UPDATE: My BF has a good relationship with his ex and it’s makinf me feel all over the place

2021.12.06 14:47 CallMeCrayCrayCrazy UPDATE: My BF has a good relationship with his ex and it’s makinf me feel all over the place

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I posted here last week to ask for advice about my boyfriend still being close with his ex and mother of his child. So much happened since that post it’s crazy... The general consensus was that I was being way too jealous and that I should talk to him. So I did.
I started off by asking why his last relationship (which was not with his son's mom but the one after that) didn't work out. He was vague saying they fought a lot and that by the end he was just looking for a way out so when they had a big fight he broke up. I asked to know what things they were fighting about and amongst others he mentioned that his last girlfriend had an issue with how close he was with his son's mother (surprise surprise!). I asked for examples of what things would trigger these fights. After some back and forth he finally said "She had a problem with how much Kelsey and I keep in touch about (their son)". I asked how being in touch about their son could be an issue? He said he didn't know. I asked if they were also in touch about things unrelated to their son that’s what made his ex angry and he said he doesn't think so and they don't text that much. Now I'm not super proud of what did next and I don't know what came over me. But I asked if I could look. He asked at what and I said at his messages with Kelsey. I wasn't going to read them all but would he mind if we scrolled through them together? At first he wasn’t too thrilled and asked why on earth I would want to do that. I explained that sometimes I also worry about something similar and that now that I know his last ex had the same issue, I probably won’t feel good until I know she was wrong. It took some back and forth, him saying he doesn’t see how it’s going to help anyone and me saying that now I’m imagining things and need to see for myself… but finally he agreed.
He unlocked his phone and we started scrolling through the messages. Most of them were about their son. But I noticed they also send each other a lot of selfies. He never sends me any selfies and I don’t see how sending Kelsey selfies is going to do anything for their co-parenting relationship. I asked him if they always send each other selfies like that and he said yes and it’s no big deal. I said that it kind of is to me because he never sends me any and he looked at me dumbfounded. We kept scrolling through their messages and I saw that they talk about a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with their son. They talk about who annoys them at work, what they had for lunch, fights they have with their relatives, him going to the barber… but none of it in relation to their son. They were exchanging these messages just like that, just to have something to talk about. They don’t talk about me. At some point I started crying, something I had promised myself I wouldn’t do. He asked why I was crying and I explained to him that it seemed like they still have feelings for each other and that seeing him share his life with her made me feel like she’s his "real" girlfriend and I’m just a placeholder until she is ready to get back together. He was very confused and sorry. He wasn’t defensive or anything, it just seemed like he had never considered that this could be an issue for his partner. He said his last ex would always fly into fits of rage when she saw him texting Kelsey so he assumed she’d been in the wrong but that seeing me sad like this comes as a big surprise because that ex and I couldn’t be more different. He was almost like a kid who got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing but had no idea was wrong. I went home that night and I asked him to give me some time to think.
The next night he asked if we could talk. I agreed but I’ll be honest, I was ready to break up. I thought about it long and hard and decided that I don’t want to get between him and Kelsey but I also don’t want Kelsey to get between him and me so the only solution was to break up. We met at his place and this time he had more to say. He said that his friends and family had already told him before that him and Kelsey need better boundaries. He never believed them but he says that now that it’s bothering me he’s starting to think there’s something to it. He expressed remorse for hurting me and said that him and Kelsey just have this close relationship out of habit and that they can totally change it. I said that I don’t feel comfortable having him change how he interacts with the mother of his child for me and that maybe it’s best if we just end things. He then said that he cares a lot about me and asked what it would take to change my mind and I said nothing, I was just too jealous to be in this relationship with him, a statement he found very amusing. He said that he totally disagrees, that his last ex was too jealous to be with him but that I’ve been super patient and that it has helped him see that things need to change with Kelsey. He said that he will have to change them sooner or later if he wants to be in a relationship with someone else because so far it has hurt all of his girlfriends and that he would really like for me to stick around a little longer and give him and Kelsey a chance to figure out better boundaries. I agreed to try.
So far he hasn’t told Kelsey anything but he is kind of phasing out how much he texts her. I don’t know if this will work. I’m still sad that I wasn’t enough for him and that even 7 months into our relationship and three years after the end of theirs, he still needed to share so many tidbits of his life with her that he wasn’t sharing with me. But I appreciate that he was willing to question his actions and he seems genuine when he says he was acting like this out of habit and not because he still has feelings for Kelsey. I think this is a good sign and even though I still have some doubts, I’m not ready to give up on this relationship yet. So we’ll see.
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2021.12.06 14:47 702weedreviews Beach Crasher by Viva La Buds

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2021.12.06 14:47 primalguy626 28 [M4F] chilling with my dog rn, he’s so warm

From Cali, current have my dog on my lap watching tv. Looking to talk about anything. I enjoy anime, gaming, working out, marvel, Disney.
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2021.12.06 14:47 KlaytonShinoda Better Action Movie Star?

I know right away who I’m picking but I’m curious about other people.
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2021.12.06 14:47 Cyalukyan I love 4chan lol

I recently started using it after hearing about it for many years. Bought the Zchan app to browse on my phone. Also paid the $20 to be able to post/reply without doing the captcha (fucking impossible tbh) even tho i rarely know what to say, there's already so many posts with fucking crazy shit people come up with so idk what to say so mostly i just read.
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2021.12.06 14:47 HumbleOnion8158 What should I do?

I (22M) met this girl (23F) online about a month ago and we’ve been talking everyday. She’s in grad school about 2 hours away from the university I go to. I have plans to move to her city when I graduate in May (this was before we even met). So, because of the distance and finals we haven’t had time to meet up. We planned on meeting over the winter break. Up until recently everything seemed to be going great, we have a lot of the same interests and the same humor. I kind of made an ass out of myself the other day though which is why I’m coming here for advice. I got out of a relationship this summer with a girl that cheated on me twice (that I know of) and this girl made a joke that kind of triggered that frustration I had with my ex and so I just stopped responding to her for a day. I know it sounds childish and I should’ve just dismissed it or told her straight up but I didn’t. And then once I cooled down and realized I was being an idiot I reached back out and apologized and accepted fault for reacting the way I did. But ever since she has been cold and I’m trying to keep pushing things along but she barely responds anymore and the vibe is off when we do talk. Should I just cut ties at this point or try and stick things out? I’ve tried to have a legit conversation about this but she only responds to my messages like once a day so it’s tough. Thank you all.
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2021.12.06 14:47 Hot-Bid-3250 faul has 6 toes

Paul was replaced. Pics:
His height become much bigger, how do you explain
Height change:
1963: http://indianinthemachine.com/paul6.jpg
1964: http://indianinthemachine.com/paul30.jpg
suddenly relatively taller: http://indianinthemachine.com/paul1.jpg
BEFORE same height as her http://indianinthemachine.com/paul22.jpg
AFTER way taller http://indianinthemachine.com/paul23.jpg
Attached earlobe: http://indianinthemachine.com/paul9.jpg
Detached earlobe http://indianinthemachine.com/paul10.jpg
These are the same people?:
(Continuous alteration in appearance of the people trying to pass as Paul, so there are 'doubles' at least)
Faul has 6 toes (left foot)
Paul with 5 toes (left foot)
several pictures of FAUL using right hand as his dominant when not playing guitar, old paul uses his left hand for holding things etc, while faul only uses it when hes being filmed playing. SO AT THE VERY LEAST IMPOSTERS ARE RAMPANT.
Forensic research by people who said they set out to disprove the theory:
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2021.12.06 14:47 IansOuttaHere Issue with app and messages

I had a load of notifications on sleeper and I thought maybe they were messages so I click on the tab and now I can’t find the match up/team/league page anywhere. There’s like no buttons to go back to it and I’m just stuck on three pages. If you have any ideas please share!!!
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2021.12.06 14:47 VIPER_TIM_75 PS4 Sim Leagues. One Regs and one fantasy. 48 hour sim. Need active users!

FSL/Fantasy Sim League- https://discord.gg/fnFqNNFp
PSL/ Prestige Sim League/ Regs- https://discord.gg/b5BXUUbv
Both have teams open. We are a group of active users who need more users like us. In week 16 of psl and 15 of FSL both season 1.
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2021.12.06 14:47 ImportanceSilver3251 [Jeff Howe] Patriots safety Kyle Dugger is highly unlikely to play tonight against the Bills, according to a source. He’s on the COVID-19 list.

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2021.12.06 14:47 supermarioplush220 I am heavily attracted to the demons in helluva boss/hazbin Hotel AMA

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2021.12.06 14:47 Ni69atron AMD Radeon sorftware crashes

It happens way too often that a game crashes and suddenly my AMD Radeon software doesnt work anymore... I dont know what to do, richt now when trying to start the software, it says its not compatible with currently installed graphics drivers which is funny because 90 seconds ago there was no problem and I doubt that anything changed meanwhile. Anyways there are neither windows updates nor new graphics drivers in the device manager availabe and I really dont have the nerves to reinstall this shit software everytime it crashes. I also tried restarting my PC. Does anyone have a fix or have this problem too?
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Are sponge filters good for 10 gallon tanks? Do they work well?
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2021.12.06 14:47 nypr13 Lockout Cares: I am sure I am asking for it with this post, but genuinely curious about people’s level of interest.

I ask this because I was on the front page of The Athletic and there are 25 stories about sports (football mostly)and then and then a red “Live” bling button for the lockout thread on baseball. My eyes literally rolled upward looking upon seeing that headline and I thought “who cares?” Now I am a huge baseball fan. I also work in finance, and so one might think this would be the intersection of two important pieces of my life. However, I could not care less about that story amongst the other stories on that page. I am so sick of drama in the world, and given that I actually have a choice to read about other sports instead of the lockout, it is a no-brainer, even if I don’t like college football that much. Now I know not everyone is like me; cable news ratings and reality TV ratings will show that people collectively love the drama. I am SO BURNT OUT on drama, that I just don’t have it in me to get engrossed in baseball’s labor dance. So I am curious amongst this sub, are we into the drama or not into it? I know the sub is into the GM business side of it, because they always comment on contracts, length and amount. So do we collectively draw the line on business at that stage, or is there legitimate entertainment value in the business of baseball, general labor law and regulations, as well as strategy of business owners vs labor? Hundreds of podcasts and thousands of hours of time producing content about this will be spent, but given the break in daily action, aren’t there more interesting peripheral baseball stories to fill the void? Or not, maybe ratings will be strong for this stuff? I am surprised by how little I care. I am just so sick of like 80% of what I can consume on a daily news basis that aside from sports I don’t really read the news and never watch tv news (former journalism major, too), that there is no chance I am going to follow the lockout. I just don’t have the emotional capabilities to care, even as a huge baseball fan. Where do you all fall?
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2021.12.06 14:47 Throwaway69236859 Foundation to higher GCSE maths

So I need to get a 7/8 for the courses I want to do. My maths teacher says he’d only consider moving me up in year 11 but I’m worried I won’t have endings time to learn all the higher material needed for a 7/8. Is a year enough time to catch up?
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2021.12.06 14:47 catzrinsidedorgs As a former Employee…

I dream of the day that all current GS store employees go ahead and strike, just not open the stores and demand a living wage, better benefits, and better support in the stores. There are more of you on the field then regionals that don’t know how to work a cash register and HQ leadership team that doesn’t even know how much you all work day in and out.
On another note. You all don’t get the appreciation you all deserve. If you are a current member of GS and work in the stores, You are appreciated and your hard work does not go unnoticed. And yes I will add a GPG to my game, every time. 👍🏾
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