I heard it. I took a step back, not placing my self against the wall though. I knew better than that. I’m sure that “He” would be able to hear my heart beating through what was left of these walls.
Not soon after, I heard his familiar steps. Regular, self assured, and measured heavy steps came thumping up the stairs and into the house. A moment passed before the elder slowly said, “I’ll leave you to it.”
As soon as I heard his feeble steps leave, I waited until I heard the others fade further into the house.
I reached into my bag, and withdrew my weapon. It was a heavy long handled combination wrench. Strapped to my thigh was a large buck knife. I set the bag lightly on the floor beside me. Tonight it ended.
The hyper one didn’t matter so much as “He” did. I turned and peaked around the corner, they were both gone from direct line sight. But I wasn’t fooled. I waited for a few more heart beats before I heard another tremble of steps rushing towards me. I waited until I could smell the rancid stench of that murderous wretch envelope me. Just as he began to emerge from the corner, I swung the combination wrench up towards his face. A full meaty thunk sounded through the hall as the metal connected with his face. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. He began to scramble back up, but I jumped onto him and brought the wrench down across his throat. My legs trapped his arms beneath me as I pushed my weight down on his throat. The bastard was disgusting. He had the face of a dog. Black fur with flecks of grey covered his face and muzzle. His eyes were wild and spittle flew as he gnashed and snapped his teeth at me. We struggled in this fashion for precious moments before I heard the delicious crunch through his pelt. When the struggles subsided, I held the wrench in one hand and reached down for the buck knife with my other. Quickly, I slashed at the dense fur and cut through, spilling blood onto the floor. It soaked into my knees and legs as I knelt next to him. I wiped the blood from the blade on his filthy shirt before sliding the knife back into the sheath. Then I took his head in both hands, and with a savage twist, finished the break between the bones. A few yanks finally freed the head from his body.
I wiped my hand as much as I could before picking up the wrench again. The dried blood felt stiff and tacky on my skin. I walked a few steps out towards the back of the house, and there he was.
He stood tall in his stained and grubby blue denim coveralls. His ghastly pale mask looked at me quizzically as I stood with a wrench in one hand and a dripping head in the other. He took a slow tentative step towards me, then another. As the gap between us began to close, I hefted the head and threw it at him. He batted the head away, but was unable to recover before I ran and crashed into him, my arm coming down hard with the wrench in my hand. I heard the full thwack as it struck his shoulder, but no other sound came. We rolled and grappled, struggling for the upper hand. His weapon had gone flying off, but his hands were weapon enough. I beat him with the extra long combination wrench, until his movements began to slow. He suddenly swiped at my hand and knocked the wrench away from me. But I still had my knife. I ripped it from the strap and stabbed him in the soft flesh of his under belly, moving upwards to slice him open. His coveralls became soaked in almost black blood. He began to struggle as though he couldn’t move his limbs. I got to my feet, leaving the knife protruding from just below his rib cage. There was an old fireplace near us. A rusted poker laid on the floor in front of it. I went and picked it up, the end dragging along the floor menacingly. I took it and went to stand over him again.
That pale white mask looked up at me. The face slowly shaking back and forth. I held up the fire poker and tilted my head slightly. Then I reached down and grabbed the knife handle. With a loud grunt, I ripped the blade free from his flesh. Dark blood covered the knife. I knelt beside him and placed the poker at the wound. My hand was low, pointing the poker upwards into the gash. Then, with a swift movement, I pushed it up into his chest.
The scream…
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2021.11.30 12:17 ryan_godzez SanDisk is preferred

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2021.11.30 12:17 gruflz expeditions explorers guild question.

I've warped 20+ times and haven't found a explorers guild quest that i can take, they all require explorers guild level 6+. am i just being unlucky or am i missing something? additional information: every quest giver only is giving one guild quest and regardless of the guild they are all too high of a level for me to take. i don't know if that helps or not, but i though ide add just in case.
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2021.11.30 12:17 Neverevermia [WDYWT] Shades of brown

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2021.11.30 12:17 Individual-Jello-873 Transfer

How does the transfer work for a shift? I have a toxic work environment.
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2021.11.30 12:17 Altruistic-Season-26 Umamin ka pero naka block

I told this person that i liked her alot pero narealize ko na lang bigla, baka nag memessage ako sa taong akala ko nakikita or sinasadyang hindi iopen yung mga message ko sa kanya. Mejo nakakainis lang talaga.
Mabuhay tayong mga nagmamahal ng walang hinihinhing kapalit.
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2021.11.30 12:17 throwaway93284638 Rant

10 months on T and chest dysphoria’s getting a lot worse. My focus is even more on my chest now that it’s not so much on my voice, hands, body hair etc. but I can’t get surgery yet it’s killing me
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2021.11.30 12:17 PAPAIMPOSSIBLE Recommendations on tuning?

Looking to tune my 09Z soon by the end of the year after I get my g3 intakes, this would be my first time ever getting my car tuned… what brand should I go with and if anything does anyone know a good tuner shop within the tri state area? (I’m from jersey)
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2021.11.30 12:17 Zanchito Lo que más he jugado a rol este año

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2021.11.30 12:17 zhyrooo LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE PLEASE

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2021.11.30 12:17 makebusinesssmarter Noel A Christmas Ornament's Story, Starring the Voice of Charlton Hessto...

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