U2 - With Or Without You - Remastered

2021.11.30 14:55 Listige U2 - With Or Without You - Remastered

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2021.11.30 14:55 DaddiesPrincess22 Need help please !

Need help with papa g please my password is 777
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2021.11.30 14:55 RyanFromGDSE My 9th level wizard spell practical analysis and rankings

I had a longer post where I analyzed every spell but accidentally deleted it so instead here's rankings and commentary about a few that I differ from other reviews about. But if anyone wants my take on a specific spell just ask.
9th Level Wizard Spell Analysis and Ranking

Select Commentary
Time Stop
Let’s start with the controversy and why I’m ranking Time Stop so high. In real campaigns Time Stop is ALWAYS useful. It also checks my Wizard’s list for being useful both in and out of combat. But but but you can’t setup things like you used to! Wah wah wah. Here’s just a few real scenarios I’ve been in that I would’ve used Time Stop had I had it:
  1. Etherealness to literally see into an enemy chest and found a map. There were two other chests in the room but also a bunch of enemies. I’m a gnome so I popped into existence inside the chest, took the map, and teleported out. But if I had Time Stop I could’ve also grabbed the other important artifacts I had to leave behind. I also wouldn’t have run the risk of even being seen cause I could Time Stop, then drop Etherealness.
  2. Too situational? Okay how about Lich that split my part with a Wall of Force and also had a spiritual weapon wailing on us. Instead of burning multiple turns to try and get everything done I could Time Stop and then disintegrate the Wall of Force and dispel the Spiritual Weapon.
  3. Don’t think you’ll need to be throwing out dispels at high level? Okay how about Time Stop put up wall of force, hand a potion (hand, not feed) to an ally that’s run out, summon a creature, or any number of things.
If you’re only use for Time Stop is Delayed Fire Ball, I wonder if you’ve ever played a Wizard to high level because I find that a high level Wizard’s role needs to be that of utility. You likely have many ways among your party to deal damage, but when the enemy casts a Cloudkill or a Wall of Force or Darkness or something there’s a very good chance you’re the only person that can take out those devastating effects, and Time Stop lets you do that without sacrificing turns.
Why did I put Shapechange so low you might be wondering?
A) Must be something you’ve encountered
B) Requires concentration
C) Specifically states language is only as good as the thing you transform into
D) Items and their usefulness only work if the new form can wear and manipulate them
There are way too many conditions that people seem to ignore making this a true trap pick. Chances are if you shapechange you’re giving up more than you’re gaining. A Wizard needs to be casting concentration on battlefield control spells in combat. And out of combat most of the utility can be matched by lower-level spells like Invisibility or even Disguise Self depending on what you’re trying to achieve.
Blade of Disaster
As a new spell this isn’t on many lists. I’ve DMed Icewind but my Wizard sadly hasn’t been a player in it so has no access to this spell. As far as spells go I was torn between S Tier and A Tier for this one. It deals ongoing very good damage that can ignore barriers, rarely resisted force damage, and doesn’t go away if you move far from it. If you want to burn a 9th level slot on damage this is hardly a bad option.
True Polymorph
A lot has been said and discussed on this one... but I don’t agree with most of the reasons. Usually they center on “Which Marvel superhero is the strongest for me to become!? Hulk, no wait I can become Magneto!”..
Screw that. Turn Barrels, Boulders, and Horses into permanent allies. That’s the real power here. Spend a week and make your 6 horses into 6 friendly young dragons. Want to fortify your stronghold, how about turning regular trees into Animated Trees. Need an ally in a dangerous area instead of turning yourself into one giving up all your important spellcasting abilities, turn random objects into Cloud Giants, Bone Devils, Slaads and more. Whatever the situation needs. I doubt I would ever True Polymorph myself.
Wish –
I cannot deny Wish its rightful place in the S Tier but want to specifically comment that in my opinion the best use of Wish is all story and rarely if ever utility or combat. Wish your friends wife alive, wish the village didn't burn down, wish for a good harvest, wish the plague and disease effecting everyone around you had a cure. Wish you knew the location of the artifact you're looking for (dont wish for the artifact, that's a boring story killer. Wish for the location so now you created adventure).
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2021.11.30 14:55 PM_ME_UR_RECIPEZ Demisexuality and hookup culture

(29M for context) To precede this absolutely massive wall of text I want to say that I’m airing my grievances, looking to hear from people with similar or differing opinions and would love to hear any anecdotal stories you have about your own experiences.
I ended a 6 year relationship in the beginning of 2021 and entered the casual dating scene. Tinder, bumble, hinge - you know the deal. At first it was fun; I was getting external validation from matches. Even better, out of all my matches, I was able to find many who were witty and funny, had great banter, and could hold an intelligent conversation over otherwise mundane topics. I’d go on dates, they’d go super well, and the sexual connection was spurred into action. But each and every time I felt empty afterwords. So long story short I tried to take the possibility of sex off the table for me. On my first date after that decision, I pulled back on the flirting and kept the sexual undertones to a minimum, and at the end of the night I was ready to go our separate ways - somehow one thing led to another and she asked if she could come back to my place.

Let me fuckin tell you, the morning after, when my body didn’t respond to the passion at all , when I felt unwhole somehow - that kicked off a dark couple of months for me. Eventually I realized a few things. 1. I had fallen right into ruts of the idea that a man has to be a purely sexual being, always on, always ready, and easily excitable. 2. I absolutely need a more mental and emotional connection 3. While not opposed to a serious relationship if a strong connection is present, I am absolutely looking for something low maintenance and casual. 
I got back in the dating pool, labeled myself as ENM on these dating apps, included some comments about respecting boundaries and looking for a casual connection but preferring to get to know people first - and since then it has been a bloodbath.
I feel like I’ve put myself , or rather, what I am looking for and what I desire at this time in my life is so indescribably niche. I’d like something meaningful, I’d like to get to know my partners intimately before we get to know each other carnally. I want to enjoy the physical aspects of another person, I want to be attracted to them, turned on by them, I want to be at work and have some imagery of them pop into my head and take over my senses so that I have to reach out and tell them how badly I want them right now. But it is so fucking hard to get to that point when I feel so far away from the norm in terms of what people are looking for when they enter the dating pool. I feel like it’s either one night stands with nearly no connection other than casual conversation at a bar for the other person to size me up as being an adequate sexual partner, or the other end of the spectrum where the person is looking for their forever mate.
I’m not really sure if I have a point here, I just wanted to get my thoughts out and share my feelings.
Thanks all
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2021.11.30 14:55 VincentStormpants These Jack Flag glitches are getting out of hand. This is my home Jack!

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2021.11.30 14:55 BrodieSzn0 Anyone here in there late 20’s decided to join the army because you didn’t have idea what your doing in your current profession/ life ? If so can you be brutally honest and tell me what it was like?

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2021.11.30 14:55 newsfeedmedia1 Jussie Smollett case on trial for 2nd day; Chicago police officer testifies ‘Empire’ actor staged own attack – WLS-TV

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2021.11.30 14:55 Ruby_Srcstc Blue Cross Workers?

Looking to see if anyone has worked at the Blue Cross Blue Shield call center? Just looking to hear some experiences of working there.
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2021.11.30 14:55 street-guru Battery storage estimated to grow 20% CAGR to over $200bn TAM by 2030, US and China to represent the largest opportunities

U.S. and China will represent the largest annual TAMs in the decade, growing from ~$1bn each in 2020 to $13-$14bn in each country annually by 2030. Analysts project the US to maintain leadership in terms of TAM throughout most of the decade given significant buildout of renewables energy capacity in both regions (particularly in solar) and accommodating policy but forecast China to overtake the US in the latter half of the decade in terms of market size driven by significant growth in domestic capacity of batteries, as well as climate targets which will fuel outsized demand. $TSLA $ENPH $GNRC $SEDG $FLNC $NEE $STEM
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2021.11.30 14:55 avgraphics732 ENC worm migration done in 14 days

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2021.11.30 14:55 Flyawaytuna9029 Meanwhile in r/milsurp…

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2021.11.30 14:55 SickChipmunk How is it that I’m constantly facing direct counters to my deck?

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2021.11.30 14:55 rrreason What is the hierarchy of mixing/mastering speakers?

Shamelessly stolen post question from livesound:
but I'd definitely like to know your thoughts on the hierarchy of speakers for mixing and or mastering purposes.
I have a pair of PMC TB1s which I've had for a while, I wouldn't get rid of them, but I think I need another pair for referencing.
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2021.11.30 14:55 kirbio14 Sukob sa izvršiteljem

Situacija je sledeća. Došao sam u ozbiljan sukob sa čovekom čiji je rodjeni brat javni izvršitelj. Sukob je nastao oko nekih privatno poslovnih stvari no to u celoj priči nije ni previše bitno. Ne bi bilo ni previše bitno to što ima brata izvršitelja da mi oba lica nisu poznata kao veoma nečasna i spremna na sve što sam se na nekim drugim primerima mogao i uveriti. Prilikom poslednje rasprave sa dotičnim sam čuo dve rečenice koje mi i dalje zuje u ušima - ,,Video sam da imaš pare" kao i ,,Sjebaćemo te". Iskren da budem to ne mogu nikako da izbacim iz glave.
Sada ono što me zanima je da li on preko brata koji je javni izvršitelj može videti moje imovinsko stanje,moje račune i stanje na njima i ako nema nikakav pravni niti bilo koji drugi osnov za to? Doslovno da li on kao javni izvršitelj može negde ukucati moje ime i prezime i imati sve finansijske podatke o meni na tacni? Da li bi on mogao iskoristiti nekakav mehanizam javnog izvršitelja da mi napakosti, da mi eventualno nekako blokira račune na odredjeni period? Znam da to ne bi moglo da prodje i traje dugo jer ne postoji osnov, ali čak i da mi napravi pometnju na mesec-dva-tri dana imao bih velike probleme kao neko ko izdržava porodicu,plaća stan,vodi privatan posao,plaća zakupe prostora i isplaćuje plate zaposlenima... Onda bi me stvarno sasvim dobro sjebali kako već dotični kaže..
Hvala vam svima unapred na odgovorima i pomoći.
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2021.11.30 14:55 swagNextTuber Giant 50lb Dog Turns to 'Liquid' to Squeeze Under Gate in Incredible Footage

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2021.11.30 14:55 FairyHRS I wish I could add noita

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2021.11.30 14:55 koreanponcho Was my bf [19/M] wrong for doing this to me[22/F]?

I'll keep this short and sweet.
I am a 22/F with hair loss issues. As in, I am balding like a man. Not too noticeable thankfully, but still you will notice once I point it out.
Also, nobody really knows about my baldness except for my family & my bf.
Cut to the chase.
My bf and I invited his parents over to our new flat, and we were casually chatting in the living room.
The topic of hair comes up as his dad recently got a haircut.
My bf makes a joke about his dad balding, then exposes me to everyone else by saying:
"she thinks she's balding too!"
LIKE Y'ALL... Did he really have to mention that???
I was literally too stunned to speak and felt extremely betrayed and embarrassed as the room went silent after he dropped that bomb.
I think he did me dirty, and I am still angry about it :(
Any thoughts on this situation?
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2021.11.30 14:55 evo801 Crypto token that spans across the entire Metaverse.

I've been meaning to attack a project that has been sat on my desk for sometime which is a Crypto that spans across all Metaverse and provides payment utility i.e for use paying without having to convert to the native token i.e Mana and Sand etc etc.
I finally launched the token last night Fountir $FOUN and am awaiting a listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.
It's a bit of trial and error atm but any thoughts and advice would be hugely appreciated.
Thanks 🙂
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2021.11.30 14:55 RaxlenSlice Another in my '80's in 8 Bit' series; Phil Collins - Sussudio

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2021.11.30 14:55 SteoToDaG Found this while exploring new terrain in 1.18, unfortunately there was nothing inside it. Maybe was meant for hidden treasure?

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2021.11.30 14:55 swagNextTuber Greece Will Impose Monthly 'Health Fee' to Unvaccinated Adults Over 60 as Cases Surge

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2021.11.30 14:55 Carlbarat1 Aphrodite not best pleased

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2021.11.30 14:55 thecryptovantage What are some of the best ways to avoid Bitcoin fees?

Bitcoin might not be the best for microtransactions due to the high fees and relatively long delays.
But there are other methods for users to avoid bitcoin fees.
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2021.11.30 14:55 Daednu_ A cool lil’ psychedelic, good vibes community for anyone interested :))

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2021.11.30 14:55 JappyChapp Oh the irony

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