Havells OTG - 28 Litre 1200 Watt @ 3349

2021.11.30 15:35 bestdealsforyou Havells OTG - 28 Litre 1200 Watt @ 3349

Havells OTG - 28 Litre 1200 Watt @ 3349 https://amzn.to/3D2LfD6
Apply 30% coupon
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2021.11.30 15:35 blood_panda42069 Helium mining in da boonies

Hi guys, I'm about to move to the sticks and I want to get into mining. There are no hotspots within 2+ miles of my new spot, and the way its laid out i could have the miners about 150 ft apart max. Would that be worth it, yall think? Thanks for any help.
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2021.11.30 15:35 Monkey-randel80 Help needed

Can someone help me (carry me) through a ct15 expedition So I can grab some legendary gear from tiago?
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2021.11.30 15:35 k3-droidz RayWilliamJohnson on Greg’s famous tiktok gas station video.

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2021.11.30 15:35 jojolynn73 Need to lose weight… stomach issues…

I’m 48 and have struggled with sugar and food issues my whole life. I need to lose at least 70 pounds or more. I have severe stomach and digestive issues… I’m struggling with this WOE. But I also mostly struggle with staying on this path and getting rid of sugar and dairy. Any advice or success stories about either weight loss or bettering health? Thanks!
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2021.11.30 15:35 MEGACODZILLA Help me understand Rageblade and On-hit vs Crit as ADC

Hello! I recently switched to ADC and have been maining Ashe for a couple months now and I have some questions about ADC itemization. Lethality vs Crit seems pretty straight forward but I don't really understand the pros and cons of On-hit vs Crit and when you would want to go one over the other. I historically have only gone on-hit when I am already building the Shieldbow + Wits combo out of necessity but generally gravitate towards Mythic + PD + IE into LDR. Its a little more muddled with Ashe because of her passive crit/slow modifier but I am looking for more generalized advice unless you feel like there is something intrinsic to Ashe that I am missing.
My first question is that I hear that On-hit is generally better into tanky/beefy team comps but I don't really know if that's accurate or why. For example, lets say the enemy team has a Sion top, Trundle/WW jungle and a Rell/Leona sup. Really any combination of 2+ armor and HP stackers. Would on-hit be better than crit in that game state? I know BORK isn't a great item but it seems relevant when you have two champs building Titanic Hydra or Warmogs but maybe LDR is still better.
My second question is how to get the most value out of Rageblade? It seems like a really interesting item but I don't really understand how it synergizes with other items. It seems to me that if you pair it with other on-hit items like Wits or BORK, you lose out on the crit to on-hit damage conversion but gain the 2x on hit every third AA. It counter intuitively feels like its strongest shoved into a crit build because now every crit item deals an extra 40 damage on-hit plus the 2x on hit every third AA. This seems strong because you are getting guaranteed damage up front without having to rely on RNG crit chance. Unfortunately most crit items don't seem to have on-hit effects (Kraken being on-attack for example) making it a bit of trade off.
Is there an ideal synergy of crit and on hit items that brings the most value out of Rageblade? if the crit paradigm is mythic -> 2nd -> IE, is there a similar paradigm for Rageblade/on-hit builds?
Thanks! Best of luck on the Rift!
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2021.11.30 15:35 BrainstormBot 🌏 Mindoro, Philippines: Lindol - Earthquake (4.5 Mb, at 17:35 UTC, from www.seismicportal.eu)

🌒 Lindol! Earthquake! 4.5 Mb, registered by NEIC,alomax, 2021-11-30 17:35:38 UTC (crescent moon), Tingloy, Philippines (13.65, 120.87) ± 7 km, ↓83 km likely felt 100 km away (in Batangas City, Lipa, Bauan, Mabini…) by 9.4 million people (www.seismicportal.eu)
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2021.11.30 15:35 jackwolf6606 Quick Screen Time survey for my final :)

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2021.11.30 15:35 haydenclaireheroes Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 11/24/21 - Comic Frontline

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2021.11.30 15:35 Suvtropics LPT - driving on the roads is a collaborative exercise, not a competitive one.

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2021.11.30 15:35 MayhemInTheDesert Las Vegas police use DNA testing and genealogical research to solve 42-year-old homicide of teen girl

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2021.11.30 15:35 jeremynewall UPBEAT INDIE (Taking song suggestions)! Here’s a playlist I made with my favourite indie tunes that i’m sure you guys will like! I want to make this collaborative to send suggestions :)

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2021.11.30 15:35 AmaZe_KaOs Question about jet's radar missles

Hi guys,
I don't understand how the radar missles works. I mean the last of the three unlockable missles on jets. Could someone be so kind and explain me how they works? Are those missles strongeweaker between the first ones?
Many thanks and a virtual big hug to you all :)
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2021.11.30 15:35 throwaway495820i4 I don't know what is my sexuality.

I don't know i feel like i'm not gay enough. I'm turned on by the male body and i find men aesthetically atractive but i don't understand the whole penis thing, everyone is wanting to suck dick or jerk off dudes and i don't get it i don't get it..., i think dicks look ugly and scary and i'm not turned on by them at all like everyone else seems to be? i just feel like i'm missing something, i don't want to get involved with another man's penis and never had any desire to, when i fantatize about men it's always fetishes like weight gain or muscle worship. I've thought i might be into Trans Men because i find vaginas way less intimidating and im comfortable around them, i fantatized about well doing stuff with a handsome masculine trans man and i felt some arousal (not super intense, but it was something), so i might be able to have sex with them i guess?, but i don't know i don't really want to date or have sex with a trans man, i want a cis man, i don't want to sound phobic, but i want to be with someone who was born a man, if that makes sense, but it's like i have zero atraction to penis, it's just so odd. Honestly, i'm thinking of just dating a woman and be done with all this shit, i don't particulary find the female body atractive, but i'm just tired of feeling like i'm broken at least if i'd date a woman i wouldn't have to worry about this shit ever again.
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2021.11.30 15:35 ska_dooshh The journey is half the fun 🦍

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2021.11.30 15:35 sewerfan1994 How do you all feel about the losing the love l34k?

losing the love got l34k3d about 24 hours ago what is your opinion on it?
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2021.11.30 15:35 TempleIvey SOLIDITY PROJECT HELP WANTED

Looking for a Solidity developer to help develop the next breakthrough Dapp. Will pay and give partial ownership of project to whoever is interested. Involves the ability to mint real world items as NFTs. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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2021.11.30 15:35 -tizio06 DOES ANYONE HAVE LITMANEN?

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2021.11.30 15:35 gigiagi Online dating

So maybe a year ago I matched with literally the man of my dreams. He wrote to me twice - I played hard to get out of anxiety and after some months of no contact he deleted me :))) I know, I probably wasted my chance. The problem is I can't stop thinking about the guy, and it's been a year. I really want to interact with him. I found his facebook profile, but I would never write to him first since I'm so shy and also I don't want to look creepy. Ant success stories about manifesting the specific guy/girl you don't know in real life?
Also I'm aware that maybe we don't have anything in common and it's dangerous to attract him - maybe he's a horrible person, but I can't do anything with myself, I want him for some reason. I just feel that it's him.
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2021.11.30 15:35 Moonshotsbenny67 SafeForce Trailer - Cronos/BSC Project with a NFT Marketplace

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2021.11.30 15:35 Alara1992 [WTB] FCD ABC/R V3 5.56 serrated NITRIDE FINISH not bead blasted $70 (CA)

(5.56) As title says, any basis, standard is perfect but must be NITRIDE, I don’t want the gray flat finish, the satin/slight gloss is what I want. Sold mine, Massive regret once I got my Mars lower
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2021.11.30 15:35 riyan_gendut [Reminiscence] Song of the Past

A Time and Place
A crystal spacecraft lays suspended in the emptiness of space, kept nominally warm by distant cosmic rays and background radiation. The reactors and the engine had long decayed. All the crew, dead. Frozen and desiccated.
None of the crews are related, or indeed, known to you.
There's no reason that this decision must fall upon your shoulder. I could have picked someone from the Titanic, or someone from the Crusades. I could have picked one of the crystal ship's crew, although it would be a clear conflict of interests. Who knows, perhaps one of them are handing their own judgement toward your own circumstances.
Well, I know, but it is irrelevant.
Their FTL failed a thousand years before you were born, give or take a couple decades. The deaths came quick, thankfully. They live in distant star clusters, tens of millennia would pass before they even realize your people exist. Your decision would have no effect on your own kind, in the future or the past.
Those who witnessed the ship's voyage had long been gone, the ship itself barely had a footnote in their recordkeeping database. Even the most distant lineage of the crews must've been extinguished, never mind loved ones or significant others. Imagine what occurs in human history within a thousand years. Amplify that by the complex nightmare of an interstellar civilization. Their current empire must be a very strange place, as alien as they are to you, for the crystal ship's crews.
Doesn't matter, it will not affect you or your world for many millennia.
There are six thousand crewmembers in the crystal ship. Sounds like a lot, but it's rather standard from the era that the ship was built. There are seagoing vessels in your own world with such capacity. Advances in technology had allowed ships with less crew to operate, and even singleships, but even now most of their interstellar vessels have more than two thousand crews.
Insignificant, compared to the billions upon billions of their current population.
The ship carried some supply between stellar colonies, all gone by now, obviously. Several technological blueprint, cutting edge of the time, horribly obsolete by modern standard. Bright engineers and magnificent scientists, of course, but they would have hard time even comprehending the contemporary academic curiculum, nevermind pushing the scientific frontiers.
To be honest I don't even know why I spent my time explaining all this to you. I already said they don't matter, both for their own and your civilization. All that matter is that you choose.
Why them specifically, then?
Well, you'd have to choose and see.
Ha, I know that would catch your attention. Your people are so easily instigated. Dangle a resource you don't have before your eyes, and your greed would do the rest.
It's not like I will return you to life just to see what would happen to them. Whatever you choose, you would continue to my Garden. It is unfortunate, but I cannot meddle with events much too recent, you see. I am a rather young deity, with power sufficient only to alter events long detached from the galaxy. I can revive them, because they won't matter, and their presence would not shift the fates.
But your people is much too young yourselves. Much too little in number. So immature. A ripple caused by only your return would encase the world. And my touch had rendered you beyond the domain of other gods, rejecting their powers from reviving you themselves, even in the millennia to come.
I am a deity. I am a god. I define what is fair.
My Garden is a rather pleasant paradise, if I say so myself. All those infinite thing paradises promise, a utopian afterlife fit for the most pious of my faithful. Your people do not worship me, but I can make an exception for one or two like you.
Rest assured that your entry is not dependent on your choice. I will grant you eternity in my Garden regardless.
Really? You'll save them?
Are you sure? This is a decision neither of us would get to redo.
Yes, it doesn't matter either way, but I had expected spite against me would be more powerful motivator than unfulfillable curiosity.
Well then. Be on your way to my Garden.
A sibilant choir woke me up, followed by an assault of terrible headache.
Where am I?
Opening my eyes, I found myself in a brightly lit white room, laying upon a hard bed. The ceiling has no lamp hanging from it, instead, it seem to be entirely composed of glowing translucent material.
Smooth shelves extrude from the wall, composed of the same translucent white material, though their glow was less harsh than the ceiling. Myriad of tools scattered on them—an infirmary. Probably. Hopefully. It could be a torture chamber, but I'm not tied down.
I swept my eyes across the room, and found a mirror. With much effort, I successfully dragged my unresponsive body down the hard bed—smooth slab of the same material, fused to the floor.
What the fuck happened to me?
On the mirror, I can see my human face, wearing the same clothes as I last remembered. But shimmering over my body was a vague shape of upright lizard, a less awkwardly proportioned miniature of the original Godzilla.
"Do you like it?" A voice, coming from my right. A human clad in the same shimmer was standing before a double door so flush and smooth to the wall, it almost invisible. "I tried to translate your human feature to their phenotypes, but such things are seldom straightforward."
"What is happening? Who are you?"
"You forgot me already? I'm a god. You helped me revive this ship. And I decided to, deliberately misinterpret, an ancient divine covenant." The person, their feature and appearance so ambiguous I cannot ascertain any individuality or identity, spread their arms outward. "Your presence on the ship would not matter, at least not beyond the minuscule extent that a random street urchin of these people's cities could bring."
The crystal ship. This is the interior.
"You revived me. I thought you can't."
"Revive is a strong word. I can only give you a tour. Ignoring the ancient covenant, even to this minuscule extent, continuously weakens my power. I can only sustain you for a year, at most."
"Now come. Above all else, I wish to show you the reason I seek to resurrect this ship."
The door behind them disappeared frictionlessly into the floor, revealing a hallway more confused than busy. Stream of data and colored path guide blinked across the glowing crystal that comprised most (if not the entirety) of the ship. Up close and personal, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the ship. The constant droning song, individually discordant yet somehow constructing a larger harmony, filled the ship with ethereal aura—had I not experienced the presence of a bona-fide divinity, I would have considered this place itself as divine.
"This way." The so-called god called. "We're going to Engineering."
"Your species haven't figured it out yet, but FTL travel was almost second nature for this species. Well, third nature."
"It's a matter of figuring out certain loop in the fabric of reality, and then it's brute force from that point. But we digress. We have reached our destination—I might have bent the ship's length a bit." The god winked. "Welcome, to Srathathss Coalition Supply Ship 77-Ohss-Rrham-Thuss Engineering section, Central Computing Chamber."
The door slid into the floor, revealing a breath-taking sight.
A massive spire of interwoven crystal strings and thread, a majestic evolution fusing ancient elegance of lyres and futuristic efficiency of the crystal ship. Uniform luminance emanated from each string's root, clashing into auroral discordance where they met, before exploding into brilliant symphony of light—and song, right where their density peaked.
"This is the last generation of FTL-grade phonoquantum computer—a singing computer, basically. The Srathathss Coalition started to phase them out in favor of true photonic quantum computer just before this ship made her last voyage."
"A songstress' charriot, streaking across the sky, propelled by her luminous melody. Don't you think it's exactly the kind of things worthy of legend?"
"Now, if you would excuse me, I need to greet my Argonauts."
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2021.11.30 15:35 Suspicious-Bill-5943 Poor sad sweet kitchens

I FEEL SO SAD ABOUT THE KITCHENS!!! They're so beautiful, and spacious, some with multiple islands,and farm sinks, and hooded gas ranges, and convection ovens!!! And most of them seem to never get used!!!! I would KILL for some of those kitchens, and show them the love and attention they deserve.
End of rant
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2021.11.30 15:35 Financial_Smile4143 What problem are UK and France dealing with:

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2021.11.30 15:35 migipop LPT: Turn PDF into WORD in under 1min

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