American soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division advances over a small hill in Okinawa in 1945, one of them attaches a rifle grenade

Statement from the President, Washington D.C., 17 March 2020: At my direction, the United States Army will award the Presidential Unit Citation to the 30th Infantry Division. More than 75 years ago, Soldiers of the 30th Infantry Division slept in their foxholes after hastily taking defensive positions around the small town of Mortain, France. 1945: 2,000 American paratroopers jump over the Philippines’ "fortress Corregidor" in one of the most difficult airborne operations of the war. For the next 11 days, the Americans will root out the enemy from a labyrinth of caves and tunnels and beat back multiple banzai attacks before wiping out almost all of the 6,500-man enemy garrison. bilibili是国内知名的视频弹幕网站,这里有及时的动漫新番,活跃的ACG氛围,有创意的Up主。大家可以在这里找到许多欢乐。 UNK the , . of and in " a to was is ) ( for as on by he with 's that at from his it an were are which this also be has or : had first one their its new after but who not they have – ; her she ' two been other when there all % during into school time may years more most only over city some world would where later up such used many can state about national out known university united then made ...

2021.11.30 15:34 TrendWarrior101 American soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division advances over a small hill in Okinawa in 1945, one of them attaches a rifle grenade

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2021.11.30 15:34 Feeling_Influence Scaling Laravel API

So I have an application which is purely api based with a js frontend.
The js frontend already is load balanced and fine, however I’m finding that my api which is Laravel is bottlenecking the entire application.
What would be best for improving the performance of the api layer under heavy load?
I was thinking of creating two api layers and load balancing them, thoughts?
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2021.11.30 15:34 ashley0802 Need tips to loose stomach fat

Hey guys, I’m 21 years old and have been suffering with lean pcos for nearly 7 years now. I’ve always struggled with fat around my stomach. It’s not much but enough , that when i sit, my stomach folds in 3 rolls. My mom’s side of the family has good genes in terms of body shape and I inherited those so despite having a bit of stomach fat, i do have good body shape and structure. The only thing I’m proud of given pcos has already given me acne and too much body and facial hair.
After graduating in August, i’ve been working from home and thus haven’t had much physical activity compared to the amount of work that i did while i was studying (i lived alone in another country for my bachelors) . The constant being on my toes helped with my pcos but now sitting on my couch back in my home (i came back after graduation) i have gained more stomach fat.
Can you guys please help me out. I do pilates everyday but it’s not been very helpful. Are there any other workout routines that will help me maintain my shape but also help me lose my stomach fat. Do drop in your suggestions regarding food as well too!
Side note: i do have a healthy diet. I don’t eat meat or gluten and eat simple vegetarian food with lots of protein and veggies
Thank you!
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2021.11.30 15:34 sopravernovinhas estou fazendo tributo

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2021.11.30 15:34 EnvironmentalBrain94 Has anyone bought a camping pass off Stubhub?

Not gonna be able to get it when they drop Friday and I know they’re gonna sell out so wondering if anyones ever bought off stubhub or the like. TIA ✨✨✨
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2021.11.30 15:34 k032 Does Capital One care about other credit card applications like Chase?

I got a card back on October 15th 2021 and another one July 6th 2021. Beyond that is over a year or more, totalling 8.
I'm looking at the Venture X as my next card and honestly maybe a keeper. I'm looking to upgrade my desk setup in Dec and Jan so have some bigger spends then.
I see they have a 2 month rule ? So no card in 2 months? Is that just Capital One cards?
My credit score is 767, income $110k.
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2021.11.30 15:34 Snowroseb FT: 5IV Shinx/Gible Brejects with a Drifloon sprinkled in LF: Berries!

I have for trade:

I am looking for some berries for Poffins mainly, and i just looked up a list online so idk if these are all in the games but any of these are appreciated heh..but here's a quick list of berries I'm looking for:
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2021.11.30 15:34 7agermain69 Help with fixing code

Help with fixing code i dont understand how to fix this please help
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2021.11.30 15:34 FrankyStein75 Any probiotic brands that greatly improve bowel movements?

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2021.11.30 15:34 SnooPies2717 Thousand Suns invading the Imperial town of Christmas circa m41 colorized.

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2021.11.30 15:34 Enchante84 Want to try edibles

Hi! So some background: I have anxiety and have been struggling with dp/dr for around 7 years. It wasn't triggered by a traumatic event; I have no core trauma to attribute it to. My therapist and I consider it a symptom of my anxiety and over thinking. My friend and I want to try edibles, but I'm wondering how it might affect my dp/dr. I've never tried weed in any form before. If I go into it as calm and relaxed as possible and do it with someone I trust, how likely am I to have a really bad trip that affects my dp/dr long-term? I know it's probably better to not do it just in case, but I've been wanting to try it for years and I'm sick of things like this holding me back from new experiences.
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2021.11.30 15:34 Raxamax Unboxed my first unusual. All class hat with my favorite effect. I am blessed.

Unboxed my first unusual. All class hat with my favorite effect. I am blessed.
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2021.11.30 15:34 WorriedResident496 Visiting NYC For the 1st Time. Need Recommendations!

Like the title says I'm going to NYC for this first time this week and need recommendations on breweries, bars, etc. I'll be staying in Manhattan so anywhere there is preferable, but I'm willing to travel for a good brew! Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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2021.11.30 15:34 the_sylph Candama and Sempetrial - Based on a type of Yokai named Wanyudō and the Headless Guardian class of enemies in the video game Okami, follow for more

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2021.11.30 15:34 CwispyNuggies Anyone have a shiny that they’re willing to dupe and trade?

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2021.11.30 15:34 Mr-Gentleman96 The Brain [OC]

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2021.11.30 15:34 RepulsiveWillow3010 Luck .mp4

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2021.11.30 15:34 Paulerix {Hs}

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2021.11.30 15:34 ConsciousRhubarb Rita Hayworth

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2021.11.30 15:34 AnonymeScheissPoster The Last Two Movies of The Avengers make no sense.

Thanos' mission is completely stupid. You'd think that someone that goes to such great lengths to "balance the universe" would make just the tiny little bit of research.
If you kill a lot of members of a certain species, as long as their numbers are above the sustainable line (which 50% definitely is), then the population will inevitably go back to normal. There are tons of examples in the world. Just think about the black plague or where genocides happened. The population goes back to normal.
So, he just wasted a ton of time, killed everyone, got killed and destroyed the infinity stones for nothing.
A better approach would be to simply take a class of economics or demographics and proceed to help all civilizations in the universe get better technology, education, living standards, etc.
The problem then would sort itself out as the population starts to decrease. For good this time.
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2021.11.30 15:34 Reasonable_Cell_2045 Alguém querendo trocar fotos de peitudas e tetudas pra batermos uma? Ou queira exibir a namorada ?ex para batermos uma junto falando putaria dela? Kik xxxrenatoxxxx.

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2021.11.30 15:34 Fit-Candle9361 30[F4M]Canada, want to find sincere and kind friends on reddit

I like to make friends with mature men over 30. I find it more interesting to talk to them.
I am not posting here for the first time. I have communicated with many people, but they are busy and don't have time to reply to my message. I feel very frustrated. If you are busy or just want to flirt. Please don't message me.

I am Asian and English is not my first language, so it is normal that my English is not good. First of all, I know very few friends in this area of Canada.
I sometimes get busy because of work. The reply may be slow, but I will reply as soon as I finish writing. Please send me your information. Let us be friends or pen pals.
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2021.11.30 15:34 an-idiot6969 Aa fak I give up

Goodnight me 💤🐧
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2021.11.30 15:34 MysteriousDinner7822 Is fallout 76 worth trying now?

I heard it has been fixed a lot since release but I am still unsure
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2021.11.30 15:34 Doomer_Soul Spider-Man theme song slowed + reverb along with cool apartment aesthetic animation with thunder and lightning effects

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